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George H. Little
Mahatma Volume 4 (Jul 1900 - Jun 1901) by George H. Little

On the covers are:

  • Professor Hoffmann
  • Balabrega
  • Frank Ducrot
  • Harry Helms
  • Henry Ridgely Evans
  • William J. Hilliar
  • F. W. Conradi
  • Nay Mikels
  • Durbin
  • Ah Foon
  • H. C. Weber
108 pages

Note: Page numbers refer to those in the PDF files when the collection was assembled. Originally each issue began with page 1.

  1. Mahatma - Volume IV, Number I - July 1900 - 8 pages
  2. Professor Hoffmann - photo & cover story
  3. London Notes - news
  4. Review - of Past Year
  5. Items from British Colonies, Etc. - news
  6. Two Great Magicians: Carl and Alexander Herrmann - An Adventure in Russia - Carl Herrmann - continued ...
★★★★★ $5
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George H. Little
Mahatma Volume 3 (Jul 1899 - Jun 1900) by George H. Little

On the covers are:

  • F. Robert Lanskail
  • John Hamley
  • John Henricks
  • Hal Merton
  • C. Milton Chase
  • John Whalen
  • Zanzic
  • Walter G. Peterkin
  • Ellis Stanyon
  • The White Yogi
  • J. Witt Dougherty
126 pages

Note: Page numbers refer to those in the PDF files when the collection was assembled. Originally each issue began with page 1.

  1. Mahatma - Volume III, Number I - July 1899 - 12 pages
  2. F. Robert Lanskail - photo & cover story
  3. New Card Tricks - Elliott
    • New Card Reading
    • Mystic Flight of Card
  4. The Modern William Tell - Chas. L. Burlingame - continued
  5. Juggling Tricks - Wm. E. Robinson ...
★★★★★ $5
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George H. Little
Mahatma Volume 2 (Jul 1898 - Jun 1899) by George H. Little

On the covers you will find:

  • Sargent
  • Soto Sunetario
  • Stevenson
  • Robert Ankele
  • Leon Herrmann
  • J. Burlingame of Chicago
  • Adrian Plate
  • Albert E. Smith - the popular Lyceum prestidigitateur
  • Prof. Samri S. Baldwin
  • Francis J. Werner
  • T. Nelson Downs
  • Marshall the Mystic 136 pages
    1. Mahatma - Volume II, Number I - July 1898 - 8 pages
    2. Sargent - biography
    3. Manchester Notes - news
    4. Boston News
    5. Is Magic Dead - Sargent, The Merry Wizard
    6. Spiritualism - F.D. Hewes
    7. News of the Day
    8. My First Performance as a Star - tory by J.W.
    9. Postal Card Trick
    10. Wine and Water Trick
    11. New Vanishing Performer...
★★★★★ $5
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George H. Little
Mahatma Volume 1 (Mar 1895 - Jun 1898) by George H. Little

On the covers you will find:

  • Robert Houdin - father of modern magic
  • Herrmann - prince of conjurers
  • Jewett - the greatest coming 20th century magician
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Robinson
  • W. D. Leroy
  • Davenport Brothers
  • Frederick Eugene Powell
  • David Devant and his spirit wife
  • Frencesca Redding and Hugh Stanton
  • A. J. Martyne
  • Bernice Nata
  • Imro Fox
  • Harry Kellar
  • Clivette
  • Prof. Ziska
  • Prof. Elliott
184 pages

Mahatma, Volume 1, George H. Little, editor

[Note: Page numbers refer to those in the PDF files when the collection was assembled. Originally each issue began with page 1. However, the original page numbers were retained for issues of The Vaudeville and Artist Era.]

184 pages

  1. Mahatma - Volume I, Number I - March 1895 - 8 pages
  2. Robert Houdin: Father of Modern Magic - biography
  3. To Our Readers...
★★★★★ $5
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Larry Becker
Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic by Larry Becker

Larry Becker's magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in 1992. In 1993 at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New Orleans, Larry Becker received the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award for this outstanding contribution to the art of Mentalism and Magic. The first hard bound edition sold out in 90 days at a retail cost of $235. So did the soft cover edition in 1996 at $100. Stunners! has become a collector's item bringing anywhere from $300 to $500 and more on eBay.

After ten years it was expanded so that you were able to delve into the many variations, improvements and...

