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Eddie Joseph
The Manual of The Three Shell Game by Eddie Joseph

This is one of the best explanations of the Three Shell Game or Thimble Rig including 24 moves and 3 full routines. Jack Lamonte has drawn 86 clear illustrations to make studying the moves and routines a lot easier.

Excerpt from the introduction:

The Shell Game is essentially a close-up effect. It has no appeal, we admit, beyond the intimate range, but when demonstrated within its rightful sphere it commands a peculiar fascination.

[Note: You will also be able to download a facsimile version of this manuscript.]

1st edition 1959, 30 pages; 1st digital edition 2013, 49 pages....

★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Fun with Matches Vol. 2 by Aldo Colombini

18 of the best puzzles, gags and brain teasers with matches (toothpicks, straws or golf tees). Included is the famous story of Romeo and Juliet!

★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Fun with Matches Vol. 1 by Aldo Colombini

Easy magic tricks with matches (toothpicks, golf tees, etc.)


  • NOTHING-TO-DO MATCHES (George Blake and Ken de Courcy): A match is inserted in each fist of a spectator, one match head down and one match head up. When the spectator opens his hands the two matches are now both the same way up.
  • BACK, BACK AND RESTORED (Ken de Courcy): A match is broken into three pieces. Two pieces are dropped into the left hand and the head goes into the pocket. The left hand is opened and all three pieces are there. This is repeated. At the end, the match is restored.
  • THE TWO THIEVES (Anonymous): You tell a story of two...
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
A Cut Deeper (French) by Aldo Colombini

A CUT DEEPER : Il s'agit d'un ebook concernant des effets avec des cartes pour le magicien à la recherche de routines de cartes impromptues très fortes. Il comporte vingt-cinq nouvelles routines exécutées avec un simple jeu de cartes et comme mentionné précédemment, totalement impromptues.

Contributeurs : John BRAGOLI, Stephen Clark, Aldo Colombini, Tom Daugherty, Ken de Courcy, Paul Gordon, Tom Hubbard, Joe Hustler, James Stewart, Kinos, Paul Marcus, Max Maven, Peter Rees, Joe Riding, John Yeager.

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Meredith Nugent
Straordinari Spettacoli Magici di Bolle di Sapone by Meredith Nugent

A volte straordinari segreti rimangono sepolti sotto la spessa coltre del tempo in attesa di essere scoperti e far gioire nuove generazioni. Questo è il caso dell’opera che ti presento oggi. E’ stato semplicemente sorprendente e meraviglioso ri-scoprire il libro di Meredith Nugent sulle Bolle di Sapone…Segreti straordinari dimenticati per lungo tempo sono tornati alla luce. Ha evocato in me sensazioni meravigliose che sono convinto evocherà in te. Mi chiedevo si può scoprire qualcosa di nuovo sulle bolle di sapone in un libro di oltre 100 anni fa ? Il libro della Nugent risponde...

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Aldo Colombini
Alta Quota by Aldo Colombini


Un ebook che spiega nei dettagli una bellissima routine di cartomagia con un normale mazzo di carte


Tre spettatori scelgono altrettante carte e le lasciano sul tavolo .L'esecutore mostra chiaramente tre Jolly. Poi pone una delle carte scelte tra i Jolly e, senza guardarne la faccia, riesce a nominare la carta scelta. La carta viene rimessa sul tavolo. La stessa cosa si ripete con le altre due carte scelte. Ora per il climax finale: le caste scelte vengono girate una alla volta e si sono trasformate in altrettanti Jolly ! Ora le tre carte scelte...

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Shawn Evans
Self-Contained Card Delivery System: Mene-Tekel Magic Maximized by Shawn Evans

"Man's mind stretched to a new dimension never goes back to its original position."

Few know the simple mechanics of the forgotten Mene-Tekel deck and even fewer know its real secrets. This ebook reveals the deck's true potential as a Self-Contained Card Delivery System, a Pseudo-Copying Machine and a YIN / YANG Premonition Setup that would make Hofzinser proud.

All known variations of the Mene-Tekel are systematically discussed in exacting detail, along with the corresponding card presentations, selections, and handlings per gaffed deck. Also included are DIY chapters on mene-tekel card...

★★★★ $19.95
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David Devlin
Guilty as Sin Aces by David Devlin

This is a great opener for any routine or act, which uses the four aces. The inspiration for this came from David Regal's "Deep Guilt Aces".

Before you chalk this up to "another ace cutting trick", take a look at the features:

  • No rough/smooth.
  • No short cards. No long cards. No thick cards.
  • No memorization.
  • No sleight-of-hand.
  • No "messing with the deck" after each cut. When the spectator cuts the cards, neatness doesn't count. You never miss.
  • Totally self-working!

1st edition 2013, 9 pages.

