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Max Dessoir
The Psychology of Legerdemain by Max Dessoir

This is an interesting analysis of how a magic trick works in terms of psychological processes. A better understanding of the underlying science does help the performing magician.

Translated from the German by Mrs. Emily S. Boyer. The original German essay appeared in Psychologische Skizzen by Edmund W. Rells, which was a pseudonym of Max Dessoir.

1st edition 1893, PDF 21 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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Joseph Jastrow
The Psychology of Deception by Joseph Jastrow

Jastrow explains the various types of deception and discusses in particular how conjurers as well as spirit mediums make use of them.

1st edition 1888, PDF 10 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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Henry Ridgely Evans
Hours with the Ghosts by Henry Ridgely Evans

Illustrated investigations into the phenomena of spiritualism and theosophy.

From the preface:

The author has had sittings with many famous mediums of this country and Europe, but has seen little to convince him of the fact of spirit communication. The slate tests and so-called materializations have invariably been frauds. Some experiments along the line of automatic writing and psychometry, however, have demonstrated to the writer the truth of telepathy or thought-transference. The theory of telepathy explains many of the marvels ascribed to spirit intervention in things mundane.

★★★★ $8
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Edwin A. French
Premiere Slate Mystery by Edwin A. French

Here is French's personal method of making a "spirit answer" appear on a borrowed slate ... while sealed inside an envelope and held by a spectator. The spectator's initials may be written on the frame of the slate to prove that there are no switches of any kind employed. This mind-numbing mystery can be worked solo, as a one-man effect, with an ungimmicked slate. Instead of a slate, black cardboard or artist board can be substituted. Complete routine, with three presentations described, for stage, party or séance. Absolutely no flaps, switches, gimmicked slates or chemicals used. No stooges...

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof March 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • 2020: New Website Design
  • Market To Market / Business Cards
  • Never Judge A Book By Its Lack Of Cover
  • Lectures
  • Silence can add Drama
  • Customer Materials
  • Do You Belong?

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof February 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • Market To Market
  • Repair, Touchup and Replace
  • Gold Mine / My Closet
  • Warm Up
  • Oops, Now What
  • Shelf Life of Referrals
  • Help Those that Hire You

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Georg Strelisker
Ziehen Sie eine Karte! by Georg Strelisker

Der Titel würde einem glauben machen wollen daß es sich hier um lauter Kartenkunststücke handelt. Das ist aber nicht der Fall. Neben Kartengriffen und -tricks werden auch Zauberkunststücke aus anderen Sparten bis hin zu Illusionen beschrieben und erklärt.

  • Zwei Experimente mit einer "Kleiderbürste"
  • Ein hübscher Taschentuchtrick und der - gelbe Fleck im Auge
  • Der "Farbentrick"
  • Magisches Mischen
  • Ziehen Sie eine Karte!
  • Experiment "mit Geduld" von Weiß auf Schwarz
  • Zahlen nach Tafeln erraten
  • Ein "Hellsehertrick"
  • Eine Addition wird im voraus bestimmt!
  • Noch ein Rechentrick
  • Eine heimlich...
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Arthur Ivey
The Magical Mail (1921) by Arthur Ivey

A short lived house organ of Arthur Ivey and Co. from Islington, London, UK. It includes a few tricks, advertisement, and an incomplete 'Dictionary of Conjuring'.

Volume 1, No. 1: July 1921

  • Editorial
  • Second-hand Books
  • A Dictionary of Conjuring
  • Ad: No. 40. Chango
  • Pipit! / Illinois
  • Novel Milk Combination / A. Ivey
  • Important Notice
  • Second-hand Apparatus
  • Ad: No. 74. Illinois' Mystery Boxes
Volume 1, No. 2: August 1921
  • Editorial
  • Second-hand Books
  • A Dictionary of Conjuring (continued)
  • Ad: No. 1. The Cigarette Box; No. 2. A Table Coin Dropper
  • A Silk Problem / Arthur Ivey
  • Ad:...
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David Devant
My Magic Life by David Devant

This is David Devant's autobiography. On top of his personal recollections he included three chapters on how to perform magic, and six chapters on the history of magic.

  • Publisher's Note
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Pictures Of My Early Life
  • CHAPTER I. My Introduction To Magic
  • CHAPTER II The Hot Pudding And The Vanishing Lady
  • CHAPTER III Mixing Magic With Midgets
  • CHAPTER IV My Attack On London
  • CHAPTER V I Appear With Maskelyne
  • CHAPTER VI The First Animated Pictures
  • CHAPTER VII Magical Sketches
  • CHAPTER VIII A Feast Of Magic
  • CHAPTER IX Magic And The Public
  • CHAPTER X Secrets Of Magic ...
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Gregg Webb
Super Session #9: Twist and Untwist by Gregg Webb

The following effect, Twist and Untwist, enables you to practice and perform your "Steeplechase" coin roll with impunity - no more worries of dropping the coin.

