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Devin Knight
Cell Phone Premonition by Devin Knight

Directly from Devin's show ... if you like effects that can leave an audience in stunned silence, then this is for you.

Telephone tricks were not very practical in the older days, as you had to have a land-line at your shows. Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone, so it's easy to do mind-boggling feats at any show. This is direct from my show and is baffling beyond words.

Magician writes on three index cards and hands them to three different people in the audience. These are random people and are not plants. The three people can see what's on the cards, but are asked to not show...

★★★★★ $10
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Daniel Rowan
Aura Royale by Daniel Rowan

This is a complete mentalist act that fits in your wallet as an everyday carry. You give the participant a "chakra resonance" card and provide a simple aura color reading. You finish by reading the volunteer's mind. You tell the participant the day she merely thought of. Nothing is written down. No sleight of hand. Works close-up and surrounded. Trick can be immediately repeated.

All materials needed are provided in PDF's in 3 sizes. Keywords are provided to allow you to easily create aura color readings.

Additionally, you can train your volunteers how to see their own aura as well...

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Mark Cahill
PCAN: Predicted Card At Number by Mark Cahill

The spectator shuffles the cards, and magi removes one card as an open prediction for all to see. A three-digit number is called by the spectator and the magi deals cards to the table to match each digit, leaving a random card to the side for each number. The three cards placed aside are then added up to the random number they achieve. With the deck now face down, that number is counted down to, and miraculously it reveals the mate to the prediction card initially laid on the table.

No dupes, no gimmicks, no tape, no magnets, no smoke, no mirrors, spectator shuffles, any 3 digits named. ...

★★★★ $5
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Hanns Friedrich
Der Verhexte Tisch by Hanns Friedrich

Ein wunderschön geschriebenes Zauberbuch für Anfänger das auch den Profi begeistern wird, weil alles in eine interessante Rahmengeschichte eingebettet ist. Der erste Teil des Buches liest sich wie eine tolle und genaue Beschreibung eines close-up Zauberabends. Die Tricks sind gut und einfach obwohl der fortgeschrittene sie zum Großteil alle kennen wird.

Von der Einleitung:

Dieses Buch vermittelt einen kleinen Einblick in das große Gebiet der amüsanten Täuschungen. Nicht um den Monumentalzauber der Bühnenillusionen geht es hier; die kleinen, unscheinbaren Dinge des Alltags treiben...

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Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar Fischer
Hofzinser Kartenkünste by Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar Fischer

Ottokar Fischer schreibt:

Dieses Werk ist nicht für Dilettanten bestimmt. Aber dem erfahrenen Künstler wird es Freude bereiten.

Auf dem Gebiete der modernen Salonmagie im allgemeinen und dem der Kartenkunst im besonderen sind kaum jemals genialere Experimente geschaffen worden als die die dem Geiste des Wiener Amateur-Zauberkünstlers Joh. N. Hofzinser entsprungen sind.

  • Vorwort
  • Johann N. Hofzinser
  • Anleitung zur Vorführung
  • Die sympathetischen Zahlen
  • Gleiche Gedanken
  • Gedanken-Assoziation
  • Die vier Acht
  • Überall und nirgends
  • Die vier Asse
  • Die im Fluge verwandelte Karte ...
★★★★ $15
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Burling Hull
Double Magic with Cards by Burling Hull

Card tricks requiring one or more double-facers.

The 18 tricks were supplied by U. F. Grant. Burling Hull writes:

Once in a decade, comes an array of unique and miraculous card mysteries - and introducing revolutionary magical principles in this branch of mystification. Such are the card feats in this book. Many of the experiments have been viewed by American foremost magical critics, and pronounced "Amazingly Ingenious".


This book includes some amazing deceptions with DOUBLE FACE CARDS (cards with faces printed on both sides) which may be introduced into almost any standard pack (and frequently...

★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
4go10Mr.E by Unknown Mentalist

As you can see the title is a fancy way of writing Forgotten Mystery. This is highly effective as a quick opener or as a casual one-off effect. You just need to carry a single double blank card (or just your business card with a blank back) and you are always ready to perform this routine.

You can also perform this as an impossible prediction effect if you want. This routine can also be performed as a totally propless effect if desired.

The effect itself is totally self-working and you can start stunning your participants right after reading this manuscript. An innocent-looking list...

★★★★★ $12
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Joel Howlett
Attention Please! by Joel Howlett

In March 2022 there was a unique gathering of professional magicians in Sydney Australia. Joel Howlett was one of the lecturers on the bill and he discussed performing exciting visual magic that caters to modern audiences who have shortening attention spans.

Participants were invited to take an honest look at the effects they were using before the COVID pandemic and reassess if they might be a little slow-moving for today's audiences. This PDF is a brief outline of the points discussed.

1st edition 2022, PDF 7 pages.

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Mystic Alexandre
Listen and It Will Speak by Mystic Alexandre

A minimalist storytelling mentalism card routine.

