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Ananta Deb Banerjee
Designed to Deceive by Ananta Deb Banerjee

Mr. Deb was initiated into magic at an early age. As a teenager, he was inspired by the Late P.C. Sorcar’s Magic Shows, and soon started performing his own magic shows in local clubs on many occasions. He developed an interest in the 'mechanics' of tricks and started making his own props in his own small home workshop. He gained a wealth of knowledge by avidly reading a wide variety of books on this subject.

The eight effects described in this ebook are mechanical self-working props, that "do" the magic. The performer has little else to do, once the props are ready, than pull the correct...

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Werner Miller
Enigmaths 9 by Werner Miller

Werner Miller continues with his ninth and last volume in this series of self-working and semi-automatic effects all based on mathematical principles. Many of them are card tricks.

"Any trick requiring a sleight is not honest. You are telling a lie with your fingers. (...) A puzzle is more clever than a trick, because with a trick you cheat to get the result. With a semi-automatic effect – using a principle – one tends to feel a little more honest." - Stewart James (1908-1996)

1st edition 2011; 35 pages. Illustrated.

Table of Contents

  1. Logic
  2. The Substitute
  3. Puzzle Time
  4. "1 – 9"
  5. Middle...
★★★★★ $12
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Werner Miller
Enigmaths 8 by Werner Miller

Werner Miller continues with his eighth volume in this series of self-working and semi-automatic effects all based on mathematical principles. Many of them are card tricks.

1st edition 2011; 32 pages. Illustrated.

Table of Contents

  1. It Goes Like This
  2. Segregation III
  3. Segregation IV
  4. One for YOU, one for ME
  5. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  6. Poker Prophecies
  7. Court-Die-ally
  8. Symmetrical Surprise I
  9. Symmetrical Surprise II
  10. Hera's Method
  11. Hera’s Method – XL
  12. Any Other Card
  13. Where Is It?
  14. U/D Swapping
  15. A Trick With 18 Cards
  16. Two, Three, Four
  17. Positions of Trost
  18. Moment musical
  19. The Hol(e)y Card ...
★★★★★ $12
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Werner Miller
Enigmaths 7 by Werner Miller

Werner Miller continues with his seventh volume in this series of self-working and semi-automatic effects all based on mathematical principles. Many of them are card tricks.

1st edition 2011; 31 pages. Illustrated.

Table of Contents

  1. Cardician’s Solitaire
  2. I’m NOT Ogen
  3. Alternately
  4. Segregation I
  5. Segregation II
  6. Four Queens
  7. Two Aces
  8. Upwards
  9. Free Cut Duo
  10. Flip Coda
  11. Similar Endings
  12. Huit Cartes
  13. Countdown
  14. Flipdoodle I
  15. Flipdoodle II
  16. Escalera
  17. Pasillo
  18. Arrowbatics
  19. OLRAM Arrows
  20. Arrow Predictions
★★★★★ $12
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Sam Dalal
All you wanted to know about Change Bags and 101 Tricks you can do with them by Sam Dalal

To the average magician, a Change bag is a device like a collection bag, that changes a couple of silks, ribbons, rope or other similar items. Well, there are several varieties of those, with short handles for one hand operation, and longer ones for two hand operation, with single and double compartments (for a double change), with zippers to poke your hand through - Sam Dalal has made over a dozen varieties of this for his Magic service. But there are many other types of "change bags" like draw string bags and ladies' purses, paper "pop bags", mesh shopping bags and crystal clear bags, some...

★★★ $4
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Sam Dalal
42 Amazing Tricks and Stunts with Rope by Sam Dalal

You can carry a piece (or more) of rope in your pocket, and use it to perform some amazing magic for an intimate audience of a couple of spectators, or on a stage for an audience of hundreds. There are hundreds of tricks you can perform with a piece of rope. The most famous of these is the Cut & Restored Rope trick, where a piece of rope is cut into two or more pieces, and magically restored.

But there are many others, where knots magically appear or vanish from a length of rope, rings or handkerchiefs penetrate through a length of rope, or a rope penetrates through your knee or neck. There...

★★★★★ $3
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Dee Christopher
Belief by Dee Christopher

A collection of thoughts.

Belief is the new ebook on mentalism by Dee Christopher. In this ebook, not only will you find some versatile techniques and a devestating full close up mind reading act, you will also find several essays on creating the most powerful demonstrations possible and making the demonstrations that you already do ten times more powerful.

