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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked Rising & Levitating Gaffed Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking


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Larry Jennings
The Pacoima Solution by Larry Jennings

The performer retails and reenacts a dream that at the end becomes reality.

A pack of cards is introduced. Spectator gives it a cut and peaks at a card in the center of the deck. Then the spectator gives the deck a shuffle. Performer turns half of the deck face up and half stays face down. The spectator is asked to remember if her card is in the face-up or face-down portion. The performer spreads the face-up portion. Then the portions are separated and the performer continues with his dream where he took a card crumpled it up and it vanished in mid air to reappear face up in the tabled portion....

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Gerard Zitta
The Other Color Mystery by Gerard Zitta

This is a hands-off and impromptu card effect.

This effect should be presented as a mental experience rather than a card trick. The patter could be around complementarity or duality. You can talk about Yin and Yang, Black and White, Heads and Tails, Male and Female, etc. At the end of your introduction, you explain that in a deck of cards, this is represented by the two colors RED and BLACK.

A Spectator shuffles the cards and cuts it in two piles. He thinks of a color RED or BLACK and counts secretly how many cards of this color are in his pile (for example 7), while your back is turned....

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Allan Ackerman
The Order of Merlin by Allan Ackerman

This is Jack Merlin's Order trick from And a Pack of Cards. The performer and spectator each give the deck a legitimate riffle shuffle. Then all the Spades are removed from the deck, shown in a ribbon spread, counted to be 13, and magically end up in order from ace to king.

runtime: 4min 16s

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N.I. Pectus
The Off-Principle by N.I. Pectus

Sometimes we confuse progress and novelty. Not everything new is an improvement.

What the off principle offers is not newness but rather simplicity. The Off-principle is not trying to replace breaks, peeks or controls and yet it is making them less relevant. The off principle is not an advanced move or trick and yet it is able to improve almost every card trick. The off principle is complex in it s applications and yet simplifies almost any card trick you are about to perform.

Yesterday you used controls to keep track of the spectators card, now it is still possible but unnecessary. Yesterday...

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Ronald Levy & Devin Knight
The NTE Principle by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

A card feat that can be done over the radio. The magician shows the audience how to program their deck into a smart deck and proceeds to locate everyone's chosen card over the radio. A great publicity stunt that will get you booked on radio shows.

"Very deceptive, very nice!" - Tom Craven
The NTE Principle is a self-working hands-off effect that can be done over a cell phone, in a room full of people or even over the radio for thousands of people at the same time. It's an amazing effect where people select a playing card, lose it into the deck and then the magician is able to locate the card without...
★★★★★ $8
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Ken de Courcy
The Novena Enigma by Ken de Courcy

Another great trick by Ken. You can do it anytime, anyplace with any deck. You can perform it even if the deck is incomplete. It is a perfect impromptu trick. It has all the elements of a great trick: an entertaining patter, comedy and a surprising finish.


A pack is shuffled and a card is selected by a spectator, shown to a few other people, then returned. The magician shows the face card of the pack and asks whether it is the chosen card. This is denied. The performer tries to right the things.

He drops the pack face down on the table but the top card is face up. But once...

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Louis Nikola
The Nikola Card System by Louis Nikola

The Nikola Card System is more advanced than either the Si Stebbins or "Eight Kings" card systems. Even upon close examination pre-arrangement seems impossible with this system.

  • Section 1: Argument
  • Section 2: Curriculum
  • Section 3: Utility
    • 1. "Stop"
    • 2. Cards By Weight
    • 3. Weighing Chosen Cards
    • 4. The Sense Of Touch
    • 5. Human Magnetism
    • 6. Locating
    • 7. Spelling
    • 8. To Spell Any Card Called For
    • 9. Thought Anticipated
    • 10. Unconscious Thought Transmission
    • 11. Wizard's Whist
    • 12. All Trumps
    • 13. The Spelling Bee,
    • 14. The Game Of Poker, And
    • 15. The Game Of "Nap"
    • 16. To Name The Position...
★★★★★ $4
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Arthur P. Neyhart
The Neyhart Houlette by Arthur P. Neyhart

This ebook is a reproduction of the original instruction booklet that came with the Neyhart houlette. It describes operation and care as well as several performance ideas and ways to use the houlette. The Neyhart houlette appeared in the 1930s and made a big splash at the 1935 IBM convention. It is an ingenious device that allows you to let any card named rise out of a 52 card deck - no stooges, threads or electronics.

