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B. Das
Levitation Secrets by B. Das

This is not an ebook of illusion blue prints, and it is not intended to be complete. As the title suggests, it is a book of “secrets”, illustrating how each levitation is performed. The illustrations and descriptions are sufficient for an experienced builder to translate into finished illusions. This ebook also satisfies the mere curious who would like to know how some of these illusions are accomplished.

Featured are:

  • AGA
★★★★ $2
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Devin Knight
Dissolving Aces by Devin Knight

One of the BIG hits of Devin Knight's recent lecture tour. An effect that left many magicians with their mouths open as they witness the incredible vanish of four aces ONE BY ONE.

The effect is done with just the four aces. They are not gimmicked in any way. The rest of the deck is set aside. Only the four aces and your two hands are used. Show four aces front and back and freely count them. A little squeeze and one ace vanishes, leaving three cards that are dealt out. Show three aces, square them and give the packet a squeeze. Now there are just two aces left in your hands. The last two...

★★★★★ $8
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Devin Knight
Three Mind Miracles by Devin Knight

This ebook contains three effects from Devin Knight that are about as close to real mindreading as you can get.


An ungimmicked Tarot Deck is shown and given to anyone to shuffle. Four people are invited to come forward. They remove the top five cards from the shuffled Tarot Deck and arrange them face up on a table in any order. They do this while you are across the room and CAN NOT SEE THE CARDS. Each person is asked to just think of one of the cards. They say nothing and write nothing down. Everyone could be thinking of the same card or each person could be thinking of...

★★★★★ $14.95
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Kyle MacNeill
Card Shark Issue 1 by Kyle MacNeill

CARDSHARK is an exciting new monthly card magic digital magazine, edited and compiled by Kyle MacNeill. This is the first issue, and it is being sold for a special low introductory price of just $0.99!

This issue contains 5 tricks from Cameron Francis, John Holt and Kyle MacNeill.


  1. Dessert first by Kyle MacNeill – A super–visual card trick with a nice ‘ending of the trick first’ hook. Walk around workers should like this one. (New trick).
  2. Super Quick ATFUS Hof by Kyle MacNeill – A streamlined take on Hofzinser Ace Problem. Easy to do and packs a punch. (New trick).
  3. Fight by John Holt –...
★★★★ $0.99
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John Gelasi
Wave Trio by John Gelasi

Young magician John Gelasi presents three new takes on a classic plot in packet card magic: the brainwave effect. Each of these new effects are novel, fun approaches to the plot, with varied methods and handlings, so you're sure to find one that you'll love performing. Better yet, each effect ends completely clean, with all of the cards being totally examinable at the conclusion. Resets are fast, making these the perfect effects to have in your wallet for that spur of the moment performance.

The eBook contains these three new routines:

The Royal Wave: Impromptu "B’wave" at its best....

★★★★★ $6
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Aldo Colombini
Italian Serenade by Aldo Colombini

This is a reputation maker routine. It uses a regular deck of cards and it is totally impromptu. You show the four Kings and four black cards. The Kings are placed one by one among the black cards. They disappear and reappear in one packet. Then the Kings are paired up with the four black cards. The Kings disappear and you are left with eight black cards. Finally, you produce the Kings one by one using different stunning methods. Over a dozen effects!

★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Aldo on Trost Volume 5 by Aldo Colombini

Nick Trost was a master at creating amazing tricks and routines based on subtleties rather than difficult sleight of hand.

Most of these tricks are impromptu and they all use a regular deck of cards.


  • SIGNIFICATOR CARDS: A freely selected card is lost in the deck and revealed by four cards picked by a spectator.
  • THE RESTLESS COURT CARDS: The twelve court cards are used. You place them in three packets and then switch their positions. They follow each other in their respective piles.
  • AN EQUALIZER REVEALMENT: Two cards are freely selected and replaced. The deck is shuffled face up and...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Sam Dalal
Patterns of Perfection Revisited by Sam Dalal

An easy approach to the perfect Magic Square.

This is a completely new, and easier method for compiling a 4x4 (16 cell) Magic square that totals to any number called by the audience in 52 different ways.

The original method from which this has evolved was first published in 1993. You can master this with just a few trials in less than an hour, and use it for a lifetime - with nothing to buy, nothing to replace!

With most magic square effects the method has two components. One component is memorization, the other calculation. For example, you memorize one particular magic square and...

