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Various Authors
Innovator 1983 by Various Authors

Unter anderem findet man Beiträge von Dixon, Dr. Faesi, Karo, Rolf Andra, ...

Ausgabe 1, 1983
  • Prolog / Karo
  • Kleines Kolloquium zum Thema "Würfelmagie" / Dixon (Claus Wegener)
  • Die Vergrösserung eines Kronekorkens / Karo
  • Schicksals-Spiel, Acid Test / Dr. Faesi
  • Karten: Paketwurf / Karo
  • Eine Doppelte Voraussage / Rolf Andra
  • Ein Fenster zur anderen Welt / Karo
  • Ersatzteil- und Hilfsmittelbox / Michel Doré
  • Münzen Glas / Karo
  • Kerzen zu Tuch / Timoor

Ausgabe 2, 1983
  • Feuerblitz / Karo
  • Die Schwebende Streichholzschachtel / Karo
  • Kleines Kolloqium zum Thema "Würfelmagie" 3. Teil...
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Various Authors
Innovator 1981 & 1982 by Various Authors

Die erste Ausgabe des Innovator erschien Ende 1981. Danach hatte jeder Jahrgang 6 Ausgaben.

Der Innovator wurde vom 1. Wiener Zaubertheater unter der Leitung von Robert Kaldy Karo und Michael Swatosch (Doré) herausgebracht.

In den letzten Jahrgängen hat sich der Innovator mit dem Aladin vereint. Der Aladin ist das offizielle Organ des Österreichischen Zauber Dachverbandes.

Ausgabe 1, 1981
  • Geschichte des 1. Wiener Zaubertheater's
  • Seiltrick
  • Steckbrief von Karo und Dore
  • Bücher und Tricks von Karo und Dore
  • Auszug aus den Statuten
  • Die 3 Gebote des Magiers
  • Ein Gag
  • Penetration

Ausgabe 1,...
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Orville Wayne Meyer
Orville Meyer on the Bullet Catch by Orville Wayne Meyer

Listen to Orville Meyer as he recalls his creation of his bullet catch method which was so masterfully performed by Ted Annemann. A rare treat for all mentalism and magic history buffs. This recording was made June 20th 1985.

Ben Robinson, an expert bullet catcher himself writes:

"Before Penn & Teller, David Blaine or Criss Angel decided to catch bullets, there was a book that talked about the history and secrets of the stunt. It was called Twelve Have Died — Bullet Catching, The Story & Secrets. I wrote that book when I was 23 years old. I wrote it in six weeks of uninterrupted writing. But before I did, before...

★★★★★ $10
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Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz
Inspirations by Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz

More early card and coin creations from Peter Duffie and Jerry Sadowitz. Martin Breese was called the "Card Magic Publisher Of the Year" due the various publications by these two gentlemen.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Publisher's Foreword

  3. Chapter One Jerry Sadowitz On Cards
  4. Smile Away
  5. Discrepancy Transposition: 1
  6. Discrepancy Transposition: 2
  7. Flush Locator
  8. All Change
  9. Mik Mak Mok

  10. Chapter Two Peter Duffie On Cards
  11. Envelope Prediction
  12. Apartheid
  13. Worlds Apart
  14. Home Computer
  15. Pocket Assembly

  16. Chapter Three Jerry Sadowitz Sleights And Moves
  17. Shuffle Lap
  18. Stop Sleight
  19. Slip Cut Half Pass ...
★★★★★ $19.90
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Jerry Sadowitz
Cards Hit by Jerry Sadowitz

In true Jerry Sadowitz fashion this book was originally titled "Card Shit". The reader is free to speculate why the title change.

Table of Contents

  12. TRY
  13. WHY NOT
  15. HARD MAN
  21. CUT PALM
  25. C.N.D.

1st edition June 1984; original 38 pages; PDF 45 pages....

