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Georg Strelisker
Ziehen Sie eine Karte! (gebraucht) by Georg Strelisker

Taschenbuch sehr gut erhalten. Zum Inhalt bitte siehe die digitale Ausgabe.

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Paul Bruton
Amusing Yourself with Paper and String (used) by Paul Bruton

Softcover with some soiling on the cover and inside. Paper has a pinkish hue. Some dog-ears and squeeze wrinkles. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

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Greer Maréchal, Jr.
Magic for the Millions (used) by Greer Maréchal, Jr.

Hardcover. No dustjacked. Exlibrary copy with some rubbing and foxing of the cover. For details on content see the digital edition.

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Norman Triplett
The Psychology of Conjuring Deceptions by Norman Triplett

This study identifies deep lying instincts and impulses of the psychic life are the basic elements in conjuring. Its aim is to show the psychological reasons of deception of a magic effect. It also provides an extensive classification of magic tricks.


  1. Origin of Conjuring.
  2. Classification and Typical Examples of Modern Conjuring Tricks.
  3. The Training of the Conjurer.
  4. Psychological Justification of the Rules and Practices of the Conjurer, treated under
    1. Attention
    2. Perception
    3. Suggestion and Association
    4. Suggestion and the Law of Economy
  5. Sociological and Pedagogical Observations. ...
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Mariano Palhinha
Dainty Deceptions by Mariano Palhinha

Mariano Palhinha, famous for his manipulative magic, here reveals his favorite effects--many of which rely on subtlety instead of difficult sleights. Primarily card miracles, one or more should easily find a place in your repertoire.

From the introduction by B. W. McCarron:

I urge you to pay particular attention to the author's 'With the Chameleons' — a two-deck miracle that features a double color change of the card backs. And then, to top it off, the two decks themselves exchange places on the table!


  • The Radio Cards
  • "Punch" Climax to Collins' Four Ace Routine
  • The Dodging...
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Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice Live by Cameron Francis

Five totally impromptu card effects.

Released back in 2009, the original Moment's Notice kicked off what became a wildly successful series of impromptu card magic ebooks. Over the years, Cameron has revisited the material from the first booklet and made significant improvements. Now, for the first time on video, comes a collection of all five of the original effects, featuring brand new handlings and, in a couple of cases, completely re-imagined plots that look almost nothing like the ones from the ebook.

This is first rate impromptu card magic that's easy to do, and guaranteed to blow minds.

Effects: ...

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MP4 (video)

Professor Hoffmann
Conjurer Dick by Professor Hoffmann

This is a lovely story of a boy wizard growing up to become a conjurer. While this is not autobiographical, Angelo Lewis clearly incorporated aspects of his own experience and life into this novel. For example, one of his teachers of card sleight-of-hand, M. Charlier, makes an appearance as Monsieur Ledoyen. This was the first book that had his pseudonym, Professor Hoffmann, as well as his real name, Angelo J. Lewis, on the cover.

Interesting for magicians is that every trick that features in this novel is explained. While the explanations are not very detailed, they are enough to reveal...

★★★★ $6
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Dee Christopher
Astral Psychometry by Dee Christopher

A number of original and unique pieces for modern mentalists, mystics and magicians interlaced with thought provoking essays on elevating performances and building your show from the ground up, regardless of whether you are a stage or close up performer.

With a focus on applicable theory as well as routines and acts, this ebook compiles several years of unpublished thoughts, explorations and the interpretation of advice given throughout Christopher's time so far working in television, on theatre stages, cabarets and close up engagements.

Astral Psychometry (the ebook) explores the 'why'...

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Harry Price & Eric J. Dingwall
Spiritism Bibliography and Glossary by Harry Price & Eric J. Dingwall

From the introduction:

The following bibliography is intended to offer a representative selection of books and articles which throw some light upon the fraudulent aspect of psychic phenomena. In making our selection we have been guided rather by a desire to help the student than to compile a catalogue which would be of interest to bibliographers. In some cases we have included works, which, although not dealing directly with fraudulent methods, present detailed descriptions of alleged physical phenomena which can hardly fail to be of interest, whilst in others we have inserted books containing...

