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Jeff Stone
Stone Frixion Fire by Jeff Stone

This is currently the most complete and thorough work on the use of Frixion pens (heat sensitive ink) in magic.

At first glance, Stone Frixion Fire plumbs the depths of what can be accomplished with these ingenious pens to entertain your audience. But it goes farther: it cultivates directions in which these pens can take your performing. The effects presented are smooth and very reachable for nearly any performer. Good, solid material all the way around.

With the coming of Frixion to America, now is the time to ride the wave. Stone Frixion Fire is the most comprehensive study of this fascinating...

★★★★ $14.95
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Frank Balcerak
Color Changing Pen by Frank Balcerak

A very visual effect that is very easy to perform. You take out a red Sharpie and change it to a black Sharpie with a simple flick of your hand. This is so easy to do and a great off beat effect whenever you need a card signed.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1999.

runtime: 3min 40s

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Alan Rorrison
Broken Home by Alan Rorrison

Borrow a set of keys. Break off the tip of a key clearly showing the broken key still on the key ring. Then mend the key and return all keys in perfect condition back to the spectator.

This is a very visual quick effect to impress your audience and set the right mood for more miracles to come.

runtime: 6min 35s

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MP4 (video)

Lewis Ganson
The Ganson Book by Lewis Ganson

This book is part biographical, a history of Lewis Ganson - one of the most prolific authors of magic, and a lot of wonderful magic.

It is written in Ganson's usual well-written, well-articulated style. Cards, coins, money magic, mental magic, cups and balls, and much more.

1st edition 1982; 232 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Dedication
  2. Bibliography
  3. Contents
  4. Index of Photographs
  5. A Tribute to Lewis Ganson Evening (Edwin Hooper)
  6. Introduction
  7. A Tribute from Dai Vernon
  8. The Music Room
  9. Jess
  10. The Burford Arms
  11. A Magician at the Bar
  12. The Cap and Pence
  13. Ellis Stanyon's Limit Four Ace Trick
  14. Moving On
  15. My Start in Magic
  16. Jack...
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Eric Mason
Stuff: A collection of Original Magic by Eric Mason

Stuff is a beautifully designed and produced book (now available as ebook) of top quality magic and contains detailed descriptions of several marketed props and routines. These include the Beta Wallet, the Breese-Mason Wallet, Cummupence, the Silver Retriever, the Golden Retriever and Pandora. Eric Mason was not only a brilliant inventor and magician; he was a creative and talented illustrator. You will find several examples of Mason's skill as illustrator in this ebook.

Eric Mason was a highly talented and exceptionally creative magician and illustrator. He was the Art Editor of Pabular magazine and illustrated...

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Hugh Miller
Al Koran's Legacy by Hugh Miller

This is a completely new, revised, expanded and updated edition.

The ebook contains most of the original material but virtually everything has been re-written and benefits from the skill of an expert editor. There is a host of additional material written by Lewis Ganson and previously published in the Routined Manipulation series published by Harry Stanley.

Along with Graham Jolley, Martin Breese has always been a follower of Al Koran and his amazing material. Al Koran’s name appeared on almost every page of the Gen. And thanks to Harry Stanley his material has been preserved for future generations to study and use.

Graham Jolley...

★★★★ $35
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Paul Harris
Lysdexia by Paul Harris

The effect is unusual, typical Paul Harris - a word on a page in a book moves.

runtime: 4min 53s

★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

David Devant
Lessons in Conjuring by David Devant

This is an obscure but extremely fine lesson in conjuring. It is true that it was written as an introduction for the neophyte, but it is a gem of a book of great value to absolutely anyone regardless of their experience.

The text is very modest - no 'latest novelty' or 'top secret'. Just solid sensible counsel about standard, albeit classic, items from Devant's repertoire. Devant is not simply saying what you might want to hear, he is telling you what he has found to be important. He is treating you the way he would treat a private student. For a book this is quite unusual. Most authors hold...

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Various Authors
Friendly Fire: Magic From The Pages of New Directions Magazine by Various Authors

Friendly Fire is an exciting collection of almost 30 effects, routines and essays from the contributors to Ben Harris' New Directions Magazine published between 1985-87.

