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Aldo Colombini
Top Ten (Italian) by Aldo Colombini

L'artista propone una strana partita a poker con solo dieci carte. Durante questa dimostrazione riesce sempre ad avere la «mano» vincente! La routine base è stata introdotta per la prima volta nella rivista «THE PHOENIX» di Bruce ELLIOTT (numero 168, 14 gennaio 1949, con varianti nei numeri successivi 170 e 180) col nome di TEN CARD POKER DEAL (il gioco del poker con dieci carte). Numerose routines sono apparse su questo tema in tante riviste e pubblicazioni varie. Quella che ti offro è basata anch'essa su astuzie ideate da vari autori, primo fra tutti Paul CURRY al quale va un grazie...

★★★★ $5
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Harlan Tarbell
Tarbell Lezioni 3 by Harlan Tarbell

Eccoci alla terza Lezione di questo splendido corso , completo in ogni dettaglio. Un breve riassunto del contenuto:

La Lezione dopo una interessante carrellata storica, si sofferma su un importante principio : quello della MISDERCTION, proponendo interessantissime osservazioni.

Completano la lezione tre effetti con gli anelli, ognuno dei quali completamente mistificante.

  1. Un anello di metallo, dopo essere stato esaminato, viene legato ad una cordicella da un membro del pubblico. La corda viene poi tenuta per entrambe le estremità da due spettatori. L'artista, sotto la copertura di un...
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Roberto Giobbi
Card Stories by Roberto Giobbi

In diesem E-Buch beschreibt Giobbi nur zwei Routinen, aber diese sind bis ins kleinste Detail aufgearbeitet und präsentiert, wie man das von Roberto Giobbi geradezu erwartet. Die Routinen heissen

  • Ein abgekartetes ... Risiko
  • Die Zeitmaschine
Besonders ausführlich ist auch Robertos empfohlene Lektüre, die den eifrigen Studenten in ein vertiefendes und weitergehendes Studium veranlasst.

Erstausgabe 1986, erste digitale Ausgabe 2013, 36 Seiten.

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Gerard Zitta
Coin Games by Gerard Zitta

Two hands off and impromptu effects you'll do for the rest of your life at any moment notice, and every time you'll meet somebody because they are fun to perform, simple and practical.

"Man both routines are very very clever! I love them! Especially the heads and tails one!!! I definitely use them! Well done mate!" - Romanos, creator of GERTI/Silver swindle

This ebook is a combination of the simplest plots you can perform in Magic: HEADS or TAILS? and WHICH HAND? They can be done separately as well.

The routine:

Take your wallet and casually throw a $100 bill (or just $1...but...

★★★ $20
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Scott Creasey
UNO-IT by Scott Creasey

In his guise as mentalist, mind reader and psychic entertainer, Scott is always on the lookout for routines that use innocent looking, common and recognizable props, which can be adapted for use in stage and close up environments.

In the following pages you will find a number of real world routines using UNO cards. Available from most toy stores and regularly advertised on TV, if you perform any kind of mentalism, you will find them perfect as a substitute for playing cards or ESP cards.

All the routines in this ebook have been tried, tested and refined over years of performance. As well...

★★★★ $22.50
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Raymonde Crow
Take the Plunge(r): Tiny Plunger Magic by Raymonde Crow

The tiny plunger is an exciting new plot in magic and has been performed on the Today show. It's cute and catchy.

Take the Plunge(r): Tiny Plunger Magic is not about merely telling you the secret, but also how to perform an easy routine that builds to a stunning conclusion, while getting laughs all along the way.

You will learn where to get the props you need, how to set up for the trick, and how to reset for the next performance. There is also solid advice born from Raymonde Crow's experience "in the trenches," working in a restaurant environment.

Whether you want to make money as...

★★★★ $5
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David Devlin
State of the Union by David Devlin

EFFECT: The performer hands an envelope to a spectator to hold. The performer then removes a deck of cards from its case. The cards are not playing cards, however. In this deck, each card bears the name of a state in the United States. The performer thumbs through the deck allowing the spectators to see that all of the cards are different (when I do this, I even tell them that in order to have a full, 52-card deck, I have added Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). The deck is then divided into 4 approximately equal piles. A spectator now selects one of those piles to use in the experiment, and...

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David Devlin
Time Out by David Devlin

EFFECT: The performer jots down a prediction on a small piece of paper, folds it into quarters, and drops it into a coffee cup. A spectator is now asked to name a time. She says, "7:35". She now reaches into the coffee cup, and removes the slip of paper, opens it up, and reads the time. Of course, it is 7:35.

  • No one-ahead
  • The spectator does not write anything down
  • No nail-writers
  • No math or spelling type force
  • 99% impromptu
This effect, in part, involves a new psychological force that is original with David Devlin. The great part of this effect is that this becomes a demonstration...
★★★★ $10
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Leo Leslie
Triple Colour Cups and Balls by Leo Leslie

From the Foreword

When the manuscript arrived from Denmark, Edwin asked me to look through it and give him an opinion. I was intrigued when I read it; whilst the moves appeared to be based on the old "Cups and Corks", Leo had added tremendous impact to it by the introduction of COLOUR. The whole routine seemed to 'live', and there's not a single sleight involved.

