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Ali Foroutan
Voiceless by Ali Foroutan
"A fascinating, practical new technique for deciphering people's thoughts without them even saying a word. I love it! And all mentalists need to learn it." - Dan Harlan

"What a wonderful entertaining way to perform a horoscope divination. I was captivated by the entire presentation, the principle is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to using it." - Richard Webster

"When I watched Voiceless demonstrated by Ali I was baffled. When I read the book It opened a whole world of possibilities. This is something you want to keep in your arsenal of knowledge and pull it out when you need. Great for virtual or real in...

★★★★★ $50
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Dibya Guha
Countries and Numbers by Dibya Guha

Effect: A few cards bearing names of different countries are handed over to a spectator. He is instructed to mix the cards in a face down manner and to place the cards face down on the table. After the spectator has completed shuffling, the performer places an envelope containing a prediction on the table and hands over a playing die to the spectator. The die is rolled and the top spot on the die is noted. The cards are now picked up by the spectator and based on the top most number on the die all the cards are discarded except one. The prediction is now taken out from the envelope and it is...

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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Pin Pricks by Unknown Mentalist
"Again the Unknown Mentalist makes it all known. This is a brilliant, almost intuitive, application of a great effect. It also includes options and steps to truly make it personalized. I love this." - Marc Salem

"This is a very nice pin revelation using a well known method perfectly disguised." - Luca Volpe

Pin Pricks is an underground term for PIN reveals or divinations. And Propless Pin Pricks is just that - a set of absolutely propless methods to divine PIN numbers.

The effect from the participant's view: The performer gives his locked phone to the participant to hold. Then the performer...

★★★★★ $30
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Jon Racherbaumer
Psi-V by Jon Racherbaumer

A retrospective look at Dai Vernon's Five-Card Mental Force.

  • Introduction
  • The Prototypal Version From Early Vernon
  • A Woolgather's Aside
  • My Skirmish with the Five-Card Mental Force
  • 30 Years Passed
  • Five Card Mental Farce / David Acer
  • Max on Five-Card Mental Force / Max Maven
  • Outtings
  • Rescuing the Five-Card Mental Force / Allan Slaight
  • The Ultra Effect / Paul Rylander
  • Dai-Cipher / Phil Goldstein
  • I Have It / Edward Marlo
  • Psyboards / Tom Frame
  • Indisputably Predictable / Jon Racherbaumer
  • Post Mortem
1st edition 2020, PDF 32 pages.
★★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
Lifecraft by Unknown Mentalist

Lifecraft is a quick, solid feel good routine. The main routine is pure mind reading and there is an optional second phase too. This effect can be done face to face or in a virtual show. It can even be performed over a voice phone call.

The effect is flexible enough to be performed as a one off routine or as a part of a set. Very easy to learn and you can perform this almost as soon as you read this manuscript. No sleights, no stooges and no pre-show work. Nothing to reset as there is no set up at all. You are always ready to perform. Practically self working. Everything can be freely handled...

★★★★★ $12
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Maurice Fogel
Cheating the Gallows: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 5 by Maurice Fogel

A tremendous amount of thought, study and development has gone into the routine and presentation of this effect, the result of many years of refinement and actual performance before paying audiences. Maurice has performed this effect literally thousands of times under all sorts of conditions, in cabaret and on stage. It has been an unfailing highlight of his performances, talked about and remembered. So many mental effects give the audience nothing to look at and use the same old plots. Certainly, from the very moment the audience see the arresting sight of a gallows before them the effect must...

★★★★ $10
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George Ernest Arrowsmith
The Psychic Pencil by George Ernest Arrowsmith

A seemingly "impossible" book test.

George Arrowsmith wrote:

A worthwhile exercise for a Mentalist is to set himself a problem that seems unsolvable and to wrestle with it, and to go on wrestling until a possible (and practical) solution is found. "All things are possible to him who keeps on trying" …

Here, then, is such a problem that occurred to the author. A word had to be chosen from a book, one of several, and all of them had to be genuine and unfaked in any way. The word was to be freely selected from any line on any page of the book. This word had to be encircled by the pencil...

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Robert A. Nelson
Miracles of the Mind Act by Robert A. Nelson

A complete and hard-hitting sensational exhibition of mindreading, mental telepathy and ESP, designed especially for the Club Mentalist. Also suitable for TV and other occasions.

Nelson offered this 20-30 minute act for the equivalent of just under $70 when first released. While that is and was a considerable sum, it's nothing compared to the amount you can earn when you present this unforgettable psychic demonstration.

