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Mentalism (also called "Mental Magic") involves you demonstrating unusual, supernatural or highly-developed mental, cognitive or intuitive abilities. Performances may involve amazing acts of precognition, divination, clairvoyance, telepathy, mind control or psychokinesis. As a mentalist or psychic, you may also perform hypnosis, memory effects and lightning-fast mathematics. Ted Annemann is one of our most frequently-read authors...but don't forget to check out our other ebooks by important mentalists and psychic entertainers like Bob Cassidy, Leo Boudreau, Dale Hildebrandt, Al Mann, Larry Becker, Timothy Hyde, Burling Hull and a host of others. We're constantly adding new ebooks, so please check back often to access the latest and greatest you can get in the exciting realm of mentalism!

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Mark Elsdon

ZOOMentalism by Mark Elsdon
"ZOOMentalism is absolutely f*** brilliant! Congrats! The Lotto trick alone is worth many times the price of the whole thing." - Alexander De Cova
This new ebook features a compilation of the very best material taken from the five highly-acclaimed volumes of Conversation As Mentalism. All of the handlings have been upgraded specifically to make them perfect to use over Zoom and other video streaming services. The material is ideal for mentalists, magicians, speakers and trainers.

Magicians - please don't be put off that the title of this ebook includes the word 'mentalism'. This material is for everyone.

At the time of writing...

2020 / 10 / 2

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Mark Piazza

Zombies Eat Brains by Mark Piazza

An effect about famous highly intelligent human beings and a hunger for brains.

Billy McComb's classic McCombical Deck updated for the Zombie Apocalypse. Artwork included.

If you're a zombie, why eat just average brains? Wouldn't you want to eat the most intelligent brains available? That's the premise for this version of this classic effect! Included is the artwork for 7 special cards.

1st edition 2015, 10 pages.

2015 / 12 / 15

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Unknown Mentalist

Zodiak Gods by Unknown MentalistThis includes physical products which will be shipped to you. The ebook can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf. You can only make one purchase per customer to avail this intro price. This is to prevent unauthorized resellers from stocking up at the lower intro price. Currently this is available only here.

You meet an utter stranger. Without her saying a single word or writing down anything, you divine her guardian gods - which she agrees with and will be stunned. Then you divine her key personality trait - which also she agrees with and is now positively amazed. Finally, out...

2016 / 9 / 24

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PDF & softcover

Ken de Courcy

Zodiac Telepathy by Ken de CourcyThis is the perfect two person act to start with, if you have never performed anything like it. The performers only need to memorize 21 items. In the words of George Armstrong:
Here at last is a method for combining the fascination of horoscope readings with the mystery of telepathy, and a method in which the medium, who does all the "talking", has only ten code words and eleven signals to learn for the Telepathy part of the act, and absolutely nothing for the Horoscope readings. Everything is done for her by the innocent but clever piece of apparatus described in these pages.

Any person...

2011 / 3 / 5

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Michael Daniels

Zodiac Oracle by Michael DanielsZodiac Oracle allows you to determine a spectator's star sign and (optionally) age while giving an engaging astrological reading.
  • 100% accurate
  • Nothing is written down
  • Works in any language
  • No preshow
  • No anagrams, verbal chicanery, or dual reality
  • Simple memory work. No difficult calculations
  • Can be performed over the phone or via webcam
  • Get automatic readings using the associated web application (optional for remote performance)
1st edition 2020, PDF 10 pages.
2020 / 7 / 10

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Peter Arcane

Zodiac KeyWords by Peter ArcaneLong out of print - now for the first time in eFormat. Over the last 11 years Peter Arcane's Zodiac KeyWords has become a bit a cult classic. Initially limited to 50 copies its long been sought after. Well now it's been released in electronic format for the enjoyment of those that perform miracles and missed out the first time round.

Zodiac KeyWords picks up where Ray Grismer's What's my sign? drops off.

What do you do once you know their sign?

Within the pages you'll find a technique that will allow you to take those next steps and present yourself as someone who has more than an...

