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Devin Knight
Foresight by Devin Knight

Foresight is now available as a PDF at a great savings. You get full directions and a PDF of the chart. Just print the chart off your computer on cardstock and you are set to boggle minds.

A killer effect that starts out like a comedy routine but packs a wallop at the end.


The magician holds up an envelope and says it contains a prediction. He askes a spectator to name any playing card. Performer says the named card is in the envelope. He removes an 8.5 x 11 inch picture that has the whole deck spread out. The performer says: "Look, there is your card right there."

The audience...

★★★★★ $18
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Devin Knight
Poker Tells by Devin Knight

Effect: The performer states that some card players seem to have psychic ability. These card players can correctly sense the cards in an opponent's hand. The performer says he would like to try an experiment to see if a participant has this ability to detect playing cards sight unseen. He shows four opaque envelopes and removes the four aces from a deck. The four aces are then placed inside the envelopes and mixed so the participant has no idea which envelope contains which ace. The envelopes are placed in a row in front of the participant. The participant is asked to guess which ace is in...

★★★★ $5
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D. Angelo Ferri
Di Carini Investigations: The San Francisco Files 1935-1944 by D. Angelo Ferri

Many years ago at one of the first Tannen's Magic Conventions the author attended he met Walter Gibson. He knew many of the great magicians of the 30's and 40's personally including Harry Blackstone Sr. and he had a series of Detective Comic Books. He wrote books about magic and he created the masked crime fighter: The Shadow. D. Angelo Ferri used to listen to The Shadow on the radio when he was a kid. He also watched a lot of early TV shows inspired by those old radio programs, TV shows like Racket Squad, Dragnet, The Untouchables, and The Naked City.

Ferri loves to smoke cigars. One foggy night he was walking through the...

★★★★★ $6.95
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Kyle MacNeill
Card Shark Issue 4 by Kyle MacNeill

Welcome to issue 4 of Card Shark, the highly anticipated monthly card magazine that contains awesome tricks from magicians around the world. This issue contains six great tricks, that will feed your card magic needs. You will get six brilliant effects, from Paul Harris, Jeff Stone, J. Jack, Donato Capitella, David Gemmell and me.

  1. Fingerprints of the Kings by Donato Capitella – This new trick from this new name in card magic is simply brilliant. It has a fantastic presentational hook thanks to Dai Vernon, and it oozes commerciality. A great card trick.
  2. Signed Transpo by David Gemmell – A really clever and simple transposition between...
★★★★ $2.80
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Timo Dante
Hypnose Tricks by Timo Dante

Sie haben eine Zauberdarbietung oder sogar eine Mentalmagie Show. Sie wollten schon immer mal Hypnose im Programm haben, wissen aber nicht wie. Zumal Hypnose zusätzlich nur ein kleiner Block sein soll. Dann ist dieses Manuskript das Richtige für Sie. In diesem Ebook erfahren sie, wie Sie hypnose-ähnliche Effekte ganz ohne echte Hypnose erlangen können. Sie können es als Hypnose-Tricks verkaufen oder so tun, als ob es echte Hypnose wäre. Es bleibt Ihnen überlassen. Ihrem Weg zum Hypnotiseur steht nichts mehr in Wege. Ziehen Sie in Ihrer nächsten Darbietung ihr Publikum in den hypnotischen...

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Stephen Tucker
Cardiac Arrest by Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker's classic Cardiac series revived as an ebook. This is the third part of the trilogy. 20 stunning effects.

1st edition 1984, 40 pages; PDF 49 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro...
  2. Making Light
  3. Cocktail
  4. Busy Doing Nothing
  5. Conversaceon
  6. So Be It!
  7. Royal Passage
  8. Oil Well That Ends Well
  9. The Tuckount
  10. Face Value
  11. Spot The Difference!
  12. Case In Question
  13. Back From The Front
  14. A Passing Interest
  15. There Must Be A Catch
  16. So What Else Is New?
  17. You Must be Psychic
  18. Electron
  19. Mohammed
  20. Disgracefull
  21. Over And.......
  22. Bye.....
★★★★ $15.50
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Stephen Tucker
Cardiac Stimulation by Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker's classic Cardiac series revived as an ebook. This is the second part of the trilogy.

1st edition 1984, 36 pages; PDF 40 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Total Control
  2. Henchmen
  3. Going Nowhere
  4. Cutting Remarks
  5. The Alternative
  6. Edge Hog II
  7. III
  8. Chinese Tuckaway
  9. To Have And To Hold
  10. A Sticky System
  11. In The Best Of Taste
  12. The Other Side
  13. You Only Get Out What You Put In. Or Do You?
  14. Pneumatic
  15. For Whom The Belle Told
  16. Snap And Tickle
  17. Bye!
★★★★ $15.50
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Stephen Tucker
Cardiac Pacemakers by Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker's classic Cardiac series revived as an ebook. This is the first part of the trilogy.

