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Gerard Zitta
The Yin Yang Principle by Gerard Zitta

A novel mental force.

A spectator thinks of a card and changes it to a new one, in his/her mind. You predicted it, or you name it BEFORE the spectator names his/her own card!".

Impromptu - Anytime, Anywhere. Perfect for informal and casual setting, or when you have NOTHING with you (It can be performed naked on the beach!). You can also use this as a "warm up" experiment, to open your mentalism act.

No fishing or "PA" - Nothing needed, no cards, no props. Pure mind reading. Can fool performers as well.

It is not 100%. Most of the time (80% approximately based on probabilities and...

★★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
THE: The Hand Experiments by Unknown Mentalist

If you already own Unusual Clue or buy along with this, you can get this ebook for half price.

The 'which hand' plot is a very popular one and there have been many excellent routines with this plot. Some notable names are Gerald Kosky, Barrie Richardson, Banachek, Mark Elsdon and many other creative thinkers. Here is a collection of some unconventional, unusual but easy to do and high impact routines based on this theme.

If not performed correctly, this plot can come across as a simple 50-50 puzzle. But if presented well, this can create true amazement for the participants. So presentation is as important as...

★★★★★ $18
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Dr. Doom
Theatre of Blood by Dr. Doom

Make your next Halloween party or haunted house an event to remember!

Dr. Doom reveals secrets of his Theatre of Blood professional haunted house attraction. Illusions, effects, costuming, makeup, sound effects and more are discussed. Everything you need for a successful and scary house of horrors.

Newly revised, with nearly 20 pages of new content, including new sections on merchandising, new scenes and attractions and more.

Here's a partial look at the contents:

  • Visible Cremation Illusion
  • Crepe Hair
  • Rotting Mummy
  • Products of Interest
  • Power Saw Through Girl
  • Incredible Needle...
★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
Theta Waves by David Devlin

Nick Trost's "Eight Card Brainwave" is a classic and killer effect. That effect was the starting point for David when "Theta Waves" was in an embryonic state. What David has done is created an "Eight Card Brainwave" effect that is totally examinable. There is only one odd backed card in the eight-card packet!

The basic effect is simple. A packet of eight arbitrary cards is shown. All eight cards are different on the face. The backs however, are not shown. It is explained to the spectator that there is one card and one card only that's back is different than the others. The spectator decides...

★★★★ $8
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Silas Linden
Think 2.0 by Silas Linden

Silas offers his new approach to propless "think a card".

Think (Silas first release) was a new, direct and prop-less method for being able to divine any playing card thought of and now with Think 2.0 he offers a new approach that you can even combine in a two-phase routine to read minds twice.

  • 100% propless
  • 100% reliable
  • No difficult or mathematical boring and long procedures
  • No PA/BA
  • No language restriction
  • Impromptu miracle
  • No dual reality
  • Nothing written
Pure realistic verbal techniques that you can apply to other routines. Anytime, anywhere mentalism that you will use. ...
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Gerard Zitta
Think of Anything in the World by Gerard Zitta

A challenging and fun impromptu telepathy routine, with a devious combination of principles, and an original approach.

Effect: The spectator thinks of anything in the world (billions of possibilities!), and changes it to something completely different. They focus on a part of that "thing" and you guess it. The methodology uses well known principles, combined with new ones ("Yin Yang", "UPS", "Picture", "Zoom"). There are also new alternatives to dual reality, equivoque, multiple outs or misdirection. All of these can be powerful weapons to add to your impromptu or improvised mentalism toolbox. ...

★★★★★ $25
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Paul Voodini
Third Dimension Telepathy by Paul Voodini

In 2011, Paul Voodini changed the face of the Q&A show with his groundbreaking Pure Q and A. Returning to the arena of the Q&A show, Paul now brings us 3rd Dimension Telepathy: Q&A for the Naked Generation!

Imagine an ungimmicked Q&A show with no one-aheads, no stooges, no pre-show, no peeks, and no electronics! Now imagine that same Q&A show, but utilising imagery from a classic two person telepathy show. The performer and a legitimate volunteer work together to answer questions posed by the audience, questions that are genuinely unseen and unknown to the performer.

Paul also covers the use of Tarot...

★★★★★ $22
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Al Baker
This Will Open Your Eyes: Al Baker's Exclusive Twenty-Five Dollar Manuscript by Al Baker

Add to your arsenal of outstanding mental and card effects with this hard to find manuscript from a recognized master of deception. These exclusive secrets will serve you in good stead throughout your performing career, no matter whether you're a professional, semi-pro, or hobbyist.

