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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 9 (Jun 1951 - May 1952) by Jean Hugard

Volume IX (June 1951 - May 1952), Jean Hugard, editor

144 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume IX, Number 1 - June 1951 - 12 pages
  2. SAM-IBM Combined Convention - Backstage with Frank Joglar
    • More Sidelights
    • Dealers
    • Notes
    • Second Thoughts
    • In Print
    • Jottings
    • The Sphinx
    • Bits and Pieces
    • Mail Dept.
    • TV Topics
    • Seen or Heard
    • Jay Palmer
    • P.S.
  3. Unrehearsed Incidents
  4. Farelli's London Letter - Victor Farelli
    • Rope Through Ring
    • Working and Presentation
    • Observations
  5. "We Knew Max Malini" - George G. Kaplan
    • Malini Show
  6. Milbourne Christopher's...
★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 8 (Jun 1950 - May 1951) by Jean Hugard

Volume VIII (June 1950 - May 1951), Jean Hugard, editor

130 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume VIII, Number 1 - June 1950 - 10 pages
  2. Combined S.A.M.-I.B.M. Convention - Backstage with Frank Joglar
    • International Night
    • National Night
    • More on the Conclave
    • News and Notes
    • The Hartmanns
    • TV Topics
    • Check List
    • Instructions
    • One Versus Many
    • Magic Battle
  3. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
    • Geoffrey Buckingham
  4. Algernon & A Rope - A Hospital Phantasy - Jean Hugard
  5. Inquiries
  6. Merlini's Magic - Clayton Rawson
    • Saltless Sorcery
  7. The Four...
★★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 7 (Jun 1949 - May 1950) by Jean Hugard

Volume VII (June 1949 - May 1950), Jean Hugard, editor

120 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume VII, Number 1 - June 1949 - 10 pages
  2. Lightning-Flash Card Change - Stanley Collins
  3. Phantom Silk and Matchbox - Jean Hugard
  4. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
    • Harlan Tarbell & Russ Walsh
  5. Match Monte - Harold J. Kelly
  6. A Club Sandwich - Milton G. Miller
  7. Milbourne Christopher's Column
    • Slade's Knots Up-Dated
    • Nailing the Knots
    • Under the Table
    • Behind Closed Doors
    • Fourth Dimension
  8. All Backs - Dai Vernon
    • The False Turn-Over
  9. Radio-Active Billiard Balls...
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 6 (Jun 1948 - May 1949) by Jean Hugard

Volume VI (June 1948 - May 1949), Jean Hugard, editor

120 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume VI, Number 1 - June 1948 - 10 pages
  2. A Nikola Presentation - Jean Hugard
  3. Roundabout with Fred Braue - column
  4. Thimble Telepathy - Milton Borger
  5. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
  6. Magicana - bits of wisdom
  7. Milbourne Christopher's Column
    • Participation
    • Taboos
    • Pleasing Parents
    • Humor?
    • Give-Aways
    • Applause
    • Sucker Tricks
    • Presents
    • Volunteers
    • Curiosity
  8. The Linking Rings - Some New Moves
    • The No Key Move - Fred Braue
    • Right Angle Unlink - Fred Braue ...
★★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 5 (Jun 1947 - May 1948) by Jean Hugard

Volume V (June 1947 - May 1948), Jean Hugard, editor

104 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume V, Number 1 - June 1947 - 8 pages
  2. Burned and Restored Handkerchief - Jean Hugard
  3. Milbourne Christopher's Column
    • The Silk in the Case
    • The Sensitized Silk
    • The Pips Pass
    • Conclusion
  4. Merlini's Magic - Clayton Rawson
    • The Counterfeiter's Dream
  5. Roundabout with Fred Braue - column
    • The Five-Best Poll
      • Card Transits
      • Coincidences
      • Predictions
      • Telepathy or Mind Reading
      • Reverses
      • Changes
      • Spellers
      • Transpositions
      • A Show...
★★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 4 (Jun 1946 - May 1947) by Jean Hugard