★★★★★ $4.75
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Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course by Mark Lewis

We truly believe this is the best hypnosis training in the industry. First produced in 1998 it is the original course that started off the plethora of hypnosis training that is prevalent nowadays and it is still the best information available.

Mark Lewis is a very experienced professional stage hypnotist who has performed his stunning show all over the world in Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Canada and the United States. His information is the best in the business.

The course was first produced in VHS and audiocassette tapes, then later on DVD and CD format. And now for the first...

★★★★★ $99
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MP4 (video)

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 4 by Mark Lewis

[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This fourth part, a download DVD, shows again an entire hypnotism show (a different one than the one shown in Part 3) which takes place in a high school. There is a running commentary and interview in the background which instructs the viewer while the show is ongoing. This commentary is very valuable information which will assist the aspiring hypnosis student to gain profiency very quickly. We do not advise watching this video unless part three is viewed first to accustom the viewer to the show sequence. Otherwise it will be hard to follow the show and the commentary at the same time....

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MP4 (video)

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 3 by Mark Lewis

[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This third part, a download DVD, shows an entire hypnotism show from begin to end. It is an outdoor fair show that starts quite slow - almost boring. There is lots of distracting noise. Still Mark Lewis spins his hypnotic web and leads the audience to a hypnotic experience many have never seen before.

This video should be watched for entertainment only since there is no instruction of any kind depicted on it. The purpose of this recording is to amplify the information on the Audio recording and on Part 2. Another very important purpose, however, is for the viewer to understand the sequence...

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MP4 (video)

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 2 by Mark Lewis

[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This second part, a download DVD, is a very thorough overview of waking suggestion tests which are performed at the beginning of the show. These all occur before the actual hypnotic induction and are excellent entertainment in themselves even though nobody is actually hypnotised just yet. These tests also have the valuable purpose of conditioning people to react to suggestions and help in selecting the best possible subjects.

This recording is a mix of a taped seminar and recordings of actual hypnotism shows performed by Mark Lewis....

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MP4 (video)

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 1 by Mark Lewis

[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This first part is a 90 minute audio lesson where Mark Lewis outlines the structure and methods of a stage hypnotism show. You could almost learn a hypnosis show from this recording alone. It covers how to start, how to practice hypnosis, how to rehearse, how to select the best subjects, waking suggestion tests, how to induce hypnosis and a large selection of routines you can use....

★★★★★ $20
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Jozsef Kovacs
The Gleaner by Jozsef Kovacs

Changing Collectors
Three spectators choose three cards. You lose the selections in the deck. You produce the four Kings from your pocket. The four Kings turn face down magically and after this they change into the four Aces and the three selections appear between the Aces.

Cheese In My Pocket
This is a reverse collectors effect. You put three selections between the four Queens. Then you cut the seven card packet in the middle of the deck. The three selections disappear from between the Queens and you produce them from your pocket.

1st edition 2011; 4 pages.

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Scott Xavier
Modern Mentalism Notes by Scott Xavier

A modern look into some amazing concepts of mentalism. You'll find three effects designed and tested in multiple venues from the streets of New York to the stages of Exxon Mobil.

Order 66 - an in pocket prediction system. The performer writes down a three digit number. The person who accurately guesses this number stands. That same spectator selects a random drink, a random restaurant from a pack of dozens of business cards from around the globe, and then the audience creates a random phone number. The mentalist points to his phone that's been in plain sight the whole time. Then a video prediction...

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Martin Adams
The Gate Vol. 2 by Martin Adams

This ebook contains six more mentalism routines most of it completely impromptu. All the routines are audience tested and come from Martin's repertoire.

Sweet: Several spectators (8-10) attempt to guess how many candies are in a jar. Only one will guess the exact amount correctly and an envelope on stage contains a prediction matching that number as well as a description of that spectator. As an added treat, all the spectators' guesses are tallied and when divided by the number of spectators it equals the exact number of candies in the jar.

The Time Has Come...: One of Martin's favorite...

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Michael Daniels
Speed Dating by Michael Daniels
"ingenious ... innovative ... Probably the best thing about Michael Daniels' Speed Dating eBook is the completeness. If you've thought about learning this feat, you can learn everything you need to know from this book." - Grey Matters: Blog (Scott Cram)
Speed Dating is a refinement to Day for Any Date calculation that Michael Daniels has developed over the last thirty years, and which incorporates some new shortcuts to the mnemonic methods previously published by Bernard Zufall, Harry Lorayne, Will Dexter, and Tony Corinda. It does take quite a bit of initial training but, when mastered, it is very quick and...
★★★★★ $10
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Bill Dekel
Digit by Bill Dekel

A spectator raises a number of fingers behind their back. You instantly know what that number is, without reflections, assistants, or gimmicks.

