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Scott F. Guinn
Great Scott! It's Magic! by Scott F. Guinn

Routines from a full-time pro that you can (and will) do!

Scott F. Guinn is a full-time professional magician from Star, Idaho (near Boise) who has been entertaining and amazing audiences throughout the US and Canada since 1978. Scott earns his living performing for "real people" in the "real world". Scott has also written several books and ebooks which you can find here at He was also featured in publications such as The Linking Ring, MUM, and AM/PM. On this DVD, you will find material from Scott's "A List", the stuff he performs for real people in real-world paying gigs. The...

★★★★★ $19.50
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Paul Hallas
Mindful Mentalism Volume 1 by Paul Hallas

A compilation of over twenty mental routines from U.K. sources, some well known names among them.

  • Stranded (Arthur Setterington and Paul Hallas)
  • Book Test Prompter (Eddie Burke)
  • Roger’s E.S.P. Prediction (Roger Curzon)
  • Blind Faith (Peter Duffie)
  • Symbolic Harmony (Ron and Nancy Spencer)
  • One For Ken (Barry Stevenson)
  • The Predictograph (Terry Liversidge)
  • Lucifer’s Lotto (Dan O'Donoghue)
  • Premon-notion (Jack Jansen)
  • A Letter From Australia (Peter Kane)
  • Con Text (Lewis Jones)
  • A Calculated Experiment (Paul Hallas)
  • Blind Date (Jim Cuthbert)
  • Zenner PK (Paul Hallas)
  • Another Cyclic Prediction (Paul Flory)
  • Eazy Peezy Book Test...
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Aaron Chee
Cutie è Bee by Aaron Chee

These are instructions to model this particular balloon animal. Instructions are very visual with lots of photos for each step. It will be easy to follow the instructions.

1st edition 2013, 7 pages.

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Aaron Chee
Monty the Snake by Aaron Chee

These are instructions to model this particular balloon animal. Instructions are very visual with lots of photos for each step. It will be easy to follow the instructions.

1st edition 2013, 9 pages.

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Jack Collins
Clowning Around for Children by Jack Collins

Jack Collins performed as Weedy the Clown. This ebook covers pretty much everything you need to know about clowning:

  • Make-up and Costume
  • Routines and Props
  • Competitions
  • Walk around Gags
  • Other Ways of Making Money

1st digital edition 2013, 70 pages.

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Stanton Carlisle
ESP Erimenti Per Te by Stanton Carlisle

Se sei appassionato di mentalismo e desideri materiale pratico, testato e professionale, allora questo ebook è per te. Le routines che vi trovi al suo interno sono frutto di studio e di prove, quindi non dovrai fare altro che cominiciare al più presto ad usarle nel tuo spettacolo e avrai un sicuro successo.

Questo grande Maestro del mentalismo ci presenta nelle 66 pagine riccamente illustrate di questo ebook, con dovizia di particolari le seguenti meraviglie

  • Una Su Cinque?...E’ Questa!
  • Test di Vita E di Morte....No.1,269!
  • Preludio al Book Test Classico
  • Il Book Test Classico ...
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Rachel Colombini
Il Libro dei Book Test by Rachel Colombini

Un libro semplicemente meraviglioso. Utilissima fonte di idee per tutti coloro che vogliono eseguire un book test.

Ben 20 Book Test sono spiegati nella pagine di questo libro.

Descrizione :Ogni prestigiatore o mentalista vorrà questo grande libro di Rachel. Un soggetto unico e popolare come il Book Test è qui analizzato in 20 routines da grandi contributori come: Ian Adair, Howard Adams, Len Belcher, Tan Hock Chuan, Rachel Colombini, Tom Craven, Maurice Fogel, Karrell Fox, Karl Fulves, Richard Himber, Setterington Arthur, Sleight Walter e Nick Trost.

L'effetto standard (a volte fatto come una predizione) è...

★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Playing With Cards by Aldo Colombini

Ten easy card routines.


  • SELECT A WILD CARD (Aldo Colombini): A different approach to the Wild Card Theme.
  • DIE SPELL (Aldo Colombini): Four jumbo cards are shown. A spectator selects one card and it is the only one with a different colored back (or with the words PICK ME on its back).
  • SIX-CARD STUNNER (Rachel Colombini): Six cards are shown on a holder. A spectator picks one and you predicted it.
  • THIS GOES ON! (Aldo Colombini): An incredible funny version of Stewart James classic trick "Further Than That."
  • ULTI-MATE-M (Aldo Colombini): A comedy prediction with a special...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Gene Kirk
Your Buttons Are Loose by Gene Kirk

A comedy routine based on your buttons and their crazy antics - although they never leave your suit! Also routines and follow-ups for the famous Professor Cheer Comedy Rope Trick, and other hilarity by one of your favorite funny men.