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Revelations of a Spirit Medium by unknown

Spiritualistic mysteries exposed by a medium. A detailed explanation of the methods used by fraudulent mediums.

From the preface:

The author of this book does not consider it a "literary gem," by any means, but claims that it accomplishes the object for which it was written, viz.: gives the reader an expose of the methods pursued by the "spiritual medium" in the various deceptions they practice in their "circles," "sittings," and "seances," which does expose. The author has been a working "medium" for the past twenty years, and is not guessing or theorizing in what he has written. He will...

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Alfred Binet
Psychology of Prestidigitation by Alfred Binet

This article makes an effort to analyze the different processes by which sleight-of-hand illusions are produced in the mind of spectators. Different causes are identified by studying various illusions and observing performing magicians in the lab.

1st edition 1894, 17 pages; PDF 15 pages.

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William B. Rugh
A Comparison of the Gravatt and Hugard Encyclopedias of Card Magic by William B. Rugh

This work compares the contents of Jean Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, Encyclopedia of Self-Working Card Tricks, and The Second Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Glenn G. Gravatt, to see which effects and discussions were kept, altered, or deleted by Hugard. It will also identify those effects added by Hugard.

1st edition 2020, PDF 19 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Greer Maréchal, Jr.
Magic for the Millions by Greer Maréchal, Jr.

This is an excellent magic book that deserves to be known more widely. Bruce Elliott wrote in the foreword:

This introduction to a noble and ancient kind of amusement will lead you as a primer should, from the easy to the more difficult. It stops short of the really difficult, again as a primer should. It helps you on the road to becoming, for better or worse, a magician.

For the better? Yes, for a way to enjoy yourself, to get a kick out of performing something that is out of the ordinary. For the worse? If this book serves its purpose, you will have set your faltering feet on the rocky...

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Paul Bruton
Amusing Yourself with Paper and String by Paul Bruton

This is an ebook that will not only amuse you, but it will show you how you can amuse your friends. In dozens of ways, it describes how paper and string can be put to interesting and sometimes astonishing use. If you start at page 1 and work your way to the end of the ebook, you will be rewarded by many hours of enjoyable recreation: but you will not be entirely satisfied until you have tried some of the tricks and puzzles on your friends.

  • a Penny Puzzle
  • The Paper Ladder
  • The Palm Tree
  • A Point About A Circle
  • The New Square
  • The Five Squares Again
  • Quartering Three-Quarters
  • Splitting Up...
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Bob Hummer
Hummer's Great Discovery by Bob Hummer

A spectator secretly counts off any number of cards, selects one and mixes it in the packet, which you now take for the first time. You mix them some more, and then she deals them face down, alternately to you and herself. She continues dealing until she is left holding just one card. She turns it over and - it's her selected one!

May be repeated as often as desired. No sleight of hand, markings, duplicates or guess work. Work it with a borrowed deck. Highly endorsed by Le Paul, Carl Lyle, Frazee, Lu Brent, and others.

Only in this revised and expanded edition do you not only get three...

★★★★★ $6
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Matteo Filippini
Bold Mentalism by Matteo Filippini

Matteo Filippini's lecture notes dedicated to bold mentalism, the brazen, reckless one. Boldness is a characteristic that, perhaps more than anything else, distinguish mentalism not only from other similar forms of entertainment but also from 'mentalism' that wants to be perfect at all costs. To best explain bold approaches and methods, Matteo describes in detail five routines, simple in methods but absolutely effective for real audiences.


An impromptu duplication of spectator's drawing which can be done using only a bunch of business cards and a pen.


★★★★★ $10
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Abhinav Bothra
Ablest Exchange by Abhinav Bothra

Two eye-popping 2 card transpositions using Ablest Change.

  • Transposition #1 is for you to pump up your social media.
  • Transposition #2 is simply an everyday miracle.
In here you'll get the detailed explanation of Ablest Change and you will learn to use it for the eye-popping transpositions as shown in the video.

1st edition 2020, length 5:30

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MP4 (video)

H. F. C. Suhr
Die Magie im Salon by H. F. C. Suhr

Eine Auswahl leicht ausführbarer Zauberkunststücke ohne Apparate, und eine Anzahl antispiritistischer Demonstrationen zur Vorführung in privaten Kreisen.

