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Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone 2020 Lecture Notes by Jeff Stone

Six different effects, coins, cards, drugs, money, tarot cards, plus 8 "rapid fire" ideas to take old props and ideas to a new level.

Quarter Bird
An update on the classic "pen behind the ear" vanish where the signed coin ends up in a nest of boxes that appears in the magician's hand.

The Target Card
A signed card across where the deck of cards becomes a makeshift weapon as the spectator fires the gun (with sound effects and all) causing his card to appear across the table.

Gift Vision
After seeing this, you'll dig our your Color Vision out of your magic drawer and actively begin...

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Glenn G. Gravatt
The Second Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Glenn G. Gravatt

From the Introduction:

We are proud of the result, and we believe, justly so. It is submitted for your approval. It contains several new items, and many tricks, the secrets of which have been very expensive to buy. We hope you like it. If you do, we may feel encouraged to prepare still a third Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, or an Encyclopedia along some other branch of magic.

If you want to know how this ebook relates to the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks get A Comparison of the Gravatt and Hugard Encyclopedias of Card Magic by William Rugh, who made a detailed comparison of the contents.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One. Mental And Miscellaneous Miracles
    • Perplexo
    • Pythagoras
    • Uni Mentality ...
★★★ $12
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Nick Conticello
Il Posizionamento Fantasma by Nick Conticello

Qui imparerai diverse straordinarie routine di carte senza abilità di mano che si basano su un principio che, sebbene non nuovo, viene portato alla ribalta da Nick Conticello. Usando questa idea ha creato straordinarie routine di carte che non richiedono "sleight of hand". Tuttavia, qualche falso taglio occasionale o falsi miscugli possono migliorare notevolmente questi effetti. Nick insegna un efficace falso taglio, il Widdershins Cut. All'interno troverete:

  • La 23a carta
  • La 28a carta
  • The Shadow Divination
  • The Widdershins Cut
  • Le tre previsioni
★★★★★ $12
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Nick Conticello
Posizionamenti Automatici by Nick Conticello

Il collaboratore del Tarbell Course, Nick Conticello, è tornato con il suo libro più grande e migliore di sempre, una serie di nuove e rinfrescanti interpretazioni di quel venerabile principio di magia matematica delle carte, il Posizionamento automatico. Nick introduce nuove varianti del principio con il posizionamento invertito e il posizionamento simmetrico. Nessun gioco di prestigio è richiesto per QUALUNQUE di questi effetti! I contenuti includono:

ABC / 123: Alex Elmsley's Spell by the Numbers senza il faro shuffle.

ORACOLO CIECO: senza vedere la faccia di una singola carta, l'esecutore...

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Cliff Osman
I Pollici Legati by Cliff Osman

Anelli e sbarre continuano a passare attraverso il corpo dell’esecutore mentre i suoi pollici sono strettamente legati, in maniera inspiegabile, anche sotto lo stretto scrutinio da parte di membri del pubblico!

Il classico gioco dei pollici legati è sempre un numero di grande impatto sul pubblico. Senza tema di smentita, la routine descritta da Osman è una delle più belle e misteriose che il pubblico possa sperimentare. La particolarità di questa routine è che durante parte della sua esecuzione 2 spettatori tengono le braccia dell’artista e uno spettatore osserva da sotto mentre...

★★★★★ $5
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Borrowed Bill in Balloon by Supreme-Magic-Company

Five reputation maker routines. This is one of the cleverest effects we have seen and capable of being used in many different ways. As a note in balloon. As a smashing prediction. As a clever and colourful "Just Chance" routine with three balloons, etc.

You'll thrill to the simplicity of the method. And the cunning of it. Listen to the details of the first effect ... and the others are equally convincing, equally baffling.

Note in Balloon. An inflated balloon is shown and placed to one side. A dollar bill of any value you prefer is borrowed from a member of the audience who himself notes...

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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 16 by Werner Miller

A mix of tricks based on math with cards, ESP cards, and various other designs. Included are print ready templates for several of the tricks explained. For lovers of magic squares you will find interesting ideas of how to use magic squares as predictions and forcing tools.

  • Isn’t it?
  • Quintilla
  • Quinterino
  • Q Combo
  • Quadrille Royale
  • Topper Hopper
  • Planetary Playground
  • Sixteen Letters
  • Fusion
  • 15D²
  • Diamond Prediction
  • Magic Torsi I
  • Magic Torsi II
  • Magic Torsi III
  • Triplets Galore
  • Chased Up
  • Swapping Places
  • Mado
  • Janela
  • Ventana

1st edition 2020, 34 pages.

