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Brian T. Lees
Power of Negotiation by Brian T. Lees

When the potential customer says "no", it might translate as "not yet". There is a strong chance that there is not enough incentive yet. A good negotiating magician will not discount his price. He will discuss value added services and other incentives. Then he will ask the individual for the contact again. This text introduces the power of positive negotiation. Applying these tools will help you get more performance contracts.

  • Negotiation History
  • Availability Signs
  • The Approach
  • In the Trenches
  • Be Ready to Walk
  • One Last Attempt
  • Close the Deal
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2020, PDF...

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Henry Ridgely Evans
History of Conjuring and Magic by Henry Ridgely Evans

Henry Ridgely Evans provides an account of the history of conjuring, from ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages and into the 20th century. He develops biographical portraits of many well-known magicians and includes descriptions of their acts. Perhaps the most unusual feature of the work is that at the very end he includes photos of the hands of many famous magicians.

From the Proem:

With the passing of so-called genuine magic or sorcery we see the rise of natural magic and conjuring. In the Middle Ages conjurers were mere strolling mountebanks who exhibited their feats at fairs, in barns,...

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Fritz Albert Hügli
Moderne Magie by Fritz Albert Hügli

Besonders bemerkenswert bei diesem Werk ist, dass Hügli nicht nur den Effekt und die Methode für jede Routine ausführlich beschreibt, sonder er giebt auch für jeden Trick einen kompletten Vortrag an. Die Einleitung zum Werk ist sehr gut und spricht oft vernachlässigte Themen wie psychologische Aspekte der Zauberkunst an.

  • Vorwort
  • I. Teil. Die magische Täuschung
    • I. Einleitung.
      • Die mystische Magie
      • Die weiße Magie
    • II. Die moderne magische Kunst
      • Definition
      • Einst und Jetzt
      • Ratschläge
    • III. Die Elemente der Täuschung
      • Die physikalischen Hilfsmittel
      • Die psychologischen...
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Stewart James
Trilogia di Carte by Stewart James

Tre sorprendenti trucchi automatici con le carte

Tre meravigliosi effetti automatici, senza abilità e di grande impatto sul pubblico di Stewart James.

Le routines sono praticamente sconosciute al pubblico odierno e sono di un impatto tale da soddisfare sia il più esigente artista che il più raffinato pubblico. Provatene una e aggiungetela al vostro repartorio oppure…,perché no, usatele tutte. Senza dubbio la routine finale vale il prezzo dell’intero manoscritto !

Ecco gli effetti contenuti nel manoscritto :

Appropriazione indebita - Il prestigiatore scrive qualcosa su un...

★★★★★ $4
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Andy Cannon
A-C B-T: billet tear by Andy Cannon

A-C B-T is an unconventional instant access billet tear, that is very quick and easy and can be executed with a minimum of fumbling. Two versions are being taught. Ideal for instant access or a delayed read. There are no fiddly moves and the peek pops into view and disappears just as quick.

1st edition 2020, PDF 10 pages.

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H. C. Evans
The Original Blue Book 1949 by H. C. Evans

From the back cover:

This, our latest SECRET BLUE BOOK with many features added, is the most complete catalog of the kind ever produced. The SECRET BLUE BOOK is but one of THREE CATALOGS of our complete line which covers the entire Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Field, supplying adult games of every description.

In the SECRET BLUE BOOK we list and describe a complete line of Dice, Cards, Trade Stimulators and Counter Games, Table Games suitable for use at public gatherings, Adult Games for the home or private play and Various SPECIAL Games.

Our CLUB AND CASINO EQUIPMENT Catalog, printed...

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Jon Racherbaumer
The Ascanio Spread by Jon Racherbaumer

The Ascanio Spread is a beautiful false display move, generally used to display 4 cards and hide a fifth one.

From the Introduction:

The Ascanio Spread immigrated to this country from Amsterdam. Del Cartier, Herb Zarrow, Mike Rogers, and Pete Biro were instrumental in bringing this technique to America. In fact, Del Cartier is a close personal friend of Ascanio and was the go-between in obtaining the original Ascanio manuscript for Mike Rogers, who in turn passed it on to me.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • To Begin
    • Racherbaumer Variation
    • Some Comments On The Mechanics Of The...
★★★★★ $19.50
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 5 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Baúl de fuga clásico
  • Biografía: Doug Henning
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: El encendido mágico de una vela
  • Cortando el pensamiento
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • 5 Bholenos mysteries - Henry Bolen
    • Routine coin and card magic - Derek Dingle
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Los bowls de arroza
  • El dragón encantado
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Martin T. Hart
Concentrate by Martin T. Hart

A clever and simple two person code to transmit 6 possible outcomes by merely saying the word 'concentrate'.

This looks like real telepathic communication between two people. No electronics or gimmicks are needed. To prove telepathic communication works when using two minds together, you have a spectator roll a die and you simply say one word: "Concentrate". Your stage partner knows instantly which number the die has landed on every time - even over a video call or telephone. Afterwards, you can let the spectator keep the die.

Here is a verbal coding system that has been tried and tested...

★★★★ $80
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MP4 (video)

Unknown Mentalist
Psychabulary by Unknown Mentalist

This will go up to $3 from May 15th, 2023.

Psychabulary is instant psychic vocabulary to impress your audiences. Psychabulary is a 'system' which gives you instant ability to use about 1000 different 'alpha' phrases which make you seem like a highly qualified psychology expert

Create instant scientific sounding phrases for your patter whether it is a magic trick or a mentalism effect you may be performing, without even a moment's hesitation. Give instant justification to any magic or mentalism process, again without even a moment's hesitation. Give instant explanations for any magical phenomenon...

