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Vincent Wilson
Lost Works of Poe by Vincent Wilson

An epic theatrical production. Includes an amazing pocket watch routine that can be used in many other performances. "When the work was discovered at the bottom of Poe's writing desk, it was in a previously unknown secret compartment. Thrilling, is it not? Baltimore Poe scholars were certainly thrilled, and a special edition collection would herald the announcement. Alas, this would not come to pass. According to friends of mine in the Poe Historical Society, strange things began to happen to those preparing the edition for publication. An editor died of TB. The first case in Baltimore for many...

★★★★ $20
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Jon Racherbaumer
Bluffery by Jon Racherbaumer

Jon explores the bluff pass and its spin-offs.

    • THE BLUFF FORCE / Andrew Galloway
    • NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED / Edward Marlo
    • BLUFF-BLUFF PASS / Roger Klause
    • THE BLUFF CUT / Edward Marlo
    • BLUFF SHIFT / Bob Vesser
    • PUT / R. Paul Wilson
    • BLUFF ACE ASSEMBLY / Edward Marlo
    • BLUFF SANDWICH / Edward Marlo
    • REPEAT...
★★★★★ $15
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Unknown Mentalist
PRIC: Propless Remote Instant Cartomancy by Unknown Mentalist

CAUTION: This is so powerful that you could start your own cult. So you must perform this effect with great wisdom, absolute ethics, high maturity and complete responsibility. The author is not liable for any contingent outcomes of your performances, you yourself are solely responsible for it.

SCENARIO : The performer and participant are on both ends of a voice call separated by maybe thousands of miles. The participant is holding an imaginary deck of playing cards and follows instructions of the performer. The objective of the participant is to know the answer to a question she has, related...

★★★ $18
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Frank La Fontaine
50 New Card Secrets by Frank La Fontaine

50 simple card tricks that anyone can do with any deck of playing cards, without sleight-of-hand.

From the Introduction:

The idea that long practice and exceptional skill are necessary in the performance of card tricks is erroneous. Some of the cleverest and most bewildering tricks are made possible by the use of subtle principles of unique methods that are easily learned, yet which are capable of deceiving the keenest and most intelligent spectator.

Such are the methods explained in this booklet. These tricks have been devised by experienced performers of card tricks, men who understand...

★★★★★ $9.50
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Vincent Wilson
An Ode to Lovecraft Seance by Vincent Wilson

HP Lovecraft was a master of the weird and horrific. The rightful heir to EA Poe. You may not even be aware of the influences he has made. From the Evil Dead movies to Stephen King, Hellboy and many, many others, Lovecraft has left a mark deeper than the most fathomless grave.

Paranormalist Vince Wilson has always been a huge Lovecraft fan and has been waiting for the right moment to release his popular Ode to Lovecraft Seance onto the world. In Wilson's original tale, Lovecraft is presented as an early 20th Century paranormal researcher who was trying to present the "reality" of his writings...

★★★★★ $15
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Tangled Cards by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ralf teaches how to make seven impossible looking cards. He came up with a better way to teach these folds by using colored templates. You can download all templates from your digital shelf.

  • Braid Card Variation
  • Circled Triangle
  • Double Locked
  • Locking Squares
  • The Square
  • Tower Braid
  • Triangles Thru

1st edition 2020, video 26 min

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MP4 (video)

Jon Racherbaumer
Grand Hotel by Jon Racherbaumer

An exploration of the Hotel Trick, aka "A Night on the Town". A trick with a good plot is half the battle. This one has an interesting plot that can be styled and modified to fit your needs. Sleight-less and sleight-of-hand versions are being taught.

Jon was introduced to this trick by Persi Diaconis in the 1970s. In this ebook he has traced it back to its roots, and forward to modern variations and spin-offs.

The core effect:

Two Queens and four Kings are shown. The Queens are tabled face down next to each other. Two Kings are added onto each Queen to form two three-card packets. After...

★★★ $15
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Unknown Mentalist
Future Test 2021 by Unknown Mentalist

This also includes Future Test 2020 and Future Test 2022. This routine can also be performed in a virtual show over Skype, Zoom, Instragram Live, Facebook Live or even a basic one to one video call.

Future Test is a 'packs small plays big' kind of effect. Actually packs very small in your wallet and plays very big to a full room or in a virtual show or even over a video call. This effect is done on the back of your business card which you can later leave with the participant as a souvenir or send over to the participant's phone as a virtual image as a 'digital souvenir'.

The performer...

★★★★★ $9
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Samuel Berland
Exclusive Tricks by Samuel Berland

Berland and friends bring you sixteen beautiful effects using silks, balls, cards, canes, watches, cigarettes, liquid, and more in this updated and expanded edition. Long out of print, this manuscript contains a pair of mysteries by Tenkai, as well as several baffling effects by Berland, as well as some choice bits by his friends.

