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Mystic Alexandre
The Art of Performance in Magic and Mentalism by Mystic Alexandre

This was the first booklet I published way back in 2002 and it was born out of a lecture I did in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I ended by discussing The Art Of Performance In Magic And Mentalism and answering questions on the subject.

It's a brief manuscript with strong messages to reflect upon concerning principles that will enhance your rounded approach to becoming a respected performer.

In this manuscript I touch on the following questions:

  • Is There a Quicker Way To Become a Better Performer?
  • How Do You Keep Spectators From Messing You Up?
  • What Is The Most Important Aspect of Performance? ...
★★★★ $4
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Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi
Hoax Issue 2 by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi

Hoax is a digital monthly magazine which contains workers. No pipe dreams, no overnight ideas, no impractical material. Inside Hoax you will find material that will be used. Explained in detail with clear photographs and video performances to help and make the learning process easier than ever.

This month we got to spend a little time with Ray Kosby. We also feature three most creative magicians: Aarsh Shah, Tharun Iyer and Praveen

Contents :

1. Sneak Peek Control: A very devious control. Easy and so good that it will even fool the magicians who think they know what is going on.


★★★★★ $5
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David Devlin
Overboard by David Devlin

This incredible routine is pretty much a card act all by itself. There are several mind-blowing phases, and it is all done with a normal deck of cards. There are absolutely no gaffs whatsoever. The deck and the card box are the only "props" used, so you can have this on your person at all times, and be completely prepared to blow 'em away!

What began as a simple single-phase effect by Aldo Colombini, David expanded and added to it with inspirations from Aldo, Paul Harris, and Max Maven.

The aspect of this routine that David likes most is the "hands-off" nature of it. The spectator does pretty much all of the work....

★★★★ $5
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Jesse Lewis
The Pretest Progression Book 2 by Jesse Lewis

This is a guidebook for everyone who does stage or street hypnosis that wants to expand their toolbox and learn more about hypnosis and how it works.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Do hypnotic pretests anywhere
  • Be Confident from the beginning with your tests
  • Know how to perform at a moments notice
…And that’s just for starters! Inside the ebook you learn how to perform these pretests:
  1. Steel Arm
  2. Lemon Test
  3. Hand to forehead
  4. Open Mouth
  5. Stuck mouth
  6. Stuck Foot
  7. Impossible to stand up from chair
  8. The invisible rubber band
  9. Locked hands version one
  10. Locked Hands version two
  11. Locked...
★★★★★ $7
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Jesse Lewis
The Pretest Progression Book 1 by Jesse Lewis

You will Love Learning How To Do Hypnotic Pretests Anywhere and Any Time With Anyone
Yes even you can learn how to do hypnotic pretests quickly and easily.

Hypnotists all over the world have been creating pretests for years and years. Finally this is the one resource you need to do hypnotic pretests. Some people call these tests street hypnosis but they are really just hypnotic pretests disguised as real hypnosis.

I know what you are thinking "NOT ANOTHER STREET HYPNOSIS BOOK" And you are right that is not what this is. In fact I don't perform street hypnosis I perform stage hypnosis...

★★★ $7
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Marc Paul
The Human Equation by Marc Paul

When this idea popped into my head I could not wait to try it out. I had a show the very next day and put this routine in. It was a storming success. You will not find any new methods here, although the principles in use are very well hidden. What you will find is a concept and presentation that I think is VERY special.

Recently thoughts regarding my own act have turned to making the whole performance more of an experience for EVERYONE in the audience. Performers who use any Q&A routine know that one of the appeals of such a routine is that it is a "Macro" effect. In other words everyone...

★★★ $18
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Marc Paul
AAA Phone Mystery: Anywhere, Anytime on Anybody by Marc Paul

A piece of direct mind reading with an imaginary mobile phone.

A spectator is asked to think of a persons phone number. They are given a business card and asked to write the number on the card and then fold it into quarters with the writing inside. During this the performer turns his back so there is no chance of him seeing. Upon turning around the folded card is briefly touched to the performers forehead. The spectator is given a second business card and is asked to write the persons name this time. Again the performer turns his back and again when he turns around the folded card is briefly...

★★★★★ $18
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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán
Living Key by Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

From the current close-up repertory of Cristóbal, this is the final routine with the Haunted Key. A demonstration of energy work or a bizarre effect of possession, you choose. The perfect Halloween effect. Use with caution: spectators will freak out.

This is not for the hobbyist, but it's an easy effect to perform if you have experience with this kind of techniques.


You give the key to a spectator who can feel how the key comes to life with his own energy. Finally the mentalist proves how the spectator and the key are now connected.


