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Paul Voodini
Ten Steps to Tarot Mastery by Paul Voodini

Available now - Voodini's Ten Steps to Tarot Mastery. In ten simple steps, this PDF will take you from a nervous beginner to an experienced Tarot card reader, and more than that - you will be able to go out and deliver readings after the very first chapter.

This manuscript is close to eighty pages long, and gives you all the information, technique, and confidence you need to become a truly first rate Tarot card reader. Written in Paul Voodini's usual engaging and entertaining manner, this PDF is aimed at the mentalism and magic community, so you know you're getting real world advice and knowledge...

★★★★★ $65
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Anthem Flint
Psychic Symphonies by Anthem Flint

What are you chasing? When you look at your show, are you leaving an indelible impression on your audience or just impressing them? Finally after years of waiting, Anthem Flint releases his personal routines that accomplish both.

Anthem is known for his Empowertainment and ability to remind audiences of their own inner power. This ebook will show you how to achieve this for your audiences and leave them smiling. But there is more than just motivational magic ... inside you'll find the inner secrets of ...

The Second Sight Act: how to develop, practice, and perform this act with a partner....

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Daniel Madison
Legacy by Daniel Madison

Legacy by Daniel Madison is the entire collection of some of Madison's publications and offerings to the 'Magic Industry' from between the years of 2000 to 2015. Each publication teaches his unique creations, discoveries, sleight-of-hand techniques and close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards.

Cameo. Lapse. Monte Sonata. Selective. Heritage. Complete. One Eighty. Father Figure. Fatal. Scripture. Under the Influence. On the Cuff.

ONE was Madison's first ever independent publication. He originally published this booklet as a set of notes for his first ever Private Lecture,...

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Larry Becker
Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic by Larry Becker

Larry Becker's magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in 1992. In 1993 at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New Orleans, Larry Becker received the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award for this outstanding contribution to the art of Mentalism and Magic. The first hard bound edition sold out in 90 days at a retail cost of $235. So did the soft cover edition in 1996 at $100. Stunners! has become a collector's item bringing anywhere from $300 to $500 and more on eBay.

After ten years it was expanded so that you were able to delve into the many variations, improvements and...

★★★★★ $69
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Peter Duffie
The Magic of Fred Robinson by Peter Duffie

Now available as a PDF ready for immediate download.

"Peter Duffie's The Magic Of Fred Robinson is a wonderful book containing a gold-mine of ideas, subtleties and secrets from one of magic's finest exponents and thinkers. ... The Magic Of Fred Robinson is an excellent book full of wonderful ideas, useful sleights, and powerful effects. More than that, it's a great read and takes me back to the feeling I had when I first read Vernon's Inner Secrets books." - R. Paul Wilson from his 2009 review in Genii.

"I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats; especially with cards." - Dai Vernon

"Card magic and techniques...

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Simon Lovell
Man of Danger Volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Simon Lovell

Remastered from the original digital footage, this is the substantially improved quality compared to the original VHS product. It is Simon Lovell at his magical best.

All three Simon Lovell "Man of Danger" videos bundled together at a bargain price. This is Simon Lovell offering extremely strong routines certain to delight any audience . . . performed and explained.

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MP4 (video)

Jerry Cestkowski
Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes DVDs 1-4 by Jerry Cestkowski

All four download DVDs for a lower bundle price.

★★★★ $70
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MP4 (video)

Michael Ammar & Adam J. Fleischer
Magical Arts Journal: all issues (1986 - 1990) by Michael Ammar & Adam J. Fleischer

The Magical Arts Journal was a monthly magazine published by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer in the 80's. Each issue, now a collectable, contains a wealth of information on effects, business, theory and stories on magic. It is a ground breaking magical publication devoted to both the art and business of magic that was published and edited by FISM world champion magician Michael Ammar and magic publishing and event production innovator Adam J. Fleischer.

You’ll find timeless business insights, original performance material and priceless tips and advice about the work and money in magic...