Contains ten effects, plus as many as four methods for performing each one, all patiently and painstakingly explained. You may, in fact, chuckle to yourself as you read the practical, yet diabolical methods -- they're so darned clever. They all have the "Baker Twist", where gimmicks and ruses are used on the off...

★★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Thot Card Xchange by Unknown Mentalist

The effect as seen by the audience: The performer displays a red-backed deck and a blue-backed deck. Two participants each choose a deck freely. Then both participants mentally think of a different playing card each. They need not announce which card they are thinking of. Surprisingly, when each participant deals down their respective deck, they find their thought of card missing from that deck. As a kicker twist, each participant's thought of card is found in the other participant's deck.

Another effect as seen by the audience: The performer displays a red-backed deck and a blue-backed...

★★★ $9
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Matt Mello
Thought Control by Matt Mello

Thought Control is a technique that will appear to give you the power to read or influence a person's thoughts. You can use this concept to guess or influence a person's free choice of names, colors, fruits, animals, dates, shapes, playing cards, actions, literally anything!

The main effect is that we whisper a specific thought to one subject, and a second subject is able to repeatedly divine these thoughts. The subject will confirm each and every thought that we whisper.

This is a surefire, propless method to read or influence a person's mind, with no visual compromises. It isn't a process...

★★★★★ $14.95
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Eddie Joseph
Thought Interception by Eddie Joseph

From the introduction:

This is an effect in the Mental Sphere. You can carry it in your pocket for CLOSE-UP work at a party, around the bar, or for publicity purposes for newspaper men. It's something that I have used for years to good advantage. If desired, the idea can be used for CLUB or STAGE presentations as well. It also is suitable as a demonstration of Thought Transference between performer and his assistant, the medium being sent out of the room or she may be at the receiving end of a telephone many miles away. Many methods are explained here.

8 pages

★★★★★ $4
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Luca Volpe
Thought of Card in Balloon by Luca Volpe

Here is something amazing! Get ready to predicting things before they take place, and not only that, but having the prediction inside a balloon, which is the ultimate symbol of 'intact' as nothing can pass in or out. Luca and Titanas bring you the fundamentals and many bonuses for this incredible mind boggling concept!

You proceed to a complete stranger and hand them a balloon, ask them their name and also to name any card they want. They do so and you ask them to give the balloon a shake. They will hear something inside. You burst the balloon and inside there is only one card, which of course...

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MP4 (video)

Patrik Kuffs
Thought Swiper by Patrik Kuffs

"Thought Swiper is fantastic! I wish I'd thought of this! There is no faster way to get to the thought-of card. Absolutely wonderful!" - Bob Farmer

"I think it's so damn clever and honestly I've been having so much fun with it. It's an amazing little device and once magicians find out about it will carry it with them at all times." - Paul Romhany

"Patrik abhors memory work and mental arithmetic on stage. In "Thought Swiper" a fiendishly clever print gimmick strips a powerful principle older than Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic (1876) of all its fussy calculations and memorization. The prop visually integrates all the...

★★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
Thought Trajectory by Unknown Mentalist
"This is virtual magic, mentalism and theory at its very best. You are a real deep thinker" - Marc Salem
This is a pure propless effect. You can perform this over a voice phone call, video call, face to face, close up, parlor etc. It can be performed anytime, anywhere to anyone. Nothing for you to carry except the almost self working method in your head.

As the name suggests, Thought Trajectory is an effect which is like a chain of thoughts in the mind of the participant. The mind reader is not aware of the starting point, nor the process, nor the end result, apparently. Everything happens...

★★★★★ $12
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Eddie Clever
Thought Transcribed by Eddie Clever

From the brilliant mind of Eddie Clever comes this astoundingly direct sealed question reading miracle. Every move has been thoroughly thought out and blended to flow into a smooth sequence.

There have been many methods devised for secretly divining written data on a card within a sealed envelope, but none, we firmly believe, is as baffling or as easy to do as this. Lifted directly from Eddie's routine for private seances, it has been an exclusive favorite of his, the modus operandi never once having been detected.

The envelope used is absolutely unprepared and so is the white card, which...

★★★★★ $6
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Stephen Tucker
Thought Waves by Stephen Tucker

20 mentalism effects with a foreword by Max Maven. Out of print since 1985. Now again available as ebook.

From the foreword by Max Maven:

There is no question that Stephen Tucker has made his mark on the magic world...and it's about time someone made him clean it up!