★★★★★ $10
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Lewis Ganson
Ron MacMillan's Symphony of the Spheres by Lewis Ganson

At the Annual Convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (British Ring) at Scarborough in 1957, an unknown magician walked away with the First Prize - The British Ring Shield. The manipulative act which caused so much enthusiastic comment featured Billiard Balls, and even well posted magicians in the audience were at a loss to know from where several of the balls were produced. Here was something new in manipulative magic, and there was much speculation as to the means whereby balls could be "stolen" so cleanly, without a hint being given of their original secret location, or...

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David Gemmell
Mag-Acidus by David Gemmell

A sinister workhorse billet combination of Al Mann's Mag-Eye move and Millard Longman's Acidus Novus.

From the introduction:

They say there is nothing new under the sun, this is no exception. Without any hype, this is just a very good combination of techniques that I almost fell over one day when reviewing some billet and centre tear moves. Unlike many mentalists, I am not blessed with the skin type that allows for the type of peek or tear that requires a squeezing action like the brilliant Osterlind centre tear.

I was drawn to peeks such as the Scatter-thought tear, the Barfly billet,...

★★★★★ $20
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Various Authors
A1 All Stars Volume 5 by Various Authors
  • Michael Skinner - Ten Peeks: Michael's most cherished card effect, the incredible ten-card location. The ace through ten of diamonds are found in extremely magical ways. - Cut & Restored Rope: Michael's routine for this time-honored classic of magic. - Interview Segment: Roger Klause hosts this magical moment in time with Michael Skinner.
  • Paul Wilson - Wild With The Ladies: "Wildcard" Scottish style. Paul's personal method for this card classic. Four jokers magically change into a spectator's selection. For the finale, they change into the four queens.
  • Jack Carpenter - Three-In-One: a selection is revealed in a startlingly magical manner.
  • Martin A. Nash - A Hard Ace To Follow: a real card miracle from the Charming...
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Various Authors
A1 All Stars Volume 4 by Various Authors
  • Tom Mullica - 3 Impromptu Miracles: a mini act for the real world - use borrowed objects to amaze and amuse. These three anywhere anytime effects come from Tom's repertoire.
  • Allan Ackerman - Double Dupe Poker: an absolute killer poker routine for the gambler in everyone.
  • Lee Earle - Deja-vu-ing: mental magic at its best. An amazing triple prediction, climaxing with today's newspaper headlines.
  • Darwin Ortiz - Blind Aces: one of Darwin's classic impossible routines. Find the four aces from a borrowed, shuffled deck while a spectator is covering your eyes.
  • Rafael Benatar - Original Sleights: Rafael describes three new and original card sleights to add to your arsenal.
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Various Authors
A1 All Stars Volume 3 by Various Authors
  • Juan Tamariz - Routine in Major D: a complete lesson in routining from one of the greatest magical thinkers in the world. Learn an amazing 20-minute routine featuring Juan's memorized stack.
  • Darwin Ortiz - New Tens Routine: cardmen rejoice. One of Darwin's classic routines - improved. The black tens repeatedly and magically change places with the red tens and vice-versa. Also featured is a complete explanation of the the Gamblers' Cop.
  • Rafael Benatar - The Spread Change: a treat from Spain's master cardman. Rafael's new twist on this classic move from Ed Marlo elevates it to new heights. Also featured is Rafael's Slippery Double Drop.
  • Mark Strivings - The Dakota Miracle: mental magic at its best. Very cleanly divine...
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Various Authors
A1 All Stars Volume 2 by Various Authors
  • Paul Harris - Lysdexia: A word on the page of a book travels from one part of the page to another. Totally weird and magical. - Window of Opportunity: a signed business card vanishes and reappears inside a sealed piece of junk mail. No palming.
  • John Cornelius - Oh, Calcutta Shuffle: a useful, deceptive, easy-to-do false shuffle from one of magic's most creative minds.
  • Daryl - Ring, Rope & Wand: from the "magician's magician" a borrowed ring magically penetrates a solid wand.
  • Gary Kurtz - Remember & Forget: a killer card routine revealing multiple selections. - Fingertip Longitudinal Steal: a completely deceptive card steal.
  • Darwin Ortiz - Jacks or Better: a professional card routine from one of the top gambling...
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Various Authors
A1 All Stars Volume 1 by Various Authors
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Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz
Contemporary Card Magic by Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz

After the success of Alternative Card Magic Peter Duffie and Jerry Sadowitz continued their creative output.