1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 48 (Jan 2013) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 8, No. 6, January 2013; 64 pages

Cover: Luke Jermay

  1. Welcome – editor's letter
  2. Readers' Letters
  3. Doug Jones – The Creature Guy – celebrity profile
  4. In The News
  5. In The News
  6. Gregory Wilson – The Honest Con Man – interview by Graham Hey
  7. Neil Sedaka talks to magicseen about magic - celebrity
  8. The Wedding Magician – Mark Leveridge
  9. Gary Jones – A Week in the Life of a … Pro Close Up Magician
  10. It's the magicseen Awards!
    • Best Illusionist
    • Best Comedy Act
    • Best Close-Up Performer
    • Magician of the Year 2012
    • Mentalist
    • TV Magician of the Year
    • Magic Magazine of the Year ...
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Edward M. Massey
New and Original Magic by Edward M. Massey

Massey was the inventor of many mechanical magic tricks that have become part of the routines of modern magicians. Probably his most successful invention was the Finger Guillotine, which he sold to Max Holden. More than thirty of his tricks are explained in this beautiful and scarce publication.

There are 26 mechanical gems described and explained with enough detail to allow the home builder to construct them with little trouble. He explains six utility devices and seven sleights. His electro-magnetic drumhead loader uses technology which was innovative for 1922. The clockwork "automatic...

★★★★★ $15
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Dee Christopher
Deadly Subtleties by Dee Christopher

This publication is slightly different to a lot of his previous work in that rather than creating new methods for effects, he's honed in on the psychological side of things and is offering some of his favorite techniques to bring effects that you already perform to the next level.

Deadly Subtleties is a collection of subtleties that you can apply to your work to create:

  • Better accuracy during mind reading
  • Fairer conditions when revealing peeked information
  • More realistic blindfold demonstrations
  • More believability in psychokinetic demonstrations
While these ideas are simple in nature,...
★★★★★ $15
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Herb Rungay & Ken de Courcy
Dream Poker with a Kicker by Herb Rungay & Ken de Courcy

This is a multi-stage multi-climax routine with a deck of cards. If you already know George Blake's Dream Poker, you will love this one.

There is a lot of magic here - very easy to do (it is almost automatic…). You repeatedly find a chosen card with seemingly impossible conditions, by logic, by spelling it out and by chance. Then you deal to the spectator a Royal Flush in Spades in a freely chosen position on the table. And finally the spectator finds his chosen card in the deck that he had shuffled, by spelling it himself!

From the foreword:

Frank Lane, in his book, "Help Yourself", published in 1931, wrote:...

★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Il Giocoliere Comico by Aldo Colombini

Un esilarante parodia Giocolier-magi- comica (?) per intrattenere il tuo pubblico.

  • Sei un intrattenitore, animatore, clown, comico, presentatore etc. o vuoi di ventarlo ?
  • Vuoi far divertire i tuoi amici, un gruppo di bambini o un folto pubblico ?
  • Sei alla ricerca qualcosa di diverso per il tuo repertorio ?
  • Sei alla ricerca di nuove idee per far sbellicare dalle risate il tuo pubblico ?
  • Allora sei nel posto giusto !
Un manoscritto in cui è descritta dettagliatamente un’ esilarante parodia della durata di 6-7 minuti di puro divertimento per far sbellicare il tuo pubblico dalle risate....
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Aldo Colombini
Il Manuale del Presentatore Magicomico by Aldo Colombini

Sia che tu ti trovi a dover presentare degli spettacoli magici e di altro genere oppure no, questo manuale ti sarà utilissimo per portare un tocco di magica comicità nel tuo spettacolo. Consigli utilissimi sull'arte della scena sono seguiti da una serie esilarante di trucchi, gags e routines che è possibile inserire in qualunque spettacolo, facendo sganasciare dalle risate il tuo pubblico.

Un solo esempio : esilarante il trucco in cui uno spettatore sceglie una carta, la mescola nel mazzo e le carte vengono messe tra i suoi denti. Il comico con con una martellata assestata sulla testa...

★★★★ $10
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Kevin Wade
IX by Kevin Wade

The name of this ebook partially comes from the fact you will learn nine amazing routines involving mentalism. You will also discover a method that possesses unique possibilities. It is the power of this system that creates the magic behind each routine and thus the true reason for the title IX.

I. Corporate Thoughts - Out of a list of 100 major companies a spectator makes a selection. A free thought is developed based upon the company chosen. In an astonishing display of ESP you are able to draw a design that is directly related to their very thoughts!

II. 52 Thoughts - A super strong...

★★★★★ $10
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Paul A. Lelekis
Close Up Journey 3 by Paul A. Lelekis

Professional magician, Paul A. Lelekis, presents this third ebook of his trilogy, Close Up Journey III, The Final Adventure. This completes Paul's trilogy of ebooks (Close Up Journey I and II) designed for the close-up performer.