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S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron
21 Table Lifting Methods by S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron

21 clever methods used by mentalists, psychics, magicians and fake mediums to make tables tilt, levitate and dance about the floor.

Covers methods used by famous performers, fraudulent mediums, and even the very latest floating table effects available from dealers. Also includes a method where a table - with a person sitting in the center of it - is made to levitate. And best of all, the person on table won't know how the effect was accomplished.

Whether you perform a solo act, or have a touring company with assistants and stagehands, you're sure to find a method that works for your performing...

★★★★ $10
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Thomas Frost
The Old Showmen and Old London Fairs by Thomas Frost

A detailed chronology of places, dates and performers of fairs in and around London. We learn mostly of theatrical productions of various kinds including pantomime and dances, and menageries exhibiting exotic animals, and less so of tumbling and acrobats, juggling, balancing and the like. It includes some coverage of conjurers including Fawkes, Pinchbeck, Breslaw and others. There is some overlap of stories from Circus Life and Circus Celebrities because some performers and operators were active in both venues.

  • CHAPTER I: Origin of Fairs - Charter Fairs at Winchester and Chester - Croydon Fairs - Fairs in the Metropolis...
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Paul A. Lelekis
Fillers by Paul A. Lelekis

These very important effects are the "filling" for a successful show. Combine Paul's e-books, Openers and Closers I, II, and III to complete your knowledge of creating a truly audience-pleasing show. This is very important!

In my Openers and Closers series of e-books, I explored the powerful "openers" needed to set the stage, and the "closers" needed to close the show and thrill them. But ... in between, the magic is still very, very important.

SENSE OF SMELL - A shuffled deck is magically divided into piles, one all red and the other all black ... but the red selection is found in the middle of the black pile,...

★★★★★ $10
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Charles Waller
Happy Magic Part 2 by Charles Waller
  • Giant Blunderbore’s Matches
  • The Posy
  • Twin Souls
  • A Fake Blindfold
  • Card Jugglery
  • Carnival
  • Again, The Ring On The Stick
  • Snakes And Ladders
  • To And Fro
  • Carroty Kate And Sandy Sam
  • Apple Blossom And Peach
  • Confusion In The Ark
1st edition 1932, 30 pages; PDF 35 pages.
★★★★★ $6
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Charles Waller
Happy Magic Part 1 by Charles Waller

From the Introduction:

Here, as always, I have assembled a varied lot of material in the hope that all tastes will be satisfied. It is all original; or as much so as conjuring creations usually are. I am particular in this regard, for I am almost morbidly sensitive to any charge of "piracy." This is strange when one considers that mine is the honour of having introduced the Jolly Roger as a conjuring property.

  • Introduction
  • "A Rose By Any Other Name - "
  • Beelzebub's Bookmarks
  • Two Little Dicky Birds
  • Old Ted
  • Wet Paint!
  • Observation And Deduction
  • "Staring Me In The Face"
  • Little Willie's...
★★★★★ $6
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Thomas Frost
Circus Life and Circus Celebrities by Thomas Frost

A history of the circus in Britain during the 19th century. One chapter deals with America, another with circus slang. Perhaps most interesting are the recollections of a gymnast and how he made it into the circus.

From the Preface:

But of the circus artistes - the riders, the clowns, the acrobats, the gymnasts, - what do we know? How many are there, unconnected with the sawdust, who can say that they have known a member of that strange race? Charles Dickens, who was perhaps as well acquainted with the physiology of the less known sections of society as any man of his day, whetted public...

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Wolfgang Riebe
100 Card Trick One-Liner Jokes by Wolfgang Riebe

The most popular magic tricks amongst magicians are card tricks, yet there are few jokes and sayings that cover those ‘quiet’ moments between tricks and moves. Here you will find many. What about just adding some comedy entertainment to your next card trick? Looking for the right quick one-line joke - you should find one, or many more here.

1st edition 2020, PDF 15 pages.

★★★★★ $3.99
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof April 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • Open or Not?
  • Market to Market
  • Backup
  • Not Working, Can't Get my Hands to Manipulate, Just Keeps Getting Worse. I Give Up!
  • $400 Really???
  • Special Priced Cups/Balls
  • Professional Show Development Lecture Season Special Price
  • Give the Audience Time

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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Robert A. Nelson
Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 5 by Robert A. Nelson

It's hard to believe, but we've unearthed six more psychic entertainment treasures from the Nelson Enterprises vault. Volume 5 contains five hard-to-find Nelson Enterprises manuscripts and presentations for mentalists and magicians, plus a bonus manuscript by William W. Larsen, Sr.

Mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, collectors and magic historians will be pleased to discover the following manuscripts, books and effects from the Nelson Enterprises catalog, now updated and edited for a new generation of performers:

Thought Pictures - The performer goes into the audience and solicits simple figures and...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Speeding Bullets by Jon Racherbaumer

A survey of the seven-card assembly.

This ebook is a survey of the Seven-Card Assembly, a subcategory of Ace Assembly. Its name due to the number (7) of principal cards used, which makes it different from other Ace Assemblies. Standard versions use sixteen cards - four Aces and twelve X-cards - and when the preliminary layout is made, the Aces are dealt into a T-formation and three X-cards are placed onto each Ace. In a Seven-Card Assembly three X-cards are added onto only three of the Aces. The Leader Ace lies alone. This reduces the duration it takes to set the stage. Then the four Aces...

★★★★★ $15
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Chris van Bern & Alex De Vega
A Whirlwind of Wizardry by Chris van Bern & Alex De Vega

From the Introduction:

Remember that the average act, which can be acquired by anyone without much practice, is seen on the Halls so often that one becomes absolutely bored with it. They are known in the profession as “Penny a bunch Acts.” Now with a little application, you can stand apart from this bunch, and be a specialist, so this book is offered in the sincere hope that you will be able to glean an act from it, and we tell you to do so in all confidence, as the material is original, and has seldom, if ever, been used in public.

  • "From Nothing to Nothing" ...
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Alex De Vega
More Selected Secrets by Alex De Vega

From the Foreword:

In presenting a further selection of secrets to the fraternity, I have again chosen these of general interest. It will be understood that these secrets are written for the advanced performer. Where the item is an improvement of a known effect. I have taken it for granted that the reader is familiar with the working of same; should he not be so, however, full descriptions will be found in the standard text-books on Magic.

  • Foreword
  • Patriotic Torn Paper
  • Dyeing Billiard Balls
  • The "Repeater" Smoke Trick
  • The Tobacco Trick (Simplified)
  • The "Lyford - Armour" Universal...
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Alex De Vega
Selected Secrets by Alex De Vega

From the Foreword:

In selecting these Secrets, I have endeavoured to interest the Fraternity at large. Whether you are a manipulator, impromptu or spectacular worker I trust you will find herein some secret that will add to your reputation as a magician.

The secrets are chosen from over 300 which I classified when writing The Whirlwind of Wizardry and while many are not complete tricks or effects in themselves they are just what adds that little extra touch of smartness to an act, or that little effect to fill up a break.

  • Foreword
  • That Broken Match
  • Self Igniting Dove Pan
  • Knotted Changing Silks
  • Splinters:...
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Alex De Vega
Patterettes by Alex De Vega

From the Foreword:

"Patterettes" is not really a book of Patter. Personally I do not believe in ready-made Patter; which is like ready-made clothing - must be altered to suit the individual. "Patterettes" is rather a collection of snappy little gags that may be added to your patter at your discretion. I do not claim originality for what is to follow: some are original but many are not. They are taken from my "gag books" in which I have collected many notes of little sayings, jokes, etc. which I have made suitable for patter in connection with conjuring and the allied arts.

  • Foreword ...
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Stephen Ablett
Blockbuster Book Test by Stephen Ablett

Blockbuster Book Test is a movie theme book test that can be performed close-up, table hopping, in a children's show or on stage. There are several live performances followed by a full explanation of the variation principles used. There are three stages to my routine including a quick flashback revelation, a first letter type reveal, and a prediction ending.

The book can be purchased from most book shops including Amazon and can be fully examined. Furthermore, the movie title is in an extremely large font making it easy to read without glasses and from a distance. The movie revelation allows...

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MP4 (video)

Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney
The "Gee Whiz" Combination and Encore by Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney

Here's a terrific, family-friendly, comedy bill in lemon effect that your audiences will love. A genuine dollar bill is borrowed from a spectator (no stooge) and signed or marked. Anyone wraps it in a borrowed handkerchief. Two lemons are then shown and one is selected (no force). The spectator himself places the lemon in his coat pocket. The borrowed bill vanishes from the hanky while the spectator is holding it. The man with the lemon cuts it open and finds the bill inside. You do not touch the lemon.

And now for an encore, you decide to mark the handkerchief so the owner will recognize...

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Oswald Rae
Wizardry with Watches by Oswald Rae

From the foreword:

Watches have always played a certain part in Magic, but the watch was usually a borrowed one. The excellent "prop" watches now on the market, manufactured of course exclusively for conjuring purposes, open up almost a new era in watch magic.

Having acquired some of these, I endeavoured to work out some effects therewith, and thinking that some of my ideas may be of service to my fellow magicians, I have put them into print. With the exception of those described under "Some Suggestions" all the effects have been actually worked, and the various stands described are easily...

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