"When used as a tool within another effect (a reading or the Sympathy idea) most folks would consider this to be real mind reading." - Donald Rackley

"Dirt easy and simple which is what we all yearn for in an effect." - Giani the Mentalist

  • 100% Impromptu
  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • ESP Symbols
  • Sympathy
  • Numbers
  • Words
  • Cards
  • Colors
"This is an ingenious principle that is entirely reliable and realistic. Everyone needs...
★★★★★ $19.99
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Solyl Kundu
My Kind Of Magic by Solyl Kundu

Here is a lively mix of 25 effects using cards, silks, cigarettes, matches and more, directly from Solyl's professional repertoire.

1st edition 2007; 48 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Tools of the Trade
  3. Floating Matchbox
  4. Balance
  5. 21st Century Torn and Restored Card
  6. It's Me
  7. Colors In Flight
  8. It's Me! (No. 2)
  9. The Rainbow
  10. Confetti Caper
  11. Beauty and the ...?
  12. The World's Best Magic
  13. Indian Cups and Balls, Nu Style
  14. Good Bye
  15. Elmsley Count
  16. The Animated Cigarette
  17. A Magic Give-Away
  18. Calling Cards Capers
  19. ESPecially Yours
  20. Coincidence!
  21. Fishy Cat
  22. Floating Cigarette Caper ...
★★★★★ $18
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TC Tahoe
TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 6: MCing by TC Tahoe

Re-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.

Learning to Host a show, I mean to do it properly, lead to so many improvements in TC's own show, that to this day he still hosts shows whenever he can. Learning to MC will not only improve your act, it will make you stronger and more confident on stage, oh and of course it will open up new avenues of work too.

"TC never ceases to amaze me. Not only is he one of the strongest headliners we have, but he is one of the best Show Hosts I have worked with. Whether he is hosting our guest talent show, (which he volunteers to do) or hosting special...
★★★★★ $20
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Cameron Francis
Headroom by Cameron Francis

Eight self-working mental magic miracles using playing cards and business cards!

"I really like Either OR, and will be using it. This is worth the price of the PDF in my opinion." - Devin Knight

"'A rough Year, Too' (is) one of the best and fair diary effects I've ever seen." - Raphael Czaja

"Had a chance now to go through this eBook and give the effects some time, thanks Cameron for including me in the review copy list. I have a few of Cameron's releases now and they are all of very high quality and this is no exception. Like many people I tend to lean towards performing mentalism and having a...

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Wolfgang Riebe
Work on Cruise Ships as an Entertainer and Speaker by Wolfgang Riebe


  • Do you want work on a cruise ship?
  • What’s it like?
  • What types of contracts are available?
  • What is expected of you?
  • Ship life - what’s it all about?
  • How much do they pay?
  • How many shows do you need?
  • What kind of accommodation do they offer?
For Singers, Magicians, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Jugglers, Classical Acts, Multi-Instrumentalists, Musicians, Lecturers, Speakers, Dancers, etc.

Everything you ever need to know about cruise liners. Inform yourself of all the ins and outs of this industry. Make the right choices.

Plus ‘contact addresses’ of cruise...

★★★★★ $8
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Wolfgang Riebe
52 Vent Acts by Wolfgang Riebe
  • A must have for all Ventriloquists
  • 52 Complete routines
  • Will suit various puppets
Even if you are just searching for new gags to use in your present routine, this ebook is jam packed full of a variety of great items. The dialogues have been written in such a way that they will suit any kind of vent doll and personality.

A massive number of topics are covered. You will find something for all tastes and occasions, including: General, On Stage, Hobbies, More School, Famous, Sport, Family, General Cheekiness, Sick, Airplanes, School Again, The Problem, Marriage, Interview, Holidays, Mr....

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Wolfgang Riebe
One Liners You Will Use by Wolfgang Riebe

Short one-line jokes, alphabetically categorized for speeches, speakers, entertainers and comedians.

"One liners you will use is an A to Z of snappy, funny one liner gags that you will be able to inject into your own show. Between the covers of Wolfgang's book is a whole battery of one liners, all suitable for the right occasion. These one liners are all carefully categorized according to subject and so it is an easy, quick reference method of finding the right gag for the right spot in your show. Take advantage of years of practical experience going into this book. Imagine how long it...

$13 $9.99
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