★★★ $3
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Albert Forrest
The Eighth Wonder by Albert Forrest

This hard-to-find title contains a wealth of dealer-quality club and stage magic, mentalism, and more for you to perform and enjoy. Here's a book from 1935 that, until now, has been out of print and jealously hoarded by collectors. It's filled with entertaining magic for close-up, club and stage. Clearly explained and well-illustrated, this goldmine of magic contains effects that will entertain as well today, as they did back when this book was originally released.

Divided into chapters, you'll find clever magic themed for Stage and Club, Comedy, Mentalism, and Card Effects. And only in this...

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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 4 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • El dado de Da Kolta
  • Entrevista: Merpin
  • Revelaciones cruzadas
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Auto suspensión
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Mental card Miracles - Nick Trost
    • Very very close vol 1 - Michael Close
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Thumb tie
  • El dado de cristal
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 3 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Una nueva sorpresa
  • Biografía: Carl Herz
  • Letras azules
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Robin Hood
  • Libros, videos y gente
    • On the loose - Bill Malone
    • Scarne on card tricks - John Scarne
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Mental Epic
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Otro modelo de cesto hindú
  • Biografía: Oscar Keller
  • Marcado a Fuego
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Espíritus en la mesa
  • Producción de cigarrillos
  • Libros, videos y gente
    • My mysterires - C. Ivor Smith
    • Art of dove magic - Ian Adair
  • Origenes y anécdotas: La mujer Zig-zag
  • La llave mágica
  • Leyendo a los lectores: monedas trucadas
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Laboratorio mágico
  • Entrevista: Camilo Vázquez
  • Pizarra ideal 2
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: La carta mágica y la mística botella
  • Fantasmitas Plus
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Smart tricks for magicians - George Mcathy
    • Eccentricks Vol 1 - Charly Frye
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Milk Pitcher.
  • Pececitos.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez

Los 12 números para 2019.

$60 $27
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 12 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Cacerola de palomas.
  • Biografía: Chéfalo.
  • La escritura mental.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Aguja gigante a trevés del cuerpo.
  • Como montar tu escenario portátil.
  • Contribución: Kiko Pastur - El anillo hechizado.
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Dinkum Magic - J Albert Brigg.
    • Cabaret mind reading Vol 1 - Ted Lesley.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Straitjacket.
  • Predicción de un naipe (LED).
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 11 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Pequeños detalles sobre la Modern Art.
  • Entrevista - Kiko Pastur.
  • Pizarra ideal.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Humo de pipas vacías.
  • Carta girada.
  • Libros, videos y gente.
    • 1922 - Impromtu magic with patter - George Delawrence.
    • The business - Martin Sanderson.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Clippo.
  • Mi amigo Pedro.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 10 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Actividades.
  • Aparición flash.
  • Biografía: Kalanag.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Tazón de producción.
  • Billete en la burbuja.
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Magi - Len Sewell.
    • Garrett Thomas - Inside The Mind Of Garrett Thomas Vol 1.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Diario roto y recompuesto.
  • Monedas chinas.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 9 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Cesto hindú.
  • Biografía: Christopher Pinchbeck.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: El cono de papel de producción.
  • Esfumada en la punta de los dedos.
  • Pulgas en el circo.
  • Hilo roto.
  • Libros, videos y gente.
    • New ideas in magic : illusions, spiritualistic effects, etc. - William H.J Shaw.
    • No cards allowed - Aldo Colombini.
  • Naipe impreso en el Furgón.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: La metamorfósis.
  • Cazando naipes.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 8 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Empalada.
  • Biografía: Ellis Stanyon.
  • Solución a medias.
  • Curiosidad: Latas de tomate de la galera.
  • Doble lift por volteo.
  • Los fantasmas de Pepper.
  • Triple producción.
  • Libros, videos y gente.
    • Star of Magic 1 - Paul Harris.
    • By far the best book of conjuring tricks - R. March and Company.
  • Armónica y manipulación de naipes.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: La serruchada.
  • Topsy-Turvy.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 7 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Baúl de fuga de a 4.
  • Entrevista: Enric Magoo.
  • Lanzamiento de cuchillos.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Cintas a través del cuerpo.
  • Lluvia de bolas.
  • Falsos fakires (Parte 3).
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • The sapphire collection - Richard Osterlind.
    • Trucos viejos...Trucos nuevos... - Marko.
  • Tributo a Juan Tamariz.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: La jaula de pájaro que desaparece.
  • Puzzle.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 6 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Escape de los pinchos.
  • El mago de los números: Martin Gardner.
  • El candado de las siete llaves.
  • Curiosidad: La gallina humana.
  • Disminución de naipes.
  • Falsos fakires (parte 2).
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • The book without the name - Theo Annemann.
    • Steel & Silver Vol 1 - Paul Gertner.
  • La linterna mágica.
  • Carteta de abanicos.
  • Pegaso.
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 2 No. 5 (2019) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Asrha portátil.
  • Entrevista: Brando y Silvana.
  • Final compacto.
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Cartas en el vidrio.
  • Agua y aceite.
  • Falsos fakires (Parte 1).
  • Paloma en la pompa.
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Jinx - Programm No. 1 - Max Holden.
    • Scam & Fantasies Vol 1 - Darwin Ortiz.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Bandas afganas.
  • Desaparición del coche.
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