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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 50 (Mar 1951 - Feb 1952) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1951
The Magnetic Card. By Blackstone.9
Tarbell's Oranges. By Harlan Tarbell.10
Levante Levitation. By Les Levante.11
The Robert Harbin Flower Growth. Robert Harbin.12
The Bewitched Tubes. By Okito.13
Hindu Rope Mystery. By Birch.14
The Phantom Studio. By George LaFollette (Rush Ling Toy).16
The Dunninger Divination. By Joseph Dunninger.17
Diabolical Die. By P. C. Sorcar.18
Tah Suiee - The Fountain Pagoda. By Long Tack Sam.19
Bottoms Down. By Al Baker.20
The Invisible Flap. By Tan Hock Chuan.21
The Vanishing Leopard. By Virgil.22
A Card Problem. By...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 49 (Mar 1950 - Feb 1951) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1950
The Cover.4
Last Minute News.4
On This and That. By The Readers.4
The Traveling Centavos. By J. B. Bobo.5
The Three Bears. By George DeMott.6
Teevee Cabinet. By Karrell Fox, King of Korn.7
Fourfold Slate Prediction. By Roy Cowl.7
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Thought Transference. Dr. Jaks' Card on the Wall.9
The Sphinx Awards.10
Magical Utopia.11
Magic Query.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.12
Magic Query Answer.12
Count Ernest Patrizio and his Magic Wonders. By Milbourne Christopher.13
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 48 (Mar 1949 - Feb 1950) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1949
The Cover.4
Magic in Print: Cyclopedia of Magic. Controlled Miracles. Thanks to Leipzig! John Ramsay's Routines With Cups and Balls. The Card Wizard. Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do. Deux Conferences Sur La Prestidigitation.4
Card in the Jug. By Geo. Johnstone.5
Sorcar's Dictionary Trick. By P. C. Sorcar.6
"Come Black". By John Giordmaine.7
Three From Five is Nothing. By George DeMott.8
Exchanging the Pack. By Arthur Buckley.9
My Innocent Thimble "Pull". By Carlos H. Colombi.10
The Taming of the Shmoo. By Peter Van Note (With Eric Weinberger).10...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 47 (Mar 1948 - Feb 1949) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1948
The Sphinx Awards 1948.4
The Cover.4
Tricks I Like. By Al Baker.5
Variation on the Flower Cone. By David Bamberg, Carlos H. Colombi, and Graciela N. Avendano.6
Second Deal. By Douglas Francis.6
Sorcar's Vanishing Lamp. By P. C. Sorcar.7
Cigar Box Switch. By A. W. Fey.8
21st Century Card Trick. By C. Steffensen.9
England's Home of Mystery. Founded 75 Years Ago.10
Poster: Maskelyne and Cooke.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.12
S.A.M. Parent Assembly Show.13
Swensk Magisk Cirkels Kongress. By Julius...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 46 (Mar 1947 - Feb 1948) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1947
The Sphinx Awards 19474
The Spinning Girl. By George La Follette.5
The Parasol Trick. By P. C. Sorcar.6
Improved Bill Tube. By Lestorte and Rowbotham.7
The Marvelous Blocks. By Edward W. Massey.8
My Talisman. By H. Ernst9
The Tambourine Rings. By George De Mott.9
Animal Container. By Silent Mora.10
Smile Please. By R. W. Edmanson.10
A False Shuffle. By Jerry McDermott.11
Horace Goldin "Saws a Woman". By Milbourne Christopher.12
Poster: Birch.13
BIRCH Master Magician and Company. By John Mulholland.14
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.17
North European...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 45 (Mar 1946 - Feb 1947) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1946
Miracles For Sale: The Great Gizmo Glass. Lighted Cigarette Dropper. Grant's Ring Box. Mortimer's Giant Dragon Papers. Arcuri Vanishing and Reappearing Necktie. Lapelette. Haunted House. Cocktail Shaker. Latest Cigarette Tube. Bone Box and Dog House. Telepathic Trio. How To Add Something To Something.4
Dollar'n Blitzen. By Al Baker.5
Lighter Magic. By Milbourne Christopher6
Some Paper Ideas. By Little Johnny Jones.6
A Spirit Picture. By Loring Campbell.7
The Four Queens Mystery. By John Giordmaine.7
Two Rope Effects. By Carlos H. Colombi.8
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 44 (Mar 1945 - Feb 1946) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1945
