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Brick Tilley
Mr. Bones: Miracle Thought of Card by Brick Tilley

A card is merely thought of by a spectator. The performer writes a prediction on a card and pockets it. The spectator is asked to remove his thought of card from the deck. When the performer's prediction is read aloud by another spectator it is found to match the spectator's card. At no time does the spectator state or reveal his card until after the spectator's thought of card has been read aloud.

This is based on a Harold Taylor idea. The clever method will put a big smile on your face.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 1 min 37 s.

★★★★ $10
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Stephen Tucker
For Your Eyes Only by Stephen Tucker

This special little periodical, which only saw six issues, was sent to subscribers of Spell-Binder magazine, but could also be purchased on its own. It only saw a very limited distribution. As is common with Stephen Tucker publications, it features unusual items. Tucker included with most issues some gimmick (special cards, etc.). These gimmicks are not included in this digital reproduction, however you will see photos of the gimmicks, which will allow you to find or make your own.

Issue 1: May/June 1982

  • Multum in Parvo
  • Alchemy
  • Odd Job

Issue 2: July/August 1982

  • Multum in Parvo
  • Before Assembly ...
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Walt Williams
Nu Trix with the Square Circle by Walt Williams

More than just a simple prop, the Square Circle is a terrific way to magically produce an incredible array of items ... right before the very eyes of your audience. Yet, there's no need to go out and buy one, when you can build your own, folding model Square Circle, using the convenient plans that are included in this handy guide. Profusely illustrated.

Already have a Square Circle? Great! You can use this ebook to get new ideas for loads and production items. Includes complete routines with patter for special occasions, exactly as presented by the author in nightclubs throughout the country...

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Brian T. Lees
Body Language by Brian T. Lees

As entertainers we must use every tool available to delivery our magic to the audience. Body language, often not considered, enhances the connection, compliments the communication and directly impacts the entertainment factor. This ebook identifies body language. It is an attempt to bring the skills associated with theater into the hands of the magician. We have to play to those in the back row and balcony. The best approach is to entertain using your full body.

  • Body language
  • Body elements
  • Timing and body language
  • Body language comparisons
  • Wrapping it up
1st edition 2020, PDF 16 pages....
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Thomas Carlyl
Count Cagliostro by Thomas Carlyl

This is Thomas Carlyle's long essay on Count Cagliostro, published in 1833 in Fraser's Magazine. He is examining the hero and his shadows - what was false about Cagliostro. Cagliostro was a Sicilian mountebank, whose lasting notoriety was a bit part in the Diamond Necklace Affair that rocked pre-Revolutionary France, and whose most enduring work was the confession extracted by the Roman Inquisition, a tome published in 1792, three years previous to Cagliostro's demise in an Inquisitional cell.

1st edition 1833, 61 pages; PDF 42 pages.

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Henry Ridgely Evans
The Napoleon Myth by Henry Ridgely Evans

(We are carrying this ebook primarily because of the author, Henry Ridgeley Evans, who published several interesting books on conjuring.)

On its face the book is about the myth that Napoleon never existed. It was at one time a popular myth, hoax, or fake news as it would be called today. It also provides interesting lessons and insights on how myths can develop. Since there are a number of myths in the world of conjuring, this work can help one understand why and how some of the myths in magic may have developed.

  • Introduction
  • Grand Erratum. The Non-Existence of Napoleon Proved
  • The Mythical...
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Christian Scherer
Im Fokus Nr. 12: Französische Verabschiedung by Christian Scherer

Eine Variante von Paul Harris' Interlaced Vanish

Der Vorführende sucht die vier Könige und die vier Asse aus dem Spiel. Ein Ass wird auf das Spiel abgelegt, die drei anderen Asse werden bildunten zwischen die bildoben liegenden Könige gesteckt.

Das auf dem Spiel liegende Ass wird noch einmal vorgezeigt und dann unter das Kartenetui gelegt. Die vier Könige mit den dazwischenliegenden Assen werden noch einmal deutlich vorgezeigt. Daraufhin lösen sich die Asse vor den Augen der Zuschauer in Luft auf. Der Vorführende hält nur noch die vier Könige in der Hand, die er einzeln auf den Tisch fallenlässt....

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Christian Scherer
Im Fokus Nr. 11: Stand-up Hung Fu by Christian Scherer

Eine Variante von Geoff Latta's "Hanging Coins"-Routine, die im Stehen vorgeführt wird.

Der Vorführende behauptet, dass das Loch in einer chinesischen Münze die Eigenschaft eines schwarzen Loches hätte, d. h., dass alles, was dort hineingerate, verschwinde. Dies beweist er, indem er eine Silbermünze an der chinesischen Münze reibt, sie etwas knetet und dann in das Loch wirft, wo sie verschwindet.