★★★★ $4
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Ian Baxter
Three For All by Ian Baxter

A collection of three re-worked card classics and as Dan Tong says in his Introduction, “Ian has produced three very usable approaches to three classic effects.” That says it all!

Easygoing Carlyle is a no-palm Card To Pocket with a repeat phase that any serious magician can do in a few days. It is almost self-working.

With Nicely Controlled, Ian has refashioned an old trick that was a favorite of none other than S. Leo Horowitz.

Follow The Leader is certainly a classic. What Ian offers here is a six card routine that is simpler to set up than most of the older eight card routines...

★★★★★ $6
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Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice 7 by Cameron Francis

Seven more off-beat, totally impromptu card effects from the mind of Cameron Francis. Includes both written instructions and video instructions.


THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE: A "mystery card" effect where a card reversed in the middle of the deck before the trick started turns out to be the selection.

WELL TRAVELED: A "Travelers" variation that is pretty darn easy to do.

TRI THE SANDWICH: A Triumph routine and sandwich routine all rolled into one tasty treat.

OUT OF SIGHT, INSIDE THE BOX: A magical variation of Dai Vernon's "Out of Sight, Out of Mind".

FAUX SHOW: A five phased...

★★★★★ $12
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Jesse Demaline
Demagic by Jesse Demaline

The story of the late Jesse Demaline and 65 years in magic. Apart from his interesting life story there are lots of his effects: Mental Magic 21 items, Children's Magic 21 items, Close Up Magic 23 items, Miscellaneous Magic 26 items. This ebook received great reviews from Terry Seabrooke and The Magic Circular when it was first published.


  • The Act
  • Card Mentalism
  • The Handkerchief Test
  • The Jay Dem Book Test
  • Card Transition
  • Psychic Visions
  • Absolutely Silent Card Mentalism
  • Designs
  • One In Fifty-Two
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Jay-Dem Mentalism (Using a Dictionary)
  • Pools Win
  • A Good...
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Roger Woods & Maurice S. Howarth
Josephine Langley Lady Ventriloquist: The story of Mrs Edward Howarth by Roger Woods & Maurice S. Howarth

The fascinating true story of the Lancashire mill girl, Mrs Edward Howarth who became a music hall artiste as Josephine Langley, an accomplished ventriloquist. She was particularly popular during the First World War with her patriotic 'Soldier Act'. The family emigrated to America but returned to England after many adventures during the Prohibition era.

1st edition 2008, 1st digital edition 2013, 34 pages.

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Dee Christopher
413 by Dee Christopher

In 413 Dee discusses four brand new effects that he has not tipped in any other publication. Four working demonstrations of amazing mental power.

Schrödinger's Deck

A presentation and method for the light and heavy deck that will prove your powers of mind over matter. A spectator will easily lift a deck of your hand, then will be unable to do so. Easy to do and completely examinable. You are left with a normal deck of cards and box to move onto another effect. This could be done with a tarot deck if you are against playing cards in your work.

The Devil's Key

The Devil's Key is a...

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Peter Duffie
Solo by Peter Duffie

A card routine that is a combination of Hofzinser's Royal Marriages and Peter Kane's Wild Card.

[Please note that this ebook does not come with any gimmicks or cards. You will need four ordinary Kings; two blank faced cards; and four Queens with blank backs.]

1st edition 1986, 1st digital edition 2013, 9 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Peter Eldin
Silver, Copper, Brass Routines by Peter Eldin

Three Coin Routines using a Copper-Silver-Brass and "Visible Coin Thru" (Swadling) coin set

  • Routine One: Uses CSB set and a jumbo half dollar
  • Routine Two: Uses CSB set and Swadling coin (flipper) with Visible Coin Thru
  • Routine Three: Uses CSB and Visible Coin Thru (flipper and regular half) sets and a glass

1st edition 1985, 1st digital edition 2013.

★★★★★ $5
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Edward Marlo
Faro Notes: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 7 by Edward Marlo

Over 30 effects and ideas using Faro Shuffle. It contains Marlo's analysis of the Faro Shuffle, the In Shuffle, the Out Shuffle, and other faro techniques. He details a lot about what happens to the deck in the various shuffles, and adds card effects that you can do with these shuffles.

  • Less Than 52
  • With Two Cards
  • For 2 Cards At Undetermined Positions
  • The Faro Calculator
  • The Chain Calculator
  • The Left Over Faro Shuffle
  • Shuffling The Aces
  • Placement Shuffle
  • Control Of The Aces
  • An Out Shuffle Effect
  • Progressive Miracle
  • New Deck P.M.
  • 76-76-67-67
  • The Memorized Stack
  • Fingertip Miracle ...
★★★★★ $7.95
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Cameron Francis
Packet Mania Vol. 3 by Cameron Francis

After the success of the first two volumes, Cameron offers here five more incredible packet tricks using some special cards which are very easy to find.


