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Wolfgang Riebe
100 Assistant One-Liner Jokes by Wolfgang Riebe

These are one-liners you can use in situations where you bring a spectator on stage to assist you.

1st edition 2013, 11 pages.

★★★★ $1
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Devin Knight
The Vampire Effect: how to cast no reflection by Devin Knight

Vampires supposedly have no reflections in mirrors. This is folklore, but suppose you as a performer could really create this effect. What kind of reaction do you think your spectator's would have, if you had no reflection in a mirror? Would they be amazed or scared?

Devin Knight is finally revealing secret techniques that he developed. These secrets allow you to create the vampire effect, and in some cases do it almost impromptu.

Knight revealed these secrets to Al Mann in the mid-80s and at that time Mann wanted to release volume 2 of Invisible Men with these techniques revealed. Unfortunately,...

★★★ $6
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Paul Voodini
Coffee Break Mental Magic #2: Multi-Dimensional Out of this World by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents Multi-Dimensional Out Of This World, the second in the weekly Coffee Break Mental Magic series. This is the Christmas & New Year 2013 edition, and as such it features something a little bit special. It is Paul Voodini's take on the classic Out Of This World card routine. However, as you can probably imagine, in the hands of Voodini Out Of This World is shaken up and is turned into a 3 phase routine featuring a volunteer being appointed as the group's psychic, a message being delivered from the spirits, and a display of personal intuition that contains within it a subconscious...

★★★★ $2.50
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George B. Anderson
My Favorite Sucker Card Tricks by George B. Anderson

These are great routines if you need to silence a heckler. Lots of impact, good effects, experienced handling of cards and spectators. George knows how to lead you to the good ones, and they will sparkle up your routines. They are "different" and you do need variety in your card programs.

  • The Next Card
  • High Pair
  • The Bottom Switch
  • Sharp Perception
  • The Three Card Monte Swindle
  • The Blackjack Or Twenty-One Swindle
  • The Ace Of Hearts Swindle
  • The Seven And Eight Con
  • The Joker
  • A Crooked Poker Deal
  • The Spectator Does It
  • Test Your Memory
  • Don't Overdo Them

1st edition 1980, 1st digital...

★★★★★ $7.95
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Jon Racherbaumer
Jonah Ploys by Jon Racherbaumer

This manuscript explores hybrids of the Jonah Card Principle. Beyond that it hopes to draw attention to this fascinating motif and perhaps inspire further research and development.

  • THE FOUR QUEENS (Bill Simon)
  • MEN FROM THE BOYS (Colm Mulcahy - Bill Simon)
  • ODD YET PREDICTABLE (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • NO-JONAH POKER (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • (LOSING) END POKER (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • OUROBOROS (Jack Parker)
  • STRONG CIDER (Edward Marlo - Jon Racherbaumer)
  • THE JONAH IN THE HARRY'S POCKET (Jon Racherbaumer)
★★★★★ $15
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Paul Gordon
Marlo in the United Kingdom by Paul Gordon

Marlo in the United Kingdom complements Marlo In New Tops and Marlo in Linking Ring. It includes his contributions to The Gen, Pabular and The Pentagram.

  • Predicted Mental Spell
  • Extended Mental Spell
  • Sympathetic Coincidence
  • Impromptu Stranger
  • Follow My Leader
  • Royal Transposition
  • The Marlo Slip Cut
  • Marlo's Slip Cut Force
  • A Flexible Move
  • The Roughed Stripper
  • The Centre Card Transfer
  • Spectator Cuts To Locate The Aces
  • Dribble Coincidence
  • Dribble Concept Continued

1st edition 2005, 79 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Brian Kennedy
Business Change by Brian Kennedy

The magician says he has a prediction written which he will get back to. A card is selected, noted and lost back into the pack. The magician says he will make the selection jump to the top of the deck. It is the wrong card. The magician shows his written prediction. It doesn't match the top card, but it is the selected card predicted ahead of time. The magician places the indifferent card into the spectator's hand. He waves his business card over the indifferent card. It visually morphs into the indifferent card. Spectator opens their hands. they are now holding their selected card.

  • multiple...
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MP4 (video)

Abhinav Bothra
SharPen by Abhinav Bothra

Phase I - Bite off the pen nib and spit it back on. Immediately, open the refill compartment, let the spectator touch the nib.

Phase II - Make the refill rise out of the pen.

Bonus - A Russian Roulette with pens, where spectators select the pens to be smashed. The whole effect is totally under the performer's control.

The video will explain you how to gimmick a pen. No special pen is needed.

