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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked Rising & Levitating Gaffed Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Will Andrade
Simplified Card Fanning by Will Andrade

An illustrated manuscript on card fanning techniques.

This original manuscript was supplied by Will Andrade in conjunction with the fanning deck ("Ultra Pack") they supplied. While certain design descriptions are specific to the deck that Will Andrade sold, the techniques can be applied to other fanning decks.

PDF 7 pages

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Salvador Molano Ollivera
Gravity Card by Salvador Molano Ollivera

A freely chosen card levitates on top of the deck. Then another card is passed under the levitating card to prove that there is no connection at all, you can look through and see that it is in the air.

Please note that the explanation video has no verbal explanation. It includes a couple of inserted lines of text, and the rest is purely a visual explanation. Building the gimmick will require some time and effort, and you will most likely have to buy some supplies, but it is not particularly difficult to make.

1st edition 2019, length 18 minutes.

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MP4 (video)

Nick Conticello
The Cerebral Approach: Book Six: Lucky Locator by Nick Conticello

Nick Conticello wraps up his latest series with an effect which will amaze laypeople and fracture magicians!

Working with a shuffled, borrowed deck, the performer looks through it to find a "lucky locator card." After some shuffling a volunteer cuts the pack, counts off ten cards and thinks of one, then buries the counted cards in the deck and cuts it. The performer runs through the deck and takes out the lucky locator. He begins describing the locator to the person who selected the card. Sometimes he's lucky and the locator card is the selection. Sometimes he's not, so he spells out a phrase...

★★★★ $6
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Bob Farmer
Cheat! The Sequel by Bob Farmer

Still No Skill? Still Absolutely No Problem!

"This one is really, really good." - Mike K.

Seldom does a card trick leave your audience groveling at your feet, women throwing themselves at you and the IRS auditing your tax returns. Sure, parting the Red Sea may be more impressive, but after your hands, in a dazzling digital jitterbug, cut five packets to reveal four Aces and a Queen - and then top that by immediately reassembling the deck and cutting another five packets to reveal a Royal Flush - well, even Moses would have to acknowledge, that's pretty damn slammin'.

And that's just...

★★★★ $15
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Ken de Courcy
Super Spell by Ken de Courcy

Instantly find any card called for by spelling out its name. No sleight of hand requested. No force.

This is Ken's version of "Magic Spell" by Hen Fetsch. Although it looks incredible, with a simple preparation of the deck you will be able to immediately find any card named by someone in the audience simply by spelling it. You will be able to do this with different spectators one after the other. Yes you can take out the pack of cards and spell any of the 52 cards...and, yes, the Joker too.

In the complete instructions by Ken de Courcy you will find in detail how to do the simple preparation...

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Kevin Parker
Parallel by Kevin Parker

Blur the line between coincidence and prediction. A creation Kevin Parker kept secret until now.

The spectator stops you on any card as you deal cards into their hand face-down, and the card they stop on matches the card in their other hand, e.g. 2 black aces or etc. The apparent impossibility of this is reinforced by the fact the deck is normal with 52 different cards which they shuffled beforehand; no deck switches. The deck they examine/shuffle is the same deck dealt into their hand, which they can examine before and after, leaving them with no explanation.

  • requires no special decks...
★★★★★ $8.50
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
The Brat Pack by Aldo Colombini

[A less detailed version of this trick can be found in Direct Hits.

Three strong effects with an unexpected climax. This routine can last for several minutes and although it is very easy to perform, you will produce three strong effects due to the gimmicked deck that you can easily prepare in ten minutes.


The performer shows a deck and shuffles it. A card is selected by a spectator and openly placed in the middle of the deck. A coin is vanished. The deck is cut and on the bottom portion there is the vanished coin. Below the coin is the selected card.

Another card is selected and replaced in the deck. The words WHO IS THE GREATEST MAGICIAN?...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #24: Seeing cards with the Fingertips by Larry Brodahl

Script(s) and full handling on a routine for finding cards with your fingertips. Plays for duos, or solo performers in parlor, stage, or even closeup. Performance video included.

Effect: The magician has 3 cards selected from a red deck. A spectator has also shuffled a blue deck. From that blue deck, the magician finds the exact same cards selected from the red deck using just his sensitive fingers.

A trick and variations on the script for:

  • a duo act where one person plays the mystic, and the other is an interpreter.
  • an act where the assistant gets the credit for doing the trick. ...
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Abhinav Bothra
The Fortuitous ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra

A virtually self-working ACAAN with plenty of audience involvement.

