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Daniel Rowan
Magic on a Shoelace by Daniel Rowan

Magic on a Shoelace is an exploration of the use of the common bow knot for creating new rope and string effects.

"There’s some fun stuff in there!" - Dan Harlan
Learn how to:
  • Untie a shoe instantly
  • Put a finger ring on a shoelace without sleight of hand
  • Take a ring off a shoelace without sleight of hand
  • Pull a ribbon or streamer through a magic wand
  • Put a large ring on a rope without using the ends
  • Turn the standard “Magic Shoelaces” into a four phase presentation piece
  • Learn how to pull tied shoelaces apart effortlessly
  • Plus additional tips and secrets!
Magic on a Shoelace...
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Mario Tarasini
Personal Assistant by Mario Tarasini

Few people know that there is a secret assistant in each deck of cards. “Secret Assistant” is a little helper for card magicians. It will definitely help you find the chosen card. The card can be signed. The gimmick can be used for other tricks. The gimmick requires various supplies to construct.

1st edition 2020, length 18 min.

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Marc de Milo & Ken de Courcy
Le Carte Bingo by Marc de Milo & Ken de Courcy

Gli effetti con le carte adatti ad essere presentati su un palcoscenico sono piuttosto rari. La routine che state leggendo ha il grande vantaggio di poter essere presentata su un grande palco o in un locale per spettacoli, in un bar, etc. Può essere presentata ovviamente anche a distanza ravvicinata . Si tratta di una versione aggiornata del grande classico "Nap Hand", che si può eseguire senza grossi sforzi di memoria e senza alcuna abilità.


Il prestigiatore mostra un comune mazzo di carte, lo mescola apertamente e chiaramente ( il miscuglio è reale e può farlo anche uno...

★★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Buon Appetito by Aldo Colombini

Una routine in otto fasi sul tema delle "Carte Cannibali"

Una routine che intrattiene veramente il tuo pubblico ed è piena di effetti sorprendenti!

Nella routine in ben otto fasi accompagnata da una parlantina veramente divertente su come i cannibali vivono nella giungla e su come catturano le loro vittime, accade veramente di tutto! I "cannibali" ( ... due Re) appaiono all'improvviso. Cambiano di vestito (...colore). Intrappolano una vittima (...carta scelta). Ne mangiano un'altra (...altra carta scelta). Si trasformano in "missionarie" (...Regine). Si riuniscono con i loro amici (appaiono...

★★★★★ $5
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T. Hayes
Making Tactile Readers Using Boss Work by T. Hayes

A new permanent tactile marking method, which is easier to feel and less visually noticeable compared to a punch.

Boss work is a marking system that you read by touch, and is designed primarily for use with the punch deal. It is easy to put in and the items required are not too expensive. When compared to the punch, boss work is much easier to feel and more durable. The markings are almost impossible to see on the backs of the cards, and there is nothing to see on the fronts. This video will take you through putting in the work, teaching you the best way to mark the cards, and also showing...

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Charles Waller
Magic From Below by Charles Waller

From the Introduction:

Let the reader not misunderstand the title of this book - the term "below" has reference to the Antipodes, where the writer has his dwelling, and not to those regions whence an earlier and more credulous people imagined the magician to derive his powers.

  • Introduction
  • The Magic Pop-gun
  • The Versatile Tube
  • Eat More Fruit
  • Hell's Bells!
  • Pickled Pieces
  • " - and the dish ran away with the spoon"
  • Cones within Cones
  • These Little Pigs
  • "Just on and off!"
  • The Beetle Crawls
  • The Productive Flower Pots
  • The Great Packing Case Escape
  • The Tell-tale Cigarette
  • The Dunce's...
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Brick Tilley
Charity: Running False Cut by Brick Tilley

An excellent running false cut that is highly deceptive and relatively easy to master. Combine this with any false shuffle.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 26 s.

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Robert A. Nelson
Dr. RaMayne's Psychic Lecture Program by Robert A. Nelson

A complete act for the advanced entertainer, consisting of a thought-provoking lecture and demonstration of apparent psychic ability.

The demand for such unique and bewildering entertainment has been long and consistent. An intriguing and spellbinding routine with a brilliant climax that leaves the audience with a new belief in the powers of the human mind. This program will convince even the most skeptical of audiences of your genuine powers of mental telepathy and psychic accomplishment. It offers a challenge to the sophisticated and intelligent audience.

The material contained in this...

★★★★ $35
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Joseph Dunninger
Houdini's Spirit Exposés and Dunninger's Psychical Investigations by Joseph Dunninger

Learn about famous mediums, their tricks and methods, ectoplasm, slate writing, table lifting, spirit photography, rappings, ghosts, secretly obtaining information, and many other related subjects.