Dies wird mit zwei weiteren Silbermünzen wiederholt. Pustet der Vorführende in das Loch der chinesischen Münze, fallen die drei Silbermünzen wieder aus dem Loch heraus.

Um zu zeigen,...

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Jon Racherbaumer
May The Flop Be With You by Jon Racherbaumer

Remixing the Gardner-Marlo poker deal - its history and histrionics.

  • Introduction
  • How To Study This Manuscript
  • An Effective Poker Deal / Jean Hugard
  • Gardner-Marlo Poker Deal / Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo
  • The Surprised Gambler / Martin Gardner
  • Can You Deal A Good Poker Hand? / Jean Hugard
  • Meyer Poker Deal / Orville Meyer
  • The Lorayne Poker Deal / Harry Lorayne
  • Of Course I Can Deal A Good Poker Hand! / Edward Marlo
  • Solomon Meets Gardner-Marlo / Dave Solomon
  • The Ultimate Gardner-Marlo/ Steve Mayhew, Jack Carpenter
  • Marlo/Gardner/Britland Poker Deal
  • Riverboat Poker / John Bannon
  • Addendum: Duts / Edward Marlo

1st edition 2020, PDF 50 pages....

★★★★★ $12
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Burling Hull
The World's Greatest Mental Tests by Burling Hull

Contains some of the most closely-held secrets for apparently reading the minds of your spectators in a clear, convincing manner. Nearly $600 worth of valuable secrets (based on the catalog values in today's money).

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • Number-Vision Flight
  • Volta's Spiro-Predicto (2 Methods)
  • Annemann's Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
  • Variation
  • Master Memory Feat
  • Thought Transference Superb
  • Thought Projection
  • Dunninger's "Television" (3 Methods)
  • About the Author
The Annemann effect by itself makes this compendium a huge value. But we predict that you'll also get much mileage from the Master...
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Vincent Wilson
Teleport by Vincent Wilson

Can you really send matter through Zoom? Yes! With Teleport. Perhaps the most amazing virtual effect invented yet. This is an effect for premium shows only. Do not include this in your regular gig. "Want to see me send a coin to your CEO? That'll be x-amount of dollars extra!"

In this new eBook by Vince Wilson, you will learn how to perform it and what you will need to do to prevent them from figuring it out.

1st edition 2020, PDF 6 pages.

★★★★★ $21
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Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice Live 3 by Cameron Francis

This third installment of the popular Moment's Notice Live series finds Cameron remixing, remastering, fixing, twisting, turning, and otherwise improving all of the effects from the original Moment's Notice 3 ebook. Featuring six super commercial, totally impromptu card routines that you'll want to add to your repertoire right away.


Sympathy – The four Queens twist and collect in the cleanest manner possible.

Wilder – A highly visual two phase Wild Card routine.

Indie – Three incorrect predictions turn into three mates.

Toasted – A clean and extremely direct double sandwich routine. ...

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Aldo Colombini
Match Play by Aldo Colombini

Based on an idea by Nick Trost. You will be thrilled with the splendid effect which you achieve in such an easy manner.

You show a packet of five jumbo cards cut in half. Two spectators shuffle the cards and split the packet taking some cards each. For example, one spectator has 4 cards and one has six. You place an envelope on the table and then show the cards to each spectator in turn. They look and remember the one half-card (that corresponds to the number of cards they each had in hand). Then you ask them to remove from the packet the half-card they have seen. Incredibly they match! Not...

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Ali Foroutan
I Miss Charlotte by Ali Foroutan

In I Miss Charlotte Ali Foroutan shares 5 routines, ideas, some new principles and techniques to divine your spectators thoughts with no props. Some of these will use a pen and paper but your spectator never writes anything down. What makes this release different to the rest? In this ebook you will learn new ways on how to know what letter someone is thinking of with no props whatsoever. You will learn how to divine thought of words with basically no process at all. And yes, most of these principles and routines are 100% sure fire.

"I just read the first effect, Charlotte's mind. This is...
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
On and Off by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A spectator signs a playing card which you link to the stem of a borrowed wine glass. The card can be moved while it is linked to the glass. Eventually it is unlinked. Both glass and card can be inspected by the spectator before and after the linking/unlinking sequence.

1st edition 2020, video 30 min.

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MP4 (video)

Mario Tarasini
Melter by Mario Tarasini

Take one card and place it on top of the card box. With a wave of the hand the card melts through the box and appears in the middle of the deck. The effect is so convincing that the spectator will think it is an optical illusion.