  • SON OF A WAVE: A unique double prediction using only eight cards.
  • DALEY DOSE: Daley's Last Trick with a big Twist.
  • MAGICIAN'S HOLD 'EM: A crazy game of Texas Hold 'Em involving a transposition, an appearance of a Royal Flush and color changing backs.
  • UNFATHOMABLE: A great combination of mentalism and magic.
  • MAKING FRIENDS: A printing effect with a funny kicker ending.
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Cameron Francis
Packet Mania Vol. 2 by Cameron Francis

More great packet tricks using some special cards, which are very easy to find.


  • FRYER: One selection and four Aces make for a unique assembly effect with a killer kicker ending.
  • WHAT THE BLANK, TOO: An examinable Wild Card routine with four blank cards and four sections. Three of the blanks print copies of three selections before a huge twist at the end.
  • SKETCHERS: A three phase stunner! Three "stickmen artists" drawn on blank cards, sketch a selection on another blank card. The drawing then switches places with the selection. Finally, the stickmen all turn into mates of the...
★★★★★ $10
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Cameron Francis
Packet Mania Vol. 1 by Cameron Francis

Great packet tricks using some special cards, which are very easy to find.


  • B-O-X-!: A truly offbeat four King assembly.
  • TROUBLEMAKERS: Xs appear on the backs of four Jokers, then two of them jump to the faces of two other Jokers.
  • NO LONGER: Four double blank cards are shown. A mentally selected King appears on one of them. Then it is seen to be printed on all the cards. One is placed aside and the magician claims that the other three are no longer Kings. He proves it by turning the cards over. On their faces are printed NO LONGER KINGS! Totally examinable.
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie
Hooked on Cards by Peter Duffie

A collection of new card routines.

Card to Envelope
In the book Inspirations (published by Martin Breese in 1987) I included an effect called 'Envelope Prediction'. This is a different version which I performed as part of my close-up act at the Blackpool convention in 1979. There is no palming or copping of cards, in fact you could call this near-self-working!

Lie To Me
A card is selected and lost back into the deck. You give the spectator an old coin/medallion which they hold in their hand. This, you say, will send "truth waves" to the deck. You now ask the spectator a series of questions about his card: he...

★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
That'll Be The Day! (French) by Aldo Colombini

20 nouveaux tours de petits paquets. Les tours avec des petits paquets sont toujours très appréciés et vous avez ici un formidable recueil de routines d'un grand nombre d'experts dans ce domaine.


  • IMPACT (Roy Walton)
  • MORE AMAZEMENT (Luis Gavilondo)
  • A ROYAL SEPARATION (Francis Haxton)
  • HAMMAN FIVE CARD REPEAT (Stephen Tucker)
  • COME BACK QUEENS (Lin Searles)
  • SHORT WAVE (J.K. Hartman)
  • FIVE IN A ROW (Nick Trost)
  • ELMER'S WEDDING (Peter Duffie)
  • ACES & JACKS (Stewart Judah)
  • STRANGE SANDWICH (Aldo Colombini)
  • ALL RED (Sam...
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Aldo Colombini
The Band (French) by Aldo Colombini

Les effets d'élastique sont maintenant très populaires dans le domaine de la magie. Dans ce livret, vous trouverez plusieurs effets avec des élastiques et des cartes, concernant surtout des révélations de carte, qui devraient vous donner assez de matière à travailler, en espérant que vous serez capables de créer de nouvelles routines par vous-même.

[Traduction et adaptation en langue française par Patrice Bernard.]

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Aldo Colombini
Ballata by Aldo Colombini

Ancora un volumetto con grande cartomagia dalla fertile penna di Aldo. Aldo ha raccolto in queste pagine una serie di effetti tutti splendidi che da molto tempo fanno parte del suo repertorio. Materiale testato in pubblico di sicuro successo e di semplice esecuzione.

Il materiale trae spunto da effetti e metodi di grandi della cartomagia quali Marlo, Duffie, Harthman West, Mentzer, Walton, Leech e altri ricostruiti e trasformati dal “tocco di Colombini”…

Eccoti un assaggio del contenuto:

  • AUTOGRILL - Quattro Re sono mostrati. Le facce dei Re spariscono e infine si trasformano...
★★★★ $7
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Aldo Colombini
Nick Trost's A Coincidence and Divination Routine by Aldo Colombini

Aldo Colombini performs and explains an amazing three phase routine from Nick Trost, which requires only a regular deck. Very easy to perform.


1) The deck is shuffled and divided in half. A spectator reverses a card in one half. Both halves are placed side by side face down. You turn the top card of each half over dealing them above the halves. The dealing continues. All the pairs are different. When the spectator´s card is reached, the card of the same color and value turns up in the other half!

2) The spectator now riffle shuffles the halves together (read that again). You hold the...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

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