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Gregg Webb
Feen-X Magazine: Vol. 2, 2001 by Gregg Webb

1st edition 2001, 72 pages.

  1. Feen-X: 2001 - Issue 13 - January - 9 pages
  2. Metal-ism - Mind over Matter ... The Mental Kind
  3. Bluff in Depth - Cards
  4. Hit & Run with Odd Coin
  5. The Womb

  1. Feen-X: 2001 - Issue 14 - February - 8 pages
  2. The Frying Pan - Chanin's Disarrange
  3. Mental Thoughts ... The Best Kind - It's Alive
  4. Change-O Presto - The Odd Coin
  5. The Nagual
  6. Addendum to Change-O Presto

  1. Feen-X: 2001 - Issue 15 - Special Issue - 6 pages
  2. Odd Coin - another look at the Chanin Production
    • Gregg Webb's work on the Chanin Production
  3. Mental Thoughts & The Frying Pan Combined...
★★★ $12
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Jozsef Kovacs
Spelling Deck by Jozsef Kovacs

Six tricks with an easy to make deck of cards.

An ACAAN-variation. The magician introduces two decks of cards: one has a blue back, the other red. The blue deck is shuffled and tabled. The red deck is numbered from 1 to 52 on the back of the cards. The spectator cuts to a random card in the shuffled red deck and selects another random card. The spectator turns any of the two red cards face up and the other one face down. By using the number on the back of the red-backed card, the spectator deals a pile from the blue-backed deck. The last dealt card matches the face-up, red-backed card. ...

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Alexander de Cova
New Avantgarde Magic 15 by Alexander de Cova

BERMUDADREIECK - Das ist der Trick, über den alle beim Seminar gesprochen haben. Eine geliehene Münze durchdringt sichtbar eine (unpräparierte) Karte und landet in der Hand des Zuschauers. man muss es gesehen und vor allem gefühlt haben, um zu wissen, wie effektvoll dieser kleine Trick wirkt.

DAS FENSTERKUVERT MAL ANDERS - Diese Feinheit zum Fensterkuvert habe ich lange Jahre zurückbehalten. Es ermöglicht dir alle klassischen Effekte mit einem Fensterkuvert, jedoch mit dem Unterschied, dass das Kuvert von allen Seiten gezeigt werden kann und verschlossen ist. Auch kommen keine Durchschreibetechniken...

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Tommaso Guglielmi
Marpis by Tommaso Guglielmi

In order to help Tommy's friend who lost her work due to a serious health issue (pulmonary hypertension and multiple sclerosis) he decide to help her by raising money through his ebooks and he is offering an insane deal.

All of his ebooks above for just $20! (Bonus: Michael Kociolek added two of his own ebooks to the bundle and Peter Duffie added four of his ebooks.)

This deal will stay active until Tommy has raised the 15,000 Euros his friend needs to keep her home.

★★★★ $20
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Gregg Webb
SOSOHA: Society of Sleight of Hand Artists by Gregg Webb

January 2002 - December 2003, 144 pages.

  1. Table of Contents

  1. SOSOHA - Society of Sleight of Hand Artists - Issue 1 - 7 pages
  2. Death and Rebirth - A Torn & Restored Card, Method 1
  3. A Torn & Restored Card, Method 2
  4. A Torn & Restored Card, Method 3
  5. The Library - An Introduction
  6. Dark Frickin' Humor
  7. Theoretical Theories - Thoughts on Restoration Themes

  1. SOSOHA - Society of Sleight of Hand Artists - Issue 2 - 5 pages
  2. David Roth Click Pass False Count and Production Combo
  3. Dark Frickin' Humor
  4. Theoretical Theories - About Sleeves

  1. SOSOHA - Society of Sleight of Hand Artists...
★★★★★ $12
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Steve Sanders
Haven't a Clue by Steve Sanders

This ebook contains five full length effects, achieved with minimum sleights, all based on the plot, intrigue and characters from the popular board game Cluedo, or Clue, as it is known in the States. Each effect involves and engages the audience fully and are easy to do. All you need to do is provide the dramatic art bit!

Murdered (Again!)
As Dr. Black moves around each room in his mansion his killer anticipates every move. Moved by a spectator, with free choice of room or direction, around a plan of his home. Dr. Black is eventually cornered in a room previously predicted.

Choose your...

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Jeff Stone
793.8: Where is The Magic? by Jeff Stone

"I'm an enormous fan of the philosophical perspectives flowing through this book, but make no mistake, these pages also document many powerful, clever, commercial magic effects. Among my favorites are 'Leaving Decks', 'Martika', and the extremely intimate 'Ode to Charlie.'" - Jay Sankey

"Jeff Stone's 793.8 asks us to discover where the magic is in our methods, effects, presentations, and in our lives. Perhaps we do not care or think we know, but Jeff lightly and joyfully keeps at us with his tricks and reflections until we are moved to wonder more broadly and deeply about our experience of magic....

