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Guy Hollingworth
Waving the Aces by Guy Hollingworth

After "Reformation", this is Guy Hollingworth's most brilliant creation. The aces visibly turn face up while at the fingertips. If you think Twisting the Aces is a strong effect, then Waving the Aces will blow your mind. And it is not at all difficult to perform for an intermediate level card magician.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 18min 39s

★★★★★ $6
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Docc Hilford
Personal Touch by Docc Hilford

Learn how Docc Hilford flies first class when he only has coach tickets. A crash course in palm reading spiced up with magic.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 9min 48s

★★★★ $6
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Kenton Knepper
EZ Torn & Restored Card by Kenton Knepper

Using only one card, this is probably the easiest and most deceptive Torn & Restored Card ever created. The ingenious creator of this is Ben Harris and he calls it Hoodwink. One could call this self-working, because all you do is fold, tear and open an ungimmicked card. It can't get any simpler and the effect is amazing.

Kenton adds his clever suggestive words that let the spectator dig his own hole of astonishment.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 6min 48s

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Gregory Wilson
Florida Keys by Gregory Wilson

Two borrowed keys link and unlink from a key ring.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 5 min 47 s

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 27 (Jul 2009) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 5, No. 3, July 2009; 72 pages.

Cover: R. Paul Wilson

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. The Flying Ring, The Ultimate Close Up Miracle? - Mark Leveridge on Ring Flight
  5. What Can I Buy? - Reviews for The Flying Ring
    • Just In Case - Pete Biro & Joe Porper - effect
    • The Secrets Of Ring Flight- World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians - L & L Publishing - DVD
    • The Lord OF The Bling - Wayne Goodman - effect
    • El Duco's Ring Flight - El Duco - effect
    • Immakulate Ring Flight - MAK Magic -effect
    • Fly Ring - Mark Leveridge
    • Presto Ring Flight - Tony...
★★★★★ $5
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Si Stebbins
Card Tricks and the Way they are Performed by Si Stebbins

This is a collection of three similar but distinct publications by Si Stebbins, explaining his famous card stack and various tricks one can do with it. These three are reproduced in facsimile but made searchable with added bookmarks for easier navigation.

The first one has the title "Si and Mary Stebbins" and opens with a wonderful photo of Si and his wife Mary, original Barnum & Bailey Rube. It was printed by Press of Rex Printing House in Philadelphia. No publishing date is given but must be after 1913*. It features the system, rules, and 10 tricks followed by an additional section on Pinochle,...

★★★★★ $10
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Greatest Hits (A1-MagicalMedia) Volume 1 by various

One star of magic performs one effect and then teaches that effect. Then the next star is featured. The skill level ranges from complete self-working (Bannon's "Timely Departure") to difficult. (The cover image is misleading because not all performers shown on the cover are on this DVD.)

Stars Featured on this DVD:

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Stanton Carlisle
Master Mentality by Stanton Carlisle

Master Mentality is an important addition to the rather sparse literature available on the little-known subject of contact mind reading.

Contact mind reading is generally believed to be almost impossible to practice and hard to learn. Stanton Carlisle demonstrates that this is not at all the case. His instructions share all the secrets of a successful performance and the techniques to learn and master this art.

I consider this the most important work of Stanton Carlisle. He shares many bits and tips of the business of mentalism in general, not just the techniques and methods to become...

★★★★ $20
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Stanton Carlisle
The Magic of ESP by Stanton Carlisle

Here are 25 tricks with ESP cards. Some are impromptu (marked below with a single star), some require a bit of preparation (marked below with two stars), and a few require more involved preparation such as gimmicked cards (marked below with three stars).

Most are suitable for jumbo ESP cards as well as regular poker or bridge sized cards. And most use only a single deck of ESP cards.

1st edition 1978; original 29 pages; PDF 32 pages.

