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Gerard Zitta
Sure Guess by Gerard Zitta

[Note: This effect was already part of Mentalism games.

Effect: A spectator names any card, and you immediately produce it from your pocket.

Or: You write two cards on two business cards, put one in each pocket, and the spectator has to guess at least one of them. (It can be repeated right away if you want).

The method is 100% surefire and practical. There is no math, no probabilities, a little bit of memorization, but it is almost "intuitive". It is not difficult but needs a bit of rehearsal at the beginning, like for everything. It looks casual, completely impromptu, or even improvised, but you will have to do a onetime preparation with...

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Paul Hallas
Inkubators by Paul Hallas

Blank pieces of paper become dollar bills then one of these becomes a $10 bill. There is also a bonus routine with a new take on the classic Twisting the Aces plot.

1st edition 2015, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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Professor Solomon
Lives of the Conjurers: Volume 2 by Professor Solomon
  • CARDINI He seemed bewildered by his own magic
  • BLACKSTONE "The Last of the Great Magicians"
  • LEON MANDRAKE He wore a turban or a top hat - depending on the gig
  • DUNNINGER Was it true that the renowned mindreader couldn't read the mind of a gnat?
  • DAVENPORT BROTHERS Their spirit cabinet brought them fame. But were they mediums or magicians?
  • PROFESSOR NEUMAN He had misread a mind - and the police hauled him away
  • THE GREAT LESTER Did he have the exclusive rights to that name?
  • GEORGES MÉLIÈS A magician who transformed himself into a filmmaker
  • CHARLIER No one knew where he came from - or where he finally went ...
★★★★ $0
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Dale A. Hildebrandt
The Prototypes of the Everymen of Magicians (a parody) by Dale A. Hildebrandt

Over ten minutes in the making. This unpleasant little e-book contains no tricks, just one secret, but it's a laugh. Can You Keep A Secret?

1st edition 2015, 6 pages.

★★★ $0
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Dale A. Hildebrandt
Twice Shy Second Edition by Dale A. Hildebrandt

This edition contains feedback and variations from creative and wise people on the Twice Shy principle.

1st edition 2015, 5 pages.

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Dale A. Hildebrandt
Twice Shy by Dale A. Hildebrandt

This tiny ebook file contains 125 words and a revolutionary, never before thought-of, never before revealed, never before published principle that allows you to give amazingly accurate readings. With this principle alone, you could go to a psychic fair, set up shop, and let client do all the heavy lifting for you. (Okay, those two last sentences were hype!) This ebook may be shorter than others, but it provides you with the essential principle.

I offer this file to inspire people. I would be greatly interested in hearing your thoughts on the principle. You can reach me at the following email:...

★★★★ $0
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Paul Romhany
Vanish Magazine Year 3 (Apr 2014 - Mar 2015) by Paul Romhany

Issue 13

  • From the Editor
  • News
  • Show Me The Funny
  • A Professional Magician Can Seem So Uncharitable
  • Misdirection is the Main Ingredient
  • Ten Little Secrets
  • Feature: Daryl - The magicians magician
  • Interview: Jim Steinmeyer
  • Married In Magic
  • The Magicians Cabaret
  • Ten Brushes With Greatness
  • Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism
  • Bello Nock Rocks Broadway
  • Six Short Stories
  • Tapping Your Own Creative Potential
  • David Berglas Q&A
  • Car Launch
  • Ten New Rules For Magicians
  • Testimonials, Reviews, & Comments
  • Outerbridge - Who's That?
  • Do You Have A Back Up Show?
  • Child's Play - Giving back to...
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Paul Romhany
Vanish Magazine Year 2 (Apr 2013 - Mar 2014) by Paul Romhany

Issue 7

  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler - another bar stunt you can perform anytime anywhere
  • Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants - why we should all respect magicians who have done it all before and what we can learn from them - the word is respect
  • Weight A Second - an impossible estimation routine by Stefan Olschewiski
  • Why Would You Want To Be David Copperfield - Bizzaro asks a valid question and his essay is sure to provoke
  • Imaginary Circumstances by Joey Pipia - lessons learned from the theatre applied to magic
  • Magician's Crossword Puzzle - print this off and have some fun ...
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Paul Romhany
Vanish Magazine Year 1 (Apr 2012 - Mar 2013) by Paul Romhany

"We have been readers of Vanish Magazine since day one and love watching it's continued success and growth since its inception. We love the ease and convenience of downloading each issue, yet it has the feel and layout of a real magazine. What more could you ask for? MORE VANISH MAGAZINES!!!" - Michael Giles

