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Vin Carey
Paper Tearing Act by Vin Carey

Tear paper to a shipwreck story producing a ship's wheel with girls and skeletons. The second phase of the act is a torn and restored paper routine. Includes patter and the folding/tearing instructions. Please note that the patter would not be appropriate anymore for today's audience.

13 pages

★★★★★ $4
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Eddie Joseph
Hitting the Headlines by Eddie Joseph

You will involve five spectators with various tasks. Two persons are first called up. We shall refer to them as 'A' and 'B'. A pack of cards is dropped between them. 'A' is asked to cut the pack and 'B' is told to take half for himself by actual count. 'A' retains the other half.

From this point the mentalist turns his back on the spectators and does NOT face them again until AFTER everything is over.

The two persons are told to deal together from their respective portions of the pack. A THIRD person is asked to act as umpire and to stop the dealing at any point. As an added precaution...

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B. Thomas
Mentalist's Guide: Nightclubs by B. Thomas

Mentalist's Guide: Nightclubs is available for the first time in almost a decade. It is book two in B. Thomas' series, Cold Reading for Profit. Originally mentalist and radio psychic B. Thomas only sold this at his lectures and had a limited run among inner circles of professional mentalists. This series has been among the top 10 Must Have books on Cold Reading among pros.

B. Thomas shows you how to market yourself successfully in nightclubs, using tools and techniques he used to build a successful career behind the microphone as a radio psychic. Thomas was heard on radio station all over...

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Timothy Wade
My Mind in Your Pocket by Timothy Wade

A mind reading card effect which takes place in the hands of the spectator.

The performer, with back turned, asks a spectator to make a choice between four identical face down decks in a row. When the selection is made he/she is told to pick up the chosen deck under which is one of the performer's business cards. Before examining the business card the spectator is asked to shuffle the deck and place it back on the table. This done, the spectator is asked to look at what is on the back of the business card and then place it in a pocket or somewhere else out of site. Lastly the spectator is...

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Deepak Mishra & Oliver Smith
Walletrix by Deepak Mishra & Oliver Smith

Walletrix includes six amazing effects that can be done using a normal ordinary ungimmicked wallet.

"This is a very sexy method and utility device that doesn't just create miracles, instead it gives that moment of astonishment we as magicians desire" - Justin Miller

"This project is packed with brilliantly creative and practical material. Anyone watching this will be itching to test out the routines within." - Lloyd Barnes

  1. Six amazing super visual effects
  2. No special skill required
  3. Can be done with most wallets
  4. Gimmick/setup/method is super easy
  5. Wallet is fully examinable...
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MP4 (video)

Jon Racherbaumer
Marlo: Low-Down and Cozy by Jon Racherbaumer

This ebook features six presentations by Edward Marlo, one of the most prolific producers of card magic ever known. My criteria for selecting these six presentations was to pick effects that stressed subtlety and psychological cunning and required little or no difficult sleight-of-hand. The irony here is that such tricks are seldom associated with Marlo, even though he devised scores of easy, semi-automatic tricks during his career. But don't despair. The ones in this ebook run a gamut.

Cozy Card to Case is a subtle version of an ancient trick dating back to Walter Gibson's Popular Card Tricks. Most versions are based on miscalling a...

★★★ $10
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B. W. McCarron
Strange Truths by B. W. McCarron

A great audience participation effect. Ideal for corporate shows and parties.

EFFECT: Several spectators are asked to think of an unusual job that they have held during their career. Another spectator thinks of an unusual occupation that he or she has never held.

The spectators write their jobs on any paper. They place their folded billets in a bowl or basket in plain sight.

The performer then reveals the strange but true occupations and identifies which of them is the false one, as well! A solid 4-6 minutes of mental fun for any act. Plays big, packs small. The gimmick (yes there is...

★★★★★ $6
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Werner Miller
Ad Rem 4 by Werner Miller

"ad rem" (lateinisch) heißt "zur Sache", und wer den Autor kennt, kann unschwer erraten, um welche Sache es sich hier handelt: semi-automatische, leicht vorzuführende Tricks auf mathematischer Grundlage, vorwiegend mit Spielkarten und ESP-Karten. Jeder Band hat knapp 100 Seiten und enthält 50-60 Tricks, die meisten davon in mehreren Versionen.

[Die Effekte überlappen sich zum Großteil mit der Englischen Sub Rosa Serie.


  1. Getrennte Schlafzimmer
  2. 6 5 2
  3. SPBII – was?
  4. Ein eingespieltes Team
  5. Under/Down Sandwich
  6. Glück zum Quadrat
  7. x x x
  8. Der Herr im Haus
  9. Für flinke Finger
  10. Für nicht so flinke Finger
  11. Lüge + Wahrheit = ?
  12. Stiefgeschwister ...
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Werner Miller
Reprise 4 by Werner Miller

Die meisten dieser Tricks wurden in den Jahren 2011 bis 2014 in den Zeitschriften Magische Welt und Aladin veröffentlicht.