Admittedly, the 'Cups and Balls' has been done before in colour, but not with the clean simplicity of the present routine. So rake out that set of cups you have in the cupboard (or nip out and buy three plastic beakers), obtain...

★★★★★ $5
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Will Blyth
Match-Stick Magic by Will Blyth

Puzzles, games and conjuring tricks - all done with simple matches. Get a matchbox or book of matches and entertain an entire table of guests or just a single person on the bar.

With an introduction by David Devant.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Puzzles
    • Introduction
    • Dividing The Inheritance
    • Boy Scouts' Bridge
    • Doubling The Area
    • Twin Triangle Puzzle
    • Four Triangle Puzzle
    • Nothing To Remain
    • Shakespearean Quotation
    • Match Manufacture
    • Removing The Middle
    • Evens To Odd
    • Tantalising Addition
    • Alternative Method Of Presentation
    • Easy Multiplication
    • Subtle Subtraction
    • Singular Subtraction
    • Twenty-Five...
★★★★ $5
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Ben Howard
Transfix: cards through case by Ben Howard

This is a 'cards through case' effect, but completely different than older versions. This effect takes a classic stage illusion and puts it in the spectator's hands.

Four random cards are selected by the spectator. The four cards are placed inside a card case and given to the spectator to hold at their fingertips.

Three of the four cards are removed, leaving the final card inside of the card case. The remaining three cards are then pushed through the side of the card case and the selected card.

This can be viewed from all angles whilst the spectator is holding the case.

The three...

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Terry G. Smith
The Psychic Antenna by Terry G. Smith

This routine allows you to have a spectator think of ANYTHING, have them write it down, and you will be able to determine what it is and end up clean. All you need to carry with you is a few blank cards, a pen and most importantly, a paper clip, as it will be..... The PSYCHIC ANTENNA.

Everything in this routine is natural and logical with no "funny" moves and focuses on everything except the method.

The routine relies on sleight-of-hand of moderate difficulty. The moves are motivated and blend into the normal action and movement of the routine.

1st edition 2013, 10 pages, photo illustrated....

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Sidney W. Clarke
The Annals of Conjuring by Sidney W. Clarke

This is the first real history of magic in the English language. It first appeared in serialized from in The Magic Wand.

Sidney W. Clarke tells the story of magic from its earliest traces in recorded history, all the way to the celebrated masters of Robert-Houdin, Maskelyne, and the ones who followed them.

[Note: This edition was newly formatted for convenient reading and searching on mobile devices.]

1st digital edition 2013, 288 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ancient Conjuring
  3. The Mediaeval Jugglers
  4. The Jugglers’ Tricks
  5. Hocus Pocus
  6. The English Showmen
  7. Continental Conjurers In The XVIIIth Century
  8. The Decline Of Conjuring
  9. The Wizard Of The North And The Mechanical Conjurers
  10. Robert-Houdin ...
★★★★★ $9.50
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Raphaël Czaja
Detour: an incredible double prediction effect by Raphaël Czaja


The magician displays a pack of cards and a prediction (one card between the two Jokers, all held by a rubber band). He deals the cards from the top of the pack until the spectator says "stop". He is asked to remember the suit of his first selection.

The deck is gathered and the value of the first card is used to find another card. He is asked to remember the value of his second selection.

So basically, a card has just been made up. The deck is gathered, turned face up and the value of the second selection is used to find a third card. Wouldn't it be great if it was the made-up...

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Jozsef Kovacs
Addicted to Power and Mystical Sandwitch by Jozsef Kovacs

Addicted To Power
The spectator chooses a random number of cards and a random selection from the deck. The random cards have letters on their faces. If you read the letters they give you the name of the selection! After this the magician shows that all the other cards in the deck are blank!

Mystical Sandwich
Two spectators choose two cards by cutting the shuffled deck. They sign their cards and bury them into the deck. The magician spreads the deck and shows that the mystical card of the deck has turned face up in the middle of the deck. By spelling the name of the mystical card, the...

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Roberto Giobbi
CardPerfect by Roberto Giobbi

CardPerfect war eines der ersten grossen Bücher des produktiven Schweizer Zauberkünstlers Roberto Giobbi.

Die 13 Routinen in CardPerfect sind - von wenigen Ausnahmen abgesehen - technisch verblüffend einfach und für den interessierten Leser unter der erstklassigen Anleitung des Autors leicht lernbar. Obwohl Roberto Giobbi zweifellos zu den virtuosen Kartentechnikern unserer Zeit zählt, werden in den vorliegenden Routinen vor allem die Präsentation, die Ablenkung der Aufmerksamkeit und das harmonische Zusammenspiel von Wort und Handlung in den Vordergrund gestellt. Die intelligente...