2014 / 2 / 10

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Dee Christopher

Zodiac by Dee Christopher
"Wow! This is VERY cool, you have a winner here!!" - Luca Volpe

"Very stylish, incredibly practical, I've been waiting for something like this for YEARS! F*&KING SICK!" - Lewis Lé Val

With these cards alone, you will be able to:
  • Reveal a participant's star sign.
  • Reveal a thought of word.
  • Duplicate a drawing.
  • Use these cards for a reading.
All with no pumping for information, no progressive anagrams with 100% accuracy, every single time. This a most effective and deceptive method of gaining a participants personal information, perhaps to use for a hot reading. Even if they do not know...
2015 / 7 / 12

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Gerard Zitta

ZIP: zodiac prediction by Gerard ZittaThis is a different approach to the Zodiac sign topic, with somebody you have never met before. It is not a sign divination. It looks like an improvised and casual prediction of a complete stranger's Zodiac sign.

What the audience sees, or will remember:

You show them a business card with all the Zodiac signs on it. You ask a participant to name their sign, and on the back of the card, his or her sign was already drawn.

You will need a one-time preparation with index cards and a jacket, (or a wallet) to carry it. It does not require pre-show work, pocket writing or dual-reality.


2015 / 11 / 1

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Dave Arch

Zingo Bingo by Dave ArchWith thanks to Leo Behnke for the initial concept from his book Corporate Presentations and his permission to share it here, this has proven itself an energy producing closer for many of my corporate shows over the past twenty-five years.

The magician proposes a fun game of Bingo to close his program, and Bingo cards are distributed to everyone in the audience. As the magician hosts the game - drawing and calling the numbers, audience members begin to cross out squares on their Bingo sheets with each person crossing out different squares from those around them. Due to the fact that there are sixteen completely different...

2019 / 1 / 29

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W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Zenith Spirit Manifestation by W. G. Magnuson & Devin KnightThis was designed to fool both skeptics and magicians. This is one of the most stunning mediumistic stunts ever devised. It was developed and used by the old school mediums. It was so unbelievable; it fooled reporters, skeptics and magicians. A medium who could be searched and placed into a darkened room could cause a spirit to materialize in full view, without the aid of any secret assistants. This could be done in anyone's home.

The amazing thing was that this was accomplished without luminous cardboard props, luminous cheesecloths, luminous paint or other props sold by Nelson Enterprises....

2018 / 5 / 10

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Steve Sanders

ZenerPhobia by Steve SandersZenerPhobia is a compilation and collection of ten effects that can be done with a Zener deck or as it is more commonly known the ESP deck.

Included in the book:

An introduction to the symbols and a brief description of the Piatnik and Royal Magic ESP decks and their little known secrets.

A spectator uses her inane ESP powers to predict whether five unseen cards will match another five unseen cards.

Janus Syndrome
Five Zener cards are openly put into five envelopes and mixed by a spectator. The magician predicts what symbol will be chosen, and another spectator chooses...

2015 / 12 / 7

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B. W. McCarron

Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart Pitch Book Kit by B. W. McCarronSell this pitch book and give private readings to clients after your show to double your performance income!*

If you're not selling "back of room" books and merchandise at every show, you're leaving money on the table - money that should be in your wallet. All the pros are doing it. Now you can, too. And it costs so little to get started.

This package enables you to become an instant author, with full reprint rights for printed copies of the Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart booklet. Charge as little or as much per copy as you want: it's up to you.

Your audiences will flock to the sales...

2018 / 5 / 19

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David Jonathan

You Know (UNO) by David Jonathan
"This is my favorite effect of the year." - Rob Jacks

"David Jonathan is one of my favorite creators... and this is one of the very BEST effects I've reviewed in a long time, and the BEST effect for the money. It's an absolute steal." - Rick Carruth (The Magic Roadshow)

"This effect is an almost perfect example of a great self-working trick. It gets my highest recommendation for anyone who loves impactful magic with a theme that suits both adult and children audiences. 10/10!" - Alex Hui (Alex Magic Review)

You Know is a mind-boggling demonstration of mentalism using regular UNO Cards....
2020 / 5 / 18

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Unknown Mentalist

XPERT (X Personality Test) by Unknown MentalistHappy to share that this is my 100th release since starting my releases with the Karma Deck in 2015. So this has a special price which is all of 100 cents. And comes with my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude.

