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Gregorio Samà
DeLand's Automatic Playing Cards by Gregorio Samà

Il "DeLand's Automatic Deck" compie 100 anni!

Nel 2013 si festeggia il Centenario di questo speciale mazzo di carte ideato da Theodore L. DeLand. Tale mazzo, denominato originariamente “Dollar Deck”, fece la sua comparsa nel 1913 e utilizzava un ingegnoso sistema di ‘contrassegni’ che, in combinazione con il ‘preordinamento’ dello stesso mazzo, permetteva di ottenere sorprendenti effetti magici: identificare contemporaneamente la carta in cima e in fondo al mazzo, conoscere la posizione di qualsiasi carta all’interno del mazzo, sapere quante carte sono state tolte dal mazzo...

★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
Incredibili Illusioni Improvvisate by Aldo Colombini

Se quando ti chiedono di fare un gioco sei in difficoltà....

Se ti chiedono di eseguire qualcosa all'improvviso con un mazzo di carte preso a prestito....

Se ti sei annoiato di eseguire continui "setup" prima di eseguire un gioco....

Se vuoi eseguire oltre 30 giochi di grande impatto creati dalle più fertili menti cartomagiche mondiali...

allora "Incredibili Illusioni Improvvisate" è INDISPENSABILE per te !

Trentacinque giochi con le carte da eseguire in qualunque momento, anche con carte prese a prestito , senza preavviso e senza preparazione

35 Giochi dalle fertili menti...

★★★★ $15
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Lewis Ganson
Phoney by Lewis Ganson

Dalla fluente penna di Lewis Ganson, ecco per la prima volta in Italia la dettagliata descrizione di una dei migliori "Test dell' Elenco Telefonico" disponibili alla comunità illusionistica : quello di Trevor Dawson.

Se pensate a forzature, calcoli complicati, elenchi da mandare a memoria: beh ! Allora dimenticate tutto questo. In questo test dell'elenco telefonico, qualunque spettatore vi affianca, sceglie liberamente una pagina dell'elenco telefonico, sceglie liberamente un nome e un numero telefonico e voi li indovinate ! Si si svolge tutto proprio così , in maniera semplice e diretta...

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Dave Forrest
The Butterfly Effect: an impossible triple prediction by Dave Forrest


(This is Dave's treatment of Cameron Francis' effect 18: A Powerhouse Prediction Effect.)

EFFECT: You display a deck of cards and begin by telling your spectator two pieces of information:

  1. One of the cards in the deck has had its back altered.
  2. The deck is in a completely random order but for three cards which you have specifically positioned for the experiment.
The deck is spread face up and the spectator is asked to verify that the deck appears to be in a completely random order. The spectator confirms that it is. You begin to deal through the deck, face up on...
★★★★ $12
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MP4 (video)

Carroll K. Priest
Il Bendaggio Enigma by Carroll K. Priest

Senza dubbio questo trattato costituisce uno strumento prezioso per il prestigiatore. In esso Carrol Descrive il metodo più completo di BENDAGGIO TOTALE che, per quanto possa sembrare impossibile, permette di vedere e di fare cose incredibili e perfino guidare un auto a occhi bendati!

Il trattato descrive dapprima il metodo nei dettagli e con molte immagini e infine descrive vari test che si posso no eseguire per "dimostrare" "visione senza occhi"

Spicca tra questi i metodo proprio dell'autore per eseguire incredibilmente LA GUIDA DA BENDATI con un bendaggio del genere! Cosa che...

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Gerard Zitta
Simplest ACAAN by Gerard Zitta

Although it does not meet all the criteria of a 'perfect ACAAN', this method still has many advantages:

  • 100% impromptu and examinable
  • deck is normal - it can be borrowed and shuffled by the participant
  • ideal for close up and table hopping
  • Very direct
  • Very practical in live performance
  • Strong impact on the audience
  • Very simple to perform (from beginner to advanced but requires sleight-of-hand)
  • Can be done with different sleights for the card control and for the counting. This allows you to repeat the effect.
  • it is actually an 'Any Selected Card At Any Number', or what...
★★★ $6.50
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David Britland
Cutting Remarks by David Britland

Cutting Remarks was originally intended to form part of Card Kinetics, a booklet dealing with various methods of making playing cards move with various kinds of elastic loops, including those pioneered by Finn Jon and pirated by everyone else. However, this version of the Self Cutting Deck, for this is what Cutting Remarks is all about, doesn't use elastic of any kind, not even a thread. Peter Duffie used a similar principle in his effect Ascension to achieve a very unusual version of the Rising Card.

David's first introduction to a threadless Self Cutting Deck was provided by Bob Ostin. His version of...