  1. Contents
  2. Foreword
  3. Across The Universe (Peter Duffie)
  4. The Man In The Middle (Jerry Sadowitz)
  5. Aces In Tiers (Peter Duffie)
  6. 007 And Counting (Jerry Sadowitz)
  7. Signus X 1 (Peter Duffie)
  8. An Unpacket Trick (Jerry Sadowitz)
  9. A Personal Triumph (Peter Duffie)
  10. Fancy Dance (Jerry Sadowitz)
  11. A Case For Clouseau (Peter Duffie)
  12. Boom! (Jerry Sadowitz)
  13. A Minor Delusion (Peter Duffie)
  14. Boom Production (Jerry Sadowitz)
  15. Face Up Garcia (Peter Duffie)
  16. Front Cover (Jerry Sadowitz)
  17. The Short Sharp Shock (Peter Duffie) ...
★★★★ $15
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Oil and Water Delux by (Benny) Ben Harris

This effect appears described briefly, yet adequately, in the Singapore Lecture Notes. This is a more thorough description and is accompanied by clear photographs, making it easier to learn.

The routine uses four black cards, and four red cards. Interlaced three times, they always separate. The moves used are smooth and create a lovely illusion. It does not look like sleight of hand, it really looks quite convincing! Heavily based in Marlo's work.

1st edition 1985; 1st digital edition 2009; 18 pages.

★★★★ $8.95
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Singapore Lecture Notes by (Benny) Ben Harris

Ben Harris' first set of lecture notes from his first ever lecture in 1985— re-written, re-photographed...

These notes have been re-written and re-photographed. The material is bright, crisp and hard-hitting. Mostly cards, including a wonderful multi-phase OIL AND WATER routine that's a joy to perform. PYRAMID CARDS is an easy and visual stunt revelation that was originally created by Jay Sankey. Here are a couple of cool variations. COMING TOGETHER AGAIN is a real killer item based on a Sadowitz piece from Almanac (see demo video below).

The real highlight is the closer Ben used on both nights in Singapore....

★★★★★ $16.95
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Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
Si Stebbins Pro: Das Handbuch by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Der Si Stebbins Pro Stack ist für jeden der gelegte Spiele liebt ein muss. Dr. Solka hat vom altbekannten Si Stebbins eine entscheidende Schwäche entfernt. Seine Variation verhindert die strikte Abfolge von rot, schwarz, rot, schwarz, usw. Es gibt nur eine einfache Regel zu merken. Das ganze ist genial und kinderleicht. Jetzt kann das gelegte Spiel völlig frei gezeigt werden ohne den Verdacht auf eine Präparation zu wecken.

Der Zusammenhang von Karte und Position ist leicht verständlich erklärt. Es ist ein einfacher Schritt vom klassischen Si Stebbins zum Si Stebbins Pro. Und die meisten...

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 28 (Sep 2009) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 5, No. 4, Sep 2009; 72 pages.

Cover: David Copperfield

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. Paul Stockman, from drummer, to mentalist on a roll - article/interview with Graham Hey
  5. Great Marketing Stunts: Noah Kelly's 2003 Cheese Classic! - article/interview with Graham Hey
  6. John Helvin - The Art Of Magic interview
  7. News
  8. Norbert Ferré, Two Hands, One Genius - interview
  9. World Record - JC Sum & Ning - 15 illusions in 5 minutes
  10. The World of Fake Coins, Part 1 - article - Craig Petty
    • The Coin Shell
    • Slippery Sam
    • The Flipper Coin
    • The Split Coin
    • The Copper/Silver...
★★★★★ $5
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David Gemmell
Pasteboard Adventures by David Gemmell

A collection of routines from David Gemmell's working repertoir. Difficulty varies from effect to effect and is in the reach of most magician.