We all know whenever the audience tries to reverse engineer or recreate a trick and fail at it; they conclude with a common statement - He must have done something sneaky.

The Fortuitous ACAAN works to counter just that. It brings wonder out of the hands of the performer at the same time ensures that the control always rests with him. Here is how it goes:

A deck gets shuffled by 4 people while 3 other people decide on the Number, Value and Suit. The shuffled deck gets collected and the cards get dealt face-up and the...

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Raphaël Czaja
Spelling Butterfly by Raphaël Czaja

A multi-prediction spelling effect with an unexpected climax!

EFFECT: The magician introduces a stack of predictions to demonstrate the spectator and him are connected through their favorite playing card.

Using a regular deck, the spectator combines the suit and the value of two selections to create a playing card only known to him. Then, he mentally spells its name as the magician deals one card for each letter. He stops him at the last letter/card which is turned face up: The 2♣. The magician spells out the 2♣ to get to another card and so on, until he runs out of cards. The face-up...

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Wesley James
I'll Pass by Wesley James

Wesley James has been seriously analyzing, studying, and improving the Pass for well over 50 years. In this volume his efforts are fully revealed for the first time.

When other magicians, even experts, have witnessed Wesley perform many of his treatments of the Pass, they've been incredulous. They simply can't believe the Pass, any Pass, can be as invisible as they are in Wesley's hands. Now, in this large volume, you can learn these invisible, indetectable Passes, as well as the most deceptive Shifts that can be performed at the card table, including the legendary "Ping Pong Shift."


★★★★ $60
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Ken de Courcy
Pasteboard Prowler by Ken de Courcy

A "Coin Assembly" with a signed and torn playing card with a surprising finish.

EFFECT: A spectator shuffles a pack then removes a card. The card is signed on the face by the spectator and torn into four quarters, and then an indifferent card is shown and laid aside face down on the table. One at a time the four quarters of the chosen card are vanished and reappear under the indifferent card. When the fourth corner should have arrived, however, there is nothing at all under the card ... all four have vanished. When the card is turned over, it is found to be the chosen card, complete with...

★★★★ $6
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Bruce Carlley
Hold'em Poker Stacked Decks by Bruce Carlley

You will learn stacks for 2 - 10 players which allow you to do the following:

Presentation: Bring out the card case and remove the cards. Briefly show the cards and hand the deck to one of the players. Have them cut the deck. And cut again. State that you think he (or she) is lucky and let them deal. He deals and he wins! They have no explanation. He cut the cards and dealt and you did not touch the deck after he cut the cards.

1st edition 2019, 16 pages.

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Ryan Shaw
Your Card Isn't Here? by Ryan Shaw

This trick starts out as a display of the power of chance. A card is selected by the roll of dice. The magician doesn't know what the card even is. He spreads the cards and picks four random cards face down. One of the four cards is picked randomly, and the magician declares that it will be the card the spectator picked. When its not the right card, the magician makes up for it by making the card first disappear from the deck entirely, and reappear in his shoe.

Note that you will need to purchase a gimmick for under $10. Ryan provides a link where you can buy this particular gimmick.


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Bob Farmer
Bammo 666 by Bob Farmer

A couple of years ago, at the Genii and 31 Faces North conventions, I was showing some in-the-hands packet effects that used a new technique and getting amazed reactions quite out of proportion with what I expected. Though I reckoned I had little chance of fooling the cognoscenti with what I was doing (because the new technique was so simple), I noticed a lot of jaws dropping and exclamations of "Whoa!" as I demoed the effects, so I knew I'd hit on something really deceptive.

In one effect, the Ace, 2, 3 and 4 first turn face up, then, one by one, they all turn face down. Counted again, each...

★★★★★ $20
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Stewart Judah & John Braun
Subtle Problems You will Do by Stewart Judah & John Braun

This is a work mostly of card magic, but not exclusively so. It has some photos and some illustrations by Sid Lorraine. From the introduction by H. Adrian Smith:

Having been one of the first to read the present material, and having seen most of it presented by the authors, I can assure the reader that he is in for a treat. However, if he simply glances through the book, he may be justified when he believes that he has not received his money’s worth. This is one book that must be read with care, for it must be borne in mind that both authors are masters in the art of minute detail, and if one does not absorb the details...

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Dave Arch
Under the Spell by Dave Arch

Many magicians are familiar with Jim Steinmeyer's most excellent Nine Card Trick. However, not as many are aware of the precursor that used an entire (or nearly full) deck to have various audience members spell personal information and still find the selected card!