★★★★★ $69
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Mystic Alexandre
Astragalomancy by Mystic Alexandre

This is the ORIGINAL! Do not be fooled by imitators. Released back in 2005 (and briefly in 2013) Astragalomancy, the hottest dice reading system for the Psychic Entertainer is back!

Astragalomancy is ...

  • Sexy!
  • Fast!
  • Fun!
And you should have the system down overnight! No kidding!

This PDF includes ...

  • Detailed Explanation of the System
  • Simplified Tic Sheet
  • Astragalomancy WITHOUT DICE
  • Significant Months
  • The Zodiac
  • The Timeless Language of Numbers

1st edition 2005; 16 pages.

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Bob Cassidy
One Man Billet Routines by Bob Cassidy
". . . I have found most uses of billets that I've seen to be painful exercises in self-deception on the part of the performer, as to what the audience finds convincing or entertaining. But when I saw Bob Cassidy do his billet routine for an audience of more than a thousand, those silly bits of paper were reduced to virtual non-entities. By the time the routine reached its conclusion he was on stage, standing back-to-back with a spectator, engaged in what was apparently a full scale drawing duplication - with no billets or envelopes anywhere in sight or awareness." - Jamie Ian Swiss, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine, January 2005
★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Impromptu Psychic by Bob Cassidy

From the introduction: "Seemingly impromptu mental effects are among the strongest you can do. The apparent lack of preparation is what makes them seem real. But never forget that it is the illusion of impromptu, and not its reality, that gives such effects their impact."

"Impromptu" does not mean unprepared, nor does it refer to the ridiculous notion held by many that to be truly impromptu the effect must be something you can do anywhere, anytime, even if you happen to be totally naked.

Impromptu, more sensibly, refers to the effect on your audience. The effect should either SEEM to...

★★★★★ $25
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Kyle Peron
Encore: Creativity in the Art of Magic by Kyle Peron

Robert Houdin once said, "A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician". If this is true, then what character are you playing on stage and how are you playing it? To be an entertainer one must learn to be and think creatively. This 21 page lecture note ebook is about learning how to be creative, think creatively and how to apply direct exercises and techniques to allow your own creativity to grow with the magic that you perform.

Every single person possesses the ability to be creative. These notes teach you techniques and exercises that you can use to unlock the doors to your own...

★★★★★ $15
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Stephen Tucker
Thought Waves by Stephen Tucker

20 mentalism effects with a foreword by Max Maven. Out of print since 1985. Now again available as ebook.

From the foreword by Max Maven:

There is no question that Stephen Tucker has made his mark on the magic world...and it's about time someone made him clean it up!

The first time we met, I noticed that he had a streak of white hair in the center of his otherwise black coiffure. This gave him a very modern New Wave look, and I complimented him on his clever grooming.

He explained to me that the streak was not artificial, but rather an inherited family trait.

I'd had no idea that...