  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction by Dunninger
  • Houdini - a biography
  • Houdini's Spirit Exposés
    • Certificates of Ordination
    • This Medium Blew His Own Horn
    • Houdini and the Reformed Medium
    • Pierre Keeler
    • Houdini on Ectoplasm
    • Whoops Readers
    • Eva C. and Ectoplasm
    • Behind the Scenes
    • The Price-Hope Case
    • Houdini's Lectures
    • The Bow Street Case
    • Poor Pioneering Mumler
    • Washington Irving Bishop ...
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Alexander May
ClipStick Switch by Alexander May

The ClipStick Switch is a clean, original and brand new method for convincingly switching prediction billets in virtual shows.

"Bold, deceptive, simple, clean and ideal for online performances. The perfect technique for these unprecedented times." - Elliott Bresler

"This is a very effective routine for Zoom Shows. Easy to perform and looks really clean! Well done!" - Luca Volpe

"Simple, easy to do and effective!" - Lior Manor

"With all the technical stresses that come with performing virtually, this simple yet powerful reveal is a great addition to a Zoom show. It's foolproof, stress-free,...

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Mario Tarasini
Thug Melt by Mario Tarasini

This is Tarasini's version of a popular trick on Instagram where a card appears to be melting through another one.

  • No threads
  • No magnets
The gimmick can be made quickly and easily.

1st edition 2020, length 8 min 45 s.

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Mario Tarasini
Flick: coin into bottle by Mario Tarasini

Effect: Show an empty bottle and a coin. Visually toss a coin in to the bottle and the coin will melt through it. The bottle is then handed to the spectator for inspection and to keep. Spectator cannot find any holes or gimmicks. Also, you can do this effect with a bottle full of water or any drink. Requires two gimmicks which are easy to prepare.

1st edition 2020, length 3 min 51 s

★★★★ $14.99
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Henry Ridgely Evans
Cagliostro and His Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry by Henry Ridgely Evans

Evans raises the possibility that Cagliostro's real name might not have been Giuseppe Balsamo, as well as describes his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry.

  • Introduction
  • PART I.—A Master Of Magic
  • PART II.—The Egyptian Rite
  • PART III.—A Visit To The House Of Cagliostro
  • PART IV.—Reception Of An Apprentice In An Egyptian Lodge
1st edition 1919, 26 pages; PDF 37 pages.
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Charles Sylber & T. A. Whitney
33 Deceptions with a Changing Bag by Charles Sylber & T. A. Whitney

You'll no doubt be surprised at the many sensational uses Sylber and Whitney have discovered for this reliable magician's prop. Nine out of ten people interested in magic own a change bag, but there are many who use it for just one trick, or leave it in their drawer of magic odds and ends. This isn't right. The changing bag probably has more uses than any other piece of magical equipment.

To fill this need, Sylber and Whitney have developed this compendium of 33 clever tricks, ideas and routines that you can do with the change bag. Many are effects that you'd gladly pay upwards of twenty...

★★★★★ $4
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Robert A. Nelson
101 Tips for Psychic Entertainers by Robert A. Nelson

The owner of the Nelson Enterprises reveals his most prized performing secrets for mentalists and psychic entertainers in this revised and expanded edition.

Improve your act - financially and artistically - by studying this collection of presentation tips and performing advice from this noted author, performer and expert on all things related to mentalism and the allied arts. If you attended a lecture for professional mentalists and obtained this information, you'd consider it a bargain at three times the price. Yet, here it is, updated and arranged for you in convenient digital book form,...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Real Warped by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A Card Warp effect that ends with an 'impossible' signed card with half turned face-out and the other half back-out.

Effect: A playing card is folded and then signed by a spectator. This folded and signed card is inserted between another folded card, just like in the classic Card Warp effect. Then the inside card is pushed from left to right and from right to left. First the direction of the white border of the card's back switches position. Then one half of the card turns face outward. At this point the folded and signed card can be handed out as souvenir to the spectator. It will have one...

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MP4 (video)

Zaw Shinn
Burmese Change by Zaw Shinn

Burmese Change is a triple card change using a gimmick and sleight-of-hand.

Spectator signs a card which is returned to the deck. The magician takes a random card and the card changes two times in to different cards, and the third change is when a random card changes in to the card signed by the spectator. After the trick, the card can be given to the spectator as a souvenir.

Requires the preparation of a gimmick which is three cards thick.

1st edition 2020, video 13 min.