Volume IV (June 1946 - May 1947), Jean Hugard, editor

100 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume IV, Number 1 - June 1946 - 8 pages
  2. Telephonic Telepathy - Abril Lamarque
  3. Milbourne Christopher's Column
    • The Bag Stab
    • Force Stab
    • Giant Stab
    • More Variations
    • Conclusion
  4. Feats of Strength in Magic
    • Pack Tearing and Magic
    • You Do As I Do
    • Tearing a Telephone Directory
  5. Magic by Telephone - Harold J. Kelly
  6. The Evolution of a Knot - Dr. Arnold Boston
  7. Basic English for Magicians - Zovello
    • General Terms
  8. Roundabout - column - Fred Braue
  9. Hu-gardenias...
★★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 3 (Jun 1945 - May 1946) by Jean Hugard

Volume III (June 1945 - May 1946), Jean Hugard, editor

100 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume III, Number 1 - June 1945 - 8 pages
  2. The Porous Plate - A Trick with a Climax that Savors of Real Magic - George Starke
  3. Gold and Silver - Ross Bertram
  4. Magnetized Wand
  5. Interludes
    • The Swallowing Wand
    • A Porous Glass
    • A Deep Glass
  6. A Knotty Interlude
  7. A Miser Dreams in the Parlor
  8. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
  9. Magicana - bits of wisdom
  10. The Flying Pips
  11. The Lighting Change - Larry Russell
  12. Classified Advertisements

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume III, Number 2...
★★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 2 (Jun 1944 - May 1945) by Jean Hugard

Volume II (June 1944 - May 1945), Jean Hugard, editor

70 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume II, Number 1 - June 1944 - 4 pages
  2. The Lamarque Rabbit Vanish
  3. Routine with a Svengali Deck - Tom Bowyer
  4. The Rice Bowls - Roger Barkann
  5. Impromptu Daub - Gerald L. Kaufman
  6. Magnetic Fisherman - A. Heller, The Card Board Lover
  7. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
  8. Silks - tip
  9. Producing a Rope - George Engel
  10. 3-2-1 - A di-abolical Deception - George G. Kaplan
  11. Classified Advertisements

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume II, Number 2 - July 1944 - 4 pages - The R.M. Jamison Special Number
  2. The Oracle Speaks ...
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Jean Hugard
Hugard's Magic Monthly Volume 1 (Jun 1943 - May 1944) by Jean Hugard

Volume I (June 1943 - May 1944), Jean Hugard, editor

53 pages

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume I, Number 1 - June 1943 - 4 pages
  2. The WAACS and the Doughboys - story trick
  3. Editorial
  4. Presentation - column
  5. Torn Newspaper to Bouquet
  6. Torn Paper Classic
  7. Repetitions
  8. Striking Experiment - John Batton
  9. Hu-gardenias - kudos to performers
  10. Classified Advertisements

  1. Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volume I, Number 2 - July 1943 - 4 pages
  2. Spectacular Flash Opening
  3. Linking Ring Climax
  4. The Long and the Short of It - A Sure Force
  5. Jean-eralities
  6. The Flap Slate
  7. Editorial
  8. Hu-gardenias - kudos...
★★★★★ $4
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Bruce Bernstein
Separation Anxiety by Bruce Bernstein

"Elegant. The trick of the year." - Barrie Richardson

"Bruce Bernstein, who has an honored place in my book, as one of the premier Sultans of Swindle, was selling a new trick, "Separation Anxiety," which sounded--like a lot of Bruce's stuff--completely impossible. So I figured--like a lot of Bruce's stuff--the method would be in the upper echelons of deviousness--and I just had to know how it worked. This is about as clean and fast an "Out of this World" effect as you can get. Bruce also provides a second phase, different from the first, which in effect is different enough to be interesting, and in method...