★★★★★ $7
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Scott Creasey
Envelopology Part 2 by Scott Creasey

In this second part of two ebooks exploring the science of envelopes in magic and mentalism, Scott introduces three more brand new tried and tested routines utilizing nothing more than some envelopes, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors.

For the sake of clarity the clear photographic manufacturing instructions for two of the gaffed envelopes which appeared in Envelopology Part One are reproduced here for the benefit of those who don't own the first ebook, along with an extra gaffed envelope and manufacturing instructions for a variation of Scott's very own Shaxonless flap, this variation is being shared here...

★★★★ $15
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Walt Lees
The Art of the Grafter: a pitchman guide to selling by Walt Lees

This ebook holds extremely valuable information for anybody who would like to become a pitchman or grafter who sells Svengali decks and other items. Even if you do not sell as a pitchman, but perform on the street or other public venues you will learn quite a bit from Walt Lees.

Some of the points discussed are:

  • Which magic tricks are suitable for pitching?
  • Types of pitching
  • Earnings and rewards
  • Requirements of a good pitchman
  • Styles of pitching
  • Choosing a good site
  • Peek selling times
  • What to have with you
  • Dealing with complaints, hecklers, pilferers, non-buyers, aggro merchants,...
★★★★★ $10
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Gerard Zitta
The Other Color Mystery by Gerard Zitta

This is a hands-off and impromptu card effect.

This effect should be presented as a mental experience rather than a card trick. The patter could be around complementarity or duality. You can talk about Yin and Yang, Black and White, Heads and Tails, Male and Female, etc. At the end of your introduction, you explain that in a deck of cards, this is represented by the two colors RED and BLACK.

A Spectator shuffles the cards and cuts it in two piles. He thinks of a color RED or BLACK and counts secretly how many cards of this color are in his pile (for example 7), while your back is turned....

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Paul Hallas
Still Small, Still Deadly by Paul Hallas

A new 2020 edition of the sequel to Small But Deadly and a continuing exploration of packet tricks, their creators and the evolution of plots and methods, discussion and analysis of effects plus routines to add to your repertoires. If you loved the first book, then you'll love this one too. This new edition now has 212 letter sized, information packed pages. Includes updated chapters, new chapters and now 668 packet effects get mentioned throughout.

Includes effect contributions from:

★★★★ $25
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Gerard Zitta
PK Mysteries by Gerard Zitta

Three unusual gimmicks for PK mysteries.


This is Gerard's take on the classic bending spoon effect, but just between two fingers: the spoon visually melts. You will need to buy something you won't find in magic stores. (It will cost you just a few dollars.)


A borrowed beer mat is torn and folded in half by a spectator. The performer writes "ALCOHOL BREATH ANALYZER" on it. The beer mat will bend when approaching a pint of beer or a glass of wine but not with a glass of water for instance! Very versatile method that can be very useful and bring something...

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Paul A. Lelekis
Close Up Journey 2 by Paul A. Lelekis

Long-time pro, Paul A. Lelekis, presents the second ebook of his trilogy for the performing professional, Close Up Journey 2, and just like Close Up Journey 1, this one is a monster! No fluff, no filler! 7 MORE WORKERS!

Photographs of Paul's hands explain every nuance!

To begin with, Paul has graciously provided a 4-page synopsis on "How Do I Control My Spectators!" This section contains valuable information. Included is excellent advice on close-up performance, dressing up your presentations and patter, how to be in command of your spectators, putting them at ease, how to choose your spectators, how to...

★★★★★ $12
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Serial Flasher by Kannon

Serial Flasher is a demonstration of how a method and effect can become a training wheel for real skills. It's a look at the Serial Divination effect as vehicle for your own development.

The manuscript details the handling and routining for three currencies UK (arguably the quickest and cleanest) and US and EURO banknotes.

NOTE: This an effect designed and constructed to achieve a greater personal goal, and as such there are easier ways to divine a serial. But if you can look beyond merely revealing some numbers printed on a piece of paper this essay and lesson may be for you.


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Martin Breese
Classic Indian Street Magic by Martin Breese

1920's film footage plus booklet revealing the closely-guarded secrets of the Indian Cups and Balls, the Mango Tree effect and much more. Together with attempts at the Indian Rope Trick plus bonus footage of Kuda Bux doing the Fire Walk.

Here is some amazing 1920's film footage capturing street magicians at work with some of the great Indian classics that are so rarely seen by Westerners. Much of the material on this download DVD (it is accompanied by an exciting musical track) is explained in the 40-page PDF (to download it see your digital shelf).

You will see great performances of the...

