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Sean Taylor
MindStorms by Sean Taylor

MindStorms is the first mentalism book from Australian magician and mentalist Sean Taylor. This unique publication brings together more than 20 routines from Sean's working repertoire and also details his feelings on the performance and presentation of mentalism. The descriptions of each effect are detailed way beyond those usually included in magic publications and are littered with observations, advice and handling tips which can only come from hundreds of performances of the material. Several of the items in the book have been in Sean's armoury for many years and several are still in his...

★★★★★ $50
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Lewis Ganson
Magic of the Mind by Lewis Ganson

This is a wonderful collection of some of the best mental magic published in The Gen.


Section One - Predictions

  • The 100% Prediction (Punx)
  • Total Prediction (Gerald Kosky)
  • The Direct Prediction (John Rice)
  • Note and the Jar (Tom Sellers)
  • Phenomenal Forecast (Jack Cook)
  • The One-man Full-Vu Prediction (Ken De Courcy)
  • Mental Flashes (Dr. Stanley Jaks)
  • The Patient Telepath (Peter Warlock)
  • Novelty Dice Prediction (Tom Sellers)
  • Predicted From the Papers (Tom Sellers)
  • Super Forethought (Cyro)
Section Two - Book Tests
  • Unique Book Test (Harry Stanley)
  • Magazine Test (Ali Bongo)
  • Danson's Book Test (Ted Danson)
  • A Telephone Directory Test (Eric...
★★★★ $12
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Al E. Smith
Another Card Book by Al E. Smith

Oh No Not Another Card Book is probably a more apt title for a card book. In fact for any card book published since the printing press was first unleashed. On the other hand, what's wrong with another card book? That's a rhetorical question, since the obvious answer is nothing. Card fans can't get enough of their favourite fix and anything that only marginally irritates those non-persons who pretend they aren't fond of cards has got to be good news.

This collection is partly that; a revisit to some previously published oddments and a few new(?) assaults on familiar card-friendly themes. ...

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Paul A. Lelekis
Powerhouse Routines by Paul A. Lelekis

There are 5 Powerhouse routines included in this ebook!

The introduction is worth the price of the entire e-book. Paul teaches many salient points for improving your performances. He teaches how to use patter and actions to provide your spectators with that "warm fuzzy" feeling. Move your magic to another level.

Paul also teaches you how to turn bad situations into great ones. His advice will teach you how to take advantage of situations and comments made by your spectators to turn your performances from good ones...into GREAT ones and how to recognize these situations in other tricks. ...

★★★★ $10
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Harry Stanley
Unique Rope Routine by Harry Stanley

An eight phase rope routine, including sliding knots, jumping knots and cut and restored sequences.

To perform this routine, you will require no more than a piece of rope, about four feet long, and a shorter piece approximately six inches in length.

1st digital edition 2015, 10 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Lewis Ganson
Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards by Lewis Ganson

Lewis Ganson, mostly known as author of magic books, was also himself an expert stage card manipulator. This ebook is a complete course in the art of manipulating playing cards, from back palms, to catching cards, card fans, flourishes, gimmicks and holders, and how to put it all together into a routine.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This recent work on card manipulation is divided into four sections which deal with (1) the back-palming of cards, (2) card fans, (3) card flourishes, and (4) suggestions for routines. Since we have no special knowledge of card fanning or card flourishes - and, because they lack...

★★★★ $10
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Fred Betzner
Symbol Dice Reading by Fred Betzner

A unique reading that will set you apart from the crowd!

When I saw a set of "Rory's Story Cubes" for the first time, I thought there was great potential in the product as a reading tool. The product is sold as a set of nine cubes, containing 54 images, and intended as a tool for creative story telling. According to one retailer, there are 10,077,696 possible combinations, when the cubes are tossed out. I purchased a set of these online for under $9.00.

This PDF details the following:

INTRODUCTION to the product and reading concept. Once learned, this presentation can be limited to...

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Solyl Kundu
The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 4, Issue 4 (Feb - Apr 2015) by Solyl Kundu

Hello, my magician friends around the globe...The new TGM is ready! Welcome back to the pages of TGM - volume Four, yes four, no less, issue number 4. Read the contents of the very first issue of the new volume below and you are sure to run for it. This issue is a staggering collection of articles, magic effects (I detest the word 'trick' - magicians do 'magic' whereas 'tricks' are done by the 'tricksters'), jokes, cartoons, news and views and more.


