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Jean Hugard
Thimble Magic by Jean Hugard

For a long time I had the perception that magic with thimbles is at best something for kids. Then I saw a performance by a Japanese magician. And it blew my mind. It was a fast paced, very visual and beautiful manipulation performance.

In this booklet Hugard teaches all the moves and quite a few routines to build your own thimble act. One of the big advantages of thimbles is that they are easier to manipulate than other objects such as balls and coins.

1st edition, 1936 Max Holden, New York; 46 pages

  1. Chapter 1: The Thimbles
  2. Chapter 2: Advanced Sleights
  3. Chapter 3: The First Thimble ...
★★★★ $5
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Jean Hugard
Sealed Mysteries of Pocket Magic by Jean Hugard

Jean Hugard describes in this booklet a complete routine consisting of 6 effects. He starts with a card trick, the piano card trick, and continues with a series of rope effects: production of a rope six feet long; doubling the rope; trick with two ropes; triple cut and restored rope; comedy explanation of vanishing knots.

The value of this booklet is in the routining itself. Hugard has used this routine many times with great success. The effects follow in a logical succession each building on the other.

Paul Fleming wrote:

It is one thing to "work up" a number of tricks so that they will fool a layman,...

★★★★★ $3
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David Malek
Cheating at Hold'em by David Malek

How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed at the Card Table
Cheating at Hold'em is not a cliché exposé. Cheating at Hold'em is a course in protective strategy. Cheating at Hold'em will provide you with all the knowledge needed to become an expert in game protection and enable you to participate in any and all Hold'em games without fear of being cheated.

The top professional poker players are all conversant with the card cheater's ploys. No one can become a top professional Hold'em player without knowing how card cheaters take insurmountable advantages.

The information contained...

★★★★★ $29.95
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MP4 (video)


Daniel Skahen
The Public Approach by Daniel Skahen

This ebook addresses in a fairly comprehensive and very thoughtful way, how should one approach a stranger with magic. I have not seen any other work which addresses this issue in such detail and with such practical advice. If you are looking to do some 'street magic', this is an ebook you should not ignore.

1st edition, 2005; 140 pages.

  • Why the Public Approach?
  • Reversing the Perspective
  • Fundamental Human Nature
  • People are Bored
  • Personal Confidence
  • The Freedom of Indifference
  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Testing the Waters
  • It's Nothin' Personal ...
★★★★★ $10
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Daniel Skahen
The Magic of Tyler by Daniel Skahen

This is a colleciton of the best of Daniel Tyler's inspirations over the past five years. The first section covers effects and routines, the second section moves. You will find new ideas and variations of old classics. Overall solid commercial material.

1st edition, 2005; 125 pages.


Counterfeit Card The best method I have ever seen or come up with for a countdown routine.

P4 – Peppermint Patty Power Puncher A cross between Torn & Restored and Healed & Sealed ... with Peppermint Patties!

Dirty Laundry The cleanest and easiest card-to-sock routine.

Lincoln’s Trick One of the...

★★★★ $20
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Daniel Skahen
Mastery in Magic by Daniel Skahen

This is an ebook for serious beginners. This book will not make you a master – that is not what is meant by the title. This book will, however, set you on what the author believes is the best path to mastery. You’re going to learn:

  • About learning magic and reaching mastery itself, the largest context.
  • Practical, time-tested sleights that cater to all venues of close-up.
  • Secrets of presentation for a memorable performance.
  • Skills you need to have that underlie everything else.
  • Amazing tricks and routines, both easy and powerful.
  • How to be a magician.

1st edition, 2005; 232 pages....

★★★★★ $20
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Ted Annemann
Annemann's Collected Works by Ted Annemann

Here we collect all of the 17 ebooks we have by Annemann. Besides the Jinx magazine, this is as far as I know a complete set of all of Annemann's writings. For mentalists, this is mandatory reading. For all other magicians, it is highly recommended because the wisdom imparted to you is applicable in all of magic. Buying these books and booklets individually on the second-hand market will cost you a multiple.

★★★★★ $60
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(on CDROM)

Peter Duffie
Scotland Up Close by Peter Duffie

18 contributors offering 26 Routines, including 110 Photos! Here is the lineup: Roy Walton, Gordon Bruce, Dave Robertson, Gavin Ross, David Walsh, Peter McLanachan, Steve Hamilton, Richard James, Gary Middleton, R. Paul Wilson, George McBride, Peter Duffie, Iain Girdwood, Scotty Johnston, David Forrest, Euan Bingham, Jim Boyd, Val Le-Val.

20 of these tricks have never been in print before!

1st edition, 2005; 80 pages.

Autograph Hunter: Roy causes a spectator's signature to jump from one card to anther. You'll love this!

The Hands of a Surgeon: Gordon compels an unwitting spectator to cut to the four Aces. It's not often Gordon publishes material, so...