The ebook also contains the full explanation of 2009's The Isolation Experiment video. A demonstration Dee devised using a readily available but under used prop to create the illusion of bending a fork while it's completely isolated....

★★★★★ $21
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Peter Duffie
Embellished + Covert Assembly (bundle) by Peter Duffie

Two download videos by Peter Duffie for one low price. Both are reworked items. Embellished is a reworked Valediction, and Covert Assembly is a rework of Pocket Assembly.

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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie
Covert Assembly by Peter Duffie
  • No Gaffs or Duplicates.
  • Impromptu
  • Use any Deck.
  • This is a reworked version of "Pocket Assembly".
★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie
Embellished by Peter Duffie
  • Great finish to any routine.
  • This is a reworked version of "Valediction".
  • Easy one-time Preparation.

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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie
Best of Duffie 5 by Peter Duffie

Over 40 Tricks - Fully Hyperlinked - LOW introductory Price!

This volume takes off from where the previous volume finished. Featuring more card magic based on clever principles rather than sleight of hand. 43 routines have been extracted from Peter's past books and are reprinted in this new volume.

  • THE...
★★★★★ $14.95
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Sam Dalal
Magic with a Marked Deck by Sam Dalal

From the introduction:

Most magicians have at some time or the other resorted to faked or trick decks to bring about some miracle or the other. And yet these same performers, who will pull out a Stripper or a Svengali deck at the drop of a pin shy away from a marked deck, presumably under the impression that everybody knows a Marked Deck.

That is, of course, a ridiculous notion. The truth of the matter is that not one spectator in a thousand can detect a good marked deck, and most of them are unaware of their very existence. For that matter, a number of demonstrations in our studios have...

★★★★★ $4
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Dave Forrest
Boxflip by Dave Forrest

'Card to Box' meets 'Deck to Pocket' in this insanely visual transpostion.

The Effect: You remove the deck from its case and have a spectator freely choose any card - no force - and sign it across the face. You then place the card case into your pocket before losing the signed card back into the centre of the deck. With a snap of your fingers you claim that you have made the card jump to your pocket and appear inside the card case. Your audience doesn't believe you. But, with a totally empty hand you reach into your pocket and produce...the entire deck. The spectator turns his attention back...

★★★★★ $7.72
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Dave Forrest
Star: torn and restored card by Dave Forrest

The Torn and Restored card that breaks the mould. Dave has kept it a secret for more than eight years.

Effect: Fold a selected and signed card into quarters and then fairly rip it up. Now, slowly and visually you start to fuse the pieces back together again. And when we say 'fuse' we mean that the pieces really fuse together before your eyes. The entire card is eventually restored and everything can be examined.

A new breakthrough method for the T&R card effect. You'll love the method - it's so devious yet so visual and it really won't take that long to get the hang of it.

All the phases...

★★★★ $17
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MP4 (video)

Dave Forrest
Colour Burn: color changing deck by Dave Forrest

A blue backed deck is removed from its case. The deck is spread and your spectators are asked to call out the names of some cards that they see. You then take the named cards and, one by one, begin to magically change their back colour from blue to red. Offering a better look at the technique you announce that you will change the back of another card...


With a gentle wave of your hand, the card begins to visibly change. The card actually appears to change as you move your hand back and forth over it! You pause halfway - the card under your hand is half blue and half...

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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Un Corte Sobre los Demás (A Cut Above the Rest) by Aldo Colombini

Continuamos ofreciendo en español, la fantástica saga de rutinas cartomágicas de Aldo Colombini.

Nuevas rutinas, totalmente impromptu, usando un mazo normal de cartas y muy fáciles de hacer... pero a la vez, como siempre, muy mágicas e impactantes.

Me doy cuenta de que si te las arreglas para organizar tu "tiempo" acabaras teniendo un MONTÓN de tiempo. Y es en este montón tiempo que no se sabe se tiene, en el que se pueden hacer muchísimas cosas que de otro modo no se harían porque se piensa que se tiene suficiente tiempo para hacer aquellas cosas que requieren tiempo.


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Michael Daniels
Mostly Perfect by Michael Daniels

Mostly Perfect is an instant 4x4 magic square presentation for any named total that simplifies the computational method originally developed by Orville Meyer (and which has also been published by Mark Farrar, Bill Fritz and Harry Lorayne, among others). Mostly Perfect also produces even more balanced and elegant squares than those produced by the Meyer method.

The ebook also comes with a browser application (no Internet connection needed) to facilitate learning of the method.

Download a free extract.