The first time we met, I noticed that he had a streak of white hair in the center of his otherwise black coiffure. This gave him a very modern New Wave look, and I complimented him on his clever grooming.

He explained to me that the streak was not artificial, but rather an inherited family trait.

I'd had no idea that...

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R. Shane
Three by R. Shane

More strange magic to engage and entertain!

A man who forgets what it means to be human, a spectator who may be more than she seems, a legendary and quite dead lover seeking an evening's diversion, the real and quite visible essence of nightmares -- all of these and more await the intrepid in "Three", the latest volume of strange magic!

16 routines of frightening, weird, and fun magic!

  • Capture a spectator's nightmare, visibly, and give it to them as a dark reminder of what sleep brings!
  • Allow a quite dead legendary lover prove that, though deceased, a cad is still a cad!
  • Show why...
★★★★★ $15
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Luke Jermay
Three Cheers for the Underrated by Luke Jermay

[This is priced to keep it out of the hands of the mere curious.]

Luke presents three wonderfully routined and thought through effects, all building on classic mentalism plots, improved by his ingenious thinking and knowledge of methods.

From the introduction:

In this manuscript we are going to examine three routines. The first, “Three Questions,” is something that I have made use of in casual settings for a while now. I think it really showcases some interesting thinking that creates a very pleasing outcome. I really hope you enjoy this and use it in your own casual performances and walk around settings. The second routine, “The Ultimate Add...

★★★ $95
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Michael Daniels
Three Easy Pieces by Michael Daniels

Three Easy Pieces is a collection of three self-working mentalism effects for close-up, especially one-to-one, presentation.

The first effect, The Prisoner, is a variation on a trick and principle first published by Howard Adams. Two sets of five ESP symbols are shuffled and dealt into two face-down piles. The spectator successively eliminates pairs of symbols by spelling out a key phrase as cards are moved from the top to the bottom of either pile – switching piles whenever, and as often, as the spectator wishes. The last pair of symbols is found to be a match. The other four eliminated...

★★★★★ $10
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Gerard Zitta
Three Graces by Gerard Zitta

This is a funny little trick and a very simple plot. You can carry it in your wallet and always be ready, anytime, anywhere, or you prepare it in larger format, and perform it for larger audiences.


You show an image of three ladies. The spectator selects one of them, and it was predicted on the back. It is also a funny visual gag. Very entertaining, simple, direct, easy to do, instant reset, and practical.

1st edition 2015.

★★★ $5
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Devin Knight
Three Mind Miracles by Devin Knight

This ebook contains three effects from Devin Knight that are about as close to real mindreading as you can get.


An ungimmicked Tarot Deck is shown and given to anyone to shuffle. Four people are invited to come forward. They remove the top five cards from the shuffled Tarot Deck and arrange them face up on a table in any order. They do this while you are across the room and CAN NOT SEE THE CARDS. Each person is asked to just think of one of the cards. They say nothing and write nothing down. Everyone could be thinking of the same card or each person could be thinking of...

★★★★★ $14.95
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David Devlin
Three Mind Monte by David Devlin

This offering from David Devlin is an incredible mentalism act for the stage that begins with a really cool chair test and a two-phase Three Card Monte using jumbo cards in which the spectators "throw" the cards. Even though the spectators are throwing the Monte while the mentalist's back is turned completely away from the on-stage spectators and can be legitimately blindfolded, he is always able to find the queen!

This may be one of the few acts that feature a chair test that actually serves a purpose beyond fulfilling a prediction. It gets the spectators on stage and gets the Monte cards...

★★★★ $15
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Bob Hummer
Three Pets by Bob Hummer

From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer comes a triple helping of mental mysteries that are as much fun for you to perform as they are for your audience to experience them. One effect uses cards, another coins, and the last uses a single, unprepared die.

Personality Test - This is a nice "ice breaker" effect with cards that sets the stage for the mental demonstrations yet to come. Captures your spectator's attention and leaves her hungry to see more.

The 'Snappy' Thirteen-Cent Trick - Who knew that thirteen cents could be this much fun? A spectator sets out two nickels and three pennies...

★★★★ $6
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Ken Muller
Thrifty Telempathy by Ken Muller

This is a 'stand-alone' application for situations in which no printed novel is common or available. This unique approach gets around the "your book" taint of a standard book test and features the "Mental Test Posture" and Beta Framing. Maximum flexibility for a variety of venues and audiences. The recommended "best place to start" in the Series.

(All author proceeds support the woodHenge Wildlife Sanctuary.)

1st edition 2021, PDF 22 pages.

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