  • No extra props (only the key) ...
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
RCTW: Card Through Window by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

This is an incredible card through window effect. The gimmick is easy to build and doesn't take that long to make, but it is a little project and will take some care to make well.

  • Use cards, photos, banknotes and other objects
  • The card is not behind the tape before the performance
  • Setup only takes a few seconds
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Perform it on almost any window including car windows

1st edition 2014, length 32 minutes

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
LCOR: Linking Card On Rubber Band by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Link a rubber band on a signed card frame with a flash of fire. Give this impossible object away as a souvenir. The gimmick is exceedingly clever and not too difficult to make, but will require some care and patience.

1st edition 2014, length 13 minutes

★★★★★ $3
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MP4 (video)

Mystic Alexandre
Tingsha Offering by Mystic Alexandre

Please note that this download product does not include Tingsha bells.

The Tibetan term 'ting' refers to the ringing sound of metal, to the cadence of a musical note. 'Sha' means hanging or suspended. When the two pieces strike each other they produce this clear, pure, cleansing sound, which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation.

Tingsha Bells create a meditative vibration, calling one into the here and now. The striking sound clears any disturbing energies bringing clarity to any space. They can call us to awareness, to mindfully remember who we are, and to recognize...

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Mystic Alexandre
Side Stebbin by Mystic Alexandre

Resolving the alternating color issue of the Si Stebbins stack

You can now use the easy Si Stebbins stack without guilt. The alternating color issue has been resolved. Use it with confidence. Continue to perform every effect you already perform with the Si Stebbins stack, with the alternating black/red color issue resolved.

Included in this updated PDF Alexandre's closely guarded presentation/effect using this stack (or any stack for that matter!) "MENTAL STEBBIN - The Predictive Physiological Anticipation Effect".

This was one of my first offerings to the Magic and Mentalism community...

★★★★★ $10
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 59 (Nov 2014) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 10, No. 5, no date [November 2014]; 64 pages

Cover: David Regal

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Readers' Letters
  3. Will Houston: School, Skills & Scorsese - interview by Graham Hey
  4. In The News
  5. A Quick Dip Into ... Audience Management - Gay Ljunberg
  6. In The News
  7. Remotely Speaking: The Miracle That Is--Animatronics - Mark Leveridge
  8. Masterclass
  9. Antony Britton: Hang 'em High!
  10. Dealer Shout Outs - Special 'extra' announcements from a few regular advertisers
  11. Ran'D Shine: The Man, the Myth, the Magician! - interview
  12. David Regal: Complex, Compelling & Cherished - cover story/interview...
★★★★★ $5
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Roberto Giobbi
Ask Roberto Giobbi (for resale) by Roberto Giobbi

This is a totally unique book. 52 reader supplied questions. 52 opinionated, informed, expert answers by Roberto Giobbi. Roberto spent often several days to thoroughly answer each of the 52 questions. It is no wonder that this book has more than 330 regular sized pages. It is a publication unlike any other, where the readers gave the direction which the author followed.

Download a free extract.

The 52 questions asked and answered:

  1. Injog Overhand Shuffle
  2. Presentation Ideas
  3. How to Study
  4. Staystack
  5. Fear of starting to perform
  6. Three Card Monte
  7. Memorized version of Out of Sight Out...
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Devin Knight
Campground Conjuring for Cash by Devin Knight

#9 In Devin Knight's Magic Marketing Secrets For Magicians

An exciting new e-book that reveals how to book and play campgrounds. This is a little-known and lucrative market that few magicians know exists. The author has been performing at campgrounds for more than 30 years.

In this ebook, Devin reveals insider secrets known only to a few magicians. There are more than 13,000 campgrounds in North America and Devin teaches you a secret system that will allow you to book your show into them.

Using this system you can go into a campground, anywhere in the world, with no prior contact, book...

★★★★★ $15
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Pocket Riser by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

You may have seen something similar in a stage version from Martin Lewis. Ralf got his inspiration from Martin's effect and worked out a pocket version of it that uses a sticky note pad.

Effect: Draw a wrong prediction of a playing card on a sticky note pad. The chosen card rises out of the same picture. Give it away as an impossible souvenir.

1st edition 2014, length 28 min 26 sec.

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Impossible Foldings Volume 1 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ralf Rudolph explains three impossible looking objects which you can make from paper or paper money. Remember that there is no gluing and there are no hidden cuts. You take pieces of paper, fold, cut, braid and interlock them to achieve these beautiful objects. Surprisingly they are very simple to make once you know how.

The three impossible objects taught are:

  • Braided Bills: Two bills are cut, folded and woven together.
  • Inside-Out Banknote: An individual bill is cut an folded in a way that looks completely impossible.
  • Braided Pyramid: You fold one bill into a pyramid shape and then...
★★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Mystic Alexandre
Gan Jue by Mystic Alexandre

The Contents Herein Are For Psychic Entertainers Who Want To Come Across As The Real Thing.