★★★★★ $24.95
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Paul A. Lelekis
Showcase Magic by Paul A. Lelekis

Showcase Magic by Paul A. Lelekis, is performer's dream! The magic included in this ebook, is a mixture of "formal performance" magic, table-hopping magic, children's magic and a couple of gambling routines that will make people think, "I'm not playing cards with this guy!" These are well worked-out routines that you can perform on a moment's notice and EACH ONE IS A WINNER!

To begin with, Paul has written a 4-page Prologue that describes 8 different venues for making money with your magic in your hometown...and how to go about getting these jobs. He describes the "pitfalls" and performing...

★★★★ $12
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
100 Tips and Gags by Ulysses Frederick Grant

As Grant itself says, this is "A Collection of 100 Tips and Gags, Stunts etc. to put pep into your Program. Items that have, and are being used by Leading Performers. AND MANY NEW ONES." The literal 100 gags that you will find in the manuscript are useful in every situation and for every kind of show.


Although this manuscript was written in the early forties, we are sure that you will find many useful gags, stunts, bit of business etc. that you will immediately insert in your...
★★★ $4
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Johnnie Murray & Don Tanner
Coffee-Break Magic by Johnnie Murray & Don Tanner

This ebook contains little tidbits and ideas that you can place right into your act. Some are clever, some are cute and some will make you (and your audiences) laugh out loud!

  • Memento
  • Three
  • Borrowing Money By Remote Control
  • Moola Monte
  • Silk Extraction
  • A Card Stabbing Souvenir
  • In Miniature
  • Odds And Ends
  • Escape
  • Impromptu Bullet Catching

1st edition 1959; 1st digital edition 2013, 15 pages.

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Lewis Ganson
Give a Magician Enough Rope ... and he'll do a trick by Lewis Ganson

Some of the finest rope magic from Lewis Ganson, Peter Warlock, Van Rinkhuyzen, Anverdi, Faucett W. Ross, Jay Ose, Martin Gardner, Edward Victor, Stanley Norman, Norman Rashleigh, Harold G. Beaumont, C. F. Germelman, Horace E. Bennett, H. Fernandes, Bill Shewan and H. Fernandes.

  • Give a Magician Enough Rope
  • Cut-Knot-Join
  • Impromptu Neck Penetration
  • Rope Thru' Wrist
  • Red and White Ropes
  • A Remarkable Square Knot
  • Stretching A Rope
  • Equally Unequal Ropes
  • Equally Unequal Variations
  • More Variations
  • Equally Unequal Patter Story
  • Cut and Restored Rope
  • Fast Cut and Restoration
  • Variations on...
★★★★ $15
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Colin H. Linn
Further Stand-Up Card Magic by Colin H. Linn

This is the follow up publication to Stand-Up Card Magic. Colin continues with great routines, great moves and variations of moves:

  • Bold Bottom Control
  • Band-Out!
  • Swivel Force
  • Hip Pocket Wallet
  • Wiper Change
  • The Salmon Leap
  • Clip Colour Change
  • Invisible Fred
  • Poorman's Ultra Move
  • Untouched by Human Hands
  • Drop Out
  • Clockwork Computer

1st edition 1986; 1st digital edition 2013, 63 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
The Haunted by David Devlin

David Devlin has always loved all things scary and bizarre. As a 4 year old, he can remember watching monster movies with his father on Saturday Afternoons. Starting at the age of 5, he created "Spook Alleys" in his parents' bonus room. Every Halloween he dressed as something terrifying, and watched Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. Even the music David listens to is seen by some people as "spooky". It only seemed natural that as David began really looking deeply at the presentation of magic that he would be drawn to the creepy and the bizarre.

If you are looking...

★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
Dream Deal by Aldo Colombini

An unbelievable routine in three phases with a regular deck of cards and totally impromptu. You have in your possession a great effect by the late George Blake. The routine, in three phases, starts by having you dealing four 'hands' of five cards each. A spectator selects a packet and thinks of a card and you reveal it. The card is placed back in the deck and again, with a different method, you reveal it. Once again, the card is replaced and revealed with a third way to conclude a very exciting routine. All three phases involve spelling. The effect needs no set-up, can be done with a borrowed deck of cards,...