★★★★★ $70
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Basil Horwitz
The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz: all 5 Volumes by Basil Horwitz

Five volumes of creative, practical and professional mentalism created by a master performer. Many effects rely on subtlety rather than complex sleight of hand or expensive props. Basil Horwitz is not as well known as others such as Annemann or Corinda, but purely based on his creativity he can easily hold his ground among the greatest mentalists.

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H. F. C. Suhr
Magische Tändeleien (gebraucht) by H. F. C. Suhr

Taschenbuch mit steifem Einband. Rücken wurde mit einem Klebefilm repariert. Ansonsten gut erhalten für sein Alter. Zum Inhalt siehe die digitale Ausgabe.

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August Roterberg
Roterberg Catalog 1 (used) by August Roterberg

This is the first catalog Roterberg issued, about 1894, titled: "Descriptive Catalogue of the Latest European Novelties in Magic, Second Sight, Anti-Spiritualism". It is in good condition. The prior owner added a clear acetate cover for protection.

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Leo Boudreau
Leo Boudreau by Leo Boudreau

Leo Boudreau's work was said to be the next best thing to real mind reading. This is a must read for any mentalist. His books were out of print for a long time. Only a few hundred copies have been manufactured in the first place.

★★★★★ $72
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Gordon Miller
New Tops all Volumes 1-34 (1961-1994) by Gordon Miller

The New Tops magazine was the successor to Tops Magazine. Abbott's printed and bound both Tops and New Tops itself at its own location, achieving an international circulation via mail delivery.

★★★★★ $74.95
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Al Mann
The Lexicon Phenomena by Al Mann

Please keep in mind that you only get the instructions, not the Reader's Digest Enrich Your Word List booklet, not the ungimmicked Webster's New World Dictionary and no prompter cards. However, the instructions will allow you to adapt this effect to any dictionary in any language.

This 1976 Al Mann Exclusive is widely regarded as one of his most ingenious book tests. From an "Enrich your vocabulary" list inside the covers of a dictionary, two spectators secretly agree to think of one of 400 word pairs. Each thinks of one of the words, looking it up in the dictionary to be certain of its meaning....

★★★★★ $75
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Devin Knight
The Ultimate Psychic Secret by Devin Knight
"I do a lot of Q&A act in my shows and I have different ways to get people info. This for sure is another tool I will have at my disposal when I can. Thanks Devin for releasing this." - Luca Volpe

"This is a shocking book. I will never use it, but every mentalist should own it to know what is going on. It is a valuable reference, but do not use it. Like a modern-day nightmare alley, it exposes the dark underbelly of the art. It should be in your library, but much feels immoral, and you must be hip to it. Treasure it, like a radioactive isotope, but keep your distance." - Marc Salem


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Lewis Ganson
The Art of Close-Up Magic Volume 1 (used) by Lewis Ganson

Hardcover book with dust-jacket. Dust-jacket has some minor damage on the lower edge and some minor soiling. Dust-jacket is protected by a clear cover that has been folded over it. Harry Stanley edition. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

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Wolfgang Riebe
15 Animated Video Logos by Wolfgang Riebe

With social media, YouTube, and mobile magic videos becoming increasingly popular, opening animated video logos for magicians are a great way to add that 'professional' touch. Here are 15 different video logos supplied in both MP4 and MOV formats complete with a 'User Licence' to include these videos in any, and all of your video productions and use on all social media platforms.

As these are high-quality custom-made logos, they would easily sell for over $20 each and thus cost in the region of $300 and more, especially with an end-user licence included. This is a limited special offer on...

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MP4 (video)

Jean Hugard
Hugard's Collected Works by Jean Hugard

Jean Hugard was one of the most prolific and illuminating authors of magic. This compilation CDROM holds 22 ebooks, which are all known publications authored by Hugard. Not included are books merely edited by Hugard, except Encyclopedia of Card Tricks because it was rewritten by Hugard rather than edited. Also not included on this disc is Hugard's Magic Monthly which comes on its own DVDROM.