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Andy Cannon
Doodleology (Non-mental) by Andy Cannon

As we explore the meanings of doodles and drawings, Doodleology is the perfect ebook for someone who is interested in the way people think and would like to be able to define a person's personality based solely on their drawings and doodles.

The ebook is complete with in depth explanations of the different types and styles of doodles, mini articles, examples and sample doodle readings and ideas to profit from doodle reading.

By the time you've done reading you'll understand how to read people's drawing and doodles, how to apply the flow to create a seamless structured reading and more. ...

★★★★★ $8
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Tony Shiels
Bizarre: Surreal Sorcery by Tony Shiels

Psientific Pseudo Psi, Mountebankery, Monstrosities and Horrors. Weird tricks for the magickal story-teller.

1st edition 1988, 87 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, PDF 62 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  3. Around The World In 80 Seconds

  5. Dreams And Destiny
  6. Automatism
  7. Le Jeu De Marseille


  10. Black Christmas
  11. Casting The Runes
  12. Over-Familiarity
  13. Tools Of The Trade
  14. The Knowledge

  16. The Witch's Web
  17. Psyche's Revenge
  18. The Irish Factotum ...
★★★★★ $15
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The Precursor Notes by Kannon

A compilation of select pet effects and touches. These notes are a precursor to Kannon's upcoming physical book "Nothing To See Here" and include some select pieces of his work, to introduce himself.

For readers and those wishing to make their performances more emotional and personal: You'll find the highly praised "Happy Place" script, a way of forming deep rapport and connection with your participants and people you share your mentalism with.

"I LIKE IT! and you can quote me on that" - Bill Montana
His "Coin Oracle", you haven't seen anyone use anything like this, it's highly personal...
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Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels
Jiggery Pokery by Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels

Jiggery Pokery is a self-working three-phase Texas Hold 'em routine for mentalists and card workers and develops a principle by Ben Harris which he published as Psi Poker. This ebook is fully endorsed by Ben Harris

"This is great. I am thrilled. BRILLIANT." - Ben Harris

"A great self-working audience-participation routine. I like this ebook very much." - Peter Duffie

"Interesting and clever" – Gianfranco Preverino

"I appreciated your work (particularly the first part about the Prediction effect which looks excellent) … not only and simply for the work itself but for the passion I found in it. Only with research can...

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Christian Scherer
Card News '82 by Christian Scherer

Diverse Kartentechniken, 25 verblüffende und unterhaltende Kunststücke. Detailierte, leicht verständliche Beschreibungen.


Erstausgabe 1982, 117 Fotos, 156 Seiten.

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Chris Wardle
Ten Mysteries by Chris Wardle

Ten routines, half close up, half stand up and like most of Chris's material it is easy to do and suitable for beginners.

The effects here share a common thread, they each have a little mental twist (there are a number of predictions for instance).


  • Smarty Pants
  • Paranormal Piles
  • The Laserdisc Prediction
  • The Perfect Match
  • E. S. Peasy
  • The Slick Silks
  • Great Mind Think Alike
  • The Giant Pencil Prediction
  • Odd One Out
  • What’s Your Poison?

From the introduction:

Anyone who has come across my type of material before will...

★★★★★ $10
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Stephen Tucker
Spell Binder Volume 1 by Stephen Tucker

A fabulous download DVD featuring four of the best tricks from Spell-Binder magazine. Martin Breese asked Stephen Tucker the creator of the magazine to choose four of the best tricks that he created for the magazine and he has selected four wonderful effects. Each is performed and then clearly explained move by move.

Watch the performances of all four routines below.

[Note: If you prefer a physical DVD disc please go to Martin Breese International.]

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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie & Aldo Colombini
That's Amore by Peter Duffie & Aldo Colombini

You give the four Kings to a spectator. You cut the deck saying that you'll now cut to one of the Queens. The spectator's task is to try to pick the King that will be the perfect mate for the Queen you cut to. Remove the top card of the deck and the spectator picks ANY King. The two cards prove to be the King and Queen of Clubs! This is successfully repeated with the remaining Kings and Queens. Then a big surprise occurs: On the back of the four Queens four hearts appear!

Requires four double-backed cards and heart stickers.

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MP4 (video)

Phoenix Resurrection by Harrismatic

A bill and a playing card are signed and make an amazing effect happen. You set the bill on fire and throw it on the cards laying on the table. In a burst of flames the bill travels inside the signed card.

  • Easy to make gimmick
  • Ends completely clean
  • The bill is REALLY inside their card (spectator can remove the bill)
  • A memorable moment with an amazing souvenir
[NOTE: You will need flash bills in order to perform this effect.]

length 17 minutes.

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MP4 (video)

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