  • You are always ready to perform - no coin purse needed.
  • Effective either as a flourish on its own, or when included as part of a coin routine.
This ebook has hand-lettered text.

1st edition 2020, 3 pages.

★★★★★ $4.95
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #30: Cornelius/Anderson Sliding Knot by Larry Brodahl

A practical, usable, and funny script that makes a simple false knot a wonderful interlude in your act. All venues.

  • Preface
  • Props needed
  • Methodology
    • How to store the ropes until ready to perform
    • Tying the knot
    • Miscellaneous stunts
    • How to move and display the knot
  • Script
  • Script Insights
  • Notes
  • Credits
  • An Additional Service
  • Final thoughts

1st edition 2020, PDF 22 pages, video 3:25.

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Abhinav Bothra
Accurate by Abhinav Bothra

An impromptu version of the classic 'Free Will' combined with a short and simple reading that makes it unforgettable.

While the performer is looking away, three borrowed objects - 2 currency notes and a coin, are hidden one under each hand and one inside a card box or a match box. The performer turns back and deduces the location of each of those objects based on the vibe the participant emits and what a stranger (performer) would think of him/her.

  • Easy to do
  • Uses borrowed objects
  • Allows you to hand out business cards
  • It is the reading that hits the ball home
  • A standard reading is...
★★★★ $5
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Bob Cassidy
Ipnosi da Scena - la vera arte by Bob Cassidy

La serie italiana di Bob Cassidy, a cura di Matteo Filippini, continua con un libro molto importante della produzione del Master Mind Reader: “Ipnosi da Scena - La Vera Arte” .

L’ipnosi dimostrativa e da scena, oggi tanto di moda, analizzata da un autentico colosso del mentalimo internazionale, Mr Bob Cassidy!

“Ipnosi da Scena - La Vera Arte” svela i fondamenti per una dimostrazione ipnotica di successo e lo fa in modo diverso rispetto ad altri lavori del genere. Ad esempio, molti altri scritti sull’ipnosi da scena iniziano spiegando cosa sia l’ipnosi, fornendo poi delle...

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Gregg Webb
Super Session #8: Five Card Phlugelheimer by Gregg Webb

The featured effect, "Five Card Phlugelheimer," enables you to walk among your audience and allow five people to mentally select five cards from a deck:

  • Each spectator mentally selects a card - the deck is shuffled and cut each time.
  • The miracle worker rapidly reveals the selected cards.
  • As a bonus kicker, a sixth spectator mentally selects a card - the deck is shuffled again. Single cards are dealt to the table as the name of the selected card is spelled - the final card dealt is the selection.
This ebook has hand-lettered text.

1st edition 2020, 5 pages.

★★★★★ $4.95
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Gregg Webb
Super Session #7: Thief Scrambld by Gregg Webb

This is for mentalists ... The original version of this effect, "The Key on the String," was first published in Gregg Webb's ebook, The Shade. However, this Super Sessions ebook features an all-new and expanded effect using 13 "thought cards" - no key and string used here, making a simpler and more direct presentation. Gregg's friend Jeff McBride's enhanced version is also explained as a bonus at the end of this ebook. This ebook has hand-lettered text.

1st edition 2020, 4 pages.

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H. F. C. Suhr
Wunder aus der 4ten Dimension by H. F. C. Suhr

Der original Untertitle lautet:

Enthüllung der verschiedenartigsten spiritistischen und verwandten Phänomene, sowie genaue Anleitung zur Darstellung derselben in privaten Kreisen durch Dilettanten.

Es ist ein sehr gut geschriebenes Buch mit Illustrationen was für Bücher bei Suhr nicht oft vorkommt. Es behandelt vor allem wie man sich von Seilen und Handschellen befreit (Houdini's Metamorphosis Illusion wird im Detail beschrieben), wie man diverse Hellsehexperimente durchführt, wie man Schriften auf Schiefertafeln erscheinen lassen kann, wie man Objekte schweben lassen kann, und sogar Erklärungen...

