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Aldo Colombini
Carte 2001 by Aldo Colombini

33 splendide routines con le carte!

Un'altra meravigliosa raccolta di routines facili da eseguire e di grosso impatto sul pubblico, dalla fertile mente ( e penna…) di Aldo Colombini ! Ogni cartomago troverà pane per i suoi denti… e soprattutto pratici trucchi da eseguire in pubblico con successo.

Eccoti qualche esempio delle ben 33 routines descritte nel libro :

Le dodici figure sono mescolate tra loro e tu riesci ugualmente a separarle sistemandole in gruppi con i Fanti, le Regine e i Re dello stesso seme!

Sedici carte sono tolte dal mazzo...

★★★★★ $10
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Sam Dalal
Cabaret Capers Volume 1 by Sam Dalal

This was Sam Dalal's first publication. It was written for the cabaret artist, the magician who is called on to give a "Spot Show" of about 10 to 15 minutes duration. Every item is applause tested, simple in execution, and lends itself to an amusing theme.

  • In The Beginning
  • The Impossible Peek Deck!
  • The Sla-Test Color Gag
  • Colour - Me!!!
  • "Turn It Round"
  • Brain Wave Bonus
  • The New Whispering Queen
  • Habit Bound!
  • Old Wine In New Funnels
  • "Pop Up" Gag
  • Jackpot -- Almost
  • Russian Roulette
  • 'Knockout'
  • Shell Craft
  • In Conclusion

1st edition ~1970, 20 pages; PDF 23 pages.

★★★★ $7
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Mark Lewis
Lives of a Showman by Mark Lewis
"Mark is one of the truly interesting characters in the world of showbusiness. He has a brilliant yet wicked sense of humour, and is often misunderstood by his peers. As someone who has known him for much of his life, I consider him to be a man of incredible talent as both a performer and grafter [demonstrator]. He is extremely resourceful, and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to magic and other branches of entertainment. His life is truly one of mystery and intrigue, and he is a wonderful raconteur as will be seen in the pages of this masterpiece. I would consider Mark to be a true showman, and...
★★★★★ $20
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Brick Tilley
Growing Hank by Brick Tilley

Milbourne Christopher demonstrated this in his final lecture at the Magic Castle, revealing that he had taught it to Harry Blackstone, replacing a less deceptive version Blackstone had been doing for years in his show. A small handkerchief, held by opposite corners, is twirled between the hands and seems to grow to massive proportions.

This is highly recommended as an opener, and can lead into a dove production of other effect with the handkerchief.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 48 seconds.

★★★★★ $10
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The Book of Thirty-One by Toto

From the preface and introduction:

This book could be titled "The Game of Thirty-One Revisited" because of the various articles that have made an attempt to describe the game. Why then did I set out to write this? First, because I consider the game of thirty-one such a delightful diversion from the "norm" that I want to bring it to the attention of the magic fraternity, and second, because I have many ideas I would like to add.

At the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, the game was first shown to me by Dai Vernon in August of 1980. The "Professor" frequently showed me card puzzles that he had learned over...

★★★★ $10
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Ken de Courcy
The Australian Gambling Game of 31 by Ken de Courcy

The Ace to Six of each suit are placed on the table, and the two players turn cards face down alternately and a running total of the pips is maintained. The winner is the one who takes the total to no more than 31. Even after the spectator is told the secret to winning, the magician still wins. Ends with an extra kicker.

PDF 10 pages

★★★★★ $10
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William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron
The Magical Pitchman by William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron

Add variety and comedy to any act with this delightful presentation, based on the outlandish medicine pitches of yesteryear.

Entertain your pitch with magic
Interspersed throughout the comedy pitch are honest-to-goodness magic effects that you likely already own. In this revised edition, you are given several examples that will give you additional ideas. There's no need to go out and buy new tricks.

This lecture is different
Not a magic show in the strict sense, this is a humorous act in itself, which is how you present it to potential clients. This talk is just the ticket for corporate...

★★★★★ $12
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Tom Bowyer & T. A. Whitney
The Repeat Bill Trick by Tom Bowyer & T. A. Whitney

Even the most jaded audience will sit up and take notice when effects with real money are performed. Here's an entertaining story about a shopaholic who continues to spend (real) money, but somehow manages to leave the store with the same amount of cash she started with.

This is a time-tested routine that's made even better by using genuine currency (which you supply) while you follow these illustrated instructions. But that's not all. You also get additional presentation ideas, plus a template for constructing your own Repeat Bills outfit with whatever denomination of currency you wish. ...

★★★ $3
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Pocket Riser 3.0: Rise and Change by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

After the card rises it changes instantly.

Pocket Riser 1.0 and Pocket Riser 2.0 have been feature creations of Ralf. These are effects he is particularly known for. Version 3.0 goes another big step further by introducing a second totally visual climax. The card rises as in the earlier versions from a drawn packet of cards, and then suddenly changes. The change is so fast and comes totally unexpected.

There is some arts and crafts involved in making the gimmicked note pad, but it is more than worth the effect. Everything is explained and demonstrated in a detailed video. You will also receive print templates in...

