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Jack Yates
Above Suspicion by Jack Yates

A self-working principle which determined a person's thoughts . . . Listen to this bewildering effect. A pack of cards is shuffled and a spectator merely thinks of a card. The pack is then dealt once, twice and finally a third time into two piles. Before completing the last dealing the spectator may, if he so wishes, shuffle both halves. Despite all this, when the spectator deals through the pack he finds there are only 51 cards; the thought-of card has vanished! The performer produces the card from his pocket before the spectator names his chosen card. An astounding climax which completely...

★★★★★ $6
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Michael Daniels
Zodiac Oracle by Michael Daniels

Zodiac Oracle allows you to determine a spectator's star sign and (optionally) age while giving an engaging astrological reading.

  • 100% accurate
  • Nothing is written down
  • Works in any language
  • No preshow
  • No anagrams, verbal chicanery, or dual reality
  • Simple memory work. No difficult calculations
  • Can be performed over the phone or via webcam
  • Get automatic readings using the associated web application (optional for remote performance)
1st edition 2020, PDF 10 pages.
★★★★★ $8
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Bob Farmer
The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox by Bob Farmer

A new method to quickly and secretly arrange cards from a small pack all the way to a full deck. No math needed unless you want to understand why it works.

Within magic, no mind approaches Bob Farmer's. Outside magic, Machiavelli came close. The evidence is presented in "The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox." - Stephen Minch

Bob Farmer's Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox is both a great trick and a genuinely new method for secretly arranging cards quickly, accurately, and right in front of the spectators' noses. - Matthew Field

About what you'd expect from the guy who invented that stupid little hand trick. -...

★★★★★ $30
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TC Tahoe & Erick Olson
I'll Betcha: 30 classic bar bets by TC Tahoe & Erick Olson
  • 50 Cent Drinks
  • Beer Bottle Mover
  • Bottle Cap Trick
  • Match Box 40
  • Change Game
  • NIM
  • Date On A Coin
  • Dime Wine
  • Eleven Makes Nine
  • Heads I Win
  • Just Lie to Me
  • Just Stand Up
  • Lift Your Foot
  • Light a Used Match
  • Mirror Mirror
  • No “A” In Free Drinks…
  • Odds Win
  • Olympic Cap Thrower
  • Pick Up The Bill
  • Psychic Mathematician
  • Ready for a Shot Sobriety Test
  • Shot Smart
  • Snifter control
  • The Coin Pyramid
  • Time Is Definitely Money
  • Walk Through the Business Card
  • Word Einstein
  • World’s Fastest Drinker
  • Match Toss
  • Bonus Bet

1st edition 2020, PDF 25 pages.

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Matteo Filippini
Dai Vernon Cups and Balls (Italian) by Matteo Filippini

Seminario sui bussolotti del Professore!

Un esclusivo seminario con Matteo Filippini, dedicato ad una delle routine magiche più importanti di sempre: i bussolotti di Dai Vernon!

In 90 minuti, Matteo passa in rassegna veramente tutto; nel video vengono infatti trattati:

  • gli strumenti necessari per la routine
  • le tecniche di base (falsi depositi, impalmaggi, wand spin, scoop ...)
  • gli errori da evitare ed altri utili consigli
  • finezze e riferimenti bibliografici
  • le cinque fasi della routine, analizzate fin nei minimi dettagli!
Un video che non può mancare nella collezione di qualsiasi...
★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

Jean Fare
Magique Americaine by Jean Fare

Écrit en français par Jean Fare. Publié en souvenir de la Convention de Paris de 1973 de la Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques. Ce livre contient des astuces de gros plan brillantes de la plupart des meilleurs magiciens de gros plan des cent dernières années.

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John Blunt & Lewis Ganson
Transcornered by John Blunt & Lewis Ganson

The reputation-making card routine with which John Blunt won the Premier Award of the London Society of Magicians for the best magical effect. Reviewing the effect, Claude Chandler wrote: "An original version of the Torn & Restored Card plus transposition etc. It is so original as to almost entirely conceal this fact. It gives us a series of new, interesting and baffling surprises, beautifully-routined. The cleverly worked-out methods make for clean presentation. Not the least of its merits and one that is valuable for close-up performance, is the fact that all evidence is disposed of and the...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Elevation Ovations by Jon Racherbaumer

Although Marlo is generally credited with the Elevator plot, analysis of the action steps taken in the Four Burglars, Jacob's Ladder, and Marlo's Penetration exhibit procedural similarities and could be presented as "elevating tricks" if accompanying patter expressed the "elevator" analogy. As far as the "elevator" trope is concerned, we can credit Bill Simon for naming rights.