  • daltonico
  • Treue-Test
  • ich & du
  • er & sie
  • in situ
  • Zwei Fragen, zwei Antworten
  • Halbieren, halbieren, halbieren...
  • Royal Sandwiches
  • Hen Party
  • 1 + 3 = 4
  • Kreisverkehr
  • Westwärts
  • Welcher König? Welche Dame?
  • Baby-ACAAN
  • Eye-Candy
  • Petersque
  • Flipdoodle I
  • Flipdoodle II
  • Flipdoodle III
  • Zwischen Puzzle und Trick
  • Gerade - ungerade
  • Fünf Paare
  • Das letzte Paar
  • Parallel ESPlus
  • Schwarzer E-S-Peter
  • Terry-ficial
  • Lateinisches ESP-Quadrat
  • "Ehrgeizige" Symbole
  • Open...
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Aldo Colombini
Previsione Comica by Aldo Colombini

Prendere un vecchio semplice gioco e trasformarlo in un capolavoro di intrattenimento. Ecco quello che ha fatto il compianto Aldo in questo raro lavoro della serie "I quaderni di varietà" . Come scrive lui stesso:

"Un vecchio gioco, una veste moderna. Alcune gags e hai una routine facile e di effetto (frase molto usata ma appropriata al caso!).

E' forse brutto dirlo, ma una routine di manipolazione che richiede anni di studio, non ha un effetto così "divertente" come la presente che potrai imparare in dieci minuti. E' la nuova magia!!"

Cosa puoi fare 10 minuti dopo aver letto questo...

★★★★ $4.50
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Unknown Mentalist
Deckcelence by Unknown Mentalist

Now includes "The Dan Harlan Subtlety" an exciting alternative handling proposed by Dan Harlan. Also includes some cool additional ideas proposed by Robin Gillett.

Deckciting deckxamples of deckceptional and decksplosive memory deckshibition and mind reading decksperiments with any memorized / algorithmic deck including Karma Deck.

A unique 7 phase memory and mind reading routine where the deck is genuinely shuffled by multiple spectators. Can be done with any stack where knowing the card at any position and the position of any card is possible, like the Karma Deck.

No peeking or switching. Self working and hands...

★★★★ $12
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Ulrich von Etzenbach
Canastos by Ulrich von Etzenbach

Canastos is one of these few book test predictions, which you can perform anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Once you have learned Canastos, you can perform an impromptu miracle wherever you go.

The performer invites a spectator to take part in his experiment. The performer hands a spectator an envelope and asks them to make sure it is never touched by the performer again. The spectator is also given a book to inspect and to make sure that every page is different with nothing else written down except the text itself.

The performer takes the book back and riffles through the pages until...

★★★★★ $15
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Percy Abbott
Improved Muscle Reading by Percy Abbott

The general effect and principle of Muscle Reading is that a person merely thinks of any object and you take hold of his wrist or hand and lead him to the article he is thinking of.

In this improved method, we have overcome several obstacles to insure picking out the right subjects so you cannot fail. As anyone giving public performances wishes to be sure he will be able to accomplish what he starts out to do, this is a big asset. We also have found a good reason for holding the subject's wrist, and last but not least have a practical apparent non-contact method. This throws the audience...

★★★★★ $4
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M. F. Zens
Zens Card Miracle by M. F. Zens

A spectator cuts the pack of cards and counts off 25 cards. Shuffle these cards and have five of them selected by members of the audience. The magician does not view this selection process as his back is turned away during all this. The cards are replaced and the pack shuffled. A spectator is asked to place the cards in five rows of five cards each on an unprepared stand or easel or display board. (When performing this close-up or at a party situation the cards may be placed on the table surface, rather than using an easel.) Note: The cards may be placed in any order, on any row, either face...

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Dee Christopher
The Block Peek by Dee Christopher

As mentalists, we constantly hunt for new ways to gather the secret thoughts of our audiences. We force the people we meet to think in particular ways, or find deceptive techniques to find out thoughts when we give them free reign on what to create in their minds. This manuscript deals with a solution for the latter concept.

"In the words of Borat; I LIKE!!!" - Ben Williams (Creator of Labelled/Re-Labelled)


  • Very Organic, in terms of props and method
  • Easy to do, with expansion possibilities (peeking multiple thoughts) when you become more dexterous with the gimmick. ...
★★★★ $22.50
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Devin Knight
New Ways to Make Money from Magic by Devin Knight

Do you want to get more booking? This ebook can help. Do you want to increase your birthday party shows? This PDF can show you the most effective ways available to get more birthday party shows without having to rely on building a website. Techniques you probably do not know about. This book will not only show you how to get more birthday party shows, but how to get more money from them. Using some of these techniques will increase your children's holiday shows.

This ebook also reveals how to use a free source of advertising for maximum effectiveness. You will learn about a new source for...

★★★★★ $15
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Stephen Tucker
This, That and the Other by Stephen Tucker

This is a miracle trick from the fertile, inventive and, dare we say, dangerous mind of Stephen Tucker.