★★★★★ $29.95
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Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice 8 by Cameron Francis

"Another super-commercial, high-impact collection from the fertile mind of Cameron Francis. This is the perfect finale to the extremely well thought-out 'Moment's Notice' series. Highly recommended." - D. Ulin, Los Angeles, CA

"Six devilishly cunning effects that you could possibly live without. Then again, you could live without sex, but you wouldn't want to... would you?" - Stephen Tucker, UK

"Cam's Moment's Notice series is a great read for anyone who digs their card magic and "Moment's Notice 8" is no exception!" - Liam Montier, UK


  • No Sweat Assembly -- A killer self-working Ace Assembly. ...
★★★★★ $12
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Alexander de Cova
Scrapbook Issue 8 by Alexander de Cova

MY MAGIC SQUARE - I worked a long time to get together my "perfect" magic square. This one is different, because on the back of the card, where you make the grid, the square is predicted in big bold letters! A very good number force is described that has been long time underground and that can be used in many other effects as well. I always carry this one with me in my wallet and it has never ceased to really amaze people. [Note: In order to perform this magic square effect you will either need E-Z Square 4 by Werner Miller or Patterns of Perfection Revisited by Sam Dalal.

HOFZINSER IN MY WALLET - A very convincing and bold "card to wallet". NO palming whatsoever. Based on ideas by Peter Duffie and Chip Kleiman. I took the original...

★★★★★ $7
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Greg McMahan
Rain or Shine by Greg McMahan

Working amusement parks or festivals can be quite challenging. It can also be one of the easiest gigs you will ever do.

  • Staying cool during the summer: Heat is a major concern when working amusement parks... be prepared.
  • Fewer props means less to carry around: You'll be walking many miles a day... don't carry a suitcase with you.
  • Be realistic: Know what you're getting into and map out what you want to accomplish. Then adjust your plans.
  • Don't get lost when everybody else is: Expect to be asked for directions hundreds of times a day... perfect opportunity for a gag or two.
  • Get the guests...
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Greg McMahan
Kids Think It's Funny by Greg McMahan

Routines and ideas to add plenty of laughs and fun to any children's show.

Chapters include...

One Hundred Balloons an Hour, a technique developed over thirty years of making balloon animals. Using this technique, you can do about 100 balloons an hour and still keep everybody entertained... without them waiting in a line!

Balloonology Seminar, a balloon twisting class that also works very well as part of a birthday party show or other children's event.

In the Days of Yore revives the old Monkey Bar trick, known far and wide as a sucker gag, into the centerpiece of a storytelling...

★★★★★ $20
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David Devlin
Immortal by David Devlin

Have you ever wanted to take a deck of cards, and make your spectators truly believe that you are perhaps the greatest card sharp ever? David Devlin loves gambling routines, especially Poker deals. This just might be one of the most mind-numbing Poker deals created. And best of all, there is no real technical skill required! It is 99% self-working!

Here is the effect: A deck is shuffled, and placed in front of a spectator who is told to cut it about in half. This is done, and it is explained that a four-hand Poker game is going to be dealt. The spectator is asked to name any hand of Poker....

★★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
Brainstorm by David Devlin

"Very nice. Sweet effect, well done!" - Martin Lewis

David Devlin has done it again! This time with a new piece of mentalism that has fried both lay audiences and magicians alike. This is a stunning display of not only your psychic abilities, but also those of the spectator. It is so fair and so "hands-off" that there just does not seem anyway possible for this to work, but it does, and it is 99.5% self working, and it is under your control. David has combined two principles to create this incredible mystery, one of which is grossly under explored.

Bonus: This eBook also features a fantastic...

★★★ $10
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Alexander de Cova
Scrapbook Issue 7 by Alexander de Cova

PAPER DARTS - This is the routine I've kept back. You stand on stage with a folded paper dart. Spectators decide on a three digit number. The dart is thrown into the audience and the audience member catching it brings it to the stage. The paper dart is opened and on it is PRINTED in big bold letters the chosen number! NO nail writing or whatsoever, the method will make you laugh. Completey "out-of-the-box" thinking here. Hopefully, only a few magicians will go into the troubles making this one up.

HOPA-GIMMICK - This can be made up withing minutes and enables you to force two cards as convincingly...

★★★★★ $7
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Devin Knight
One Simple Step to Higher Web Rankings by Devin Knight

This is e-book #6 in Devin Knight's "Magic Marketing For Magicians Series."

This ebook contains a new, never before revealed technique that will catapult your website to the first page of Google searches in one simple step. This is Devin's most closely guarded web secret and he has used it in the past to get clients on the first page of Google when everything else failed. You will not find this method in mainstream SEO books, because this is a technique Devin Knight created called "Piggybacking" and it will get you on the first page of Google searches for performers in your area. In most...

★★★★ $15
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Steve Sanders
Words for Thoughts by Steve Sanders

Seven great effects in one eBook, all based around James Ward's Wordsmith Deck - a pack of some fifty cards consisting of fifty different words.

Voyage and Return
Three spectators put their chosen word into an envelope, the envelopes are mixed by a fourth spectator. The first three spectators are then asked to choose an envelope - they all choose the envelope containing their word.

Rags to Riches
Random words are picked from a dictionary, a spectator, or number of spectators, pick a word each. Each of these words are then discovered and revealed by the magician.