  • Part One: The Burglazing Beginning
    • Introduction
    • Gibson Puts Perps On Parade
    • Rising Crime / Daryl Martinez
    • Rising Robbers / Jon Racherbaumer
    • Four Burglas / Jerry Mentzer
    • Mystery Of The Penthouse / Nick Trost
    • Burglar Trick / Nick...
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Brick Tilley
Appearing Rose by Brick Tilley

A long stem rose appears in a flash of fire at the performer's fingertips.

Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversary wishes, mother's and valentine's day. Some simple construction necessary - nothing complicated. Make your own video greetings with personalized vocal remarks.

1st edition, PDF 1 page, video 44s.

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Abhinav Bothra
Pocket Predictions by Abhinav Bothra

We all have had situations where we perform something on a video that people asks us to replicate in real life. Pocket Predictions contains two easy-to-perform predictions that can be done via a video call or in person.

CONFABULISH : A boiled down version of the classic Confabulation plot. It is simple enough to support a video call with poor network yet strong to garner the same response as the full fledged one. Here you introduce an envelope and show that it has a piece of paper inside and place it aside in full view. You proceed to ask the audience a few random pieces of information (or...

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Raphaël Czaja
Flip Flop Fate by Raphaël Czaja

A very direct divination and prediction effect with two selected cards.

Two spectators freely cut to two cards. Both selections are remembered and buried into the deck. The magician points to a pair of odd-backed cards (on the table from the start) before he correctly guesses the identity of each selection and to which spectator they belong to. Finally, he turns over the pair of cards: They are a perfect match.

Easy to do. Instant reset. Can be performed before or after any other card trick. At the beginning, the spectators can freely shuffle and inspect the deck. Uses regular cards with...

★★★★★ $2
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof June 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • Thank You
  • Market to Market
  • Gold Mine in Old Magic
  • Negotiation, the Power of No
  • Sources of Education
  • Online Training Sessions

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
Gaukelwerk with Cards by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

A new, potentially faster, method to clock a deck of cards.

'Clocking' a deck of cards means applying some kind of counting method to identify one card that has been removed from the deck. The idea is very old and dates back to at least 1708 (Jaques Ozanam's Recreations Mathematical and Physical). Typically one makes two passes through the deck. The first to identify the value of the card, and the second to identify the suit. The key in making this method deceptive is to be very fast in your counting, which is dependent on the details of the counting procedure. Dr. Solka offers a new method,...

★★★★ $25
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Mario Tarasini
Linkero by Mario Tarasini

Tarasini has created a visual and very easy card linking method. For the effect you will only need two cards and nothing else. The gimmicked card frame is easy to make.

1st edition 2020, video 10 min.

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MP4 (video)

Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof July 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • Tools
  • Market to Market
  • Facial Expression and Gestures, Missing Element
  • Negotiation
  • Online Income
  • Insurance

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles (all 5 Volumes) by Walter Gibson

Seven Circles was the official publication of the International Magic Circle (IMC). Editor-in-chief was Walter B. Gibson. In his first editorial Gibson wrote:

This magazine has a double purpose, as a perusal of its pages will show. First, it is a desire to give magicians a worth-while, readable publication, filled with items of value and interest. Second, it is definitely the magazine of a new organization - The International Magic Circle.

It is the editor's duty to produce a magazine that will be recognized as the best of all periodicals pertaining to the mystic art. There is only one...

★★★★★ $29.50
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles Volume 5 (January 1934 - June 1934) by Walter Gibson

Number 1 (January 1934)

  • Editorial
  • Around the Magic Circle
  • Stage Effects: The Mysterious Cocoanut Shell Fountain Illusion / Clayton Lowell Jacobsen
  • Effective Card Tricks
    • Stand For Producing And Vanishing Cards / Signor Joseph Ovette
    • The Slide Discovery / Dr. Raoul Brochu
  • European Section: A Rope And Ring Trick

Number 2 (February 1934)
  • Editorial
  • Around the Magic Circle
  • Effective Card Tricks
    • Grant's Four Ace Trick / U. F. Grant
    • Reverse Reverse
  • Stage Effects: The Target Of Doom Illusion / Clayton L. Jacobsen
  • European Section: Affinity of Letters And Numbers / Will...
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles Volume 4 (October 1932 - December 1933) by Walter Gibson

Number 1 (October 1932)

  • Editorial
  • Why Is a Headliner? Harlan Tarbell
  • A Talk to Card Enthusiasts / Eddie McGuire
  • This 'n That / Mr. E
  • Kansas City Notes / Dr. E. G. Ervin
  • Manipulative Magic
    • The Lock Flap Jap Box / Glenn G. Gravatt
    • Monk Watson's Traveling Cigar Band
    • The Invisible Purse / Little Johnny Jones
  • Sensational Magic
    • The Floating Wand / William Meyn
    • Balls Box and Cages
  • U. F. Grant Says
  • Nixonian News Shots
  • Doings of The Society of Osiris / Ernest B. Marx