  • Solyl Says is simple tittle-tattles of Solyl. But, here Ken de Courcy talks about table-hopping magic.
  • Past Glory of India - Kardani, the magical...
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Unknown Mentalist
Theory of Sequential Decks by Unknown Mentalist

This ebook classifies and breaks down the methodology and nomenclature of stacked decks.

3rd edition 2015, 11 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Devin Knight & Sid Lorraine
Peking Revelation by Devin Knight & Sid Lorraine

Amaze your audiences with this novel effect of revealing five selected cards from a single piece of paper with Chinese writing. Must be seen to be believed.

The late Sid Lorraine designed several novel paper folding tricks. These papers were folded to reveal various pictures or messages. Most of these were released in the mid-50s. By far, the best was called Chinese Folder. This item has been long forgotten and was discontinued by the Abbott Magic Company more than thirty years ago. Devin Knight has received permission from the company to release this item again and updated the presentation...

★★★ $8
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Mike Kempner
Code Red by Mike Kempner

Code Red, from a non-mentalism perspective, has several meanings, including being a code used in hospitals to alert staff to various emergencies. The use of codes is intended to convey essential information with zero misunderstanding so that errors can be avoided. Within hospitals, codes can be posted on placards throughout the hospital, or even on employee ID badges for ease of reference. Code Red in hospitals is certainly an established protocol. Within mentalism, however, I first introduced Code Red in my performance in 2014, so it is a new concept. As the technique’s originator, I define...

★★★★ $4
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Val Andrews
Original Comedy Magic by Val Andrews

Reputation making humorous magical effects, which are clever as well as comical.

From the introduction:

The introduction was unnecessary, we've met before ... though I must confess that this book is quite different from anything I've written in the past. In these pages you will find original effects which lend themselves well to COMEDY presentation ... though the effects are not burlesque, and the mystery angle is definitely there! In addition to these effects, you will find routines, magical sketches, and complete acts. Not bad value for whatever the publisher decides to charge. How much?...

★★★★★ $5
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Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. VIII: Magia con le Tortore by Salvatore Cimo

MAGIA CON LE TORTORE: Un sogno diventa realtà ! ecco nelle mani di tutti gli appassionati l'ottavo volume della collana, mai pubblicato in lingua italiana, nel quale l'autore, dopo aver illustrato diversi tipi di "serventi" per contenere le tortore, descrive vari metodi di produzione delle stesse (da un foulard, a mani nude, da palloncini ecc.); segue quindi una serie di procedimenti per far sparire il volatile (ad esempio, lanciandolo in aria e trasformandolo in un foulard o in una sciarpetta bianca); l'ultima sezione è dedicata a diversi effetti con le tortore: apparizione da apparati (scatole,...

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Nick Conticello
The Catch-All Principle by Nick Conticello

[Note: If you purchase this together with Sunken Treasury: Part 1 and 2 and Sunken Treasury: Part 3, 4 and 5 you will get The Catch-All Principle for free. Discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart. Also applies if you have purchased the entire Sunken Treasury in the past.

The Catch-All Principle allows you to covertly position a free selection at a predetermined position in the deck. It does this with the help of two key cards. The real strength and novelty of this principle is that at crucial moments the spectator is free to cut the deck, which makes it seem impossible that the selection will end up at a predetermined position - but it does.

Perhaps the best use of this principle...

★★★★★ $10
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Jack Lamonte
Stunts with Stage Money by Jack Lamonte

From the introduction:

Every magician will have many ideas for the use of Imitation Notes with his Magic ... Notably the ever popular apparent destruction of a borrowed bank note. Such an effect is a traditional one in Magic ... only a magician is crazy or skillful enough in the eyes of the audience to burn or tear a treasury note ... it is direct in appeal and one which always registers with an audience. It is the magic ... or miracle in the eyes of some ... which they expect from a Magician. It is up to the magician to make the most of his effects and the use of Imitation Notes in Treasury...

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Dustin Dean
The Magician That Became The Mentalist by Dustin Dean

The Magician That Became The Mentalist, is a collection of workable material and ideas that I have created over the past few years. I share with you some of my most used, original routines that I use in the real world. I also share some of my thoughts on mentalism and magic. This includes the importance of performance, dual reality, simplicity, and much more. In this ebook you'll find useful effects and advice, whether you are a magician, mentalist, or in between! I even share a new principle never before seen in mentalism or magic. A principle I named the "WatchStop" principle that can be adapted...