From the introduction by Jon Racherbaumer:

A few years ago Eugene Burger introduced a useful phrase to Cardopia—one that partially describes what passionate card guys do on a regular basis: to overly indulge themselves in the "antics of the pasteboards." Antics is the apt word because it evokes other defining words: playful, fantastic, theatrical, whimsical…

Those who memorialize their personal "antics" realize the nature of their acts. They take notes....

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David Gemmell
Open Ended: A monograph on the open prediction by David Gemmell

This is a collection of solutions to the famous 'open prediction' problem posed by Paul Curry.

From the introduction by Marc Paul:

Ever since Paul Curry first posed his now famous card problem magicians have sweated over the idea of creating the perfect Open Prediction. It seems that the first published solution appeared in Phoenix magazine (December 1949) in a letter from Gerald Kosky to Bruce Elliott. Since then the list of people who have offered ideas and solutions is huge and includes the likes of Marlo, Dai Vernon, Bill Simon, Martin Gardner, Peter Warlock, Francis Haxton, to name but a few, and of course Stewart James and his infamous...

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Roberto Giobbi
Card College 2: Videos Only by Roberto Giobbi

This is a companion DVD to the bestselling classic book "Card College 2" by Roberto Giobbi. The menu of this DVD mirrors exactly all 11 chapters of the book (English edition chapter 17 - 27). For the companion DVD to volume 1 follow this link: Card College 1: Videos Only.

Each technique is demonstrated with short video clips showing Roberto Giobbi performing. There are close to 100 video clips on this DVD. Sometimes a technique is shown from different angles or in slow motion.

So pop in this DVD into your player and enjoy to see how Roberto masterfully executes the techniques from Card College 2.

Please know...

★★★★★ $15
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Roberto Giobbi
Card College 1: Videos Only by Roberto Giobbi

This is a companion DVD to the bestselling classic book "Card College 1" by Roberto Giobbi. The menu of this DVD mirrors exactly all 16 chapters of the book (English edition). For the companion DVD to volume 2 follow this link: Card College 2: Videos Only.

Each technique is demonstrated with short video clips showing Roberto Giobbi performing. There are about 100 video clips on this DVD. Sometimes a technique is shown from different angles or in slow motion.

So pop in this DVD into your player and enjoy to see how Roberto masterfully executes the techniques from Card College 1.

Please know that the video clips...

★★★★★ $15
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Jamie Daws
S.C-A.R-E.D by Jamie Daws
"It's one of the cleverest Haunted deck methods I've seen!" - Peter Duffie, MAGIC Magazine, May 2009
For Many years, the "Haunted Deck" effect has been favored and loved by all magicians. The old methods to create this fantastic effect were fiddly and sometimes tricky to perform easily. As of late, brand new versions of it have been released like "Really Haunted" and "Spirit" from Alakazam. All, of course used a gimmick that would have to be carried with you. But what if? What if you had the effect on you all the time as long as you carried a deck of cards? What if there was no gimmick in your deck...
★★★★★ $8
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Jamie Daws
Shipwrecked by Jamie Daws

Including "s.p.A.C.E.d" - featured in the May 2009 edition of Magic Magazine.

Bottoms up!
Effect: A joker is shown to the audience and placed face up on top of the deck. The cards are then spread and two cards are selected and signed. The selected cards are lost into the centre of the deck. The Joker is displayed on top of the deck and with a wave turns into the first signed card. With a flick, the first signed card turns into the second signed card! Then once placed into the spectator hand, the selection turns back into a joker. For your finale, you place the joker face up on top of the...

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Jamie Daws
T.A.G by Jamie Daws

T.A.G is an awesome device Jamie discovered not too long ago. Imagine having a device that could advertise your number, e-mail, web site and anything else while you're performing. Imagine a device that is so small, it can hang around your neck and look sleek and cool. Imagine a device that is eye catching and will get you more bookings. Imagine a device that can do all of these things and still hold a number of magic effects.

Imagine no more! This device will make your professional, working life a whole lot easier and ensure everyone knows who you are and how to get hold of you. This is an...

★★★★★ $10
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