★★★★ $19.95
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Jim Coles
PK Revolution by Jim Coles

PK stands for psychokinesis - moving or altering objects with the power of your mind. The four effects in this ebook show you how to bend and fuse coins, keys and how to break a fork in two. Some professionals have built a career with a few tricks like these. Everything is clearly described including photos. These are powerful effects, and for the price it is more than a bargain.

The performer borrows a quarter and places it on his left palm. Using only the tip of his right index finger, he causes the coin to visibly bend into a C shape. The bent coin can immediately be handed out...

★★★ $6.50
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James Watkins
Phoenix Rising by James Watkins

This is a very well thought out and carefully described torn-and-restored card effect. Seven alternate handlings are explained, plus you get a strong bonus effect.

A card is freely selected; the spectator signs their name on the face of the card, and the magician signs his/her name on the back. An envelope is introduced, and the spectator is asked to open it up, and remove one of the pieces of paper it contains, and to examine it if they wish. After the paper is selected, the freely chosen card is visually ripped into four pieces and wrapped up inside of the chosen piece of paper,...

★★★★★ $6
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James Watkins
Supernatural Possessions by James Watkins

This is wonderful story magic of the bizarre kind. Great for Halloween. In total six effects are described, with photos and clear descriptions. James puts a lot of emphasis on presentation.

1st edition, 2005; 29 pages.

  1. Bill Possession - Breathe new life into this classic effect with an original presentation that will leave any audience wanting more.
  2. No Way Out - This is as strong, scary and visually as it gets. An excellent animation that is freaky and exciting. This is possibly the strongest piece in the entire manuscript. If you want something that'll involve an audience and hook them emotionally,...
★★★★★ $7
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Lance Ackerman
Re-Attached by Lance Ackerman

The performer takes a deck of cards, lets the spectator pick a card and gives it back. The performer then takes the card, rips it into 4 pieces and slowly, one by one, the cards morph back into place as they started out even before they were ripped. At the end of the routine, the dents are visually ironed out and, in the spectators hands, is their card - perfectly normal!

1st edition 2004; 24 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Chris Wasshuber
The Ultimate Magic Square (That's Magic) by Chris Wasshuber

"I've been doing magic 40 years, and this may be one of my five favorite tricks. Excellent thinking. Hard to top." - Clyde Hayre, US.

LOVE IT! I've been looking for a trick to help promote my business and this is perfect as I trade under the name "That's Magic" - Barry Harvey, UK.

A spectator is asked to throw three fair dice (this is an absolute fair throw or even just a mental throw - no force here). From the number fairly thrown you construct a perfect magic square. For a kicker, the cards are put together and a message appears written on the cards: "That's Magic!".

You get 16...

★★★★ $10
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printed cards

Chris Wasshuber
The Ultimate Magic Square (King of Hearts) by Chris Wasshuber

"I've been doing magic 40 years, and this may be one of my five favorite tricks. Excellent thinking. Hard to top." - Clyde Hayre, US.

A spectator is asked to throw three fair dice (this is an absolute fair throw or even just a mental throw - no force here). From the number fairly thrown you construct a perfect magic square. For a kicker, the cards are put together and the face of a King of Hearts appears.

There is no palming of cards or exchanging of decks or anything like it. You work with 16 cards and 16 cards only without any sleight-of-hand.

You get 16 specially printed cards...

★★★★★ $15
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printed cards

John G. Hamley
The Art of Chapeaugraphy by John G. Hamley

Did you know that you can do twenty-five astonishing hats with one felt-ring? You can do many more by experimenting yourself. But this excellent little booklet shows you twenty-five hats. You will find hats with names such as 'Jester', 'Soldier', and 'Nun'. Chapeaugraphy is not a magic act but great entertainment. Another book which dedicates a whole chapter to the art of Chapeaugraphy is The Modern Conjurer.

1st edition, 1922; 15 pages.

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. Cowboy
  4. The Vatican Guard
  5. Chelsea Pensioner
  6. Patsy the Irishman
  7. Beadle
  8. The Gendarme
  9. Dustman
  10. Duke of Wellington
  11. Napoleon
  12. Schoolmaster
  13. Jester ...
★★★★★ $3
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Harry Kellar
A Magician's Tour by Harry Kellar

Harry Kellar writes about his travels and adventures around the world. Very readable and entertaining.

1st edition, 1886; 214 pages.

  1. Start in Life
  2. The Bull Fight
  3. Triumphal Tour through Mexico
  4. In the Role of Prophet
  5. Through South America
  6. Around the Horn
  7. Shipwreck and Reverses
  8. First Bow in the Colonies
  9. Dining with the Maharajah
  10. Boar Hunt in Java
  11. The City of Shanghai
  12. At the Court of Ava
  13. The Spiritualist Excitement
  14. In the Punjaub
  15. In Bombay
  16. The Jugglers of India
  17. In Africa
  18. Hard Luck Turns
  19. Before Her Majesty
  20. Kimberley Diamond Fields
  21. Substitute for Jails
  22. Chinese Gordon
  23. Among...
★★★★★ $12
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Learn How to be a Handcuff King and Mystery Man by unknown

This booklet covers a good selection of Houdini-style escape illusions. Among others you will learn how to escape from a safe or vault or trunk. It teaches several rope ties, how to pick locks and how to escape from handcuffs. This is a worthwhile addition to your escapology library.