The Famous Crystal Casket. A present-day version of a trick featured by John Wyman. By John Mulholland.5
Mind Reading Card Tricks. By Al Baker.6
Frame and Handkerchiefs. By Carlos H. Colombi.8
"The Rabbit Hat". By Sgt. Milbourne Christopher.8
The Break. By Hans van Baaren.8
"The Garden of Roses". By Hathaway.9
Color Change. By Sgt. Joseph K. Schmidt.9
Advertising Ice Breakers. By Tom Fitzgerald.10
Wyman the Wizard. By John Mulholland.11
For Bibliophiles Only. By Stanley Collins and James B. Findlay. The Waif and the Wizard by Edward Kent.21
The Future of Magic on...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 43 (Mar 1944 - Feb 1945) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1944
The Cover.4
With a Bow to Anderson. From notes by Brander Matthews.5
One Of The Ups and Downs Of Magic. By W. A. Russell.6
Hathaway Card Change. By Hathaway.7
Spelling. By Elmer Appelgit.7
Musical Magic. By San Era.8
Break-A-Way Die Box Routine. By Tommy Windsor.8
Dr. Brochu's Flash Card Location. By Dr. R. Brochu.9
Cards and Envelopes. By Eugene Laurant.10
Eugene Laurant Dies.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
S.A.M. Parent Assembly Show.12
John Henry Anderson "Great Wizard of the North"17
Editor's Page.20
Squawks. By Frazee.21
25 Years...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 42 (Mar 1943 - Feb 1944) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1943
Robert Heller.4
In The Manner of Heller. By John Mulholland.5
Easy Book Test. By Gerald Kosky.6
Invisible Card Reverse. By T. J. Crawford.7
Telepathic Television. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.8
Soldier Magic. By Tommy Dowd.8
Rabbit Eggs. By John Brown Cook.10
1943 Show Parent Assembly S.A.M.15
22nd Annual Show Knights of Magic.15
29th Annual Dinner.15
My Father - Robert Heller. By Mary Adelaide Palmer Blanchet.16
Editor's Page.18
Squawks. By Frazee.19
25 Years Ago.19
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.20
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 41 (Mar 1942 - Feb 1943) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1942
Meet The Dealers.3
Where They Are.3
Camera Record of the Parent Assembly, S.A.M. Annual Show. Photographs by Irving Desfor4
28th Annual Dinner. By C. Talvades.4
Annual Show. By Vin Carey.4
The Queen's Court of Baron Seamon. By Ed Reno.5
A New Effect with a Die. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.6
New Salt Shaker. By Harold Pearson.6
Gloves. By Robert Harbin.7
Calling the Numbers. By Milbourne Christopher.8
The Rising Card. By Alex Valden.8
The Orange Force. By Dave Price.8
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.13
"On the Spot". By Dorny.13
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 40 (Mar 1941 - Feb 1942) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1941
The Birth of Old Glory. By A. M. Wilson, M.D.7
The Magic Door. By Howard Thurston.8
Card Effect With Two Packs. By Nate Leipzig.10
Potato Jones And His Amazing Disappearance. Horace Goldin.11
The Miser's Dream As I Do It. By T. Nelson Downs.12
Houdini-Hardeen Strait-Jacket Escape. By Theo. Hardeen Brother of Houdini.14
Hi-Strung. By Okito and Fu-Manchu.16
The Witch Of The Flame. Eugene Laurant.18
The Triple Escape. By Levante.20
A Great Production. By Blackstone.21
The Coin Roll Vanish. By Paul LePaul.22
Birch Vanishes Fifty Rabbits. By Birch.23...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 39 (Mar 1940 - Feb 1941) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1940
Elmer P. Ransom.4
Index for Volume XXXVIII4
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.4
Miracles for Sale: The Floating Marvel. The Albenice Arabian Bead Mystery. Zufall's Saturday Evening Post Trick. The block of Mohamet. Chopper Guillotine. Albenice Serpent Silk. Alarm Clocks from a Hat.4
Scheduled Events in Magic: Magic in New York. Annual Night of Magic. Harry Rouclere Testimonial Dinner. Greater Magic Show. 36th Annual Dinner. The National Conference of The S.A.M. The I.B.M. Convention. The P.C.A.M. Convention.4
The Dancing Handkerchief. By Elmer P. Ransom.5...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 38 (Mar 1939 - Feb 1940) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1939