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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 52 (Mar 1953) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1953
The Cover.
Bravo, Authors!4
Ready To Be Tied. By Milbourne Christopher.6
Singapore Sorcery. By Tan Hock Chuan.7
The Miracle from Mauretania. By Eddie Joseph.8
Rice's Tel-A-Color. By Harold R. Rice.8
Han Pien Chien. By Wilfrid Jonson.9
Ring Off The Rope. By Harlan Tarbell.10
A Subtle Disappearance. By Okito.11
The Stack of Quarters. By J. B. Bobo.12
My Favorite Bill Switch. John Scarne.13
Intensity. By Bill Simon.14
Magnetic Matches. By George McAthy.15
Magician's Mail. By Bruce Elliott.16
Queen of the Ribbon Cage. By Clettis V. Musson.17
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 51 (Mar 1952 - Feb 1953) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1952
The Cover.3
The Sphinx Awards - 1952.4
Triple-Squared-Circle. By Birch.6
Foulard Transposition. By Okito.7
A Miracle Sleight. By "Silent" Mora.8
The Mystery Ball. By Billy Russell.9
A Sweet Trick. By Matt Schulien.010
Bullet Catching Trick. By Carlos. H. Colombi.011
A Utility Fake. By Bill Magini.12
Instant Flowers. By Peter Warlock.13
Chromo-spheres. By Dr. Jacob Daley.14
History of Magic. By P. C. Sorcar.16
An Aid to Telepathy. By Zerr.18
Singapore Surprise. By Tan Hock Chuan.19
Psychogony. By Eddie Joseph.20
"It's June in Miami". By Herman...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 50 (Mar 1951 - Feb 1952) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1951
The Magnetic Card. By Blackstone.9
Tarbell's Oranges. By Harlan Tarbell.10
Levante Levitation. By Les Levante.11
The Robert Harbin Flower Growth. Robert Harbin.12
The Bewitched Tubes. By Okito.13
Hindu Rope Mystery. By Birch.14
The Phantom Studio. By George LaFollette (Rush Ling Toy).16
The Dunninger Divination. By Joseph Dunninger.17
Diabolical Die. By P. C. Sorcar.18
Tah Suiee - The Fountain Pagoda. By Long Tack Sam.19
Bottoms Down. By Al Baker.20
The Invisible Flap. By Tan Hock Chuan.21
The Vanishing Leopard. By Virgil.22
A Card Problem. By...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 49 (Mar 1950 - Feb 1951) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1950
The Cover.4
Last Minute News.4
On This and That. By The Readers.4
The Traveling Centavos. By J. B. Bobo.5
The Three Bears. By George DeMott.6
Teevee Cabinet. By Karrell Fox, King of Korn.7
Fourfold Slate Prediction. By Roy Cowl.7
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Thought Transference. Dr. Jaks' Card on the Wall.9
The Sphinx Awards.10
Magical Utopia.11
Magic Query.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.12
Magic Query Answer.12
Count Ernest Patrizio and his Magic Wonders. By Milbourne Christopher.13
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 48 (Mar 1949 - Feb 1950) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1949
The Cover.4
Magic in Print: Cyclopedia of Magic. Controlled Miracles. Thanks to Leipzig! John Ramsay's Routines With Cups and Balls. The Card Wizard. Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do. Deux Conferences Sur La Prestidigitation.4
Card in the Jug. By Geo. Johnstone.5
Sorcar's Dictionary Trick. By P. C. Sorcar.6
"Come Black". By John Giordmaine.7
Three From Five is Nothing. By George DeMott.8
Exchanging the Pack. By Arthur Buckley.9
My Innocent Thimble "Pull". By Carlos H. Colombi.10
The Taming of the Shmoo. By Peter Van Note (With Eric Weinberger).10...
★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 47 (Mar 1948 - Feb 1949) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1948
The Sphinx Awards 1948.4
The Cover.4
Tricks I Like. By Al Baker.5
Variation on the Flower Cone. By David Bamberg, Carlos H. Colombi, and Graciela N. Avendano.6
Second Deal. By Douglas Francis.6
Sorcar's Vanishing Lamp. By P. C. Sorcar.7
Cigar Box Switch. By A. W. Fey.8
21st Century Card Trick. By C. Steffensen.9
England's Home of Mystery. Founded 75 Years Ago.10
Poster: Maskelyne and Cooke.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.12
S.A.M. Parent Assembly Show.13
Swensk Magisk Cirkels Kongress. By Julius...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 46 (Mar 1947 - Feb 1948) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1947
The Sphinx Awards 19474
The Spinning Girl. By George La Follette.5
The Parasol Trick. By P. C. Sorcar.6
Improved Bill Tube. By Lestorte and Rowbotham.7
The Marvelous Blocks. By Edward W. Massey.8
My Talisman. By H. Ernst9
The Tambourine Rings. By George De Mott.9
Animal Container. By Silent Mora.10
Smile Please. By R. W. Edmanson.10
A False Shuffle. By Jerry McDermott.11
Horace Goldin "Saws a Woman". By Milbourne Christopher.12
Poster: Birch.13
BIRCH Master Magician and Company. By John Mulholland.14
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.17
North European...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 45 (Mar 1946 - Feb 1947) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1946