1st edition 1983, 36 pages; PDF 44 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Mexican Revelation
  2. The Nervous Card
  3. Upstaged
  4. Encounters Of The Fourth Kind
  5. May The Force Be With You
  6. Fast Moves
  7. The Centre Of Attention...
  8. Only Jo
  9. Diversity
  10. Cops And Robbers
  11. Down Under
  12. Under Observation
  13. The Time Warp
★★★★ $15.50
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Stephen Tucker
The Card-Mad-gic of Stephen Tucker by Stephen Tucker

23 fantastic card routines.

1st edition 1984, 52 pages; PDF 61 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Who's The Dirty Rascal?
  2. Stitches In Time
  3. Footsteps
  4. Just A Few Wrinkles…
  5. Breaking The Silence
  6. Doppelgaenger
  7. Tried And Twisted
  8. Rock Around
  9. The Inner Limits
  10. Scanner
  11. Withdrawal
  12. All Heart
  13. The Dance Master
  14. Raiders Of The Last Ace
  15. Indexlink
  16. Revealed
  17. Face
  18. Finding New Strength
  19. Thoughts!
  20. Weekend
  21. Ambassador
  22. Empress
  23. Mirage
  24. The Brail Deck
★★★★ $15.50
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Stephen Tucker
The 33 Cardinal Sins by Stephen Tucker

More than 30 card effects and 7 bonus coin routines.

1st edition 1984, 70 pages; PDF 87 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Dunbury Well
  2. Judy
  3. Distraction
  4. Back From The Brink
  5. All Change!
  6. Creating A False Impression
  7. Olympia
  8. Variations
  9. Those That Do And Those That Don't
  10. Open Till Late
  11. Short Break
  12. Con Tents
  13. Compute
  14. Chicken Curry
  15. Fake!
  16. Back For Seconds
  17. Sufferer
  18. Superking
  19. Enigma
  20. Day Of Reckoning
  21. Incentive
  22. Three's Company
  23. Mimik
  24. Zig Zag Zone
  25. Revisit
  26. Twist And Twist Again
  27. Better By Half
  28. Xtro
  29. Less Choice
  30. Sell Out!
  31. Trouble Spots
  32. Paradise Twins

    Bonus Section

  33. Glassgo
  34. The...
★★★★ $15.50
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Jim Coles
Anomalous Notes by Jim Coles

Here you will find an ESP Card trick, three PK tricks, one trick with a regular deck, and a book test.

  • An ESP Cards Effect
  • Mini-Miraculous
  • A Numbered Affair
  • Misdirection Washer Bend
  • Raw Metal
  • A Subtle Dime Bend

1st edition 2012, 12 pages.

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Don Driver
Don Driver Interview (for resale) by Don Driver

A specially-recorded hour-long interview of Don Driver (interviewer is the late David Alexander) that gives history, insights, and advice on how to make money selling the most popular trick deck in the world. Don also tells many stories and anecdotes of how he got into magic, side shows and ultimately pitching Svengali decks.

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Don Driver
The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work (for resale) by Don Driver

The Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Pitching Svengali Decks

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been made on selling the humble Svengali Deck and yet few people ever learned the inner secrets of how to pitch the deck successfully. This DVD fills that shortage.

Don Driver pitched for twenty-five years all over the country. He learned his pitch from S. David Walker, the Grand old Man of Svengali pitching who has been at it since the early 1940s. Mr. Walker learned from Mickey MacDougall, the creator of the Svengali pitch.

Explained in detail is a pitch that has been polished and...

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Don Driver
Building a Tip (for resale) by Don Driver

Vital knowledge and an essential skill for buskers, pitchmen, or anyone who wants to gather a crowd Don Driver reveals the exact construction and presentation of how he built tips in Las Vegas for a highly successful jam auction, stopping people on the streets and holding them. This DVD has actual footage of Don working this on Hollywood Boulevard as well as the bally being done by street performer Zachery Strange.

A tip in pitchman parlance is a group of people that has stopped to look what all the fuss is about, and who is ultimately ready to be pitched to and buy products.

"The Dollar...
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Daniel Madison
How to Cheat at Poker by Daniel Madison

Formerly published under the title How to Cheat at Cards this is an updated version released under the title How to Cheat at Poker. The new version includes T.U.T., 50 pages by Chris Stanislas, his first and only publication.

The ultimate guide to learning all of the techniques for cheating at card games ...

An insight into the mind, mechanics and devilry of a card cheat.

"...It was 13 years ago today when I almost lost my life cheating at cards, and what more poignant a day to release a book on the subject. It is a hope that How to Cheat at Cards will be one of my final publications...

★★★★★ $27
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Daniel Madison
The Scott Tribute: Blindfolded Poker Deal by Daniel Madison

The performer is blindfolded. Using a borrowed deck, he begins to deal cards and randomly deals five cards to one side. He then invites the participant to turn over the five cards to reveal a Royal Flush.