Partial contents:

  • The Homing Cup of Lemonade
  • Popping Silk
  • Challenge Quadruple Cigarette Vanish
  • Samson Cane Trick
  • Vanishing and Reappearing Thimble
  • Watch and Chain to Handkerchief
  • Double Color Change
  • Flash Cigarette Package to Box of Matches
  • Tenkai Figure...
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Marc de Milo & Ken de Courcy
Bingo Divination by Marc de Milo & Ken de Courcy

Card tricks suitable for stage presentation are rare. Bingo Divination can be performed successfully on a stage or in a cocktail-lounge. It is the logical, up to date version of the classic Nap Hand, without the necessary memory work or sleight-of-hand. Rehearse it carefully, paying attention to presentation, and you'll have a reputation-maker.

EFFECT: The magician introduces a pack of cards. The cards are genuinely shuffled and then dealt into two piles, one containing Clubs and Hearts, the other Spades and Diamonds. The Clubs-Hearts pile is again dealt into three face-down piles, one to...

★★★★ $5
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Nick Conticello
Routine Mentale Impromptu (Italian) by Nick Conticello

Il collaboratore del Tarbell Course Nick Conticello segue il suo debutto "Il posizionamento fantasma" con altri tre nuovi effetti sensazionali che richiedono solo un normale mazzo di 52 carte per esibirsi. È necessario un piccolo maneggio; includiamo The Widdershins Cut, un falso taglio efficace e semplice. I contenuti includono:

1. THOUGHT CAUGHT: un mazzo non preparato viene mischiato dall'esecutore e tagliato dallo spettatore. Vengono distribuite due pile di carte. Lo spettatore pensa a una carta in una delle pile e disperde lui stesso la selezione nel mazzo. L'esecutore scorre rapidamente...

★★★★★ $15
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Nick Conticello
Tri-Unison (Italian) by Nick Conticello

3 predizioni, 2 metodi, 1 effetto sensazionale!

Effetto: l'esecutore rimuove tre carte da un mazzo mescolato e le lascia in una pila a faccia in giù sul tavolo. Spiega che queste carte sono gemelle di carte che saranno selezionate da due spettatori e da lui stesso. I due spettatori scelgono i numeri liberamente e le carte in quelle posizioni vengono messe in una pila separata sul tavolo. Il mago offre al pubblico una scelta di due numeri diversi per le sue carte. Qualunque sia la scelta, l'esecutore conta fino a quella carta e la mette in cima alle prime due selezioni. Uno spettatore...

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Werner Miller
More Tricks Without Names by Werner Miller

Another medley of minor mathemagical tricks.

Werner Miller went through his drawers and folders and found twenty tricks that he developed but never published. Often there was a good reason why he didn't publish them. In other words, these are not necessarily his best ideas, but they may still hold a nugget of a novel thought, an interesting plot or a new combination of methods.

1st edition 2020, 13 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Thomas Frost
The Lives of the Conjurors by Thomas Frost

This is considered one of the best early histories of magic.

From the Preface:

The present volume closes the series of works on the entertaining classes which I contemplated when writing Circus Life and Circus Celebrities, the greater part of which was written before The Old Showmen and the Old London Fairs was commenced, though the publication of the latter work preceded that of the former. In embracing within the present volume the lives of the conjurors of every period and every country, while the record of shows and showmen is confined to London and the suburban districts, (which may now be said to embrace a circle of twenty miles across,) and that of circuses...

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David Jonathan
You Know (UNO) by David Jonathan
"This is my favorite effect of the year." - Rob Jacks

"David Jonathan is one of my favorite creators... and this is one of the very BEST effects I've reviewed in a long time, and the BEST effect for the money. It's an absolute steal." - Rick Carruth (The Magic Roadshow)

"This effect is an almost perfect example of a great self-working trick. It gets my highest recommendation for anyone who loves impactful magic with a theme that suits both adult and children audiences. 10/10!" - Alex Hui (Alex Magic Review)

You Know is a mind-boggling demonstration of mentalism using regular UNO Cards....
★★★★ $8.95
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Vincent Wilson
Gloomy Sunday Seance by Vincent Wilson

Are you honestly trying to scare people??! Yes? Good.

You need to be adept at psychological manipulation for this one. The writer and all associated parties take and accept no responsibility for the physical and mental health of those who partake in a Gloomy Sunday Séance or related event.

Gloomy Sunday, also known as the "Hungarian Suicide Song", is a song composed by Hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress and published in 1933. The first lyrics were written in 1932 by László Jávor, in his melancholy love poem "Szomorú vasárnap" ("Sad Sunday"), after his beloved had left him....