MASTER EFFECT No. 1. The mentalist borrows a pair of dollar bills from two different spectators. The bills are placed in separate envelopes and left in the possession of...

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Robert A. Nelson
Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 6 by Robert A. Nelson

Psychic entertainers, here are six more mentalism treasures for your collection, from the Nelson Enterprises vault. Volume 6 contains six compelling mental magic manuscripts from Robert A. Nelson, William W. Larsen, and R. W. Hull. All were featured in the famous Nelson Enterprises catalog, and have been edited and updated for a new generation of performers and audiences. Here's what's included:

Unique Memory Test - Several spectators shake dice or select cards from a deck. After all have done so, the psychic tells each one the number of cards selected or total of the dice. (NE Cat. #64)

The Abnormal Lift - Three...

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Various Authors
Gold: When it has to be Performance Gold by Various Authors

This is a fundraiser ebook. 100% of the proceeds of this ebook will go to Kennard Chandler and his wife Bean to help them in their personal and financial struggles.

A Who's Who of mentalism has contributed routines from their performing repertoire to make this fundraiser ebook worth your money and time. Not only is it a worthy cause to help support a member of our community, but it is also a great ebook to read, including some routines that were never published before. In other words, it is material you can only learn from this ebook.

  • Introduction by Chandler
  • "Hey Rube!"
  • Act One: Make...
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Burling Hull
The World's Greatest Mental Tests by Burling Hull

Contains some of the most closely-held secrets for apparently reading the minds of your spectators in a clear, convincing manner. Nearly $600 worth of valuable secrets (based on the catalog values in today's money).

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • Number-Vision Flight
  • Volta's Spiro-Predicto (2 Methods)
  • Annemann's Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
  • Variation
  • Master Memory Feat
  • Thought Transference Superb
  • Thought Projection
  • Dunninger's "Television" (3 Methods)
  • About the Author
The Annemann effect by itself makes this compendium a huge value. But we predict that you'll also get much mileage from the Master...
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Vincent Wilson
Teleport by Vincent Wilson

Can you really send matter through Zoom? Yes! With Teleport. Perhaps the most amazing virtual effect invented yet. This is an effect for premium shows only. Do not include this in your regular gig. "Want to see me send a coin to your CEO? That'll be x-amount of dollars extra!"

In this new eBook by Vince Wilson, you will learn how to perform it and what you will need to do to prevent them from figuring it out.

1st edition 2020, PDF 6 pages.

★★★★★ $21
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Ali Foroutan
I Miss Charlotte by Ali Foroutan

In I Miss Charlotte Ali Foroutan shares 5 routines, ideas, some new principles and techniques to divine your spectators thoughts with no props. Some of these will use a pen and paper but your spectator never writes anything down. What makes this release different to the rest? In this ebook you will learn new ways on how to know what letter someone is thinking of with no props whatsoever. You will learn how to divine thought of words with basically no process at all. And yes, most of these principles and routines are 100% sure fire.

"I just read the first effect, Charlotte's mind. This is...
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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Premonition by Unknown Mentalist

The participant takes 2 decks. One red backed and other blue backed. Then discards approx half the cards in each deck, and chooses a card from one of the half decks and keeps it in the other half deck. Finally hands over the half deck with the different colored back selection in it, to the performer. And you miraculously know her selection in that half deck.

Wait a minute. Here are the other conditions of this effect.

  1. Both the performer and participant are on both sides of a voice call.
  2. Both the decks in play are completely imaginary decks.
  3. The participant does all this silently and...
★★★★★ $18
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Mark Elsdon
ZOOMentalism by Mark Elsdon
"ZOOMentalism is absolutely f*** brilliant! Congrats! The Lotto trick alone is worth many times the price of the whole thing." - Alexander De Cova
This new ebook features a compilation of the very best material taken from the five highly-acclaimed volumes of Conversation As Mentalism. All of the handlings have been upgraded specifically to make them perfect to use over Zoom and other video streaming services. The material is ideal for mentalists, magicians, speakers and trainers.

Magicians - please don't be put off that the title of this ebook includes the word 'mentalism'. This material is for everyone.

At the time of writing...

★★★★★ $32
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Claude Alexander Conlin
The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q by Claude Alexander Conlin

The "Dr. Q Book" was the first all-revealing book of professional mentalism. No less an authority than Robert A. Nelson claimed this book to be the greatest and most authoritative book ever written on the subject of stage and private mindreading.

Sadly, the book has been out of print for several years. But no longer. We're happy to announce that a newly revised fourth edition of this classic text is now available. Throughout the book, you'll learn not only techniques and subtlety to obtain the very innermost thoughts of the spectator, but also humorous stories and hard-earned lessons from Dr. "Q", revealed...

