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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volume 5 (1993) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
  • No 1
    • Bent Outta Shape, David Neighbors
    • And Then There Was One, Daryl
    • Weight Your Turn, Troy Hooser
    • Hatzoo, Norman Beck
    • Think of a Coin?, Evert Chapman
  • No 2
    • Rainbow Writing, Anthony Lindan
    • Karate Kracker, Giovanni
    • The Brainwave Connection, Dan Garrett
    • French Liberation, Jean-Pierre Vallarino
    • Sludge and Ice, Dan Harlan
  • No 3
    • Touch of Brass, Troy Hooser
    • Drawl, Phil Goldstein
    • Cut Me Two Times, John Swomley
    • Destination Unknown, Dan Harlan
    • PUN, Michael Powers
  • No 4
    • Rules of the Game, Phil Goldstein
    • Dust to Dust, Joe Rindfleisch
    • Natural Selection, Dan Harlan
    • Spitting...
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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volume 4 (1992) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
  • No 1
    • Financial Attraction, Dan Harlan
    • Reverse Inflation, Gazzo Macee
    • Prints Re: Gent, Phil Goldstein
    • Bangle Tangle, Harvey Rosenthal
    • Stick It in Your Ear, Mac King
  • No 2
    • No Way Out, Gary Plants
    • Suck It Up, Bob Rees
    • Speck-ulation, Anthony Lindan
    • Pivotal Pinch, Eric Wolf
    • Joint Venture, Dan Harlan
  • No 3
    • Invisible Slit, Hiro Sakai
    • Twice as Crazy, David Neighbors
    • Squeezed Away, Troy Hooser
    • Stutter Count, Dan Harlan
    • Match Cutie Gizmo, Michael Weber
  • No 4
    • Fluctuations in Value, Gary Kurtz
    • Hokey Pokey, John Swomley
    • Montexpose, Phil Goldstein
    • Give Piece a Chance, Michael...
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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volume 3 (1991) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
  • No 1
    • Forget to Remember, Anthony Lindan
    • Twisted Down, Eddie Fechter
    • Twisted Up, Ray Mertz
    • Turning Point, Gordon Jeppesen
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloon, Dan Harlan
  • No 2
    • Fast Four-mation, Homer Liwag
    • Off the Menu, Phil Goldstein
    • The Famous Popcorn Trick, Mark Sicher
    • Auto Suspension, Dan Harlan
    • Optical Advantage, Steve Cohen
    • Aces of Diamond Bar, David Neighbors
  • No 3
    • Marionette Sound Count, Ken Krenzel
    • Here Comes the Bridle Hitch, David Drake
    • A Gentlemen's Game, Gazzo Macee
    • No Ink-ling, Michael De Marco
    • The Elusive Penny, Keith Walker
    • Emcee Hammer, Marv Leventhal ...
★★★★★ $15
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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volume 2 (1990) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
  • No 1
    • Brain Probe, David Williamson
    • Chink-A-Change, Mark Fitzgerald
    • Explosive Impact, Rocco
    • Spread 'Em, Dan Harlan
    • Swivel Monte False Cut, Dan Garrett
  • No 2
    • Slice With a Twist, Mark Tams
    • Pun-Ultimate Bunnies, Dave Dillon
    • Three Magic Scarves, Johnny Ace Palmer
    • Put a Lid On It, Jim Kleefeld
    • Sticky Foot, Dave Chuirazzi
  • No 3
    • Premeditation, Dan Garrett
    • Flash Cards, Anthony Lindan
    • Table Squeeze, David Neighbors
    • Under Covers, Dan Harlan
    • Cube in Air, Dan Smalley
  • No 4
    • Ultimate Illogical Cut, Troy Hooser
    • Cracked Thoughts, Jerry Lynch
    • Blunk, Phil Goldstein
    • Extra Starcle...
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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volume 1 (Nov 1988 - Dec 1989) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan

This PDF not just includes the four issues of volume 1, but also the sneak preview issue.