It is also further described in Samuel Cox Hooker and his Rising Cards and The Big Book of Rising Cards. Other rising card methods can be learned from Knowing the Rising Cards.

1st edition 1930s; 7 pages....

★★★★★ $5
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Tom Phoenix
The Next Best Trick of the Year by Tom Phoenix

Do a color change, while the card is on fire!

This is a really nice color change, with the added touch of changing a burning card into a different burning card. Included is a method to make the first card travel from the deck, into the box. The change will take some practice, as it uses some un-orthodox moves, but is well within the skill of the average card handler.

1st edition 2016, length 10 minutes.

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Tom Richardson
The More the Merrier by Tom Richardson

The More the Merrier covers four different routines for the advanced card worker.

3x More Ambitious
A modern version of the classic Ambitious Card performed with three cards. The spectators will not believe their eyes as cards appear, disappear and visually change in front of their eyes. The routine also includes a Card to Pocket and a strong finish where the rest of the deck disappears - leaving only the three selected cards behind!

Catch Me If You Can
This bonus routine is thoroughly entertaining to perform and watch. Under test conditions three cards repeatedly turn face up in...

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Stephen Tucker
The Missing Link by Stephen Tucker

Three playing cards (or business cards) are shown and then, with herculean strength, you tear out their centers - in order, you explain, to magically link them together.

Once they have been linked, they are then torn apart (to break the chain), then the "hoops" are restored and handed out for immediate examination.

You can make gimmicks in less than five seconds! Now also supplied with a 100% impromptu handling.

1st edition 2005; 4 pages.

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Jerry Andrus
The Miser's Miracle by Jerry Andrus

EFFECT: The performer shuffles a deck of cards and fans them out, explaining that he will use the two cards wherever the spectator says, "Stop." At the spectators indication the performer stops and removes the two cards at that point. Both hands and both cards are shown on both sides and without further manipulation the two cards are placed together face to face, and a silver dollar is seen to slowly emerge from between them.

After rolling up his sleeves and again showing his hands empty, the performer picks up the deck from the table and shuffles it again. The cards are fanned out, and again...

★★★★★ $4
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Tom Phoenix
The MIQa Box by Tom Phoenix

Two Deck Switches for the workers.

This is the evolution of the MIQa Box 3.0, including the previous two versions. This box allows you to easily switch one deck for another, under the guise of starting to put the deck away or putting the box off to the side. It's a very natural movement, without the discrepancies of other devices.

There are two versions included. Both of them work very well, so you choose which one you like better.

[Don't forget to download the PDF that goes along with this video from your digital shelf.]

1st edition 2016, length 36 min.

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Christopher Bolter
The Memorized and not so Memorized Decks by Christopher Bolter

The Boston Stack: Chris' signature stacked deck and routine that requires almost no memorization and is diabolically simple.

The Duchess: this memorized deck is so easy to remember you'll want to perform it every chance you get! Plus, it's fun.

The Seesaw Collection: one final option in Chris' memorized deck booklet. This stack, also requires almost no memorization and uses a back and forth procedure that you can't get wrong!

[Please note that these stacks are not full deck stacks. You are stacking about half the deck. Technically they are algorithmic stacks. This means you will have to do some simple math to derive the next card.]

1st edition 2013, 21 pages...

★★★★★ $28
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Russell T. Barnhart
The Master Palm by Russell T. Barnhart

During his Princeton years, Russell worked in a nightclub doing close-up magic, and he has frequently entertained in that medium in his busy New York life since. He knows the value of a card trick that "entertains" and this is what he focuses on in Master Palm. Careful, concise thinking written up in clear language helps you to learn the 17 sleights and 15 tricks more easily.

1st edition 1975; PDF 58 pages, photo illustrated.

Table of Contents


    Part One



  4. (1) Right hand Side-Slip Steal
  5. (2) Spread Replacement ...
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Wesley James
The Man Who Knows Erdnase by Wesley James

Wesley James' 7 DVD set, "The Man Who Knows Erdnase", on the enigmatic book The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase has been met with controversy. Discussions about Erdnase generally do lead to heated debates, be it the discussions about his identity as well as discussions about the techniques taught in the book and their applicability, history and execution.

Wesley James is undoubtedly an informed card expert with decades of experience who had the guts to put his thinking, believes and information on the table. He made a sincere attempt at trying to make Erdnase more accessible. It is Erdnase through the lens of Wesley James...