"This is a truly thoughtful and beautiful presentation - the sort of thing that really warms my heart. The presentation here is the thing. And what's really nice about it, is that it is easily adaptable to other effects if one so desires. I love it!" - Sudo Nimh

A special competition was underway at a famous monastery and all the monks were quite eager to do well. The Master had pointed out a very special tree that lived in the woods surrounding the monastery grounds and the monks had been asked to write a story about this tree. The winner...

★★★ $9
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Ken Muller
Four Choice Rings: F.U.N. Ring Series by Ken Muller

A unique method of unlinking a chain of four metal rings based on audience choices and engagement that provides patterns for future deception, and acquitment for previous sleights.

This is a performance module and not a full effect/presentation, that can be used with any linking ring routine. It is an extraction from the Primal Rings ebook that contains the development logic and credits. This module uses a standard 4-ring set of metal 4-8" rings with several recommended modifications.

A dangled chain of four metal rings is gathered into a fan display from which a single, spectator chosen ring is...

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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4 (April 2022) by Scott Baird

Volume 1, No. 4: April 2022, 48 pgs.

The fourth issue of The Hermit Magazine features:

    • Casual Cassandra / Joshua Jay
    • Deep Flash Production / Giacomo Bertini
    • Palm Shuttle / Giacomo Bertini
    • Four Card Symphony / Scott Baird
    • Scott and Soda / Scott Baird
    • Triple Prediction / John Carey
    • Misdirection in Sports / Scott Baird
    • Sankey Says - Defying Expectations / Jay Sankey
★★★★★ $8.50
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Sayan G.
S.G. Spread Control by Sayan G.

A utility move that allows you to control a card to the top, to the second, or a few cards down from the top.

I have created this move back in 2010 to control a card to the top of the deck. Over the years I have refined it to this point, now I am confident enough to share it with the magic community. With this move, you can not only control a card to the top but also to the second position or a few cards down from the top. This move is easy to perform without any knuckle-busting exercises.

1st edition 2022, video 22:20.

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Charles C. Eastman
Subtle Card Sleights by Charles C. Eastman

Tried and tested card tricks requiring no skill.

  • The Sensitive Touch
  • A New Card Force
  • Locate It
  • Out Of The Pocket
  • The Subtle Exchange
  • Simplified Telephone Mind Reading Card Trick
  • The Turnover Deception
  • The Invisible Card
  • It's Reversed
  • A Unique Card Force
  • Byplay
  • Reel Magic
  • For The Reader Of This Manuscript

1st edition 1932, 3rd edition 1973, 19 pages; PDF 18 pages.

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R. P.
Ein Spiel Karten: Lehrbuch der höheren Kartenkunst by R. P.

Ein für die Zeit zu der es publiziert wurde fortgeschrittenes Buch über Kartenzauberei mit und ohne Fingerfertigkeit. Es ist nicht bekannt wer der Autor dieses Werkes ist. Magic Christian vermutet es war vielleicht Carl von Pospischil. Es wurde in Prag bei der k. k. Hofbuchdruckerei v. Gottlieb Haase Söhne, einem berühmten Drucker und Verleger, gedruckt.

  • Vorwort
  • Einleitung
    • § 1. Volte
    • § 2. Das Forciren
    • § 3. Mischungen
    • § 4. Legungen
    • § 5. Von präparirten Spielen und Karten
  • Erste Abteilung
    • 1. Die verrätherischen Karten
    • 2. Die verschwundene Figur
    • 3. Eine Scene aus...
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The Magic Oracle or Conjuror's Guide by unknown

This work reveals a mix of card tricks and other small magic effects, science tricks, and in particular chemical stunts and experiments. It also covers the making of fireworks in some depth including how to make an artificial volcano.

Interesting was that even in 1850 it was clear that experimenting with mercury (quicksilver) was risky as the following quote from the book shows:

Feats performed through the medium of quicksilver should be executed with the greatest caution, as there is some danger attending them.

(Obviously, nobody should be casually experimenting with mercury. It is...

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The Living Head Illusion by Supreme-Magic-Company

The magician displays a medium-sized fancy box, saying that it is the home of a young lady who has no body. The box is placed on a slender type of table. The door of the box is opened, disclosing a head that is very much alive. A dialogue is carried on between the magician and the head etc. There does not seem to be any possibility of concealing the body anywhere, as the audience has an unobstructed view under the table at all times.

Simple workshop plans and instructions.

1st edition 1958, PDF 3 pages.