My favorite place to use this routine is when sitting at a table when the deck can be passed around the table with up to six different people participating in the process of selecting, losing and then finding the card. Follow the instructions, and the magic works itself.

1st edition 2018, 2 pages.

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Joe Stuthard
Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties by Joe Stuthard

An excellent work on the Svengali Deck, including drawings and photos.

  • Mechanics Of Svengali Deck
  • Handling The Svengali Deck
  • Main Points To Remember
  • Running The Cards
  • Double Lift
  • The Riffle Shuffle
  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Fan
  • The Spread
  • The Drop
  • Effects With Svengali Deck
  • Stabbing Trick No. 1
  • Stabbing Trick No. 2
  • Stuthard’s Svengali Subtlety
  • Methods Of Switching Deck To Ordinary Cards
  • Suggested Routine With The Svengali Deck
  • Finally

1st edition 1948, 15 pages; PDF 13 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Charles C. Eastman
Lu-Brent's Exclusive Card Mysteries by Charles C. Eastman
  • Introduction
  • Thought Spelling
  • Move Two Cards
  • You Selected the - -?
  • Lu-Brent's Mental Card Mystery
  • A Card Sympathy
  • Lu-Brent's Reversed Card Location
  • Lazybones
  • Lu-Brent's Count Down Mystery
  • Lu-Brent's Matching the Aces
  • The Siamese Pack
  • Shark Food
  • The Coins and Card Mystery
  • Think? - Stop
  • The Suit & Value Coincidence
  • A Card Prediction

1st edition 1934, 19 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Dave Arch
Generic Four Card Monte by Dave Arch

Now you can use these instructions to make your own customized four card monte routine for any themed event. It doesn't involve a "flap card," and the full faces of all four cards are shown during this multi-phase routine. Visit your local office supply store and have them make up these cards in a moment's time using even the pictures of people's faces from your audience. Ideal for trade show work too when using product features and/or benefits. Comes complete with a practice set of graphics for making a kid's story routine about three mice and an elephant as well as a video to explain the simple...

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Bob Farmer
Cheat! The Prelude by Bob Farmer

Still no skill? Still no problem!

Turn any spectator into a world-class card cheat. They'll love you for it unlike that stupid thing you do with the sponge balls.

The magician hands the spectator a lucky rabbit's foot. They take turns cutting high card: the spectator wins every time. For the finale, they play a hand of poker - the spectator controlling the cards - again the spectator wins.

Cheat: The Prelude the perfect lead in to Cheat. Together they make a devastating gambling routine, irrefutable evidence that you - YOU - are the MAN! (even if you are not a man).

Simple and practically...

★★★★ $6
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Ken de Courcy
Delayed Action Eleven Cards Routine by Ken de Courcy

A multi effect comedy card routine with audience participation and an unexpected climax. Cards mysteriously increase and decrease of number in magician's hands defying the laws of mathematics in a crescendo of surprises.


The magician fans a pack of cards to a spectator asking him to choose one and place it in his inside jacket pocket. The performer tries to read the mind of the spectator and to guess the chosen card but he fails. In desperation he slings the pack high in the air. With hardly a break, he removes some more cards from his pocket and goes straight into another trick...

★★★★★ $5
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Bob Hummer
A Baker's Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer

Here's a compendium of 13 of Bob Hummer's unique, mind-blowing stunts for magicians and mentalists. A baker's dozen mentalism and magic effects using cards and coins. Each one seems utterly impossible, yet they work every time.


  • Foreword (B. W. McCarron)
  • Introduction (Martin Gardner)
  • 1. The Magic Separation
  • 2. Face-Up Prediction
  • 3. Lite-Ning Addition
  • 4. Two Card Transpo
  • 5. Two Card Location
  • 6. Card and Ribbon
  • 7. The Four G-Men
  • 8. The Card on the Window Pane
  • 9. Double Thought
  • 10. A Rare Coin Stunt
  • 11. A Possible...
★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Poker Nightmare by Devin Knight

A winning poker hand turns blank on both sides.

Two tricks in one. These are two of the most visual and eye-appealing tricks you can do. Looks like trick photography and takes around 30 seconds to perform. They are almost self-working and require no sleights. You can learn to do these effects in about five minutes. They are that easy to do. Resets in 3 seconds. This is perfect for strolling gigs because of the instant reset.

EFFECT 1: Magician says he would like to share a dream he had. He cleanly shows five playing cards back and front. It is a winning poker hand and the stakes are high....

★★★★★ $4
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