For the most part, these routines will not come across effectively unless they are presented with an air of believability. If you don't intend on presenting these as real demonstrations, please do not purchase this manuscript as there will be, with a couple of exceptions, little information of use to you.

I am involved in the metaphysical community and these have all been demonstrated in that environment. Not to be taken lightly.

The following will probably be received as a controversial statement,...

★★★★★ $24
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Mystic Alexandre
Healing Experiment by Mystic Alexandre

Previously released exclusively within the PEA (Psychic Entertainer's Association) this is a quick and easy visualization experiment where your subject imagines colorful butterflies frolicking around a water fountain in a magical garden. This is good for the psychic entertainer in casual settings, perfect for one on one while waiting for a meal, or hanging out in your library in front of the fireplace.

  • Healing
  • Peaceful
  • Native American Tradition
  • Chakras
  • Colors
Comes with a simple chart you can resize, print, laminate, and carry with you as a guide while you're learning details of the...
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Mystic Alexandre
Cards of the Covenant by Mystic Alexandre

This is an exercise in pure performance and psychological effectiveness. Easy to do and it works. Not to mention the fact that by performing it you will become a better overall performer in all the other effects you choose to perform. A great effect for beginning mentalists who want to get good fast, bold, awesome.

A deck of cards is brought out, removed from its case and the performer demonstrates what the spectator is to do in a moment by spreading the deck face-down on the table and randomly removing a card. The deck is then quickly shuffled. The 52 card deck is again spread face down...

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TC Tahoe
The Pad and Billz by TC Tahoe

"Really great stuff! I love Billz. Such a cool serial number prediction. Great application of a tried and true principle." - Cameron Francis

"I saw TC DESTROY a room full of magicians with this amazing CARD MIRACLE. He quickly scribbled something on a pad and that was it. Such a strong and clean version of the classic STOP trick or OPEN PREDICTION. Everyone laughed when he showed us the easy method." - Nathan Kranzo

The impact it has on layman is tremendous. Yes it is simple, simple in execution and easy for audiences to follow.


The Entertainer removes a deck of cards and discards the box,...

★★★★ $12
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Sveroni Gesammelte Werke by Sveroni

Vom Publikum geliebt, von Zauberkollegen anerkannt und respektiert, verzaubert Sveroni als Teilzeitprofi seit mehr als 40 Jahren mit über 50 Vorstellungen pro Jahr sein Publikum.

Viele seiner originellen Kreationen und Variationen bekannter Kunststücke hat Sveroni - mehrfacher Preisträger an Schweizermeisterschaften in allgemeiner Magie und Kartenmagie - in Zusammenarbeit mit Christian Scherer zwischen 1991 und 2013 in 6 Seminarheften veröffentlicht.

Die Title der Einzelhafte waren:

  • Sveroni Original
  • Typisch Sveroni
  • Heureka!
  • Sveroni … oder so
  • Variationen
  • Alte Neuheiten

Nun wurden die...

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Christian Scherer
Schlaglichter by Christian Scherer

Vor dem Hintergrund der in langjähriger Erfahrung gesammelten Erkenntnisse erklärt der Autor originelle Kunststücke und Präsentationen aus seinem Repertoire in allen Details und verrät Tipps aus Theorie und Praxis.


  • Vorwort von Christoph Borer
  • Autobiografisches über Christian Scherer
  • 12 Routinen für Close-up
  • 10 Routinen für den Salon
  • 6 Routinen für die Bühne
  • Ein überragendes Essay über das Becherspiel als Salonkunststück
  • 27 Artikel über alle Aspekte der Sprechzauberkunst, vom Prolog über Sinnhaftigkeit, Vortrag, Wortwahl, Mimik und Gestik, Timing, Misdirection...
★★★★★ $48
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Deepak Mishra
Vaniss: five coin vanishes by Deepak Mishra

Five impromptu coin vanishes at your fingertips.

Vaniss is a collection of five coin vanishes all performed at the fingertips. Imagine being able to make a regular coin vanish at the very tips of your fingers. Learn five different methods to do exactly that. This is all sleight-of-hand without any gimmicks.

You will learn:

  1. Boom-Bam Vanish
  2. Flow Vanish
  3. Strange Vanish
  4. Tip-Tip Vanish
  5. Trace-less Vanish
Please note that some vanishes are not angle proof and can only be performed one-on-one or for a small group of people. Some use sleeving techniques. Difficulty varies but is generally...
★★★★★ $19.95
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MP4 (video)

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