What exciting times these were. The masters like Marlo, Andrus, and Lorayne where at the top of their game and the new faces like Sankey, Sanders and Harkey were just emerging. And, New Directions captured a lovely slice of these changing times. We've even got Mike Gallo's ORIGINAL NO GAFF REVERSE MATRIX! Do you remember the excitement and torrent of creativity that spurned?

Exciting card, coin and dice magic awaits you inside. Full routines,...

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Lewis Ganson
Routined Manipulation Finale by Lewis Ganson

The final book of the Routined Manipulation series. (Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.) More great hand magic for both close up and stage by some of the greatest magicians of all times.

  • Anti Gravity Glasses: A feature of Ganson's act for years. Three glasses suspend from a clear sheet of plexiglass. Everything is examinable. This was a marketed item by Unique Studios for many years and now you can easily make this up at home and use it.
  • Fred Kaps Coins and Glass Routine: This is the exact routine used by Fred Kaps throughout his career. One of the finest routines with coins ever!
  • Peter Warlock's Take a Bow:...
★★★★ $12
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Lewis Ganson
Unconventional Magic by Lewis Ganson

Here is another classic magic book by Lewis Ganson with effects by Ken Brooke, Peter Warlock, Cy Endfield, Marconick, Tonny van Dommelen and others.

c1950, 59 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Free Choice
  3. Chapter 2: Cy Endfield's Card Penetration and Change
  4. Chapter 3: Bags of Everything
  5. Chapter 4: Eddie Ward's Zombie Card Rise
  6. Chapter 5: Three Penetration Effects
  7. (a) Bertram Millidge's New Move with the Jardine Ellis Ring
  8. (b) Silk Through Ring
  9. (c) Silk through Silk
  10. Chapter 6: Ken Brooke's Knot-Out plus a simple routine for the Sympathetic Silks
  11. Chapter 7: Ken Brooke's Presentation of the Vanishing...
★★★★ $12
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Patrick Page
Pages From Patrick's Notebook by Patrick Page

This superb ebook is packed with ideas and routines from Patrick Page one of the most knowledgeable professional magicians. Imagine producing real beer in an empty can - close-up! Or learn a routine for the transparent Chop Cup. Plus rope routines, card moves and effects and lots more, including Pat's Princess Quatro Card Trick. Everything is beautifully illustrated by Earle Oakes.

1st edition 1990; original 94 pages; PDF 71 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. The Biro Can
  4. The Vanishing Knot
  5. The Ever Change Card
  6. The Pageboy's Picture Frame
  7. The Not-A-Knot Rope
  8. The Misdirope...
★★★★★ $10
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Patrick Page
The Big Book of Magic by Patrick Page

From the back cover:

How often have you watched a conjurer perform what looks like a miracle and asked yourself, "How on earth is that done?" Well, now the long-kept secrets of the expert stage magician's art are revealed in this astounding book. Written by a Gold Medal member of the Inner Magic Circle, it explains in minute detail exactly how all those classic feats are done - such as levitation, rope tricks, sawing the lady in half, disappearing cabinets, escapology and many more. By following the step-by-step instructions in this book, you too can join the ranks of those who know conjuring's...

★★★★★ $15
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course by Rupert Howard

Most likely you have never heard about this magic course. When I think about a 'magic gem' I have these 25 volumes in mind. This course could be called the 'British Tarbell Course' and in many respects it is much better than the Tarbell Course. It came out around the same time Tarbell issued his course and it had the same intent, to take a novice, introduce him to magic in a serious and thorough manner and give him all the information to develop him into a performer who can earn a living from performing magic. Rupert Howard's course does not cover as much ground as the Tarbell on trick technique, but quantity...

★★★★ $24.50
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(on CDROM)

Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 25: More Miscellaneous Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content
  2. The Holeproof Hat
  3. The Penetrating Ring
  4. Money by Wireless
  5. My Lady of the Bath
  6. A Domestic Mystery
  7. The Snow Man
  8. A Word of Thanks
  9. Closing Words
You can also get the entire 25 lesson course on disc.

1st edition 1931; 18 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 19: Miscellaneous Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content
  2. The Golden Lift
  3. Roses of Yesterday
  4. The Floating Ball
  5. The Travelling Bottle and Glass
  6. Vice Versa
  7. A Seaside Story
  8. The Flying Shoe Laces
  9. Bowl of Water Vanish

1st edition 1931; 18 pages.