This is Daniel Madison's tribute to Walter Irving Scott: a card cheat who is more commonly known as 'The Phantom of the Card Table.' On June the 14th, 1930, he managed to fool some of the worlds most prestigious magicians and card men. by demonstrating his ability to deal winning poker hands from a shuffled deck of playing cards. And he did this, whilst wearing a blindfold. A lot of speculation...

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Daniel Madison
The Cold Deck by Daniel Madison

Deck switching: The act of secretly switching one deck for another during play.

The Cold Deck is a collection of deck-switching techniques by Daniel Madison. The ebook teaches six techniques for secretly and invisibly switching the deck in play in thorough detail. It also includes Slaine, a device that holds or feeds the cold deck to the cheat without suspicion.

The following techniques are included in this ebook:

  • Patch
  • Slaine
  • Veil
  • Grit
  • Ott
  • Heat

1st edition 2011, 16 pages.

★★★★ $12
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Scott Cram
Day One by Scott Cram

The classic "Day For Any Date" feat has been updated!

Day One is a new approach to appearing as a human calendar. You ask for the year and month of the spectator's birthday, and instantly create that month's calendar for them on the back of your business card.

Day One is designed to be simple to learn, as well as quick and impressive to perform.

The role of math and mnemonics has been greatly simplified and minimized, and you don't need any previous experience with other mnemonic systems. Entire centuries are covered with less than a third of the mnemonics required by other approaches....

★★★★ $9.99
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Devin Knight
Random Thoughts by Devin Knight

The performer says prior to the show, he jotted down some "Random Thoughts" and place them inside an envelope. He shows the audience this envelope and places it in full view before the effect begins. Any spectator is invited to help. No stooges or pre-show work.

The participant is then shown an ungimmicked sheet of newspaper. The performer then tears that newspaper sheet in half four times resulting in a stack of torn papers. This stack is placed on a table. The spectator then counts down into the packet, using a number that was arrived at by throwing a pair of ungimmicked dice. The number...

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Jim Sisti
The Working Professional's Chop Cup by Jim Sisti

From the introduction:

This routine was honed through many years of adding segments and cutting others. I approached the idea of developing a Chop Cup routine with two priorities: first, I had no interest in doing a Chop Cup routine that made the spectator the foil, i.e.: they always guess incorrectly where the ball is. Thus, I've included much of my patter so that you can see how I've taken the "sting" out of the routine. Secondly, I refused to underestimate the intelligence of my audience and directly address their suspicions that there is more than one ball in play. In fact, in the spirit...

★★★★ $8
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Jim Sisti
The Working Professional's Ambitious Card by Jim Sisti

From the introduction:

Though there is little that is "new" in the way of sleights here, this routine came from years of careful trial and error. The five phases represented here are the final result. I've found, after thousands of performances, that for the walk-around performer, this routine is just the right length to maintain spectator interest. Also, like any magic routine where the same effect is apparently repeated a number of times, each phase offers an apparently more impossible set of circumstances. It also ends with a natural applause cue.

7 pages, photo illustrated

★★★★ $8
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Jim Sisti
Grandpa's Fruit Knives by Jim Sisti

From the introduction:

One of the things that I had to come to grips with when I became a full-time professional performer more than 20 years ago was that I needed to stop focusing on tricks that I liked and had to find ones that my spectators liked. I also decided to try and make my presentations less expositional ("Watch this coin…" kind of stuff) and more about personal expression – letting the audience get to know me perhaps a little bit better as a result of the magic.

This manuscript is the result of my explorations into the Color-Changing Knives. I always loved the trick but...

★★★★★ $8
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Rachel Colombini
El Libro de los Test del Libro 2 by Rachel Colombini

Tras el éxito del primer volumen, Rachel Colombini recopiló 20 efectos más sobre el test del libro.

Un gran éxito de ventas, ahora en español. Nuevos efectos incluidos en este segundo volumen:

  • EL TEST DE LA REVISTA (Someeran)
  • SEÑAL FORZADA (Rachel Colombini)
  • LIBRO – CAMPANA – VELA (Floyd Shotts)
  • PÁGINA 98 – LINEA 14 (Werner Miller)
  • EL...
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Rachel Colombini
El Libro de los Test del Libro by Rachel Colombini

En el efecto estándar (a veces se hace como una predicción) un espectador abre un libro por una página y se concentra en una palabra (o tres palabras o una línea). El mentalista, de pie a cierta distancia, es capaz de revelar la palabra que el espectador está pensando. Por supuesto, como ocurre con muchos clásicos, las variaciones abundan y Rachel ha tratado de plasmar esta variedad de métodos. En este ebook también se encuentran un par de "test de revista" que da un toque moderno a la forma habitual de realizar un test del libro.

20 grandes efectos a un precio más que razonable......

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