★★★ $4
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Stewart James
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 3 by Stewart James

This is the third of three parts. This final part is organized by publication or creator.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One: The Abbott Magic Company Section
    • Krazy Kube (Roy Shrimplin)
    • Arturo's Check-R-X
    • Endless Neck Rope
    • Octagoon (Lester Lake)
    • Rope Thru Body (Karson)
    • Embarrassing Rope
    • All Fair Rope Trick
    • Abbott's Wrist Tie Supreme
    • Abbott's Rod Tie
    • Club Performer's Spook Act
  • Chapter Two: The Eddie Joseph Section
    • Divorce In Zuzuland
    • The Thumb Tie
    • The Two-Way Cut
    • "Unaccommodating Rope"
    • The Tieless Tie
    • "Secret Ingress"
    • "Space Venture"
    • "Trapped In Space"
    • "Magilocks"
  • Chapter Three:...
★★★★ $19.95
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Harold Sterling
No Bottoms by Harold Sterling

50 tricks with a bottomless glass.

Here's a clever collection of fifty tricks, tips, and ideas that you can do with a bottomless glass. Tricks you never thought possible can be done: mental effects, transpositions, color changes, vanishes, penetrations, comedy effects, productions, transformations, and more. Tricks with silks, coins, eggs, liquids, chains, cards, balls, smoke, sand, rings, dice, and much more.

Get this handy utility device out of your magic drawer and put it to work, with the help of this manuscript. You'll no doubt think of many other fine effects, once you've read it...

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Matthew Benjamin
The Numerology Act by Matthew Benjamin

A complete stranger approaches you and requests for you to impress them. Armed with only a few scraps of paper and a pencil you proceed to perform a full Numerology Act for the stranger giving them several extremely accurate personality readings, revealing the name of a thought of person, when they met, and what they were wearing. You even predict the location they met!

For your grand finale, you prove that fate had brought them to you that day with a lightning-fast demonstration of mental acrobatics that relates only to them.

The act can be done completely impromptu or as a full show...

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Joseph B.
Any Card At Any Value by Joseph B.

This effect has such a subtle method. If you want to destroy your spectator with a killer effect, this is the one. This effect is a mix of impossible location, ACAAN and impossible revelation. Joseph has often used this effect as an opener and always got great reactions. You have all the material at home to construct the deck.

You introduce a deck of cards and instruct a spectator to cut about a third of the deck and place it to the side. The card cut to is remembered by the spectator and also put aside. The spectator shuffles the part cut off and the performer shuffles the remainder of...

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Das faszinierende Leben eines Zauberers by Peki

Wie wird man eigentlich Zauberer? Und warum? Kann man davon überhaupt leben? Wie gestaltet sich ein Leben als Zauberer? Sind das normale Menschen? Ein Mensch, der mit seiner Kunst mehr als 60 Länder dieser Erde bereist hat, verrät Ihnen seine Geheimnisse. Erleben Sie, wie er Vizeweltmeister auf dem Weltkongress der Zauberer wurde, mit einer Show, die nur auf Fingerfertigkeit beruhte. Wie er sich das alles selber beigebracht hatte. Und wie er seine Engagements bekam und sogar als einziger völlig unbekannter Schauspieler für das Traumschiff im ZDF engagiert wurde. Peter Kinnigkeit, Künstlername...

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Bob Farmer
Hummer's Odyssey by Bob Farmer

If you are interested in mentalism and/or impossible card locations and/or the Sunken Key, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you enjoy fooling other members of the conjuring demi-monde, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you know who Bob Hummer is, you will really enjoy this manuscript.

If you like tricks that involve the Seven Deadly Sins, astrological signs, lucky cards and H.P. Lovecraft, you will enjoy this manuscript.

It's twenty bucks, about what you'd pay for a Starbucks coffee on Rodeo Drive in L.A. Unlike the coffee, you won't need to talk to a sycophantic barista with a Chinese ideogram...

★★★★ $20
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Mystic Alexandre
The Devil's Game by Mystic Alexandre

Two bizarre playing card routines.

In the Devil's Game you tell the story of a guy named Billy who finds himself in hell, he simply can't believe it. Billy just doesn't belong in hell, he lived his life honestly, he was loyal, he was a good guy, did the right things, played by the rules. What the hell is he doing in hell?! So he asks one of the Devil's minions to please take him to the devil, that he urgently needs to speak to him to figure this thing out. The minion takes him to the devil's lavish chambers, and the devil, smoking a cigar, surrounded by beautiful women, quietly hears him...

★★★★ $16.66
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Ken Muller
Primal Linking Rings by Ken Muller

A revolutionary approach to presenting Linking Rings.

This is the master guide for the F.U.N. Rings Series of ebooks and contains the history, logic, and credits for the many new moves, sleights and stratagems related to Reverse Rings, Ends Myth, OPS Magic and Web Rings Subtlety.

The essential sleight sequences for each module are explained with sequential photos, while the individual theme ebooks may contain additional verbal scripts and audience engagement tips.

Legacy Rings, 4X4 Rings, Rings of Troth, Vulcan Rings, Web Ring Subtlety, ILYMagic and OPS Magic, plus Cross Lock, NIDO Rings, Ring Bind, Ring Proof...

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