XPERT, which is short for X Personality Test, is a self working and fun personality test which can be performed with a lot of flexibility and yet delivers solid impact. It is engaging for the participant and easy for the performer to do. Just a few business cards and a one time preparation is all you need.

The participant is given a few double blank business cards which have different personality...

2018 / 7 / 2

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Scott Xavier

X-Peek by Scott XavierTurn your business card into a Swiss army tool that will allow you to read minds and reveal exactly what your spectators are thinking!

This peek comes with a magic square example and a lot of practical advice on how to make it appear that you can read minds.

No funny folds. No goofy handling. You can even let the spectator hold the business card. This video is a course in peeking under the nose of the spectator.

1st edition 2012, run-time 27 minutes

2012 / 5 / 18

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MP4 (video)

John Wyman

Wyman's Hand-Book of Magic by John WymanThis work covers a lot of ground, from various parlor tricks, chemical tricks, card tricks, to a section on two person codes, and a section on artifices of cardsharks.
  • description Of The Magician's Table
  • How To Make A Person Jump
  • The Invisible Chicken, Or Enchanted Egg Bag, As Performed By The Celebrated Wyman
  • Scrap, Or Blowing Book, As Performed By Potter
  • Gun Cotton - How Prepared
  • Sympathetic Inks
  • Apparatus For Writing In The Dark
  • Dancing Turkeys
  • The Self-Balanced Pail
  • Sympathetic Lamp
  • The Gas Candle
  • Ice Made In A Red Hot Vessel
  • Magical Colours
  • The Magic Nosegay Blowing At The...
2020 / 6 / 28

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Unknown Mentalist

Worlds Within Words by Unknown MentalistA new principle "Proactive Anagram" is explained in this ebook. The power of this method is that it can be used to reduce a range of about 30 choices to just 5 choices in a single step. Normally, creating a progressive or branching anagram for about 30 or more words and performing it would be quite complex and cumbersome. That lengthy process would seem tedious to both the performer and the audience members.

But using this Proactive Anagram principle, a set of 30, 40 or even 50 different words can be reduced into a very short list of 5 or 6 words in a single step. This very interesting and...

2016 / 11 / 27

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Larry Becker

World of Super Mentalism II by Larry BeckerThis is the second volume in Larry Becker's series of mentalism. More of the same outstanding mentalism.

In the epilogue of volume 1 Larry wrote that this might be his first and last book depending on the response he will receive. Well, the response was overwhelming and Larry answered with an even larger volume of astounding routines for mentalists. There is enough material for several full evening shows. And with a bit of thought you can use Larry's methods and principles to come up with your own unique miracles.

Here is volume one: World of Super Mentalism I.

1st edition 1979; edited and new layout in 2004; 151 pages....

2008 / 7 / 20

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Larry Becker

World of Super Mentalism I by Larry BeckerThis was Larry Becker's first book which is now available in a new layout and design as ebook. Anybody into mentalism knows the name Larry Becker who was one of the most creative forces during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Unbelievable are his accomplishments and honors. He was winner of the "Mentalist of the Year Award", "PEA Achievement Award", "Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award", "The Lederman Award", he was inducted into the "SAM Hall of Fame" and the list goes on.

Here are some of his best routines. Study them! Learn from them! This is the best of the best mentalism has to offer...

2008 / 7 / 20

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Mark Elsdon

World Cup Winner 2018 by Mark ElsdonPerform a killer mind-reading and prediction effect based on the Russia 2018 World Cup!

With the world's premier football tournament taking place in Russia throughout the summer, this fantastic short routine plugs straight into the world's biggest sporting obsession and proves that your mind-reading skills have no limits...

In effect, the spectator freely chooses a random team (genuinely, no force!) which might win the World Cup and you cleanly read his mind and tell him that exact team. No anagrams, nothing written down, no 'extra' props or handling. Just pure mindreading. Even better...

2014 / 6 / 16

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