You have three red-backed cards: two cards marked THIS one card with the word THAT. All you have to do is keep your eye on THAT but most of the time you get THAT wrong and it is THIS and when you get THIS and THAT wrong suddenly the back of THIS turns blue!

At the end of the routine you deal the three cards down on to the table and a new card appears bearing the word OTHER. So you have to explain as you deal the cards that to do this trick properly you will need THIS, THAT and a bit...

★★★★★ $15
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Ken de Courcy
33 Tricks with the PATEO Force by Ken de Courcy

Which is one of the best forces in magic? Undoubtedly the PATEO force! PATEO stand for "POINT AT TWO, ELIMINATE ONE", because that's exactly what happens.

The PATEO force is very easy to do end can be used not only with cards but with a variety of objects. It is a very strong force because the spectator seems to have very free choice. In this wonderful manuscript, Ken De Courcy give us, 33 ways to use the PATEO force. You will find card magic, mental magic, close-up magic, club magic, party magic and, yes, stage magic too. A real treasure house of good effects. You can surely find at least...

★★★★ $10
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Paul Voodini
Charlie Charlie and Other Spooks by Paul Voodini

Charlie Charlie & Other Spooks is a collection of bizarre magick and paranormal entertainment routines subtitled 'Contemporary Bizarre Magick for the Modern Era'. The routines, ideas, and presentations contained within take their inspiration from modern urban myths and legends.

There are three main sections to this ebook. The first section covers the Charlie Charlie spirit communication phenomena that has been sweeping the internet in recent times. Paul Voodini takes the original idea, thoroughly explores it, and offers new insights and presentational angles that enable to performer to take...

★★★ $12
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Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
Low Vision Marking System (German) by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Ein markiertes Kartenspiel für Lesebrillenträger

Für das verbreitete Bicycle Rider Back 808 Design wurde ein Blockout-Baukastensystem zur Markierung entwickelt. Das Hauptaugenmerk bei der Entwicklung lag auf der guten Erkennbar- und Lesbarkeit des Systems für Personen mit eingeschränktem Sehvermögen. Das markierte Spiel kann man in weniger als einer Stunde selbst herstellen.

  • 1 Vorbemerkungen
  • 2 Karten- und Farbwerte
  • 3 Die Grundlage - Clock Design
  • 4 Markierung des Kartenwerts
  • 5 Markierung der Kartenfarbe
  • 5.1 Kartenwert und Farbe in unterschiedlichen Blüten markiert
  • 5.2 Kartenwert...
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David Britland
Chan Canasta: A Remarkable Man Volume 1 by David Britland

Chan Canasta (1920 to 1999) was something of a TV sensation in the 1950s as one of Britain's leading mentalists. His blend of psychology and traditional conjuring which he called psychmagic, was a breath of fresh air. This beautifully ebook is a unique record of his mentalist effects and unique entertaining style.

"Martin has excelled himself with the production values. It looks beautiful; maybe it is the most attractive looking book I have ever seen. If you are interested in Canasta then you will have to buy the book." - Peter Zenner

"I'm not sure that there have been other books quite like this....

★★★★ $49
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Jon Racherbaumer
Criss-Crossings: Unleashing the X-Force by Jon Racherbaumer

This is an interesting study of the X-Force and variations thereof only the way Jon Racherbaumer can do it. The X-Force is the simplest force that every magician has learned to do at one point in their life. Jon dissects the X-Force or Criss-Cross Force and then puts it back together in different and new ways. This is fodder for those that want to go into the fine and nuanced details of performing this force.

  • Introduction
  • Drilling Down
  • A Little History of the X-Force
  • Layered-Cross-Cut Force
  • First Method
  • Second Method – Layered Double-Cross
  • Two Cuts Are Better Than One
  • Three Free...
★★★★ $8
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Various Authors
Bag-O-Trix by Various Authors

Someone once commented that "If you want to hide a magic secret, put it in a book or magazine!" There is probably some truth to that statement, as there is "buried treasure" on each and every page of this work. Tricks, ideas, gags, presentations, suggestions and routines from a full complement of magical authors. Bag-O-Trix is a collection. It contains the complete texts of many books previously issued separately. Some of these volumes are (and have been) out of print. Some others are in short supply. None will be reprinted as a separate item again. This massive ebook will be the only source...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Percy Abbott
Paper Magic by Percy Abbott

If you already have Bag-o-Trix you have this book. Although Percy Abbott put his name on the book, UF Grant said many of the ideas were his. This dispute later resulted in UF Grant leaving the Abbott company. There are over forty of the most unusual, unique and amazing new tricks that can be worked with paper. This is a new and untouched field. Paper tricks are easy to carry and are most effective. A few of the outstanding effects are:

  • The performer makes a paper fir tree - and then actually climbs it
  • A cabinet is made from paper - shown empty - and a girl crashes through it from apparently nowhere
  • A paper bag escape...
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