Harry Kellar. By Nate Leipzig.4
Three Conventions.4
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.4
From Letters to the Editor.4
Kellar's Magic. By Elmer P. Ransom.5
Harry Kellar. By Harry Houdini.6
What I Learned From Kellar. By Grant Stuart.6
"I Met Kellar" By Dorny.7
The Easter Surprise. By Rod Roddick.8
Word Prediction. By Tom Sellers.8
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.9
- New Moves on the Three Shell Game. By Hy Grober.9
- Magic Purse. By R. M. Jamison.9
- "Stung". By Joseph Rukus.10
- Penny Vise. By R. M. Jamison.10
- Card Ashes. By Joseph Rukus.10
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 37 (Mar 1938 - Feb 1939) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1938
David Devant. By A. Zomah.4
The Sphinx Award Winners For 1938: Hy Harris - Professional, T. Sakamoto - Amateur.4
More than Tricks. By David Devant.5
Any Card Mentioned Rises. By Grant Stuart.6
The Sympathetic Shuffle. By Roy Walker.6
George Melies Dies. By Victor Farelli.7
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.7
Dean Frederick Eugene Powell dies.7
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.8
- Mentalia. By Clifford L. Jordan.8
- A Surprising Production. By Tan Hock Chuan.9
- My-Tube-Sto. By Joseph Rukus.10
- Magic Rice Bowl. By Joseph Rukus.10
Devid Devant in New...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 36 (Mar 1937 - Feb 1938) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1937
Le Paul.4
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.4
Magical Maxims. By S. H. Sharpe.4
Miracles For Sale.4
The Lightning Bird. By Keith Clark.5
Ghost Eyes. By Jack McMillen and Judson Brown.6
Further Ideas. By Jacques Morintell.6
Ribbons and Bouquet. By J. Brown.7
The Winners for 1937 of The Sphinx Award: Professional, John Booth. Amateur, Tan Hock Chuan.7
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.8
- Announcement Extraordinary!!!8
- Change Over Palm With Cards. By Lion.8
- The Six Dollar Trick. By C. Brustia.8
- ...And Now "The Flying Card" By Paul Morris.8
- That's...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 35 (Mar 1936 - Feb 1937) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1936
Dr. A Wilson. By Joe G. Lightner.4
Five Hands. By Nate Leipzig.5
The King's Crown. By Hardeen.6
A Glass for Coin Tricks. By Herman Hanson.6
A Useful "Number" Trick. By Edward Victor.7
Message From Beyond. By Al Baker.7
Sympathetic Reverse. By Wilfrid Jonson.8
Di-Divisor. By Royal V. Heath.8
Publicity and Magic. By Carl W. Jones.8
Next Month.8
Personality and Presentation. By Tommy Martin.9
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.10
- The Magic Bookcase. By Joseph Rukus.10
- Confetti To Flowers. By George Dryden.10
- The Wandering Dollar Bill. By Joseph...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 34 (Mar 1935 - Feb 1936) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1935
Jack Gwynne.4
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines. By Charles A. Leedy.4
The Turn-Over-Vanish. By Jack Gwynne.5
A Club Version of the Bullet Catching Trick. By Lynn Searles.6
Phantom Eyes. By Gerald Kosky.6
Wand That Defies Gravity. By William Meyn.6
The Sphinx Award Winners.7
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.8
- Tobacco and Cigarette Effects. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Multiplication at Sight. By Gerald Kosky.8
- Presto! By Richard Haldini.9
- Eastman's Coffee and Bean Trick. By W. F. Eastman.9
- A Novel Egg Trick. By Prof. George Dryden.9
- Botalinsky. By...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 33 (Mar 1934 - Feb 1935) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1934
Is Stage Magic Doomed, Mr. Cardini? By Arthur Punnar.4
The Sphinx Award. Herman L. Weber, professional; Howard Savage, amateur.5
Signs on the Road to Magicland. By David Devant.6
Billet Burning. By Andrew Brennan.6
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.6
Chinese Magic. By Levante.7
James Stevenson Dies.8
Austrian Magicians. By Ottokar Fischer.9
The Bathing Tent Girl. By Will Goldston.10
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.11
- Let the Audience Do the Work. By Paul Morris.11
- A Rhapsody in Flowers. By Nellini.11
- Topsy-Turvy Ace. By Felice Manna.12
- Telltale...