  1. Dedication
  2. Contents
  3. Author's Preface
  4. Foreword
  5. Guessing Gordon*
  6. Psycho-Symbol*
  7. A Five Star Miracle**
  8. The Magical Match-Maker**
  9. Mental Simplicity*** ...
★★★ $9
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Stanton Carlisle
ESPespcially Yours by Stanton Carlisle

1st edition 1980; original 36 pages; PDF 44 pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Dedication
  3. Foreword
  4. Preface
  5. One Out Of Five?...It's THIS One!
  6. Living And Dead Test....No.1,269!
  7. Prelude To The Classic Book Test
  8. The Classic Book Test
  9. Brain Echoes
  10. The 'Escee' Bluff Switch
  11. The Astromental Prediction, Mark 1
  12. The Astromental Prediction, Mark 2
  13. The Master's Miracle Reading
  14. Conclusion
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Stanton Carlisle
Mentalism for Connoisseurs by Stanton Carlisle

After Stanton Carlisle retired due to a back injury he wrote this book and shared his professional mental routines. Carlisle has performed all of these effects many times during his professional career. They are well polished and worth your time of study.

1st edition 1980; original 53 pages; PDF 56 pages.

  1. Dedication
  2. Contents
  3. Foreword
  4. Author's Foreword
  5. Thoughts Winged Flight
  6. Mind Control ... In Action
  7. Psycho-matic
  8. The "Bent Medium's" Switcheroo
  9. Money Making Mentalism
  10. Astrological Signs and Symbols
  11. How to Tell Fortunes with Dice and Dominoes
  12. The Day for Any Given Birthdate Formula ...
★★★★★ $12
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Al Mann
O'Daneven's Secret by Al Mann


One to four spectators choose a design out of a choice of 16 designs. The performer either reads their minds or has their choices predicted in advance.

The method is a clever combination of known mentalism principles.

You will receive a manuscript of 7 pages explaining various routines for O'Daneven's Secret. You will also receive a printed cardboard similar to the cover image of this product. (This is the original print run Al Mann made. It is therefore an original Al Mann item.) To assemble the prop there is a bit of cutting and gluing necessary but nothing a second grader...

★★★★★ $10
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Stanton Carlisle
Mentalism De Luxe by Stanton Carlisle

Eight strong and wonderful mentalism routines.

"Key Caper" for example is a completely ungimmicked version of Annemann's "Seven Keys To Baldpate". The method is simple and easy, a piece of beautiful clever mentalism.

"Music in the Air" makes use of a cigarette lighter that plays a tune when lighted. I have never seen such lighters. They are probably out of fashion these days. However, the effect could very easily be modernized and used together with a ring-tone on a cellphone. The effect is the following. You show a packet of cards, each one has a different song title printed on it. Your...

★★★★★ $9
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James Randi
James Randi Exposes Uri Geller by James Randi

The most unusual recording in Breese's audio series. How many years has Uri Geller been on the scene? How come his reputation still lives on? The first part of this recording is devoted entirely to an expose of Uri Geller by the man who knows his secrets. Discover how James Randi can perform mind-boggling Uri Geller style mental effects under exacting conditions and live on TV. The second part is devoted to Randi's own approach to magic and escapology.

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette and MagiCD series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

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Richard L. Tenace
Stage Craft for Magicians by Richard L. Tenace

The average magician focuses on tricks, moves and method. The really good ones know that acting is an even more important aspect of a magic performance, regardless of if you are standing on a stage or close-up next to a cocktail table.

Richard Tenace is one of those performers who urges all magicians to take acting classes, to develop a character or persona, to script your effects, to treat our audience with respect, to go beyond fooling somebody to achieving astonishment and entertainment.

Tenace describes these methods and practices on a very accessible and practical level. This is not...

★★★★★ $25
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Peter Duffie
Close-Up to the Point by Peter Duffie

This was Peter Duffie's first solo book published on the heels of his hugely successful Alternative Card Magic and Contemporary Card Magic.

It includes mostly card routines with a couple of coin routines sprinkled in for good measure. The effects are not difficult to do and can be classified as intermediate. Some routines require palms, half passes and riffle passes.

It is a joy if one can study the early creative output of one of the most accomplished card magician alive today.