  • Sneak Preview
    • Traveling Cash, Dan Harlan
    • Pendulum False Cut, Troy Hooser
  • No 1
    • R.P.M., Dave Dillon & Marv Leventhal
    • Heads or Tails?, Tom Craven
    • Starcle, Dan Harlan
    • Slider Aces, John Quine
    • Coins from Napkin, Steve Cohen
    • Two Card Location, Chris Kenner
  • No 2
    • A Perfect Match, Mark Sicher
    • Count-er Point, Troy Hooser
    • Copper Silver Transmutation, Troy Hooser
    • Back Two-gether, Mark Fitzgerald
    • Spectator Cuts the Kings, David Williamson
  • No 3
★★★★★ $15
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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Index Volumes 1-8 by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan

You will get all the indexes that have been issued for THE MINOTAUR:

  • Volumes 1-8 (this is the most recent one including the 'Final DVD' issue)
  • Volumes 1-6
  • Volumes 1-3
Each index has three tables one sorted by effect name, one sorted by author name, and one sorted by volume and issue. One unique feature of the first two indexes is that each effect is ranked by its 'impromptuity' - how impromptu the effect is.

1st edition 1994 - 2011; 39 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Gagbuster by Aldo Colombini

Funny stuff for magicians, MCs and other entertainers. For a pro just one new gag or bit of comedy that fits into his program is worth a lot of money. Even though Aldo demonstrates these gags not in front of a life audience, it is so much better to see a video and get a sense of how they have to be delivered, rather than just reading about them. Here you have a sampling of some great gags:

This is the funniest, most unusual download DVD on comedy ever produced. A collection of visual gags and comedy bits that you will...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Cameron Francis
Full: Three self-working full deck effects (video) by Cameron Francis

Performed by Cameron Francis himself. Stacks can allow you to perform miracles under the fairest and cleanest conditions imaginable. Stuff you just can’t do impromptu. Stuff that will seriously blow your spectator's minds. This download DVD contains three such effects. Each trick requires a full deck set up and each one is self-working. Just add presentation and stir vigorously. The three effects use completely normal decks which, after the trick is over, can be shuffled up and used to produce all sorts of impromptu miracles. All of them make very good openers. Give at least one of these effects...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Dave Campbell
Duplicity by Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell is another of Scotland's creative cardmen. He's perhaps best known as the creator of the popular 'Fred' card effect which was copied all over the world.

Here, in Duplicity Dave Campbell presents an entertaining card effect in which the performer re-enacts one of Houdini's famous feats - walking through a wall. A signed card represents Houdini and a jumbo card represents the wall. Although you have told the spectators in advance what is going to happen the signed card manages to disappear from among four blank cards and then reappear under the tabled jumbo card.

Perhaps the...

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Cameron Francis
Reorder by Cameron Francis

A killer, self contained packet effect that makes a great closer!


“Right now I'd like to show you one of my favorite tricks. I love it because It's got a really big finish.”

The magician displays a packet of blue backed Jokers and one Ace of Hearts. One by one, three of the Jokers print the mates of the Ace of Spades.

“Now, I can understand how the Jokers turn into Aces. But the thing I don't understand is where these backs came from!”

The magician turns the Aces over to reveal four different back designs.

“Now, you might think that this is the big finish...

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Dee Christopher
Legion by Dee Christopher

"Get out of here, don't release it. Make up some story, only I may have this!" - Branden Wolf (Bison, Room with a View - After seeing the workings)

"From the very first second I learned and understood what Legion was and was capable of, my mind hasn't thinking of some absolutely mind blowing magic and mind reading that this can achieve. This is truly versatile and beyond practical. I don't believe anyone is going to be disappointed with Legion, it's devious and wicked." - Lloyd Barnes (Method, Barrell Change)

"Legion took the fear out of forces for me. My close up has improved dramatically...