1st edition 2020, video 13 min.

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MP4 (video)

S. W. Erdnase
The Erdnase Notebook by S. W. Erdnase

This is the workers edition of Erdnase's The Expert at the Card Table. Produced as a letter sized three ring binder so that one can insert note pages anywhere one wishes to take notes, printed in large font (16pt) on heavy coated durable paper, so that it can be read from a distance.

David Malek, who came up with this specially designed format, explains in his introduction:

... I thought of an oversized edition, one that would lie flat on the table and be big enough to read from a foot or more away. The advantage of size would also facilitate working through the book with cards in hand, while having your eyes on the text and...

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3-ring binder

PDF & 3-ring binder

Steve Sanders
Meanderings with a Marked Deck by Steve Sanders

Don't tell anybody but sometimes magicians use marked cards. Apart from pick a card and tell the spectator the name of that card what else can you do with them? Here are five routines to use with any type of marked deck.

What a Coincidence: A routine where unseen cards are put on the table, you go first, the spectator follows and each of the cards coincidentally match.

Centre Stage: The cards are mixed, the spectator cuts, without touching the cards you can instantly announce the name of the 26th card, or centre card of the deck. Simple.

Pair Enough: 'Mysterious Pairs' from Hoffmann's More Magic is put...

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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Premonition by Unknown Mentalist

The participant takes 2 decks. One red backed and other blue backed. Then discards approx half the cards in each deck, and chooses a card from one of the half decks and keeps it in the other half deck. Finally hands over the half deck with the different colored back selection in it, to the performer. And you miraculously know her selection in that half deck.

Wait a minute. Here are the other conditions of this effect.

  1. Both the performer and participant are on both sides of a voice call.
  2. Both the decks in play are completely imaginary decks.
  3. The participant does all this silently and...
★★★★★ $18
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Linked Forever by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

You will learn how to prepare a special card which you can later magically link to the stem of a wineglass. To achieve this you do not need to fold the card, which means there will be no creases in the card. The preparation of the gimmicked card takes a good amount of time, about 15 minutes. You can hand out the card linked to the glass as souvenir.

1st edition 2020, video 44 min.

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MP4 (video)

Jon Racherbaumer
Sunken by Jon Racherbaumer

A deep dive into a key principle - the sunken key card.

  • So It Begins ...
  • Adding the Pips / Larsen - Wright
  • Automatic Location / Oscar Weigle Jr.
  • The Three Pile Trick / C. W. Jones
  • The Twenty-Sixth Location
  • The Triple Discovery / Charlie Miller - Jack McMillen
  • Watching the Pitchman / Charlton Chute
  • Improved Twenty-Sixth Location
  • Middle Maze / Bruce Elliott
  • The Twenty-Sixth Card Location - Using a Corner Short / George G. Kaplan
  • Koran's Miracle Card Stab / Al Koran
  • A New Use for a One Dollar Bill / John Henry Grossman
  • Buried Treasure / Alex Elmsley
  • Shadowed / Alex Elmsley
  • S-D Location / Dave Solomon - Steve Draun
  • S-D Plus / Simon Aronson
  • An Exploration...
★★★★★ $12
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Mark Elsdon
ZOOMentalism by Mark Elsdon
"ZOOMentalism is absolutely f*** brilliant! Congrats! The Lotto trick alone is worth many times the price of the whole thing." - Alexander De Cova
This new ebook features a compilation of the very best material taken from the five highly-acclaimed volumes of Conversation As Mentalism. All of the handlings have been upgraded specifically to make them perfect to use over Zoom and other video streaming services. The material is ideal for mentalists, magicians, speakers and trainers.

Magicians - please don't be put off that the title of this ebook includes the word 'mentalism'. This material is for everyone.

At the time of writing...

★★★★★ $32
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Hans Trixer & Wolfgang Riebe
Card to Paper Wallet by Hans Trixer & Wolfgang Riebe

There are so many versions of the Card in Wallet - yet none as unique as this one. A freely signed and selected card appears in a paper wallet that happens to be a sheet of paper openly folded into the shape of a wallet right in front of the spectator.

Forget leather wallets. Forget trick wallets. No duplicates, just plain powerful magic with a regular deck and a sheet of A4/US-letter paper that is folded into a wallet. The 'simplicity' of the wallet and the fact that the spectator checks everything themselves makes this effect mind-blowing.

Original concept by Hans Trixer and developed...

$20 $15
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MP4 (video)

Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof October 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • Warm-Ups
  • Market to Market: Rose and a Business Card
  • Magic Goes Vaudeville
  • Wireless Microphone Sale
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Creativity
  • Working It
  • Plant a Magic Seed

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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