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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Ludwig Döbler: Genius des Biedermeier by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Mit ihm, dem Zauberkünstler Ludwig Döbler, hatte Österreich bereits in der Biedermeierzeit einen internationalen Superstar, der von Budapest bis London, von Prag bis St. Petersburg die größten Bühnenerfolge einheimste. Er war zu seiner Zeit genauso, wenn nicht populärer als Nestroy, Grillparzer oder Raimund. Mit den Intellektuellen seiner Zeit, wie z.B. Goethe, Dingelstedt, Saphir, Bäuerle, Heine, Castelli, Raimund, war er freundschaftlich verbunden.

Berühmt war sein Entree, nach einem Schuss brannten 200 Kerzen auf der Bühne oder "Flora's Blumenspende", wobei er dutzende kleine...

★★★★★ $20
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Harlan Tarbell
Tarbell Lezioni 2 by Harlan Tarbell

Eccoci alla seconda lezione di questo magistrale corso ! Dopo aver esordito con una dotta e snella carrellata sulla storia della prestigiazione, Il corso continua con la trattazione di un importantissimo principio: quello dell'autosuggestione. Infine vengono trattati diversi interessanti e pratici giochi con un nostro "caro amico"... Ottimo materiale se si vuole studiare sul serio la prestigiazione!

Elenco dei contenuti


  • Come il Potere della Suggestione agisce su di...
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Aldo Colombini
Cappelli con Palloncini by Aldo Colombini

In questo manoscritto Aldo ti insegna una serie di cappelli da creare con i palloncini per modellare di semplicissima esecuzione e di grande effetto.

Puoi utilizzarli in mille occasioni nel tuo spettacolo. Sono originali e divertenti e, soprattutto se lavori con i bambini, sono uno strumento per creare momenti indimenticabili di sicuro successo. Come dice Aldo stesso nell'introduzione: "L' idea di creare cappelli con palloncini è relativamente nuova. I cappelli sono divertenti, attirano adulti e bambini e sono DIVERSI, creando novità nelI' arte di modellare i palloncini Ogni occasione...

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Aldo Colombini
Misura le Parole by Aldo Colombini

In questo raro manoscritto di Aldo, trovi una divertente routine con il solo uso di un mazzo di carte e un metro da falegname. Dopo aver fatto scegliere una carta, tu, il performer, esegui una serie di figure con un metro mentre racconti una esilarante storia. Infine, sempre servendoti del metro, ritrovi con successo la carta scelta. Molto originale, sempre pronto e facilissimo da eseguire: intrattenimento allo stato puro.

★★★★ $5
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Devin Knight
Blindsight Outdone by Devin Knight

A version that fools those who know the original. A spectator correctly guesses the colors sealed in four envelopes. No gimmick markers.

NOTE: Do not confuse this with the original Blindsight. This 100% new method will fool those who have the original trick.

The performer shows four manila envelopes. There is nothing written on the envelopes, nor are they secretly marked. He shows them freely on both sides and points out the envelopes are opaque. The performer hands the envelopes to a participant; saying inside each envelope is a different colored card: Green, red, blue, and yellow. The performer...

★★★ $15
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Lex Schoppi
Quick Change: rapid costume changes for men by Lex Schoppi

Quick Change - rapid costume changes for men is the most reviewed book about costume changes on the market. Three print editions are now sold out. A decade ago we don't thinking about a next print edition. Instead, we offer it to you as a modern ebook.

Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject.

  • 15 SECRETS
  • 112 PAGES
  • SEVERAL HUNDRED combination possibilities for Quick Change methods
The German book Quickchange (published in 2003) was the most comprehensive publication at that time and contained on 80 pages 5 different tried and tested...
★★★★★ $55
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Gregg Webb
Hard Copy: Alternative Manipulation by Gregg Webb

Hard Copy was a magazine by Gregg Webb that ran for 13 issues starting in 2009. You will find primarily ideas on manipulation - manipulation of cards, corks, balls and other items. Includes contributions by Jeff McBride. The occasional non-manipulation effect with cards and or coins is thrown in the mix.

108 pages.

  1. Hard Copy: Alternative Manipulation - cover page
  2. Hard Copy: Alternative Manipulation - advertising sheet

  1. Hard Copy: Alternative Manipulation - Issue 1 - 8 pages
  2. Welcome
  3. Webb's No "Steals" Card Fan Routine - Part One
  4. About Sleeves - article
  5. Not as Hard - a "column...
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Andy Cannon
Psych Five by Andy Cannon

Engaging, interactive and a little bit cheeky

This is Andy's multiple phased, business card routine. Like every other piece in this collection it allows for ample byplay, and a fun competitiveness and out guessing theme between you and the participant. Perhaps the coolest part about this is the psychology that allows you to do it "gimmick" free with near 100% accuracy. Although the 100% accurate version is thrown in. This is pure psychological fun.

TERASBOS bit o' business
You'll need to be familiar with the Rick Maue Classic, this simple verbiage puts the odds in your favour...

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