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George Armstrong
Tricks of the Trade by George Armstrong

If you are familiar with Magician's DIY Tips and Tricks then Tricks of the Trade is written with a very similar idea in mind just 60 years prior. It describes a multitude of DIY tips and gimmicks and improvements for the magician.

It describes things like:

  • How to turn a sock into a billiard ball holder.
  • The two ingredients to make fake beer.
  • How to clean cards.
  • How to make a candle shell.
  • How to make coin holders from pins and safety pins.
  • How to make colored flash paper.
  • etc.
It closes with a section on stage make-up.

1st edition 1949, PDF 22 pages.

★★★★ $4
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Ross Tayler & Fraser Parker
Ouija: billet-less name guess by Ross Tayler & Fraser Parker

As close to real billet-less name guess.

Imagine... In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. They name a few random letters, including letters from the name. The name is not written down anywhere and exists only in their mind. And you instantly tell them the name they are thinking of.

This is exactly what you DO. There are no billets, tears or peeks. Simply the words you use and the illusion they create, are all you need to be able to accurately guess a name, most of the time. Like real mind reading,...

★★★★★ $40
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Rupesh Thakur
Victory Cartons by Rupesh Thakur

Effect: A cardboard tube/box is opened and placed on the center of the stage. A slightly larger cardboard tube is opened and placed over the smaller box. After a magical gesture a person jumps out of the boxes.

1st edition 2015, 7 pages.

★★★ $0
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Maxwell Murphy
Everything I Know About Marketing Magic (Preview) by Maxwell Murphy

This is the first chapter from Maxwell's ebook Everything I know about Marketing Magic. Any creator, producer, manufacturer and retailer of magic should read this insightful ebook.

1st edition 2012, 20 pages.

★★★ $0
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Matthew Leatherbarrow
Sticky Trip by Matthew Leatherbarrow

Effect: The magic-man reaches into his pocket and removes one solitary playing card say for example, the Ace of Diamonds. Draw on the back of this playing card is a rudimentary stickman. The performer goes on to explain that "the stickman lives on this card, the Ace of Diamonds is his home", as this is explained the card is shown clearly on both sides. The performer then goes on to say "like all other people, Mr Stickman likes to go on holiday". With one quick shake the stickman drawing disappears from the back of the Ace of Diamonds which is then placed face-down on the table. The deck of cards...

★★★ $0
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Gerard Zitta
Cool Hot Pocket Mysteries by Gerard Zitta

This product bundle includes three items, with more than 15 effects that can be carried in your pockets.

Cool Mysteries impromptu, requires no special props or preparation. The two other ones need some one-time preparation (only one effect needs a special gimmick): Pocket Mysteries, Hot Mysteries.



  • Elimination
  • The bills trips mystery
  • Hands off my Lady!
  • Guess my card
  • Take my order
  • Any candy at any number
  • Monty Hall dilemna (V1)
  • Flash at Carnival, Nice 1932
  • Free will ( V1)
  • Color healing
  • SVP
  • The hypnosis system
  • The die is cast
  • Chair'Z ...
★★★★ $30
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Steve Sanders
Take A Chance by Steve Sanders

Take a Chance is a collection of five entertaining and unusual magical routines all based around the Monopoly board game.

Lucky or Not
After you and the spectators mix the Community Chest cards you can decide who is going to be lucky and who will be unlucky.

In the Money
The spectator has a free choice of any property on the board. Yet the prediction envelope contains the correct amount of money.

Hotel Okito
An Okito box routine where a little green house always finds it's way to the red hotel. Penetrating the brass box and even going through a full box of playing cards. Eventually...

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Joe Stuthard
Stooging Around by Joe Stuthard

From the introduction:

By daring to write a booklet on the subject of stooges, I realize that I am liable to cause a great deal of heated discussion among magicians all over the world. No magician deplores the use of stooges more than one who has never used them! That same magician will, nevertheless, often rely upon the use of a faked deck of cards or, if he is an illusionist, he will proudly point to the speed with which his assistants make use of the trap in the stage. What is the difference between the use of such subterfuges and the use of an accomplice or stooge? If the same effect...

★★★★★ $7
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