"ALL the Vanish magazines are with me everywhere I go (on my laptop and mobile devices) so that I can read them while I'm on the road and refer back to all the great articles whenever I want to. Vanish magazine is the best collection of articles by working professionals. It gives...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Gerard Zitta
The Monty Hall Dilemna 3 by Gerard Zitta

The Monty Hall problem is a famous one in probability. It is based on a TV game from the USA called "Let's make a deal" (1963). It is named after the original host of this show. Inspired by this game, here is an original effect and a great plot for stage, parlour or close up. This unpublished method is easy to do and costs nothing. There is no maths or memorization or difficulty of any sort. It does require some one-time preparation, but just with some index cards, a sheet of paper (for the list of prizes), and a normal pen, nothing else. It can be adapted to your style, venue, weddings, birthday...

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Paul A. Lelekis
The Art of Magical Entertainment by Paul A. Lelekis

The Art of Magical Entertainment is an e-book with six beautiful routines...and Paul's good friend and master magician, Dan Tong has graciously provided his full Egg Bag Routine in this e-book. Included is a video of Dan performing this routine for a live audience. Paul also provides a detailed and rich history of the Egg Bag.

Paul's good friend Mike Powers also has donated a video of a very important sleight - plus access to his moves section at his website.

**BONUS! You're going to love this. Paul has included a large essay explaining, "The Real Essence of Magical Entertainment". Paul...

★★★★★ $12
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Frank Garcia
Billiard Balls by Frank Garcia

There has always been a shortage of books on billiard ball routines, but here is one on that subject you will enjoy using. Not only has Garcia set forth many facets of ball material, but they are clearly and beautifully illustrated by Harvan, who is an excellent manipulator himself. The material on routining is followed by handling of the ball and shell, then a Master Routine, The One to Five Slow Motion Production, Bilious Balls, Strictly One Hand, One to Four With Solid Balls, Advice and Thoughts on Balls, Simple Golf Ball Routine, all very well explained. Many illustrations.

1st edition...

★★★ $8.95
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Ade Duval
A Rhapsody in Silk by Ade Duval

A world famous silk magician designed this beautiful finale to his show. Based on the use of a tube like a Phantom Tube, these clever and subtle methods create a great act. Anyone interested in silk work can make up the act and do it. Many clear sketches, photos, careful explanations teach you how.

  • To Dorny...
  • Prelude
  • Preface
  • How it all began . . .
  • Audience eye view
  • Frightening imitators
  • Scientific loading
  • The gimmicks
  • The box
  • The "suitcase" prop
  • Switching tubes
  • The soup ladles
  • How to load
  • Concealment
  • Count down!
  • Note to reader
  • Author!

1st edition 1962, 64 pages; 1st digital...

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Will Ayling & Sam Sharpe
Oriental Conjuring and Magic by Will Ayling & Sam Sharpe

This ebook is almost an encyclopedia of Indian, Chinese and Japanese magic. It consists of two parts. The first part is an index, reference and bibliography compiled by Sam Sharpe. The second part, researched and written by Will Ayling, describes all 101 effects from Sharpe's index.

You will learn about fantastic effects such as buried alive, sword swallowing, pulse stopping and snake charming. But it is not all about geek magic. There is also a lot of close up magic, stage magic and illusions. The 101 effects described are:

  1. The Psychology of the Indian Conjurer
  2. The Bamboo Rods and Strings...
★★★★ $25
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Antonio Romero
The Torn and Restored Newspaper by Antonio Romero

This routine incorporates a system that conceals the torn pieces automatically, eliminating all angle problems. This means it can be performed surrounded, and that makes it truly practical and easy to perform.

The download video contains over 60 minutes of detailed instructions with all the secrets of this wonderful routine that has made its way into the repertoires of many professionals.

It was created by Antonio Romero in 1983 and first published in his book La Magia de Antonio Romero in 1992.

This video has an English voice over by Rafael Benatar.

★★★★★ $25
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MP4 (video)

Antonio Romero
Periódico Roto y Recompuesto by Antonio Romero

La rutina incorpora un sistema que oculta de manera automática los trozos de periódico roto, eliminado de esta manera los malos ángulos y convirtiendo este efecto clásico en algo realmente práctico y sencillo de realizar.

Creada por Antonio Romero en 1.983 fue publicada en su libro La Magia de Antonio Romero en el año 1.992. Completamente claro y limpio, sin angulos. Un milagro instantaneo.