★★★★ $15
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Brick Tilley
Shank Shuffle by Brick Tilley

The Shank Shuffle, a full deck false shuffle, was published in 1971 on Ed Marlo's behalf by Jon Racherbaumer. The Zarrow shuffle came out around the same time. New Yorkers backed this method and that overshadowed the Shank method, which may be superior, depending on your point of view. The Shank method is regarded as more convincing by some card handlers. Reading the description can be a bit daunting for the novice. Here is your chance to master the shuffle thanks to a lucid video presentation and a clear text and illustrations.

1st edition 2019, PDF + video (length 23s)...

★★★ $10
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Jon Racherbaumer
Dunbury Delusions by Jon Racherbaumer
"It is one of the very best tricks which can be done for close-up work." - Hugard and Braue from Show Stoppers With Cards

From the Foreword:

The Dunbury Delusion has an illustrious pedigree that has been up, down, and all around the magic scene for at least 100 years. Charlie Miller's method that was published in Expert Card Technique in 1940, more or less branded his name on it, but seven year earlier Victor Farelli published a modified version ("The Partagas Sell") in Farelli's Card Magic. He did not claim paternity but credited a Spanish magician named Partagas who apparently taught him the trick in 1908.

Basic Plot:

A selection "lost" in a deck is successfully found by using three...

★★★★ $16
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Unknown Mentalist
Remote Propless Prediction by Unknown Mentalist

The performer asks a participant to play an imaginary game over a voice phone call. The participant may be thousands of miles away at the other end of the call. The participant makes several free choices but all in her mind alone, she does not say anything out loud. But the final result is already predicted by the performer in a very innovative manner. The climax can be very visual if you choose that option in performance. The participant is stunned with the outcome. The participant even gets to keep a memorable 'souvenir' after the routine.

This can be performed over a video call or even...

★★★★ $12
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Brian T. Lees
Sponsors by Brian T. Lees

Sponsors are one of the most powerful assets a magician can have. Sponsorship can be one of the strongest marketing activities for a business. The interactive potentials with the audience enhance the exposure, and compared to other media, they can get higher results. This ebook identifies the benefits of sponsorship, introduces ways to approach businesses and provides ideas for ongoing support. The organization wanting a show may not have the funds to hire you. If the audience appeals to your sponsor, the sponsor will pay your invoice, and you can perform for the hosting organization at no charge....

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Steven Palmer
Pseudo Chronicles 1 by Steven Palmer

Welcome to the first volume of Psuedo Chronicles. The goal of these notes and this series is to showcase effects that mimic real mind reading or extraordinary skill with playing cards. None of the effects contained herein require any sleight of hand beyond a beginner level. That being said, do not under estimate the power of these effects. They are a constant in my working repertoire and always receive great reactions. [Note: These effects have previously been published in Subtle which has been out of print for some time.


Subtle: A routine that displays how far ahead you can get using psychology in a routine.

This demonstration...

★★★★★ $12
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Vincent Wilson
The Chirological Analysis Record by Vincent Wilson

Learn palmistry easily.

Vince Wilson's Chirological Analysis Record is, without doubt, the most beautiful and exquisitely designed palm reading tick sheet it will ever be your pleasure to own and use. This tick sheet will enable you to take your palm readings to the next level, and can be handed to your sitter as a permanent keepsake of the palm reading you have provided for them. The tick sheet comes with full permission to print and use in any capacity, and also allows you to add your own name and contact details, thereby increasing repeat bookings. Full instructions, also elegantly produced,...

★★★★ $15
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Bob Farmer & Roy Walton
Mutanz by Bob Farmer & Roy Walton

A bizarre packet trick.

Inexplicable, unexplainable, enigmatic, and just plain weird. A cascade of alchemikal conundrums. A phantasmagoric orgy of cabalistic conjuration. A bewildering bafflement of uncanny dimensionality. Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become grotesque mutants - in the hands of the spectator!

No angles. Everything examinable. Resets instantly. Satisfaction guaranteed or we'll apologize. Warning: This ad contains bombastic hyperbole and unconscionable embellishment.

When the going gets weird the weird get Mutanz!


★★★★ $7.50
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Prisoner Silk by Marconick

The ultimate visible 20th Century Silk Routine.

At a magical convention the packed audience of magicians gasped audibly with surprise at the wonderful visible climax they had just seen. The magical effects which gain most applause from modern audiences are those in which things happen smartly and visibly. Marconick's Prisoner Silk certainly produces a startling visual effect in record time and is a trick which pulls applause from all types of audiences. Things happen quickly and they are seen to happen right before their eyes!


From his pocket performer takes two separate silks...

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