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MP4 (video)

Bob Farmer
Objet C'ard: tricks and ideas with the Bloom Card by Bob Farmer

In February of 1986, David Ben and I sponsored a lecture by Gaetan in Toronto. It turned out to be a fabulous evening of magic. Towards the end, Gaetan demonstrated a monte routine which used what he claimed was a new kind of trick card. There were about 150 people in the audience and as I was standing at the back of the hall I couldn't really see what was going on. I didn't pay attention.

When the Wright Brothers first took their new machine into the air, there was probably some guy tying his shoes who missed the whole thing. That would have been me. Luckily I got a second chance. Unlike the Wright...

★★★★ $12
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Tite by RedDevil

A new principle for business cards.

"I was badly fooled!" - Matt Mello

"I HAVE NO IDEA! This principle can be used in so many routines and ways, it's making my head spin!" - Phedon Bilek

"I would give a testimony to this effect, but I don't want you guys having it. IT FOOLED ME - I grinned from ear to ear when RedDevil shared the workings and I just don't know if I'm ready to let RedDevil share this. It's too bloody cheeky! (Said in my best British accent). I love it!" - Peter Turner

"With T.I.T.E., RedDevil has taken something that many of us have played with (no, not - get your filthy mind...

★★★★★ $35
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Ian Baxter
2020 Vision Fault by Ian Baxter

Ian Baxter steps forward with yet another twist on a classic from the past. Eddie Clever's Hallucination gets a working over here, thanks to a recently published variation from Todd Karr.

"A very direct effect here - entertaining presentation, plays big, kicker ending and can be done with a borrowed deck. This card mystery has it all!" - David Jones

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages.

★★★★ $4
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Gregg Webb
Super Session #6: Harry and Bess, Love and Bondage - the card trick by Gregg Webb

This effect was originally published in Gregg Webb's ebook Lizard Wizard's Diary. This Super Session explains a clean and fast transposition of two cards. This ebook has hand-lettered text.

1st edition 2020, 2 pages.

★★★★★ $4.95
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Ritaprova Sen
Target by Ritaprova Sen

The magician asks for a card to be selected and also takes out the joker. After the selection has been noted and signed he buries the card inside the deck and places the deck on the table. He riffles the inner edge with his thumb and suddenly flicks the face up joker into the deck. The face up joker is seen to stick out at a certain portion of the deck until the very last moment before it is pushed in flush with the deck and the deck is immediately spread to show that the joker landed right next to the selection. A work of true precision. And this can be repeated as many times as you wish. Almost...

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Clettis Musson
Fourty-Four Foolers by Clettis Musson

From the hidden recesses of Musson's mind comes Forty-Four Foolers - a veritable gold mine of magic ideas and tricks that you can do. It covers such a large variety of effects that, regardless of whether you're a mentalist, magician, ghost show artist, manipulator, night club performer, parlor entertainer, or stage illusionist, you can find something of value in this ebook.

Inside you'll find new tricks with liquids, cards, balls, kittens, silks, cigars, cigarettes, alarm clocks, watches, thimbles, tumblers, needles, coins, and stage illusions. Read over the brief descriptions of a few of...

★★★★★ $8
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Arthur Ray
Wall-E System by Arthur Ray

Please Note: This effect can only be done on an Android phone. It does not require an internet connection.

Wall-E System is the 21st century multiple-out system. It is the most portable multiple-out system because it lives on your Android phone. And the best part is that the prediction is always on the wallpaper and the audience holds the phone throughout the performance.

You will be getting everything that is needed to perform the effects. Get it and perform them right away.

You get the following effects with it:

  • OUIJA: You give the audience 5 names. They guess who is dead among...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport alle Jahrgänge (1992 - 2001) by Alfred Czernewitz

Für zehn Jahre hat Alfred Czernewitz berichtet was sich speziell in der Deutschen Zauberszene getan hat. Nachrichten, Lehrmaterial und Tricks finden sich alle in dieser Zeitschrift.

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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 10. Jahrgang (2001) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1 + 2:

  • Impressum
  • Christoph's magische Preciosen: Ludwig II. Der Zuschauer als Bühnenstar
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Aus der Redaktion
  • Vorgestellt: Jan Rouven
  • Ritsko van Vliet ist gestorben
  • Zauberei für Kinder: Vorspiel zu einem Tüchertrick
  • Tipps von Christoph: Galashows I
  • Marvillo-Seminar: So einfach ist das Forcieren
  • Kartenzauberei mit Jochen Zmeck: Herausgeschüttelt!
  • Mikrozauberei: Durchdringung
  • Kalanag-Tricks: Reihenfolge und Ablauf der „Säge-Szene“
  • Mental-Magie: Eine perfekte Voraussage
  • Neues auf dem Büchermarkt: Traumberuf: Zauberkünstler
  • Neues aus der Zauberwelt:...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 9. Jahrgang (2000) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1 + 2:

  • Impressum
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Aus der Redaktion
  • Wittus Witt
  • Entschlüsselung des Beitrags TOUCH
  • Karten-Zauberei: Übereinstimmung
  • Allgemeine Zauberei
    • Ein kleiner Trick, aber ein großer Effekt
    • Magische Finger
    • Udo's Ringwanderung
    • Eine ganz andere Art des Ringspiels
  • Tricks aus Triks und DeMagier
    • Das Mal-Kaninchen
    • Blumen aus Papier
  • Wir blättern für Sie...
    • Die Zauber-Schiefertafeln
    • Ein Vier-As-Transponieren
    • Getrennt und trotzdem wieder vereint
  • Über Okkultismus, Spiritismus, Okkultismus und Parapsychologie (24): Die Bedeutung der Träume im Okkulten ...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 8. Jahrgang (1999) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1 + 2:

  • Impressum
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Die Meinung der Redaktion: Sammeln in der Zauberkunst
  • Betrachtungen im Sauseschritt: Wie hoch sind wir gesunken; Aus der Zauber
  • Beobachtungen und Reflexionen
  • Unser Titelbild: MARU: „Der Mann mit den Röntgenaugen“
  • Das kleine Zauberkunst-Seminar: Grundlagen der Zauberei mit Schaumbällen
  • Über die Mental-Magie: Das Mörderspiel
  • Zauberkunstst der kleinen und mittleren Form
    • Die sortierten Münzen
    • Das Changier-Kuvert
    • Erscheinender Vogelkäfig
    • Der vergeßliche Peter
  • Aberglaube und Mystizismus: Über Hexen und das 6. und 7. Buch...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 7. Jahrgang (1998) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1 + 2:

  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Impressum
  • Die Meinung der Redaktion: Über die Zukunft unserer Zauberkunst
  • In eigener Sache
  • Das kleine Zauberkunst-Seminar: Eröffnungseffekte in der Tuchzauberei
    • Das magnetisierte Seidentuch
    • Die Tuchproduktion aus einer Ärmelfalte
    • Zweifache Tuchproduktion
    • Ein tolles Seidentuchstreifen-Erscheinen
  • Erfolgreiche Wege: Das Werbematerial 4
  • Eine mentalmagische Delikatesse von Rolf Andra: der große Buchtest
  • Mystizismus und Aberglaube: Und immer wenn es 13 schlägt!
  • Das kleine Handbuch der Mental-Magie
    • Die Trick-Augenbinde
    • Das einfachste Experiment ...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 6. Jahrgang (1997) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1:

  • Impressum
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Die Meinung der Redaktion: Zur Systematisierung unserer Kunstgattung
  • Das Zauberkunst-Seminar: Über Seile - farbige und magnetische, mit und ohne Ringe
    • Ein Seil und zwei Ringe
    • Die ihre Farbe wechselnden Seile
    • Das steigende Seil in der Röhre
  • Eine Kartenkunst-Delikatesse von Rolf Andra: Sympathe
  • Erfolgreiche Wege: Über die Darbietung
  • Zauberkunst der kleinen und mittleren Form
    • Ein improvisierter 4-As-Trick
    • Die scheinbar zerstörten Bänder
    • Mein Saurer-Wein-Effekt
    • Das mißtrauische junge Mädchen
  • Produktions-Methoden
    • Die Tüchertüte ...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 5. Jahrgang (1996) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1:

  • Hans Moretti
  • Impressum
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Redaktorial
  • Magische Randnotizen
    • 30. Licht'l Ohmd Annaberg
    • Deutsche Jugendmeisterschaft '95
    • Magic Megaphon
  • Magisches Seminar: Über Riesenkarten
  • Zur Gegenstandswahrsagung, Ihren Techniken und Natürlichen Erklärungen
    • Das Pendel als Objekt der Magie und Gegenstand der Zauberkunst
    • Frau oder Mann?
  • Bühnen- und Salonmagie
    • Perplex
    • Zwei Bühnengags
    • 1. Der Krawatten-Schleifen-Gag
    • 2. Der Zauberstab-Gag
  • Zauberei für Kinder
    • Milchverschwinden für Kinder
    • Der Mysteriöse Ball
  • Mental-Magie
    • Zwei-Mann-Telepathie ...
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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberreport 4. Jahrgang (1995) by Alfred Czernewitz

Heft 1 + 2:

  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Redaktorial
  • Ein Portrait über Marvelli
  • Magische Randnotizen
  • Frisch Ausgepackt - Buchneuheiten
    • Zauberei oder Das Spiel mit dem Schein
    • Mixed Magic 3
    • Wittus Witt - Schöner Schein
    • Philosophie des Zauberns - ein Essay über das Staunen
  • Magisches Seminar: Zauberkunst-Effekte mit Kerzen
    • Die Houdini-Kerze
    • Nadel durch Kerze
    • Kerze und Zauberstab
    • Eine Kerzen-Verschwinden
    • Farbverwandlung mit Kerzen
    • Ein Kerzen-Bild
    • Ein Kerzen-Restaurieren
  • Rasch noch einen kleinen Kartentrick: Die Klammerkarte
  • Magische Delikatessen von Rolf Andra: Eine sehr...
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