24 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. No 1: A Great Handcuff Trick
  3. No 2: Escape From A Safe Or Vault
  4. No 3: The Vanishing Assistant
  5. No 4: The Crack Marksman
  6. No 5: The Marvelous Levitation Act
  7. No 6: The Excelsior Rope Tie
  8. No 7: The Wonderful Trunk Escape
  9. No 8: Escape From 75 Feet Of Rope
  10. No 9: The Siberian Chain Escape ...
★★★★ $2
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Francis B. Martineau
Victory Bouquet by Francis B. Martineau

This is a manual of how to make your own flower bouquets. Sure you can buy a beautiful bouquet, but if you want to save some money and do a little home project, this is the right ebook for you. By doing it yourself your bouquet won't look like the standard one every magician seems to use.

1st edition, 1944, New York; 17 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Blossoms
  4. Outside leaves or petals (calyx)
  5. Springs
  6. Spring reinforcements
  7. Stems
  8. Stem leaves
  9. Stem wrappings
  10. Folding the blossom
  11. Preparing the stem
  12. Cutting and shaping the spring
  13. Mounting the spring on stem
  14. Fitting the blossom on...
★★★ $3
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Joe Artanis
Artanis Bottom Deal by Joe Artanis

It took us two years to track down a copy of these elusive instructions to the bottom deal. Gary Plants, the man with the best bottom deal alive, wrote "The Artanis bottom deal is probably the closest thing in print to the type of bottom deal that I do."

The really cool part of this ebook is that you can study the bottom deal audio-visually: hear, see and read. Artanis explains verbally how to do the bottom deal, you can study 12 photos that capture every stage of the bottom deal, and you can read a set of instructions. The electronic format allowed us to further improve the audio-visual...

★★★★ $35
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Julian Bradbrook
Bar Tricks and Magic 1 by Julian Bradbrook

This is a neat little collection of bar tricks, stunts and simple magic effects. Some of it will be familiar to you, some have a new twist or plot and others might be completely new to you. Julian added photos to make it very easy to present these on your next visit to your favorite bar or restaurant. It is a good idea to have a few of these stunts ready when you are not prepared to do a full magic show, but still want to be the center of attention.

1st edition, 2004.

1. Red or Black
This trick will prove that your volunteer has ESP as they correctly predict whether cards are red or black. ...

★★★★ $5
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Hocus Pocus Junior by unknown

This book includes detailed work on the "Cups and Balls," and the first version of the "Stack of Pence" (i.e., "Stack of Quarters"). It is probably the first English book written from the viewpoint of a performing magician. Any serious magician should read this book, not to learn a lot of new tricks, but to realize how much has been known for a long time. This book is part of our history. I understand that $60 or more for a paper reprint is hard to justify, but now for a few bucks there should be no excuse to not read this wonderful little treasure.

1st edition, 1634; 52 pages.

  1. The Epistle...
★★★★★ $7
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Todd Diamond & Michael Wild
Bar Magician by Todd Diamond & Michael Wild

Michael Wild has teamed up with another hard core bar magician, Todd Diamond, to share with you their knowledge and great effects for the bar/pub venue. If you read Bar Magician it will become obvious that these two gentlemen have done magic in bars for quite some time. They explain their thinking and reveal some of their best effects. A bar can be a tough and sometimes rude place. Todd and Michael included one effect that matches this environment: "Two Cigarettes Having Sex". Be warned that this presentation may offend you. You might not want to do this for your in-laws next to the Christmas...

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Michael Wild
Tavern Magic 2 by Michael Wild

Tavern Magic 1 was so well received that Michael Wild decided to follow it with a second volume which has even better routines. To use his own words "it's larger, has more photos, and contains some pretty damn good material (if I do say so myself)". Yes, it has almost double the amount of photos - and I thought volume one was already chock full of photos - and it teaches indeed amazing miracles using the Sun & Moon gaff coin set. For reviews and comments about Michael's innovative work see Tavern Magic 1.

Michael about the Sun & Moon gaff: "I have always been fascinated by the Sun & Moon coin set because of it's diabolically...

★★★★★ $9.50
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Michael Wild
Tavern Magic 1 by Michael Wild

This ebook is the author debut of Michael Wild. But he is no beginner when it comes to handling coins. He likes to perform in a bar/restaurant environment, and all his routines have been extensively tested there. I was impressed with his meticulous way of describing his routines, his thinking and motivation. He included many photos to describe the modus operandi. This makes it very easy to follow along and learn these fantastic coin routines. The PDF version is done in a beautiful magazine like layout. Michael is also a regular at The Magic Café online forum, aka Wildstone. If you have any...

★★★★★ $7.50
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