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Stephen Tucker
Spell-Binder Volume 3 by Stephen Tucker

This is volume 3 of the reprint of Spell-Binder Magazine. It is a half-letter size softcover with a color cover and black and white print throughout. Volume three includes issues 25-36.

Spell-Binder Magazine was a fascinating publication edited by Stephen Tucker which focused on close-up magic featuring an eclectic list of contributors.

Spell-Binder started in 1981. Reprint in 2004 by Martin Breese.

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Stephen Tucker
Spell-Binder Volume 1 by Stephen Tucker

This is volume 1 of the reprint of Spell-Binder Magazine. Each volume is a half-letter size softcover with a color cover and black and white print throughout. Volume one includes issues 1-12. Spell-Binder Magazine was a fascinating publication edited by Stephen Tucker which focused on close-up magic featuring an eclectic list of contributors.

Spell-Binder started in 1981. Reprint in 2004 by Martin Breese.

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Scott Creasey
DIY I-Pad: Do It Yourself Impression Pad by Scott Creasey

"That's Absolutely brilliant, I'm soooo going to be using that!" - Iain Moran

"Bloody Genius" - Tony McMylor

"Love It" - Peter Arcane

For the first time ever, in this 30 minute video, Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the cheap and easy to use, real time impression pad he has been using for years. Once you have the materials together (they are cheap and widely available) and have watched this video, you will be able to produce one of these pads in about ten to fifteen minutes.

If you can use a pair of scissors and tape, you can make "The DIY I-Pad"

No special...

★★★★ $34
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MP4 (video)

Chris Wasshuber
The Cardsharp and his Book by Chris Wasshuber

The hunt to find the true identity of S. W. Erdnase, the author of The Expert at the Card Table, published in 1902 in Chicago, has been raging for more than a century. The book is as revered by gamblers and magicians as the Bible is by Christians.

One of the first and most active Erdnase hunters was well-known science writer, puzzle expert, and magician Martin Gardner, who erroneously thought he identified cardsharp and murderer Milton Franklin Andrews as being Erdnase. After Andrews, many other candidates were proposed, but none had a case strong enough to withstand scrutiny. None wrote like Erdnase, nor had sufficient opportunity, nor even...

★★★★★ $45
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PDF & hardcover

Billy Benbo
A Warlock's Wandering by Billy Benbo

A Warlock's Wandering is one magician's memories of his journey along the eternal path of wonder. It is my sincere hope that within its pages you may find something of value in presentation, thought, adaptation, and dressing. Between the lines are little gems of wisdom and knowledge gleaned from the many performers met over the last sixty seven years.

1st edition 2015, 57 pages.

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Various Authors
Escapes by Various Authors

Learn to escape from handcuffs, sacks, straight jackets, boxes, chains, and many more.

  • Publisher's Foreword
  • Foreword
  • Suggestions for Handcuff Escapes
  • Publicity Handcuff Escape

  • - Outstanding Chain Escape
  • - Always Ready Chain Act
  • - Siberian Chain Escape
  • - Extraordinary Chain Release
  • - Lightning Shackle Chain Escape
  • - Chain Handcuffs
  • - Neck and Wrist Cuffs

  • - Abbott's Rod Tie
  • - Wire Wrist Ties
  • - How to Open Padlocks

  • - Improved Sack Escape
  • - Cloth Sack Escape
  • - Triple Tied Sack Escape
  • - Mail Bag

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Paul Curry
Never In A Lifetime by Paul Curry

Another miraculous red-black trick from the inventor of Out Of This World.

A spectator shuffles both halves of a deck over and over - yet it is revealed that both halves are in the same red-black order!

Performed under the strictest conditions imaginable, and it works every time.

1st edition 1975, digital edition 2015, 5 pages.

★★★★ $4
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Heiko "Das Wiesel" Wiese
Die Mental-Simulation by Heiko "Das Wiesel" Wiese

Improvisierte Mental-Zauberei in Walk-Around Situationen.

Von der Einleitung:

Seit einigen Jahren zaubere ich auf Straßenfesten und Partys als "Strolling Magician", also zwischen den Zuschauern. Da ich in der Regel kein Sakko trage und es ja normalerweise im Sommer sowieso recht warm ist, ist die Anzahl der Requisiten, die man bei dem Auftritt dabei haben kann, ja recht begrenzt. Was man aber natürlich immer dabei hat ist ein Kartenspiel. Da ich kein "Karteinhai" bin, war ich deshalb auf der Suche nach einer einfachen Universal-Methode für Effekte aller Art, die technisch einfach...

★★★★★ $10
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Nic Holson
50 Shades Blue by Nic Holson

[Note: This book test uses adult material.]