Number 2 (November 1932)
  • Editorial
  • Around the Ice-Box with Dom
  • With the Dealers
  • Sensational Magic ...
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles Volume 3 (April 1932 - September 1932) by Walter Gibson

Number 1 (April 1932)

  • Editorial
  • Around the Magic Circle
  • Sensational Magic
    • Card Prediction / Dorner Scaramucci
    • Silk Production / Doc Nixon
    • Chemical Magic / Doc. Endlich
    • Silk-O-Drop / Clayton L. Jacobsen
  • Amateur Contest: Robert Nelson
  • Stage Effects
    • The Princess of Tepenac Illusion / Clayton L. Jacobsen
    • The Spooky Chair
    • Patriotic Finale / Ovette
  • E. J. Moore
  • Manipulative Magic
    • Vanishing Light Globe
    • Cigarette Vanish
    • Rub Away Coin
    • Perfection Coin Vanish
  • The Nelson Cup
  • Effective Card Tricks
    • Mathematical Card Mystery
    • Identical Thought
  • Around the Ice-Box with...
★★★★ $10
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles Volume 2 (October 1931 - March 1932) by Walter Gibson

Number 1 (October 1931)

  • Editorial
  • Around the Magic Circle
  • Sensational Magic
    • Bouquet to Fish Globe
    • The Chinese Rope
    • Large Coin Vanish
    • Divino
  • Effective Card Tricks
    • Card Transposition
    • Improved Card Production / Dunninger
    • Car-Deck-O / Arnt
    • Improved Card Rising
  • Stage Effects: The Tom Tom Illusion
  • Around the Ice-Box with Dom
  • Salo Ansbach
  • Old Time Magicians No. 3 / A. F. Munroe
  • Tricks and Travel / Robert G. Thrasher
  • Magic for Pleasure or Profit
  • Saginaw Meeting
  • Color and Number
  • The Odin Rings
  • Poetic Patter

Number 2 (November 1931)
  • Editorial
  • Around the Magic Circle ...
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Walter Gibson
Seven Circles Volume 1 (April 1931 - September 1931) by Walter Gibson

Number 1 (April 1931)

  • Editorial
  • Downs Greets Blackstone
  • Men Prominent in Magic Welcome the I. M. C.
  • The International Magic Circle
  • The First Convention
  • Sensational Magic
    • Word from the Spirits
    • The Penetrating Silk
    • The Best Diminishing Ball
    • The Bewitched Cigarette
    • Dollar Divination Test
    • Clear Through / Edward Massey
    • How to Tell What a Man Thinks Before He Thinks It / Frank W. Thomas
  • Something New in Magic
  • Around the Magic Circle
  • Magic Notes from Detroit
  • Stage Effects
    • The Message from Mercury
    • The Girl and the Ladder
  • Around the Ice-Box with "Dom"
  • Effective Card Tricks ...
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Romark & Martin Breese
Romark by Romark & Martin Breese

This is a special treat for all mentalists who would like to learn more about the effects of Romark. Romark was a successful English mentalist during the 1970s and early 80s, who was good friends with Tony Corinda, who helped him put together his TV show. Romark's early death in his mid-50s prevented him from becoming even more widely known.

You will receive a video of three of Romark's TV shows from 1974 together with a PDF explaining the effects. (Check your digital shelf for all downloads.) The explanations were put together by Romark's wife Ursula and Martin Breese. The effects for which you will...

★★★★★ $29.50
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Robert A. Nelson
Secret Methods of Private Readers by Robert A. Nelson

This ebook rips back the curtain, revealing the inside secrets of private mediums and clairvoyants. Learn how and where they operate, amassing large sums of money. Every intimate detail of their operation is laid bare. Learn how the clairvoyant invades a "closed town" and sets up a thriving office business -- and continues to operate without legal interference.

Tells how "office" psychics satisfy their patrons with their exaggerated claims -- and how they get their customers to come back time and time again. Includes little-known "convincers" and "clinchers," and how they are used. The beauty...

★★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
Thought Trajectory by Unknown Mentalist
"This is virtual magic, mentalism and theory at its very best. You are a real deep thinker" - Marc Salem
This is a pure propless effect. You can perform this over a voice phone call, video call, face to face, close up, parlor etc. It can be performed anytime, anywhere to anyone. Nothing for you to carry except the almost self working method in your head.

As the name suggests, Thought Trajectory is an effect which is like a chain of thoughts in the mind of the participant. The mind reader is not aware of the starting point, nor the process, nor the end result, apparently. Everything happens...

★★★★★ $12
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