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Bob Cassidy
Il Libro Nero del Mentalismo by Bob Cassidy

A Joseph Dunninger è stato spesso attribuito il merito di aver detto: "Ogni volta che si aggiunge un oggetto di scena al vostro spettacolo, il vostro cachet diminuisce". Il suo ragionamento dovrebbe essere ovvio - ogni orpello aggiuntivo indebolisce l'illusione di ciò che appare come "vera lettura della mente". E, come Bob ha fatto notare molte volte nei suoi precedenti lavori, anche ogni ulteriore forma di mentalismo che viene dimostrato (telepatia, precognizione, psicocinesi, chiaroveggenza, ecc). Recentemente un "mentalista" ha sfidato Bob su tale punto: "Quanto è divertente dimostrare...

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Sam Dalal
Learn the Secrets of Magic by Sam Dalal

This ebook will teach you how to be a magician. Some of the lessons cover the techniques of performing magic, while others cover magic tricks, for you to perform a magic show at a party or any informal gathering.

The descriptions of the tricks are generally divided into four parts - the Effect, the Requirements and Preparation, Performance or Presentation, and Additional Notes. There are more than 75 effects explained, and over 100 illustrations are included to make everything easy to understand.

  • Introduction
  • The Real Secrets of Magic
  • One Way Handkerchief
  • Waterproof Fingers
  • Impossible...
★★★★★ $5
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Prolay Bhattacharyya
Wanderlust by Prolay Bhattacharyya

If you love sleight of hand and if you want to do a creative routine in card magic, then this is the perfect four ace transposition routine for you. It requires you to be able to do the Elmsley Count and the Classic Palm.

This routine has been inspired by esteemed magicians like Larry Jennings, Dani Da Ortiz and Bebel. What sets this routine apart from others is that it employs only sleight of hand and no gimmicks whatsoever. I have performed this routine in many shows. It is a visual treat for the audience for its kicker ending which includes card from box. You will be very happy to see...

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Silas Linden
Birthday by Silas Linden

Any person in the world has a unique moment ... that moment in which everything started ... Silas Linden's Birthday is a unique system to the Date-of-Birth revelation. A masterpiece that he was holding for a long time is finally available.

  • 100% propless
  • No language restriction
  • No math procedures
  • No psychological forces
  • 100% reliable and practical
Just in a casual interaction and conversation, you will be able to reveal that intimate and personal information. You will be able to reveal not just the participant zodiac sign in a direct and simple manner, but also pushing further and be...
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Abhinav Bothra
Pigment and Pixel 2 by Abhinav Bothra

Pigment & Pixel 2.0 has two marking systems designed for the standard Bicycle Rider Back. Both the marking systems are based on something that you've been seeing since your childhood hence it is almost impossible to forget. One of the marking systems is small and while the other is big, so you're covered of either kind of eyesight.

Note : This download consists of only the marking systems and does not come with any tricks with a marked deck.

1st edition 2020, 9 pages.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 91 (March 2020) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 16, No. 1, March 2020; 60 pages
Cover: 4MG - The Boyband of Magic

  1. The Team
  2. Editor's comments
  3. What's Inside This Issue
  4. 4MG - The Stage Is Set - cover article/interview
  5. Making An Impact - How to Generate Great Table Reactions when Performing Commercial Close Up - Mark Leveridge
  6. Kris Sheppard - interview
  7. Magic & Technology - Cooper McRae
  8. Shaman & Showman - Magic and Healing; Magic with Meaning; Magic and Hope - interview by Jay Fortune
  9. Getting Started ... with Magic Singh
  10. Bucking The Trend - The Rise of Megan Knowles-Bacon - interview by Mark Leveridge
  11. Reader's Letters - Have Your...
★★★★★ $5
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Maurice Fogel
The Houdini Seance: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 4 by Maurice Fogel

Fogel's presentation is impressive, a fascinating story which unfolds in front of the very eyes of the audience. The routine consists of a block penetration effect, spirit knots, and a spirit slate effect using two ungimmicked pieces of blackboard. Additionally you will need candle, candlestick, and a photograph of Harry Houdini.

From the foreword:

The story is so compelling that Maurice told us he had, in fact, used this many times on its own without the magical effects and he once broadcast this story over the radio from the Middle East.

PDF 15 pages

★★★★ $8
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Michael MacDougall
Mickey's Five of a Kind by Michael MacDougall

A compilation of five impossible to find card magic manuscripts of the 1920s and 1930s from the self-styled Gambling Detective. These manuscripts originally cost the equivalent of $120 when first released. Now, in this compilation, they are available for less than the price of a fast food lunch.

You get Mickey's Favorite four Ace Routine: The four Aces are placed face up on the table, then three indifferent cards are placed on the top of each ace. After one pile is shown to actually contain an ace and three indifferent cards, the four cards are shown again, back and front, and the ace has...

★★★★★ $12
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