Nic Holson brings you a comedy book test unlike any other based upon the literary success of EL James 50 Shades of Grey and the soon to be released film of the same title.

A thought reading demonstration seems to have gone hilariously wrong - yet despite the odds being against you, all comes good when you show the very same prediction to your spectator with no switching!

  • Method can be adapted to other book tests
  • Close up, Parlor, Stage
  • Comedy script included
  • Un-gimmicked books used

1st edition 2015, 37 pages.

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Mike Kempner
Impossible Mentalism Compilation 1 by Mike Kempner

The Perfect Passcode PIN Reveal: You tell your spectator that you are going to try to guess their Passcode (or PIN) to their cell phone, but that in order to do so, you first need to see his driver's license. You see his driver's license. The performer only thinks (no asking ANY questions to the spectator or saying ANY words to the spectator) and then immediately writes down 4 numbers on 4 post-it notes (1 number per post-it note). You show the spectator the first 2 of these post-it notes containing the numbers in a random fashion, and the spectator confirms that they DO mean something to him....

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Raymonde Crow
California Gang Knives by Raymonde Crow

California Gang Knives, Raymonde Crowe's routine for the color-changing knives, includes two new sleights. The routine includes a comedy presentation, bonus comedy lines, and ends strong when a knife magically shrinks into a miniature knife. At the finale you are automatically reset. California Gang Knives can be performed in short sleeves and jeans.

My aim in this routine was to move beyond repetitive color changes, and over-reliance on the paddle/turnover move, and to conclude the routine strongly. I also wanted to move beyond just describing black and white knives changing places, but...

★★★★ $5
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Ray Noble
The Focus by Ray Noble

Do you want to really amaze your friends or spectator? This routine will make you stand out and seem to have powers that can't be explained. Hand them a notepad and pencil. Tell them to shut their eyes and scribble all over the page. When finished the notepad is closed and placed on the table. They now select a real playing card or one from an imaginary deck or maybe just think of an ESP symbol.

Once the selection has been made, the notepad is open and the spectator closes their eyes for a few seconds. When told to open their eyes they stare intently into their scribbling. As they stare...

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TC Tahoe
The Center Tear Papers by TC Tahoe

The Center Tear Papers is a collection of graphic, plot lines and scripts to help make the classic center more engaging and meaningful.

"In this book TC Tahoe explains his unique approach to the center tear and how he uses it to create strong and memorable routines that empower and help others. TC's empathy for others is visible in everything he writes, and it's hard to imagine anyone who would not be moved and helped by these routines. Highly recommended." - Richard Webster

"Well done TC. The scripting here is amazing. Using any center tear, it's a journey you take with your spectator. It has taken...

★★★★ $30
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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán
Tahúr: a gambling routine by Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

This is the gambling demonstration that Cristóbal uses in his show "Cartas Bajo Control" ("Cards Under Control"). About ten minutes long, it's an entire act with four phases, showing almost impossible skills, like card location while shuffling, estimation, card control, and the legendary center deal. You can deal the four aces without spectators being able to see how it is done, even when they know what you are going to do.

It is not necessary for you to know how to do a center deal, though in some parts of this routine you'll need to know some techniques. References and links are included,...

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C. H. Wilson
The 52 Wonders: Cards Manipulated by Science by C. H. Wilson

This is quite an interesting relatively early book on card moves, tricks and cons. It was published in 1877. Some believe that the author C. H. Wilson could be the elusive Erdnase, the author of The Expert at the Card Table, because the S.W.E. Shift is explained in The 52 Wonders.

Chapters are:

  • Chapter I: The Double and Single Passes
    • The Long Pass
    • The Short Pass
    • The Magic Pass
    • The Rolling Pass
    • The Grand Pass
    • The Invisible Pass
    • The Vizard Pass and Change
    • The Circle Pass
    • The Dovetail Pass
    • The Single Short Pass
  • Chapter II: Miscellaneous Passes
    • The Elbow Pass
    • The Side Pass
    • The Monte Pass
    • The Table Pass ...
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F. R. Ritter
Advantage Card Playing by F. R. Ritter

This was the advertisement booklet for Ritter's book Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker. It describes the motivation of the book and shows some excerpts including four illustrations.

1st edition 1905, 9 pages; digital edition colorized.

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Aldo Colombini
Aldo's Finale by Aldo Colombini

When Aldo Colombini unexpectedly died he left behind many unpublished tricks. Rachel Colombini has compiled these together with a number of contributions from Aldo's friends. As such this is Aldo's last ebook. It is a testament to one of the most beloved and prolific authors in magic. Wherever he went he performed, sometimes for hours without break. These are the effects he was working on last ... Aldo's Finale!