1st edition 2013, 12 minutes

★★★★ $0
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MP4 (video)

Simon Caine
The Stained Glass Effect by Simon Caine

A deck is borrowed from a spectator. The deck is shuffled by the spectator. They select a card and commit it to memory. Nothing is forced, no card is mentioned out loud.

A second spectator is thinking of any number between 1 and 52, the card is replaced and the deck is further mixed. Nothing is forced, no number is mentioned out loud.

Only after both spectators are satisfied with the random state of the deck are the freely chosen card and number named out loud (only if they want! This information can stay unknown to the performer the whole time.)

The performer does not touch the deck,...

★★★★ $10
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Ken de Courcy
One Dream Bottle by Ken de Courcy

Here is a mental effect that is useful for after-dinner shows.


On the performer's table stand five bottled drinks. All contain different drinks, but they are all the same size. A spectator is invited to mentally choose one, then they are covered by him with five identical covers and, finally, mixed so no one can know the position of any particular drink. At this point, the performer turns his back and directs the spectator to move the bottles himself. Then one by one they are eliminated until only one remains.

He is asked to name the drink he chose, then lift the cover from...

★★★★★ $5
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Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini
Ancora in Giro by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini
  • Introduzione
  • Tripla Predizione
  • Anello e Corda
  • Una Busta Vuota
  • Corda Tagliata In Tre Pezzi
  • Doppia Penetrazione
  • Quadraplex
  • Colori Mentali
  • In Giro Per Il Mondo
  • Colori Senza Riposo
  • Un Trucco Mentale
  • Carta a Qualsiasi Numeri
  • Uno, Due, Tre
  • Equivalente
  • Cidentaquin e Riciclo
  • Sul Giornale
  • Questo Seme, Quel Valore
  • Carte Segnate
  • Scelta ESP
★★★★ $10
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Matteo Filippini
Cy Endfield: Tra Cinema E Magia by Matteo Filippini

Tra Cinema e Magia é un saggio dedicato ad un importante personaggio della cartomagia del XX Secolo, Cy Endfield, conosciuto al grande pubblico come regista di classici del cinema come "Zulu" con Michael Caine.

Endfield, appassionato di prestigiazione fin dall'adolescenza, fin dagli anni '40 frequenta importanti circoli magici ed associazioni magiche come la SAM e l'IBM. Stimato da illustri colleghi come Dai Vernon, Paul Curry a Alex Elmsley, il suo contributo cartomagico verra' fissato negli eccellenti libri di Lewis Ganson, Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic.

Nel saggio di Matteo...

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Maximiliano Monteleone
La Bottega di Merlino by Maximiliano Monteleone

Più che un dovere una necessità ! Si mai come oggi è stato indispensabile saper costruire i propri attrezzi da scena e con questo primo volume della serie "la bottega di Merlino" ora questo è possibile!

Nel consueto e dettagliato stile di Maximiliano Monteleone, in questo indispensabile lavoro troverai le istruzioni dettagliate, con misure e diagrammi in 3D per costruire scatole e attrezzi per il tuo numero.

Tra l'altro troverai nel volume:

  • Square Circle a doppio carico
  • Tubi per produzione
  • Libro in fiamme
  • La scatola inesauribile
  • Il secchio delle meraviglie
  • Il dado Fantastico ...
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Appunti di Grant by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Questo raro manoscritto di UF Grant, contiene un sacco di materiale interessante . Nascoste nelle sue pagine sono alcune piccole gemme che non troverete da nessun'altra parte . Non ci sono lunghe descrizioni dei metodi , come spiega lo stesso di Grant . Si va direttamente al punto. Lo stile è tipico di Grant : diretto e senza fronzoli. Sarà una notevole aggiunta alla collezione di coloro che sono appassionati di Grant.


"Questa è una collezione di materiale tratto da un albo di appunti esclusivo… Materiale che normalmente sarebbe venduto separatamente a uno, due,...

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Marc Dibowski
QR (German) by Marc Dibowski

Ein Gedanke. Ein Name. Eine Vorhersage auf einem beliebigen Smartphone … und eine bleibende Erinnerung

Eine Vorhersagemethode des digitalen Zeitalters mit ungeahnten Möglichkeiten. Inklusive Grafikdateien, Cue-Card, speziell generierten QR-Codes, Bonusmaterialien und Onlineressource zum sofortigen präsentieren.

Eine Zuschauerin am Tisch wählt eine Spielkarte. Mit einem beliebigen Smartphone lassen Sie einen die ganze Zeit auf dem Tisch befindlichen Code auf einem Alltagsgegenstand einlesen. Sie berühren nichts mehr! Auf des Zuschauers Telefon erscheint das Bild der Zuschauerkarte,...

