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You might think that at a friendly game with your friends or at a professional tournament there is no cheating. Well, think twice, cheating takes place in all kinds of games. It is crucial that you at least know the basic threats of how you can be cheated and how to spot and counter them. If you gamble for a living, you better become a specialist on cheating. The ebooks in this category will tell you all you need and prepare you to not be the mark and the sucker the cheaters steal money from.

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S. W. Erdnase

The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. ErdnaseOriginally entitled Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table, is probably the most cited and referenced book about card gambling moves - a classic in the history of magic literature. A must read for any card magician or aspiring gambling expert and an indespensable reference book. While the authorship of this book is hotly debated we are convinced it was Edward Gallaway. (For a detailed work on the search for Erdnase see Hurt McDermott's Artifice, Ruse & Erdnase.)

[A copy of this book is also included in Michael McDougall's Card Mastery. This ebook is also available in a German translation.

This book was rated one of the ten basic books for a working library of conjuring by H. Adrian Smith, historian, collector...

2005 / 6 / 14

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Displaying 61 to 61 (of 61 products) Pages: <   1  2  3  4 
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