★★★★★ $14
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Aldo Colombini
Totally Impromptu by Aldo Colombini

Impromptu card magic performed with a regular deck of cards.


  • KNOCK THEM DEAD (Paul Gordon): A freely selected card is revealed as the only face-up card in a packet.
  • NAME YOUR CARD (Roy Baker): After a card is selected you cut the deck into several packets. The spectator picks one and from that one card is chosen: The selection.
  • IN THE CODE (Karl Fulves): A card selected by a process of elimination, ends up face up in the middle of the deck.
  • THE MYSTERY OF THE PENTHOUSE (Nick Trost): The four Jacks placed in four different spots in the deck, assemble to the top.
  • ELMER'S WEDDING (Peter Duffie): You show the Kings and...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Ring and Rope by Aldo Colombini

Ten easy routines with rings and ropes. All the effects are performed with regular props (3 to 5 inch diameter rings, ropes and silks). They are suitable for close-up, walk-around, stage, etc. You may tie several effects together to create a unique routine.


  • RING AND ROPE MOVE (George Hills): A rope and a ring. The ends and the middle are always in view but the ring penetrates the rope.
  • HINDU RING MYSTERY (Eddie Joseph): The perfect follow-up for the previous trick. The ring penetrates the rope and becomes free.
  • THE CHEEKY ROPE AND RING TRICK (Aldo Colombini): A ring is threaded on the...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

TC Tahoe
TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 5: Color Changing Knife by TC Tahoe

Re-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.

This routine has served TC very well for years. It was a major part of both his restaurant work and his Close-up show at the Magic Castle, for which he was nominated Close-up Magician of the Year.

"Perfect example of Jazz Magic." - Daryl

"Fantastic routine, so much magic with just one knife!" - Michael Ammar

The routine is fun, fast and entertaining...

1st edition 2011; 10 pages.

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Solyl Kundu
The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 1, Issue 1 (Aug - Sep 2011) by Solyl Kundu

The first issue is a potpourri of topics and contributors.

  • The Care of White Doves - caring for and using of doves by David J O’Conner from Down Under
  • Past Glory of India - a short write-up and pictures of Gogia Pasha (known to some as the "Gilly Gilly" magician from India)
  • A Short History of the I.B.M. by Past International President of I.B.M. Jack White
  • Your Best Test Audience - finding your best and toughest "practice" audience by Grandpa Chet
  • a clever magic-themed Crossword Puzzle by Balasubramian Chandran aka Balu The Magician
  • Control Coins – an excellent coin prediction by...
★★★★ $2
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Chris Wasshuber
911 Summing by Chris Wasshuber

I rarely get to work on my own creations these days. 911 Summing is one of those rare occasions. It is an effect and method I have created more than 20 years ago. Both the effect and the method are to the best of my knowledge completely new and have never been published before.

This is a math effect I have had a lot of fun with. It can even be performed as puzzle challenge rather than a magic effect. I have performed this for people twice as smart as myself - engineers, scientists, researchers, professors - you name it. Not once has anybody figured out how it is done, even though, the principle...

★★★★ $20
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Stephen Tucker
Taking Liberties: the U.S. Card Book by Stephen Tucker

An early publication filled with routines from the creative mind of Stephen Tucker.

1st edition 1984; 56 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Shaken And Stirred
  3. Double Vision
  4. Sounds Too Good To Be True
  5. Space Oddities
  6. Halve Your Oil Bill
  7. Generation Gaps
  8. They're Back
  9. Unburied Treasure
  10. Laundering
  11. Black Power
  12. Throwaway
  13. Silent Running
  14. Within Your Reach!
  15. Poles Apart
  16. The Born Leader
  17. Overnight
  18. Between The Lines
  19. Splash!
  20. On And On And On And On And On...
  21. Sledgehammer
  22. Top Secret
  23. Queen Of Controversy
  24. Girl Talk
★★★★ $16.50
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Kyle MacNeill
Out Of Hand by Kyle MacNeill

Young inventor Kyle MacNeill brings you his latest ebook – seven hands off card tricks. All seven tricks are strong and streamlined, with most being completely hands off and others being predominantly hands free. I think that you will find all the ideas refreshing.