Get a complete file of the writings of a magic legend which will continue to live on for hundreds of years. Many of these books are all time classics and have produced many top notch magicians.

The alphabetical list of titles on the disc are:
Card Manipulations

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(on CDROM)

Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
Enzyklopädie der Wochentagsberechnung by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Dieses E-Buch setzt einen Meilenstein in der Mentalmagie. Es ist eine wahre Revolution in Sachen schneller Berechnung des Wochentages eines beliebigen Datums für den Mentalisten.

In der Enzyklopädie der Wochentagsberechnung werden alle Methoden - inklusive mehrerer bisher unbekannter Profimethoden - beschrieben, die es ermöglichen, den Wochentag für jedes Datum sowie Kalenderblätter nach dem Gregorianischen und Julianischen Kalender in weniger als 5 Sekunden im Kopf zu ermitteln. Auf Profilevel schafft man es in Sprechgeschwindigkeit.

Die Enzyklopädie bietet viele Kombinationsmöglichkeiten...

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Jim Sisti
Magic Menu (1990 - 2010) by Jim Sisti

This is a compilation of all volumes 1-12. It covers the entire lifetime of The Magic Menu from the first issue to the last issues of volume 12.

★★★★★ $79
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Randy Wakeman
Randy Wakeman Video Series Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Randy Wakeman

Some sixty complete routines are performed and explained! As far from a "one trick wonder" type offering as can be imagined, when you get the series you are just paying one dollar and thirty-five cents per routine.

This is the complete set of all four vintage Randy Wakeman instructional videos. now available by download for the very first time. It includes performances and thorough explanations of most of the pieces from Randy's first trilogy of books (Formula One Close-up, Randy Wakeman's Special Effects, Randy Wakeman Presents), Randy's Linking Ring Parade, Randy's Genii issue, Randy's...

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MP4 (video)

Roberto Giobbi
Card College 1 & 2 by Roberto Giobbi

You get both volumes, Card College 1 and Card College 2. And since you are buying two volumes, we can give you a bit of a price break. (If you are looking for the 8 hour video course please go here Card College 1 & 2: Personal Instruction.)

For a detailed description of the contents of volume 1 and 2, please refer to the separate product pages. You will find in these two ebooks almost 200 embedded video clips showing you how master magician Giobbi works the cards.

[Note that to view the embedded video clips on iPad you will need the PDF-Expert app. And to view them on Android tablets use ezPDF. There could be other apps that work but these two have been tested.]

[Note: If you want to use the green cross-volume links in the PDFs you have to rename the PDFs to: 'Card College Volume 1.pdf' and 'Card College Volume 2.pdf'.]...

★★★★ $80
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Stan Kramien
Show Me The Money by Stan Kramien

The real secrets of the fund raising and promotion business. Every phase of the promotion business is fully covered in this huge tome. This ebook is without any question the epitome of fund raising courses. Please be advised. This book is for the serious student only!

  1. Warning
  2. The Twenty Five Real "Secrets" of the Telephone Promotion Business
  3. 1. In The Beginning
  4. 2. First Things First
  5. 3. Our Sample Business Plan For The Big Office
  6. 4. Booking A Sponsor
  7. 5. Contracts
  8. 6. The Sponsorship Agreement That Is Worth More Than The Price Of This Ebook
  9. 7. What To Do With The Sponsor After You Have...
★★★★★ $80
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Magicseen 1/8 Page Ad by

You will get a 1/8 color page of advertisement in the next issue of magicseen.

  • Your ad will appear both in the US edition as well as in the UK edition. (Even though they are printed in two locations they are identical in contents.)
  • Your ad will be hyperlinked to your website in the digital edition. (A single click will take the reader to your product page or website. It is the most direct way to connect an ad to sales.)

Issues typically appear March, May, July, September, November, January. Artwork deadline is one month in advance. This means 1st of February for the March issue, 1st...

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