A volunteer...

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Paul Voodini
Mark of the Devil: Six Slick Routines with a Marked Deck by Paul Voodini

This manuscript features six routines from Paul Voodini, all utilizing a marked deck. As well as fully explaining the routines, Paul also discusses many subtleties that allow the performer to use a marked deck with confidence and the 'tricks of the trade' that mean the spectators never suspect for a moment that there is anything 'funny' about the cards.

The routines included are:

The Keeper of Secrets. The performer is able to correctly divine a chosen card despite the spectator desperately trying to keep its identity a secret.

Thought Transfer. Performer and spectator work together...

★★★★ $6.50
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Greg McMahan
Backdrop Designs for Pennies by Greg McMahan

Backdrops add so much to a show, but they can also subtract so much from your wallet. Here's a great resource for building inexpensive backdrops for as low as $30!

A good backdrop can really kick things up on a notch on attaining that professional look. Yet, they don't have to be expensive. Using materials you can find just about anywhere, even around the house, you can make your own backdrop for less than $30.

Many different types of backdrop systems are shown, and the pros and cons of each one discussed. There is a lot of information in these notes... extremely helpful if you want to...

★★★★ $20
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Greg McMahan
Balloon Shows by Greg McMahan

A full stage balloon show adds another options for booking, and can really set you apart from the competition!

Here are just some of the benefits you can offer your clients with a full-stage balloon show...

  • COLOR: That's an obvious benefit, and an attractive one. Never underestimate the power of a colorful stage.
  • SOUND: The sound of balloons being twisted is anything but "boring". Add fun background music, and you're set.
  • MOVEMENT: When balloons are being tossed about, shot off fingers, twisted and balanced, you have a non-stop sea of movement throughout the room.
★★★★ $10
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 55 (Mar 2014) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 10, No. 1, no date [March 2014]; 60 pages
Cover: Wayne Dobson

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. The Secret Agent - Michael Vine - interview by Jay Fortune
  3. Magic Lessons - The 12 Golden Rules
  4. In the Phonebox with: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck - short interview
  5. Shed 7 with Matthew Wright
  6. Readers' Letters
  7. In The News
  8. Masterclass
    • Heli Knot - Tony Griffith
    • Stand Up Business Card - John Derris
  9. The 7 Deadly Sins of Mentalism - Marc Paul
  10. The Italian Job! - Luca Volpe - Cruise Ships
  11. Dealer Shout Outs - Special 'extra' announcements from a few regular advertisers
  12. Back to the Future! - Bobby & Jeramy...
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Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. II: Divinazioni Mentali by Salvatore Cimo

con una prefazione di Mariano Tomatis

e con introduzione e note di Gregorio Samà ( curatore della collana )

Ecco finalmente disponibile, la versione digitale dell’attesissimo secondo volume dell’ “’Enciclopedia dell’ Illusionismo” di Salvatore Cimò dedicato al MENTALISMO.

Gli appassionati stavano attendendo con ansia la ripubblicazione di questo splendido volume che fù il primo “serio” volume di mentalismo ad essere pubblicato in Italia: 302 pagine stracolme di meraviglie.

Molto lavoro è stato profuso nella preparazione della versione digitale di questo volume....

★★★★★ $18
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Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini
Coffee Break Mental Magic: Pet Readings for Mind-Readers by Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini

Pet Readings 4 Mind-Readers outlines a fascinating and engaging personality profile reading system suitable both for beginners and more experienced cold readers. Devised by Cathy Shadows and expanded upon by Paul Voodini, this very special edition of Coffee Break Mental Magic describes in detail the actual reading method which is based around pet animals. Following these details, the manuscript goes on to demonstrate how the technique can be used to win over a table of guests at any kind of function in a matter of moments, to provide insightful and fascinating stand-alone readings, and to augment...

★★★★ $3.25
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Paul A. Lelekis
Magic Tools of the Trade by Paul A. Lelekis

Become a real sleight of hand expert! PLUS 12 excellent tricks and a bonus effect!

Paul Lelekis has written an incredible ebook that every performer must have to make him or her the very best performer possible. This is not just a treatise of sleights - but included is the methodology needed for the more advanced sleights that every card performer needs to know and explained in detail with videos and the methods of performance. ALL FOR ONLY $10.00!

There are over 20 sleights explained in full as well as videos of Paul performing twelve of these sleights, in what situations they are used,...

★★★★ $12
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Paul A. Lelekis
Defective Cups and Balls by Paul A. Lelekis

Paul presents his multi-staged routine, Defective Cups & Balls which he has been performing for almost two decades!

Even Houdini once said, "You can't consider yourself a magician unless you can perform the Cups & Balls!"

Defective Cups & Balls has Paul's complete, hilarious patter and each stage of this routine becomes more and more "eye-popping" as the story goes on. Best, yet, this routine ends with not just a double - but a TRIPLE revelation that will have everyone, including the kids, completely FREAKED OUT! It just seems IMPOSSIBLE!

PLUS, this routine will get you a huge applause from...

★★★★★ $8
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