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Ping Pong Routine by Aldo Colombini

A great routine with coins in different phases. The performer holding a Chinese coin and a silver one separately in each hand, joins them together in one hand. The Chinese coin is then placed in a small box whilst the silver coin remains in the hand holding a chopstick. The Chinese coin, as by magic, leaves the box and becomes impaled on the stick, while the silver coin is found in the box. The Chinese coin penetrates the stick, while each end is held by a spectator, and becomes free. Both the coins held again in the hand change places, penetrating the fold of a handkerchief. The routine is...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 53 (Nov 2013) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 9, No. 5, November 2013; 60 pages

Cover: Matthew Wright

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. In The Phone Box - short interview with Penélope Cruz - Rav Singh
  5. Patrick Kun: High Visibility! - interview by George Luck
  6. The Illusionists - Live at Manchester 02 Apollo, October 4th, 2013 - Live Review
  7. Steve Evans: On the Bright Side of Life - interview by Tim Shoesmith
  8. News
  9. Being Sociable - The Argument for Why You Should Use Social Media as Part of Your Self-Promotion - Scott Watson
  10. It's the Celebrity Bit - Jean Dujardin - short interview
  11. Smoke and Mirrors Bristol - Live Reviews ...
★★★★★ $5
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Terry G. Smith
Force This by Terry G. Smith

Terry wanted to be able to show a packet of cards, shuffle them and have someone just look at one and then he reproduces it. He didn't want to use marked cards or some sort of stack, but he wanted it to be sure fire. As a result he came up with Force This.

While the method is not new, it is known as the Siamese Svengali Pack (see for example Encyclopedia of Card Tricks or Greater Magic), the way Terry uses it in combination with business cards and a paper clip makes this a very practical and innocent looking method.

1st edition 2013, 5 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Alberto Sitta
The Colourful Magic of Alberto Sitta by Alberto Sitta

Alberto Sitta specializes in commercial magic that you can use in your stage, cabaret and close-up shows. His Leopard Silk is perhaps his most famous effect and has been performed and copied by magicians all over the world. In this ebook Alberto reveals more of the mysteries that have gained him a reputation as one of Italy's most creative performers.

There are no pipe dreams here. All the magic has been regularly used by Alberto Sitta in his professional performances and lectures throughout Europe. Practical, colorful and commercial these are the hallmarks of Sitta's creations and here are...

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Henry Ridgely Evans
The House of the Sphinx by Henry Ridgely Evans

A novel involving love, mystery, magic and deception.

1st edition 1907, 1st digital edition 2013, 86 pages.

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Billy West
Capers with Papers by Billy West

Something different for your magic show! A paper tearing routine with patter in rhyme. Very easy to do. You will have an original act in your program.

A paper-tearing routine makes an entertaining contrast in a magical act, especially when the program is lengthy as in the case of many programs for children. The following paper tears are not offered as original material. The routine and Patter-to-Rhyme is. The paper tears are well known and many performers may be already acquainted with them, but for the benefit of those who are not, the manuscript offers simple directions and suggestions...

★★★★★ $5
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Jack Yates
Card Caprice by Jack Yates

"Jack's Wallet" is an ingenious way of predicting a freely-chosen card using an unfaked wallet, the sort you probably possess already. It is a 'stand-up' trick without the need for a table, the type that is becoming more and more popular.

The second effect, "Jack's Line-Up", is a mental masterpiece that, properly performed, will stagger an audience whether it's done impromptu or as part of a regular cabaret act.

Here are the more detailed effects:

JACK's WALLET: Briefly, a spectator selects a card. It is not forced. The performer allows another spectator to remove a sealed envelope...

★★★ $5
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