Close Up Journey III provides workers with eight more excellent effects from Paul's working repertoire – all time-tested routines. Complete your Close-up Journey with this excellent ebook!

Color photos of Paul's hands explain the necessary sleights.

The Introduction – ODDS & ENDS gives workers still more excellent ideas for performing, patter and close-up concepts to make...

★★★★★ $12
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Wilhelm Eberhard
Cartonigromancia 1 by Wilhelm Eberhard

¡Este es el primer libro de la serie "Cartonigromancia" y está dedicado al Salto! Además, tienes una versión adicional para leer con tu Kindle completamente gratis.

El Salto, aunque ya no es considerado una técnica central de la cartomagia, sigue siendo una de las técnicas más directas y versátiles.

Este libro te enseña a hacer el Salto, una cosa a la vez, con instrucciones cortas y claras y numerosas ilustraciones desde el punto de vista del mago que ejecuta la técnica.

El que las instrucciones sean "cortas y claras" no quiere decir que sean incompletas: Estudiaras técnicas...

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David Gish
Modern Object Lessons 1 by David Gish

Legacy Magic released this book originally in 2012 and it was a huge success. This revised edition includes some minor edits and enhancements. Here you'll will find three simple yet poignant object lessons valuable for use with both children and teens. David is a performing magician who has spent years working in both churches and a broad array of secular venues. Let him pass on his insight to you on using magic to convey messages. Don't own expensive props? No problem!

David is a master at taking the simple and small and making it play BIG!

Don't forget to see the Appendix, which has...

★★★★★ $3.75
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David Britland
Equinox by David Britland

Card tricks with ungimmicked cards. One coin trick.

  • TOASTMASTERS: a revolutionary sandwich effect
  • WALTZ TIME: a packet elevator with visions of grandeur
  • LUNCH BOX: a large sandwich with very few calories
  • TRI-UMPH: in the midst of chaos something always turns up
  • ORIENT EXPRESS: the Chinese get the better of the exchange rate
  • HOMEWARD BOUND: a mysterious journey across time and space
  • AUSTRIAN ACES: a simple solution to Johann's problem
  • VOO-DUO: two cards linked by uncanny forces
  • BULLS EYE: a pasteboard prediction
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Aldo Colombini
A Perfect 10 by Aldo Colombini

Card routines for the working performer.


  • THE MAGICIAN (Sam Schwartz): A packet of double-backed cards is shown. The cards then each contain a letter that spells MAGICIAN (or any other message).
  • DRAW A BLANK (Aldo Colombini): Perhaps my most famous trick. A card is freely selected and it is the only printed card in an otherwise blank deck. No rough and smooth. No difficult sleight of hand.
  • HATS AND RABBIT (Rachel Colombini): You show a prediction. Five cards with rabbits and a hat are shown and shuffled by a spectator. The prediction shows the same order as the packet held by the spectator. ...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Three Card Trip by Aldo Colombini

These two routines were created by Rachel Colombini. You can perform them separately or combine them together to obtain a very magical sequence.

First Effect: Three cards move from one packet to another. This is probably the easiest cards across ever!

Second Effect: You and the spectator find three matching pairs.

Requires three double-backed cards.

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MP4 (video)

David Hambly
Computer Magic with the ZX-81 by David Hambly

The next time you download the latest and greatest magic app to your smart phone remember that it all started with this. This booklet is to the best of my knowledge the first publication on magic with a computer (published by Martin Breese in 1983). In this case the legendary Sinclair ZX-81 with the whooping memory of 1K.

The author addresses how one can use the ZX-81 during a magic performance. It includes numerous programs in the Basic programming language. The magic effects are not that great to be honest, but David Hambly was breaking new ground.

If you remember Basic with its GOTO, GOSUB and PEEK...

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Mark Piazza
PANsylvania 4 by Mark Piazza

Issue 4 of this short-lived publication featuring magical bizarre effects, reviews and an original short story of fiction.


  • Beneath The Toadstool (introduction of issue)
  • Pine Needles and Dirt (Tips, Reviews & Observations)

  • K-9 Nibbles by Kotah (Ron Dayton): "Scooby Snacks", the Cartoon Network and some magic.
  • When You've Gotta Go by Kotah (Ron Dayton): As time ticks away, you may discover that you are the next to go.
  • Jumped Rope by DeNomolos (Ed Solomon): A.K.A. The Viagra Rope Trick.
  • Stooges! Unite! by Mark Piazza (also in [;p=319 ShudderShadow Mansion]): Will you be paging Moe, Larry and Curly? Sointenly! ...
★★★★★ $5
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