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Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan
THE MINOTAUR Volumes 1-8 (no DVDs) by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan

[Note: This is the same as The MINOTAUR Volumes 1-8 except the DVDs which complete the MINOTAUR are not included here. You only get all the issues that were released in printed form.]

★★★★★ $80
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Steve Pellegrino
Michael Skinner's Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine by Steve Pellegrino

Michael Skinner's Impromptu Cups & Balls is one of the unpublished gems he taught to a few students. Michael performed the routine on The Tonight Show, June 1, 1973, when he was in the prime of his career.

Clips of the performance have been on YouTube for several years, but only a few people knew the routine's complete work. Other magicians have tried to duplicate this routine. However, they missed because they didn't understand Michael's subtleties and timing, especially his startling "Scatter Phase," where the three balls start under the center cup. Then, in a brief moment, each ball appears...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Brian Kennedy
wHOLE Ambitious 2.0 by Brian Kennedy

This is a wonderfully visual climax to any ambitious card routine. The gimmick is easy to make and easy to hide. Watch the demo video below.

Version 2 includes everything from the original version plus new ways to change the card and deck into the signed selection, new single routine and new transposition routine.

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Jon Racherbaumer
Pasteboard Permutations by Jon Racherbaumer
  • A WHIM-WHAM WARM-UP: Warmed Over Rhetoric

1st edition 2013, 49 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Paul Gordon
Percy Naldrett: A Man of Sussex, Conjurer and Poet by Paul Gordon

A tribute to Percy Naldrett by Paul Gordon who shares birth place Worthing in Sussex with Percy. Includes photos and other bits and pieces of information not published anywhere else.

Percy Naldrett was born on 17th May 1888 and died 28th September 1973. He was a printer by trade and a semi-pro magician and collector. He wrote a number of books such as Magic of the Moment (1912, 50pp), Magical Notes and Notions (1913, 36pp), Miscellaneous Magic (1913, 48pp). He was editor of the Magic Circular from 1938-49.

1st edition 2005, 31 pages.

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Paul Gordon
Edward George Brown: a magical life by Paul Gordon
  • Preface - Paul Gordon
  • About the Author by Martin Breese
  • Introduction - Paul Gordon
  • Edward George Brown - a biography by Paul Gordon
  • Obituary by Francis White
  • Heartfelt Tributes
  • - John Carney
  • - Roger Crosthwaite
  • - Members of The Magic Circle
  • Trevor H. Hall & The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown
  • Willane's Methods for Miracles
  • Ibidem - P. Howard Lyons
  • The 'Lost' Magic of E.G. Brown
  • - Divination of Two Mentally Selected Cards
  • - The Three Billet Test
  • - A Cigarette Change
  • - The Penetrating Tumbler
  • - Handkerchief and Glass to Hat
  • - A Nap Hand
  • With Thanks to Edward George Brown
  • - The Brown Detective - Peter Duffie
  • - Thin...
★★★★ $10
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Paul Voodini
Coffee Break Mental Magic #1: 3 Invisible Keys of Wonder by Paul Voodini

3 Invisible Keys of Wonder is the first edition of Coffee Break Mental Magic, a weekly Paul Voodini PDF publication featuring stunning routines that utilize commonplace tools of mentalism, and sold for less than the price of a cup of coffee. The emphasis on the routines is powerful storylines and simple mechanics, meaning that all can enjoy them and use them, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Normally the weekly Coffee Break Mental Magic release will feature a single routine, but to celebrate its launch, this first edition '3 Invisible Keys to Wonder' features three original routines,...

★★★★ $2.50
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Frances Marshall
The Sponge Book by Frances Marshall

Contains twelve routines, plus a whole section by Al Goshman, King of the Sponge Balls. Featured is the famous Senator Crandall routine which Don Alan did for Ed Sullivan.

Other routines include: Ghost Balls, Three Ball Trick, Big and Little Balls, Silver and Sponges, Leaping Leprechauns, Passe Passe Sponges, Spicy Sponges, Crandall's Original Routine, Gen. Grant's Favorite, Surprise Finish for Rabbit Routine, Multi-ball, etc.

Tricks range from beginner's stuff to those for the expert. A little practice makes it possible for anyone to learn sponge tricks.

1st digital edition 2013, 47 pages....

★★★★★ $9.95
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Abhinav Bothra
Audacious by Abhinav Bothra

At a house event or a party or an occasion or a show, you walk up to a stranger and call out their name, their partner's name and their occupation, the school they studied in, their last vacation spot, hotel they stayed in, the room no. in which they stayed, their honeymoon destination, things bothering them and millions of other things and also the things that even their close friends are unaware of.

This is a forcing technique of a particular time on clock without a watch or any other prop whatsoever.

A card forcing method that plays with the concept of dual...

★★★★★ $9.95
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