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MP4 (video)

Chris Wasshuber
Two Person Code For One Person by Chris Wasshuber

This is a system to easily remember one or two cards, say two key cards, and not forget them during the performance of your routine. It is not an associative memory system.

Some card routines, particularly the recently published ones in Sunken Treasury by Nick Conticello require one to remember two key cards. In the heat of performing such an effect these can be forgotten, rendering the trick a failure. This system allows you to easily keep track of one or two or more cards that you want to remember.

There is very little to learn for this system. Reading this manuscript should be enough to put this system to work....

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Kyle MacNeill
Fink by Kyle MacNeill

A clever application of Fandango.

The visual appearance of a thought-of word that will knock your sox off! Young Kyle MacNeill has been forging a reputation for himself as a clever and enthusiastic card magician. At just 14 years of age, his approach and dedication to our art is so heart-warming. Here is a young man who cares about the details, the history, and the integrity of our art. We were amazed to receive this application of Fandango from Kyle. It firmly displays an understanding of our craft far beyond his meager years. With people like Kyle, the future is in good hands.

EFFECT: A spectator initials...

★★★★★ $0
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Kyle MacNeill
The Double Issue 2 by Kyle MacNeill

It includes an interview with legend Peter Duffie, a trick from Kyle himself, a trick from David Devlin, a short review of the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011, a review of High Spots by Caleb Wiles and a competition.

1st edition 2011, 12 pages.

★★★ $0
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Craig Browning
An Introduction to Mentalism by Craig Browning

Written by Craig Browning for the sake of educating those curious about the art of mentalism as it pertains to the world of theatrical magic.

1st edition 2011, 46 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Gerard Zitta
Mentalism Games by Gerard Zitta

Finger games:

  • The 4 fingers game: Another method for "Equifinque" (Phil SMIFF)
  • Finger burn: Ask a spectator to show you any finger and put it over a candlelight or an invisible lighter. Your same finger will carry a blister.
  • Voodoo finger: A variation to give away your business card.
Card games:
  • Hold on to your card: An impossible IN SPECTATOR's HANDS transposition.
  • Magic mushrooms: A short-term-memory test where you show the same card to different spectators, and they forget it after showing them some psychedelic images!

    The two following sections describe an effect that looks...

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(Benny) Ben Harris
Checkout Chi: pay with your mind by (Benny) Ben Harris

Checkout Chi is the first new effect from Ben Harris in ages. And, it's been worth the wait.

Checkout Chi will drop the jaws of your audiences when YOU PAY for the restaurant bill, bar tab, groceries, gasoline, movie tickets, or what have you--WITH YOUR MIND. No cash, no credit cards, just your mind!

And, it's genuine: The vendor gets paid. A receipt is issued. All is above board.

Seriously, this is the kind of impromptu magic that makes reputations. The moment arising from a real-world situation (having to pay the bill), and the solution (paying the bill with magic), proving your mastery...

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Al Leech
Handbook of Card Sleights by Al Leech

A must for all card men. Handy reference ebook for all card sleights. The best possible way to learn card magic, explained in good, clear terms by an expert. Sleights are modern, broken down to their simplest factors, useful and practical. The ideal ebook for the beginner in card work. You can't tackle advanced card work until you have the basics. This ebook will help you. Illustrated. Highly recommended.

  • Controls
  • The Crimp
  • Passes
  • The Palm
  • The Replacement
  • Changes
  • Forcing
  • False Counts
  • False Shuffles
  • Cuts
  • Reverses
  • Additions
  • The Color Change
  • From The Center
  • The Multiple Shift ...
★★★★★ $7.95
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Frances Marshall
The Bunny Book For Magicians by Frances Marshall

Everything you need to know about using rabbits in your act - lots of tips on care and maintenance, along with plenty of tricks and anecdotes. Plenty of pictures of bunnies and magicians. Interesting reading.

  • How The Rabbit Got Into Magic
  • Pets 'N Prestidigitation
  • The Top Hat - Square Circle - Ten Rabbit Production
  • Cherchez La Rabbit
  • Back Stage Rabbit Vanish
  • The Bunny Bit
  • How To Do The Most Popular Trick In The World
  • Irving's Bunny Cotton-Tail
  • Bunny In A Basket
  • Twin Chests, A Routine For Twin Rabbits
  • A Unique Live Stock Production
  • Carlton King's Rabbit Box
  • The Artist Draws A...
★★★★ $19.95
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