1st edition 1984; original 30 pages; PDF 37 pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Author's Introduction
  3. Ghost Hunters
  4. Collectors Item
  5. The Journey ...
★★★★ $9
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Bodies in Orbit by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Self-levitations have been recently popularized by street performers like David Blaine and others. U.F. Grant as usual was way ahead. Here you will find a lovely self-levitation as well as four other easy to build levitation apparatus.

If you are into levitations you should also check out Modern Levitations by U.F. Grant.

14 pages

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Uncanny Self-Levitation
  4. Casket Asrah
  5. Girls In The Air
  6. Easy-Do Board Suspension
  7. The Floating Head Illusion
★★★ $7
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Modern Levitations by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Five easy to build and practical levitations by the creative master of thrift, U.F. Grant. One could even be called an impromptu levitation because most supplies are available in a typical household. Every levitation is illustrated.

Paul Fleming wrote:

The "levitation" illusion has long been a favorite among magicians. Robert-Houdin featured it approximately a century ago, in the form of "The Aerial Suspension," which we saw presented effectively by William Neff only a year or two ago. Early in the Twentieth Century, Harry Kellar was performing "The Levitation of Princess Karnac," the greatest piece...

★★★★★ $7
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Al Forman
Handbook of Telephone Telepathy by Al Forman

Over 30 easily learned mind reading routines to baffle and entertain friends and audiences anywhere a phone exists. Although this was written at a time mobile phones were not available, many of these miracles are directly applicable today where a cell phone is pretty much available anywhere.

Some effects require elaborate preparation, others can be performed at a moments notice. Several are the creation of the author, but most are adaptations of known methods to the telephone.

Forman discusses three groups of phone tricks. The first group consists of code routines. The data to be conveyed...

★★★★★ $15
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Francis White
50 Years at the Magic Circle by Francis White

Fifty years a member of the Magic Circle and then President. One of the best known personalities of the magical world will hold your attention with memorable accounts of how he met David Devant and was given private lessons by the great illusionist himself. Francis talks about happenings at Royal Command performances and dramatic happenings at the Magic Circle over the years. This is living history.

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

★★★★★ $14
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Val Andrews
Tell Them You Saw Dante by Val Andrews

Val Andrews recreates the master in Tell Them You Saw Dante and takes you back to the days of Sim Sala Bim. Val Andrews impersonates Dante. A remarkable insight into Dante the man and the performer. Val takes us behind the scenes with this great performer and the whole recording is rather in the style of a radio broadcast featuring extracts from Dante.

This recording was originally created and released by Val Andrews. In 1977 it was purchased by Martin Breese and is now owned and copyrighted by

runtime 45min

★★★★★ $14
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Orville Wayne Meyer
Magic in the Modern Manner by Orville Wayne Meyer

This is a work most will not be familiar with. Many will dismiss it with 'another old magic book'. But those in the know have carefully studied it and hold it dear as one of the most valuable books for a working professional magician.

It is the original and the only one of four places where Annemann's bullet catch is described, because it was Orville Meyer who supplied Annemann with the method. All the three other places where this is described are out of print and hard to impossible to find.

And now this lost Orville Meyer gem has been made even more valuable by extensive annotations and a new...

★★★★★ $50
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Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon
Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon

This work was planned to be the last volume in Dai Vernon's Inner Card Secrets series. However, due to water damage caused by a fire the typed manuscript was lost. It took several years to recover from this mishap and therefore this last volume was originally published much later than the first three volumes (Inner Secrets of Card Magic, More Inner Secrets of Card Magic, Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic). The wait was justified because it was and still is one of the important works of card magic - now available as an ebook.

No serious card man can exist without reading and studying this work.

1st edition 1967; original 246 pages; PDF 156 pages

  3. CHAPTER ONE:...
★★★★★ $15
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Allan Ackerman
Cannibal Kings by Allan Ackerman

The four kings are shown and pronounced to be cannibals. A random card is pushed between the four kings and vanishes. The kings have eaten the card. This happens a few more times until the kings ate too much and change to the four Eights.

runtime: 9min 22s

★★★★ $4
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MP4 (video)

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