★★★★ $10
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Michael Breggar
Influence-Enza by Michael Breggar
"I am delighted by this book. Not only the methods, but many brand-new themes. Mentalists look for this, as they can tire themselves and the audience with seemingly repeated effects. Michael has dug deep and I look forward to using some of these on stage. BTW, for those who care, there are many new methods. Michael knows what he is writing about. Confident, sincere, original. I love it." - Marc Salem
Imagine you are a chicken. Oh, lucky you. You don't have to cluck like a chicken to get this collection of mentalism effects. Unique, twisted and methodologically easy, Michael Breggar veers...
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Gene Grant
Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets by Gene Grant

19 of Gene Grant's most brilliant mental presentations using books, magazines, paper billets, envelopes, playing cards and more that will allow you to perform unbelievable demonstrations of apparent mindreading. All are one-man effects. Many can be performed close-up for intimate audiences, while others will play great for platform and theater stage, as well as on TV.

This is the third edition, revised (again) to bring it up to date, and adds even more content.


  • A Miracle Mental Routine
  • Message Reading Without a Clue
  • Image-Ray
  • Remoto
  • Psychia
  • Telemento
  • Psychia-Trik ...
★★★★★ $15
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Unknown Mentalist
Virtual Add a Number by Unknown Mentalist

Add A Number is a popular effect in the field of mentalism and magic. There are scores of methods for performing this routine. Here is another method which is especially suitable for a virtual show. This method is easy, simple and self working so you can focus more on your presentation. It is also engaging and allows you to involve and interact with multiple virtual audience members. The final impact is tremendous.

The performer asks the audience if they believe in ESP. There will be some who believe and some who do not. The routine is structured in such a manner that both the 'believers'...

★★★★ $12
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TC Tahoe
Tarot Buzz by TC Tahoe

Buzz words and phrases to help learn, remember and understand the Tarot.

"As a reader, TC Tahoe is gentle, empathetic, warm, caring, and incredibly accurate. While he was living here in New Zealand, we'd regularly meet in a local cafe. TC gave readings for several members of the staff, and they still talk about him more than a year later. Highly recommended." - Richard Webster
This is a special collection of tools that helped me on my Tarot journey, and it is my hope that they will help you acquire a better understanding of the cards. This is the "workbook" I use when teaching Tarot classes and workshops....
★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
ReDD: Remote Drawing Duplication by Unknown Mentalist

ReDD is a remote drawing duplication effect which can be performed over a voice phone call, video call, virtual show and also, of course, in face to face performing situations. ReDD also qualifies as a propless effect as there are no props used and both the performer and the participant are only 'interacting' with each other, either over a call or face to face. A piece of paper which may be used to jot down a choice is just incidental and is not necessary.

The mind reader poses several fun questions to a participant and also describes several activities. The participant mentally and silently...

★★★★ $12
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Julien J. Proskauer
The Dead Do Not Talk by Julien J. Proskauer

Here are more inside secrets of the fake mediums, in this tell-all ebook for psychic entertainers, ghost hunters and anyone who's curious to learn the scams of the fraudulent spirit worker. Picking up where Proskauer's Spook Crooks! leaves off, here are 200-plus more pages ripped from the case files of Harry Houdini and the author, from their tireless search for the truth about séance mediums.

You'll learn about the investigation of so-called haunted houses, the secret of an ingenious perpetual motion machine, the spirit post office scam, and how to trap and expose spirit mediums. The mail-order psychic business...

★★★★ $8
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Bob Hummer
Poker Chip Mystery by Bob Hummer

Six poker chips, bearing the numbers 0 to ten are examined and mixed by a spectator. The spectator lays them on a table with no interference from the mentalist. While the performer's back is turned, the spectator turns over some chips. Three more are turned over and covered with a playing card, business card, or beer coaster. The performer turns around and, with no false moves or skulduggery, announces the total of the chips beneath the cards. It's that clean. And, surprisingly, it can be instantly repeated, with a different result.

Just the thing for parties, get-togethers, and bars, while...

★★★★ $6
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Abhinav Bothra
ESPerience Reborn by Abhinav Bothra

A three phased routine that allows you to share the experience of what it feels to be a mentalist.

5 Cards with ESP symbols are laid face down in a row towards the participant. The performer introduces another set of 5, lays them face up in a row towards himself. With a little thought the performer points to a card from his row and the participant to point a card from their row and it matches.

The performer draws one of the symbols on a card and the spectator correctly guesses which one has been drawn.


★★★★★ $9.95
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