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Leo Behnke
The Making of Playing Cards by Leo Behnke

Leo Behnke worked for many years for Paulson, a playing card manufacturer. He describes in this ebook the history of playing card production up to the process that is used for todays cards. He also describes in detail the 9 editions of the Magic Castle cards and how one can identify them.

Beyond the interesting historical and technical descriptions Leo is offering, this information can also be quite helpful in creating a script or interesting line of presentation for a trick or routine.

The contents of this ebook was presented at a Magic Collectors meeting in Las Vegas, April 8 2005. ...

★★★★ $3
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Tommaso Guglielmi
The Magician's Dream: a practical solution for any card at any number by Tommaso Guglielmi

The Magician's Dream is a collection of two practical ACAAN's effects: Random ACAAN, ACAAN on Demand.

With Random ACAAN, you are able to perform ACAAN effect completly self-working: You can perform it without you touching the deck ever (before, during and after the effect). It works with any unprepared deck.

ACAAN on Demand is a full impromptu one to one ACAAN. This method is pefect when someone, in a informal situation, asks you to perform a magic trick. The method is very pratical and in 95% of the cases it works without you touching the deck from start to end.

Bonus effects: ...

★★★★ $13
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A. H. Stafford
The Magician at the Bridge Table by A. H. Stafford

If you want to do more than just poker deals, consider adding this fascinating routine of bridge table magic to your act. This title has been long out of print, and now it's back and better than ever for a new generation of audiences and performers.

After a game of bridge, your audience is already in a card mood. That's the perfect time to introduce this compelling routine where one miracle flows seamlessly into the next.

From the introduction by Howard P. Albright

From the audience viewpoint, an entertaining series of skillful demonstrations; but from the magician's angle, an ingenious application of...

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Daniel Skahen
The Magic of Tyler by Daniel Skahen

This is a colleciton of the best of Daniel Tyler's inspirations over the past five years. The first section covers effects and routines, the second section moves. You will find new ideas and variations of old classics. Overall solid commercial material.

1st edition, 2005; 125 pages.


Counterfeit Card The best method I have ever seen or come up with for a countdown routine.

P4 – Peppermint Patty Power Puncher A cross between Torn & Restored and Healed & Sealed ... with Peppermint Patties!

Dirty Laundry The cleanest and easiest card-to-sock routine.

Lincoln’s Trick One of the...

★★★★ $20
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Paul A. Lelekis
The Magic of Michael Skinner by Paul A. Lelekis

Nine effects from the repertoire of Michael Skinner. Forward by John Carney is very informative. (John was one of Michael Skinner's dearest friends.) Michael gave John his "Notebook of Magic" before he passed.

The introduction provides a "deep insight" into the career, life, friends, and "thinking" of this very special man. Michael Skinner is considered to be the greatest magician of all time. His sleights, subtleties, nuances, misdirection, patter, trick selection, and pace were impeccable...and the size of his repertoire was profound. Skinner could perform over 600 different effects at his prime - and...

★★★ $12
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Darwin Ortiz
The Lucky Deck by Darwin Ortiz

Effect: You display a heirloom deck from your grandfather that due to its frequent use has lost all faces - you display a blank deck. You place the Queen of Hearts (a blank card) on the table and the Joker (another blank card) in your breast pocket. Magically these cards turn into the real cards. On top of this entire deck has changed from a blank deck to a regular deck.

You will need to be able to do: a reverse fan, hindu shuffle, double lift.

runtime: 10min 17s

★★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Zaw Shinn & Hninn Aye Lwin
The Love by Zaw Shinn & Hninn Aye Lwin

Performer shows the red back of a playing card. One can see a heart and an arrow is drawn on the back. Suddenly the arrow slowly flies towards the heart until it penetrates it. In the final climax the color of the red card changes to blue. Making the gimmicked card requires arts and crafts.

Special thanks to Patricio Teran for helping to release this effect.

1st edition 2022, video 36:59.

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MP4 (video)

Zac Eckstein
The Loudmouth 1 by Zac Eckstein

A new series in Magic and Mentalism, here comes the Loudmouth. A short and direct ebook series striving to give you not only quality and tested material, but thoughtful pondering's on issues and subjects involving the magic world.

A demonstration of either incredible memory ability or a "remote viewing" act. You can accurately take a shuffled deck (by you and your spectator if desired) and either memorize, or remote view any suit called for over and over again to the decks completion. (Can even be done blindfolded.)


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