  • Vorwort
  • Allgemeine Regeln
  • 1. Der Kobold im Glase
  • 2. Der Kartenkünstler als Hellseher
  • 3. Changement zweier Billardbälle
  • 4. Die Schöpfung aus dem Nichts
  • 5. Die Durchdringung der Stoffe
  • 6. Das schwimmende Stück Zucker
  • 7. Die magische Tüte
  • 8. Kunststück mit einem Thaler
  • 9. Die Quelle im Messer
  • 10. Der geheimnisvolle Sahara-Sand
  • 11. Der Geldregen
  • 12. Die unzertrennlichen Buben
  • 13. Die Kartenparade
  • 14. Das wunderbare Glas ...
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Abhirup Roy
Beyond Heaven by Abhirup Roy

Beyond Heaven is a PDF and video project on a series of effects which relate to the plots of Saint and Sinner divination form photos (close up version) and a Living and Dead Test which is suitable for stage, parlor and close-up acts.

Effect 1 (Basic effect Outline)

Living and Dead Test: stage, parlor and close-up version

Even before the show starts you hand your spectator a picture in a photo frame which is one half of a complete photo and an old newspaper article, which acts as a prediction. Then you hand the other spectator a stack of photos which are torn in half, and the spectator...

★★★★★ $9
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H. F. C. Suhr
Zauber-Soiree by H. F. C. Suhr

Hier werden verschiedene Kunststücke für den Anfänger beschrieben. Jedoch Anfänger ist relativ. Den Kugelfang würde man heute sicherlich nicht in einem Anfängerbuch bringen. Es wird auch das Bauchreden und das Schwarze Theater behandelt.

  • Vorwort
  • Eine Zauber-Soiree
    • Einrichtung, Vorbereitungen
    • Beginn der Vorstellung
    1. Der reisende Kanarienvogel
    2. Die indischen Bänder oder die magische Befreiung
    3. Ein wunderbares Rauchkunststück
    4. Der Klotz des Ritters Pinetti
    5. Das magnetische Fluidum und dessen Wirkung
    6. Die höllische Küche
    7. Die magische Taubenpost
    8. Uebertragung der Gedanken von...
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Brian T. Lees
Magic Backup by Brian T. Lees

Magicians are exposed to all kinds of magic. Illusions, card, coin, close-up, and other types of magic pass through our hands/eyes almost on a daily basis. There is no way a magician can remember them all. But with a good backup system, bringing them back into your performance can be easy as read/follow instructions.

  • Preface
  • What is backup and purpose?
  • Where do I start?
  • Time to input information
  • Cross reference sheets
  • Keep it up
  • Wrapping it up

1st edition 2020, PDF 16 pages.

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Abhinav Bothra
Dyad Trilogy by Abhinav Bothra

3 gimmickless in-hand card tricks.

AMBIENCE // A multi utility card move that can be used both as a control to the top or as a reversal at the bottom.

DYAD // An in-hand Card At Any Number.

DYAD 2.0 // An in-hand two card transposition ending with a surreal ending.

DYAD 3.0 // An unusual card trick based on the idea of an in-hand triumph with a colour changing deck finale.

Honest Note :: Each of the 3 clips in the demo video was shot in one single take to let you see how it'll look in real time.

1st edition 2020, length 20 min

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MP4 (video)

Abhinav Bothra
Dyad 2.0 by Abhinav Bothra

An in-hand two card transposition with a surreal ending.

In the demo video I am simply using two cards, these can very well be selected (forced) cards, the explanation video has a couple of methods for it. In this download you'll also learn the Ambience Control. It is an essential move for the in-hand two card transposition.

1st edition 2020, length 13 min

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Parker
Oddzoff by Kevin Parker

Who can predict where in the deck someone will shuffle their card, to the specifics, e.g. a certain number of cards down into the deck? Even creepier would be if it relates to something you uttered beforehand as if it made it happen.

Imagine this. You mention a scenario where they are 2 or 3 off guessing the amount of candies in a jar. Then the spectator thinks of any card, shuffles the deck they're holding, then finds that card 2 or 3 off from your written prediction just like the candy scenario. The only other outcomes would be if it's just 1 off or dead-on, but you're covered there too...

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MP4 (video)

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