"Mostly Perfect creates the most well-balanced magic square I've ever seen ... And it's not even hard to do...

★★★★★ $6
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Kyle MacNeill
Card Shark Issue 2 by Kyle MacNeill

CARDSHARK is an exciting monthly card magic digital magazine, edited and compiled by Kyle MacNeill. This is the second issue, and it is being sold for a brilliant price of $2.80.

This issue contains 5 tricks from Peter Duffie, Marion Boykin and Kyle MacNeill.


  1. Triumphant Sandwich by Kyle MacNeill – This first appeared in the Ebook: Be. It is a awesome hybrid, mixing and mingling the sandwich plot and Triumph.
  2. Godly Transposition by Kyle MacNeill – This trick first appeared in my Ebook: Out of Hand. It is a very visual and bold face up transposition in spectators’ hands, that is almost...
★★★★ $2.80
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Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps' Purse by Fred Kaps

From a manuscript written by Fred Kaps.

The descriptions are almost entirely Fred Kaps' own, taken from the manuscripts in his handwriting. Changes of words or grammar have only been made where the meaning could have been in doubt had Fred's terminology been used. Fred Kaps' Purse uses techniques by Fred Kaps, fully explained and illustrated with original photographs.


This is one of my pet effects that I practically always carry with me because I can do the routine anytime, anywhere, without any set-up.

The effect is: you show an elegant little purse frame...

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Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps' Currency by Fred Kaps

Edward Victor's 11 Card Trick done with Dollar Bills.

The details and inner working of this routine have been kept secret since the days of Fred Kaps; before then it was only divulged to a handful of very close friends, and occasionally discussed by Fred Kaps with serious performers. Subsequently the original routine has been independently developed, changed and adapted by Trevor Lewis, Mike Caveney, Peter Pit, Ger Copper and other well-known performers to suit their own individual styles.

The transcript of the manuscript in Fred Kaps' handwriting has only been very slightly edited. It is substantially the routine Fred always presented,...

★★★★★ $15
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Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls by Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps

As taught by Fred Kaps to Trevor Lewis.

"This Cups and Balls routine has several Vernon touches; but there are alternative strategies which are truly outstanding and characteristic of the master, Fred Kaps." - Trevor Lewis

The warm, bright Mediterranean sunshine and Phillipe Fialho's delightful villa looking down on Nice in the French Riviera was the setting for Fred Kaps to teach Trevor Lewis his Cups and Balls routine and generously tell Trevor he could do what he liked with it. Trevor had a video of Fred performing the routine and had written it up in rough notes.

Twenty years...

★★★★★ $15
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Chris Wasshuber
All Roads Lead To Rome: exploration of an unusual magic method by Chris Wasshuber

With contributions by Werner Miller, Max Maven and Shigeo Futagawa.

The day was March 6th 2011 when Werner Miller sent me his Da Capo 3 and Da Capo 4 ebooks. Whenever I receive something from Werner I make time to read it. He has a knack to incorporate new twists and takes, or entirely new principles which stimulate my own grey cells.

Browsing Da Capo 3 I stumbled on an unusual effect which Werner titled "Pointing the Way". It was first published in 2001 in Club 71. This effect consisted of two parts. One was a printing effect where blank cards were shown, which later had arrows printed on them. This part of the effect was nothing special, the usual...

★★★★★ $20
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Cameron Francis
More Headroom by Cameron Francis

Cameron Francis presents seven more self working mental magic miracles using playing cards, business cards, bills, coins, envelopes, Sharpies and discount cards. There's a little something for everyone in this collection of super commercial, high octane material.

  • RED LIGHT - An ungaffed version of Cameron's bestselling effect Red Hot Prediction.
  • OUTLET - Four Sevens are shown. The spectator names one. You prove you predicted it. Clean and simple.
  • CHANGE IT UP - A freely chosen number matches the amount of change in your pocket.
  • MAGICIAN'S HOLD 'EM - A very easy to do and effective prediction...
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Sam Dalal
Magic with an ESP Deck by Sam Dalal

The original Magic With An ESP Deck was written in 1972 as an “instruction manual” to go with an ESP Deck marketed as a magic prop. The mimeographed manuscript contained a hand full of good self working effects with an ESP Deck, written and produced over a couple of days. Sam Dalal thought no more of this than the hundreds of similar manuscripts and instruction sheets he has written over the years for commercial magic items.

He was delighted when he found the book had achieved the status of a reference book on the subject. Republished by Micky Hades, references to this manuscript popped...

★★★★ $5
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