1. Spectator does the Sandwich (This first appeared in Inventions) - A 100% hands off effect whereby a card is picked by the spectator, and cut into the pack. He then suddenly finds the two red Kings face up with four face down cards in between. The spectator then picks one of these cards, and discovers that it is his card! The three other...

★★★★★ $9.49
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Cameron Francis
At Home With Rachel Colombini by Cameron Francis

A heart-to-heart interview with Rachel Colombini conducted by Cameron Francis. Her beginnings in England, the move to the USA, how she and Aldo met, her difficult moment with open heart surgery, the recovery and more. She then shares a trick never before released and, why not, sing a song!

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MP4 (video)

Rachel Colombini
At Home With Aldo Colombini by Rachel Colombini

A candid intimate interview with the Italian Teddy Bear. With wit, honesty, and lots of inside details, Aldo shares with his fans his life as a comedy magician and lecturer; his view on magic, tells about his career, the move to the USA, his hobbies, and how he was able to survive until 60 just with a deck of cards and a piece of rope! He also teaches an easy Italian recipe for a great pasta dish, and he may even play the guitar and sing a song if pressed by Rachel (and helped by a glass of wine). Of course, he will also show and explain a trick never before released.

Aldo and Rachel have...

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MP4 (video)

Dr. Bill Cushman
Companionage by Dr. Bill Cushman

"Companionage is a French word from medieval times, used to define that stage in the life of a person when formal education was over and learning happened by a direct exchange of secrets, from one craftsman to another. Under companionage a person would travel across Europe, staying in several towns, each for a while.

This way, a traveling blacksmith, for example, would stay with the town's blacksmith to work with him, learn from him and share his own knowledge in return. By staying with blacksmiths from town to town, each would achieve mastery, go back home, set shop and start receiving...

★★★★★ $55
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David Gemmell
Unfinished by David Gemmell

A small collection of ideas and variations with the pasteboards.

Its been a while since David Gemmell has put anything out. His life has taken a strange turn for the better, and other interests have held his attention for quite some time now. What follows is a small and possibly incomplete collection of ideas and variations on classic themes that have held him captive for many years and these are the latest handling’s that he uses.

No pictures this time, just words, ideas, pathways, and references where possible.

1st edition 2011; 29 pages.

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Aldo Colombini
A Set-Up With Aldo (Spanish) by Aldo Colombini

En este fantástico e-book del prestigioso mago Aldo Colombini, encontrarás 5 impresionantes rutinas de cartomagia que dependen de ordenaciones de la baraja. Al más puro estilo de Aldo, sin manipulaciones complicadas.

Estoy seguro que estamos todos de acuerdo en que el efecto es lo más importantes y que algunos de los mejores efectos en la cartomagia se consiguen gracias a ordenaciones previas a la ejecución del juego.

Aquí encontrarás 5 fantásticas rutinas que dependen de ordenaciones en la baraja.

  • Crazy Poker: La más salvaje demostración de poker que jamás hayas visto. ...
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TC Tahoe
TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 4: Bill Switch by TC Tahoe

Re-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.

"When I first started doing stage magic many years ago it was difficult to find or create a solid 5-minute performance piece. Having used a slight variation of T.C's Bill in Tomato routine for 5 years is strong testimony to its impressive entertainment value." - Gregory Wilson

"I cannot believe you can do the bill switch for a crowd of over a thousand people and make it play! Only you TC" - Paul Romhany

"A great series full of practical ideas on familiar magic routines. From razor blades, to salt pours, to vanishing bottles, TC's wonderfully warped mind tweaks...

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