Miracles For Sale: The Great Gizmo Glass. Lighted Cigarette Dropper. Grant's Ring Box. Mortimer's Giant Dragon Papers. Arcuri Vanishing and Reappearing Necktie. Lapelette. Haunted House. Cocktail Shaker. Latest Cigarette Tube. Bone Box and Dog House. Telepathic Trio. How To Add Something To Something.4
Dollar'n Blitzen. By Al Baker.5
Lighter Magic. By Milbourne Christopher6
Some Paper Ideas. By Little Johnny Jones.6
A Spirit Picture. By Loring Campbell.7
The Four Queens Mystery. By John Giordmaine.7
Two Rope Effects. By Carlos H. Colombi.8
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 44 (Mar 1945 - Feb 1946) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1945
The Famous Crystal Casket. A present-day version of a trick featured by John Wyman. By John Mulholland.5
Mind Reading Card Tricks. By Al Baker.6
Frame and Handkerchiefs. By Carlos H. Colombi.8
"The Rabbit Hat". By Sgt. Milbourne Christopher.8
The Break. By Hans van Baaren.8
"The Garden of Roses". By Hathaway.9
Color Change. By Sgt. Joseph K. Schmidt.9
Advertising Ice Breakers. By Tom Fitzgerald.10
Wyman the Wizard. By John Mulholland.11
For Bibliophiles Only. By Stanley Collins and James B. Findlay. The Waif and the Wizard by Edward Kent.21
The Future of Magic on...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 43 (Mar 1944 - Feb 1945) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1944
The Cover.4
With a Bow to Anderson. From notes by Brander Matthews.5
One Of The Ups and Downs Of Magic. By W. A. Russell.6
Hathaway Card Change. By Hathaway.7
Spelling. By Elmer Appelgit.7
Musical Magic. By San Era.8
Break-A-Way Die Box Routine. By Tommy Windsor.8
Dr. Brochu's Flash Card Location. By Dr. R. Brochu.9
Cards and Envelopes. By Eugene Laurant.10
Eugene Laurant Dies.11
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.12
S.A.M. Parent Assembly Show.12
John Henry Anderson "Great Wizard of the North"17
Editor's Page.20
Squawks. By Frazee.21
25 Years...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 42 (Mar 1943 - Feb 1944) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1943
Robert Heller.4
In The Manner of Heller. By John Mulholland.5
Easy Book Test. By Gerald Kosky.6
Invisible Card Reverse. By T. J. Crawford.7
Telepathic Television. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.8
Soldier Magic. By Tommy Dowd.8
Rabbit Eggs. By John Brown Cook.10
1943 Show Parent Assembly S.A.M.15
22nd Annual Show Knights of Magic.15
29th Annual Dinner.15
My Father - Robert Heller. By Mary Adelaide Palmer Blanchet.16
Editor's Page.18
Squawks. By Frazee.19
25 Years Ago.19
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.20
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 41 (Mar 1942 - Feb 1943) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1942
Meet The Dealers.3
Where They Are.3
Camera Record of the Parent Assembly, S.A.M. Annual Show. Photographs by Irving Desfor4
28th Annual Dinner. By C. Talvades.4
Annual Show. By Vin Carey.4
The Queen's Court of Baron Seamon. By Ed Reno.5
A New Effect with a Die. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.6
New Salt Shaker. By Harold Pearson.6
Gloves. By Robert Harbin.7
Calling the Numbers. By Milbourne Christopher.8
The Rising Card. By Alex Valden.8
The Orange Force. By Dave Price.8
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.13
"On the Spot". By Dorny.13
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 40 (Mar 1941 - Feb 1942) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1941
The Birth of Old Glory. By A. M. Wilson, M.D.7
The Magic Door. By Howard Thurston.8
Card Effect With Two Packs. By Nate Leipzig.10
Potato Jones And His Amazing Disappearance. Horace Goldin.11
The Miser's Dream As I Do It. By T. Nelson Downs.12
Houdini-Hardeen Strait-Jacket Escape. By Theo. Hardeen Brother of Houdini.14
Hi-Strung. By Okito and Fu-Manchu.16
The Witch Of The Flame. Eugene Laurant.18
The Triple Escape. By Levante.20
A Great Production. By Blackstone.21
The Coin Roll Vanish. By Paul LePaul.22
Birch Vanishes Fifty Rabbits. By Birch.23...
★★★★★ $5
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John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 39 (Mar 1940 - Feb 1941) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1940
Elmer P. Ransom.4
Index for Volume XXXVIII4
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.4
Miracles for Sale: The Floating Marvel. The Albenice Arabian Bead Mystery. Zufall's Saturday Evening Post Trick. The block of Mohamet. Chopper Guillotine. Albenice Serpent Silk. Alarm Clocks from a Hat.4
Scheduled Events in Magic: Magic in New York. Annual Night of Magic. Harry Rouclere Testimonial Dinner. Greater Magic Show. 36th Annual Dinner. The National Conference of The S.A.M. The I.B.M. Convention. The P.C.A.M. Convention.4
The Dancing Handkerchief. By Elmer P. Ransom.5...
★★★★★ $5
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