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MP4 (video)

Larry Brodahl
Scripted #33: Ring and Rope by Larry Brodahl

A multi-phase ring and rope routine using only a regular rope and ring.

Most ring and rope routines don't really look like magic. They look like the rope is looped and threaded and re-threaded, and otherwise fiddled with to account for the "magic". Not this routine. Simple. Easy to perform. Almost surrounded. No gimmicks, no gaffs. Everything's examinable, and nothing is added or taken away. A rope - and a ring. And a killer script.

The author of How To Write A Script reveals his 'Ring and Rope' routine, which he has used to close his act, and is nothing but visual, clean magic. This ebook gives you every...

★★★ $10
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Werner Miller
Ad Rem 7 by Werner Miller

[Die Effekte überlappen sich zum Großteil mit der Englischen Sub Rosa Serie.


  • Warming Up
  • "Eingerollt"
  • Lauter Drillinge!
  • Gesucht, gefunden
  • V wie 5
  • Die letzte Karte
  • Auto-Psi
  • 2x5 "australisch"
  • Platztausch
  • 822A6
  • Spellinary I
  • Spellinary II
  • Die Okapi-Krähe
  • Das Krähen-Okapi
  • Ten-tac(k)le
  • Bis das Essen kommt
  • Decantata
  • Sims-ALLAN-bim
  • Fangt die Mäuse!
  • Von selbst
  • Quintilla
  • Quinterino
  • Q-Combo
  • Quadrille Royale
  • Familienbande
  • Vier gleiche Werte
  • Gleiche Karten
  • invoco
  • Auf den größten Haufen
  • Zwei Joker
  • Spin-Off
  • Der Weg ist das Ziel
  • Magischer "Diamant"
  • Night and Day
  • Mado
  • Janela
  • Ventana
  • Ohne Fenster
  • RoMa...
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Cliff Osman
The Osman Thumb Tie by Cliff Osman

This practical method of Cliff Osman can be performed anywhere and is easy to do. The magician's right thumb is tied with a long piece of thick string; two or more knots being used. The left thumb is then bound tightly to the right thumb and the ends of string tied. The string is drawn skin tight around each thumb and all knots are genuine. Now, with his thumbs thus tightly bound together, the performer is able to perform a series of amazing tests. Instantly link your arms with those of the spectators, catch solid hoops or rings on your tied arms, pass your hands "through" table legs, etc.,...

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Abhinav Bothra
Child's Play by Abhinav Bothra

Child's Play consists of a double prediction called 'Piece of Cake' and a tool called 'High Five', both for your online and offline performances.


An envelope containing a prediction is introduced. 7 cards bearing 7 different numbers are introduced as well. You tell them behind each of those cards there is something written but that’s for later use. Next the cards are placed in two different rows of 4 & 3 cards in each. A participant eliminates one of the rows and you turn over the cards to show the text behind, you had predicted which row they would eliminate. Next they...

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof August 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • #1 Marketing, Selling & Business Matters (Hot List)
  • Market to Market
  • Q & A
  • Trick Complete Failure
  • Pocket Magic, No Pockets
  • Progressive Retirement
  • Instructions Worth Keeping
  • Other Side of Your Profile
  • Online Magic

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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R. March-and-Co.
Conjuring Tricks by R. March-and-Co.

A mix of conjuring tricks, science experiments, puzzles, games, gags, and other amusements. Most have been taken from the pages of the Sheffield Weekly Telegraph.

  • The Hatched Bird
  • The Match Trick
  • The Enchanted Coin
  • Hypnotic Burlesque
  • Mysteries V. Shadows
  • Magical Colors
  • Destruction of Two Fluid Bodies, and the Formation of One New Solid in their Stead
  • The Two Invisible Substances
  • To Illuminate the Surface of the Water
  • The Well of Fire
  • To Produce Fire by the Mixture of Two Cold Liquids
  • The Exploding Bubble
  • Artificial Thunder
  • Pressure Of Air Shewn By A Wine Glass
  • The Magic Bottle ...
★★★★★ $7
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A Card Only Thought Of by NelO
"NelO has created a very effective method for the Think Of A Card plot, I will be using this!" - Ran Pink

"Once you tried it by yourself, you will not believe your eyes how clean it is. This is one of the purest routines I've ever seen in mentalism." - Shiro lshida

A Card Only Thought Of is pure mind reading. Imagine you can walk up to a total stranger and divine their thought of card in front of them, and it is propless. All you need to do is just 'really read minds'. Spectator thinks of a card and you divine it. Direct and simple.

You ask the spectator to imagine a card, and with...

★★★★★ $10
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