★★★★★ $20
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Roger Woods
Chris Van Bern: The Busy 'B' by Roger Woods

This is a biography of Chris Van Bern (1872? - 1950) christened The Busy 'B' by The Magician Monthly in 1911 because of his versatility as a variety performer. His presentations were original and he was something of a 'character'. He became a member of so many local magic clubs throughout the UK that it is believed his record has never been surpassed by anyone. He was Honorary Vice President, for example, of The Modern Mystic League (Blackburn & District Society of Magicians), and The Order of The Magi (Manchester). A generous man to all magicians he co-authored A Whirlwind of Wizadry with De...

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Aldo Colombini
Battuteca by Aldo Colombini

Una esilarante raccolta di 500 battute su una riga indicizzate !

Se sei alla ricerca di materiale provato per far ridere il tuo pubblico, per preparare i tuoi testi per lo vuoi trasformare ogni occasione in una risata, se sai quanto è difficile trovare materiale valido in questo campo, allora non lascarti sfuggire "Battuteca".

Aldo Colombini , il notissimo comico-prestigiatore, ha raccolto in questo agile volumetto la sua decennale esperienza "sul campo" con queste ben 500 battute e one liners . Non solo questo, le battute sono state anche indicizzate in modo da trovare...

★★★★ $12
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Aldo Colombini
Pronto Intervento by Aldo Colombini

Come trasformare ogni difficoltà in spettacolo

Centinaia di battute umoristiche che ti possono trarre d'impaccio in ogni situazione che si possa presentare durante uno spettacolo ! Il primo storico "Pronto Soccorso Scenico" scritto da Aldo Colombini, divenuto un ormai introvabile classico, più attuale che mai.

  • Per rompere il ghiaccio (aperture)
  • Se ti presentano inaspettatamente
  • Quando ti chiedono quale è il trucco
  • Dopo un applauso
  • Quando qualcuno sbadiglia
  • Quando sudo o fa caldo
  • Quando nessuno viene sul palco
  • Se lo spettatore inciampa o cade
  • Quando il cameriere passa davanti ...
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Miracoli con la Clipboard by Ulysses Frederick Grant

La Clipboard ( Blocco note a impressione ) è uno strumento pieno di risorse per il Mentalista. Ma come usarlo con successo? Ce lo spiega U.F. Grant nel suo stupendo lavoro "Miracoli con la clipboard" di cui siamo orgogliosi di presentarvi per la prima volta la versione Italiana di questo classico nella traduzione a cura di Mauro Ballesio. Nel manoscritto Grant dapprima spiega i vari tipi di Clipboard e le loro differenze e poi passa in rassegna una serie di effetti davvero sbalorditivi. Si dei veri Miracoli con la Clipboard! Se fate mentalismo non potrete fare a meno dei preziosi suggerimenti...

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Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. VI: Prestigiazione Con Palline Ed Uova by Salvatore Cimo

PRESTIGIAZIONE CON PALLINE ED UOVA è il sesto volume della collana, composto da 282 pagine, all’interno del quale troverete un ampio numero di effetti con palle, palline, sfere e uova. Il volume è preceduto dalla preziosa testimonianza di Angelo Mitri.

Questo è, senza dubbio, uno dei libri più belli e interessanti tra i tanti compilati dall’autore. Infatti, qui vi si trovano descritti sia manipolazioni con le palline che stupendi effetti da scena come, ad esempio, la “Palla volante” di Okito (oppure la famosa “Palla Zombie”, ideata nel 1940 dall’illusionista statunitense...

★★★★★ $15
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Julien Losa
Sherlock (French) by Julien Losa

Watson (un spectateur choisi au hasard) et Sherlock (crever mentalist) vont enquêter pour découvrir une victime, un tueur et un modus operandi de crime… De l’humour, du mentalisme et plein de possibilités ! Texte complet, démonstration vidéo live, explications complètes, alternatives et idées autour d’un numéro que Julien Losa a joué plus de 400 fois entre mai 2012 et octobre 2013.

"20 minutes de scène… Très drôle, et tout bien expliqué… pour quelques euros! Very Good!" - Gaetan Bloom

★★★★★ $28
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Julien Losa
BCT: Brazilian Center Tear (French) by Julien Losa

Dans cet ebook, Julien vous explique pas à pas le BCT (Brazilian Center Tear) mais SURTOUT vous livre des idées de présentation et d’utilisation. En bonus, vous recevez le chapitre « peek à glace » (extrait du livret Conspiration(2) ) qui se veut être un essai sur les différentes manières de peeker une information, ainsi qu’encore plus d’idées de présentation.

★★★★★ $11
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