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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 14: Production and Opening Effects by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content

    Magical Productions

  2. Introduction
  3. The Inexhaustible Box
  4. Hat Productions
  5. Cloth Productions
  6. Bowl of Water Production
  7. Bouquet Production
  8. Shower of Flowers Production
  9. The Enchanted Organ Pipes
  10. Productions from a Spectator

    Opening Effects

  11. The Vanishing Wand
  12. The Fire Bowl
  13. "Good Evening"
  14. The Surprising Handkerchief
  15. A Match For Anyone
  16. The Flower Trays

  17. Closing Effects
  18. Caution

1st edition 1931; 23 pages.

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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 03: Showmanship and Impromptu Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content


  2. Stage Fright and Nervousness

    Impromptu Magic

  3. The Travelling Marbles
  4. The Moving Matchbox
  5. No Choice At All
  6. The Jumping Match
  7. The Handkerchief Through the Ankle
  8. The Hypnotized Matchbox
  9. The Haunted Hats
  10. The Penetrating Fountain Pen

    The History of Magic (part 3)

  11. Magic in the Middle Ages

1st edition 1931; 22 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 01: Easy Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content


  2. Professional Attitude
  3. Scientific Principles
  4. How to Study
  5. Your Success in Magic

    Easy Magic

  6. Millinery in a Minute
  7. The Flying Band
  8. The Divination
  9. Magnetic Power
  10. The Devil's Addition
  11. The Hindu Slave Bangle

    The History of Magic (part 1)

  12. Magic in Egypt
  13. Priestly Wonder Workers
  14. Early Sleight-of-Hand

1st edition 1931; 26 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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(Benny) Ben Harris
TacTics by (Benny) Ben Harris

2002 and a small lecture tour. Harris needed an oddity that would contrast his card work. Some visual and aural distraction. TacTics was the answer. 150 units were assembled, fingers burned, and instructions written. The item was quite popular and did end up in an issue of Genii. Here is the original manuscript, re-edited and with clear photos. Ideas with color-changes, sound-based illusion and the "Milk Pitcher" application allowing you to vanish tictacs, half a container at a time, till they're ALL GONE!

1st edition 2002; 14 pages

★★★★★ $6.95
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Harry Stanley
Tricks of the Television Stars by Harry Stanley

This ebook, fully illustrated, gives the secrets of the television star's favourite tricks and novelties: magic, hypnotism, laugh stunts - that anyone can perform.

This is a fun ebook with lots of easy effects, some of which you will know others of which will be entirely new to you. The lineup of contributors is a long list of distinguished magicians including Martin Gardner, Lewis Ganson, Tom Sellers, Milbourne Christopher, Ken de Courcy, Harry Stanley, and many others.

There was a second volume in this series called More Tricks of the Television Stars.

1st edition 1958, 48 pages; PDF 75 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Contents
  3. Bits & Pieces
  4. Stuntrix
  5. New Leaf
  6. Comedy Levitation ...
★★★★★ $10
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Lewis Ganson
★★★★★ $39.50
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Peter Duffie
The Celtic Cabal by Peter Duffie

A new collection of Magic & Mentalism from Ireland, Scotland & Wales

  • 35 contributors
  • 45 routines
  • including two essays
  • over 170 pages
  • fully illustrated with photographs & graphics

1st edition 2010; 181 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Mentalism
    1. Q.R.: Confabulating Confabulation
    2. Max Gordon: The Creative Side
    3. Max Gordon: The Last Straw
    4. David Lees: Mentalism (essay)
    5. David Lees: Tarot Magick
    6. Jim Cuthbert: Where will we Go on Holiday?
    7. Paul Lesso: The Jungle Book Test
    8. Paul Lesso: Quadtratus Magic Square
    9. Pete Lamont: Shape Up and Shape Down
    10. Peter Duffie: Brainwoven
    11. Peter Duffie:...
★★★★★ $22.50
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Terri Rogers
Dollar Con by Terri Rogers

This is a great self-working effect that can even be done over the phone or over the radio.

A dollar note, a five dollar note, a ten dollar note and a 25 cent piece are lined up on the table. A spectator is allowed to mix and rearrange the setup without the performer knowing how the bills are arranged. Then without seeing the table the performer gives directions to exchange some notes and in the end the performer knows where the 25 cents are.

Then in a second phase of the effect the spectator clips the 25 cents on to any of the other three bills. Again there is a sequence of shuffling...

★★★★ $5
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