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 32 (Mar 1933 - Feb 1934) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1933
Silk Production Novelty. By Fred Mintz.5
Out Pops the Number Think of a Card. By R. V. Heath.6
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.6
Spirits Tricky. By B. M. L. Ernst.6
"Magicaal Fun-Nocracy". By George Schulte.6
A Letter to Harold. By Al Baker.6
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.7
- Cones, Silks and Balls. By E. L. Briant.7
- The Mystery of T. By Joseph Rukus.7
- Color Changing Silk. By Joseph Rukus.7
- Surprise Silk Production. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Silk to Confetti. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Modernistic Dye Tube. By R. G. Caldron.8
Random Thoughts of a Magical...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 31 (Mar 1932 - Feb 1933) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1932
Hail and Farewell: Adelaide Herrmann.4
After Thrity Years.5
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:7
- Card Effect No. 20. By John H. Keller.7
- A Sucker Card Gag. By Searles the Subtle.7
- A Suggestion or So and an Effect or Two. By Wilbur T. Kattner.7
- Card in Candy Box. By Len Bossard.8
- The Restored Ribbon. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Target Rising Card. By Joseph Rukus.8
- A Mirror Glass Silk Routine. By Searles the Subtle.8
- Cup and Ball Routine. By R. M. Jamison.9
- Patter and Transposition of Cards. By Isadore the Inscrutable.10
- Pack Transposition....
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 30 (Mar 1931 - Feb 1932) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Charles Armor Leedy; Ellinor Redan; Harry Redan; A. Eldon Duke; Ben R. Badley; Knut Korling; Vincent Dalban; John Elder Blackledge; John Platt; John Booth.2
Told to the Sphinx.2
Photos: Howard Thurston; Horace Goldin.4
The Dragon Lantern Production. By Silent Mora.5
Little Journeys Into the Lives of Big Magicians. By William J. Hilliar.6
A House of a Thousand Memories. By Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans.7
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.10
Pulls Los Angeles Express From the Hat. Duval Featured. Zingone Honorary Member. Al Baker Likes...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 29 (Mar 1930 - Feb 1931) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1930
Clayton William Rosencrance.5
Second Annual S.A.M. National Conference.5
M.U.M. Edited by John Mulholland.6
- Society of American Magicians (Parent Assembly). By Richard Van Dien.6
- Parent Assembly's Big Show.7
- High Honor for Dr. Prince.10
- Boston Assembly No. 9. By Leland C. Wyman.10
- Pittsburgh Assembly No. 18.11
- Philadelphia Assembly No. 4. By Doc. Endlich.11
- Central City Assembly No. 14. By E. R. Hall.11
- Queen City Mystics No. 11. By Leslie P. Guest.11
- Doings From Cleveland No. 10. By G. V. Holland.12
- Gossip and Gimmick. By John...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 28 (Mar 1929 - Feb 1930) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 1929
Frederick Eugene Powell.5
M.U.M. Edited by John Mulholland.6
- The Society of American Magicians (Parent Assembly).By Richard Van Dien.6
- Ladies' Night Entertainment.6
- Chicago Assembly No. 3. By E. A. Gylleck.8
- Boston Assembly No. 9. By Leland C. Wyman.8
- Doings from Cleveland Society of American Magicians No. 10. By Harry Hunsinger.9
- Pittsburgh Assembly 18 News. By Jean G. Foley.9
The Powell Testimonial. By Oscar S. Teale.10
New Magic Club Formed At Nashville. By David Rose.10
Hollywood Mystic No. 27. By Adam Hull Shirk.11
Cercle Magique...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 27 (Mar 1928 - Feb 1929) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 1928
A. M. Wilson, M. D.5
"Booth's Flying Matches"5
M.U.M. Edited by John Mulholland.6
Cincinnati Magicians' Club. By E. L. Dodson.8
Knights of Magic. Central Opera House. New York City. By Roger Gautier.8
Society of Osiris Magicians, Inc.9
The Harry Kellar Assembly of Magicins of Buffalo, N. Y. By Sigmar.9
Trouping Around in Magic. By Max Holden.9
Squawks. By William Frazee.10
Magic News From Many Lands. By Baffles.11
Annual Banquet of Newark, N. J.; Magicians' Club. By Clarence A. Smith.11
"Chicago Does it Again" By Dorny.12
Chats. By Kolar.12
★★★★★ $5
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