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Unknown Mentalist
Square Thrills by Unknown Mentalist

If you already own Square Skills or purchase along with this, you can get this ebook for $6 only. And the owners of this ebook can get Why A Magic Square Should Not Be a Magic Square for half price.

Many enigmatic secrets. Hidden deep inside the 'Circle of Fate' for many centuries. Now rediscovered, repackaged and revealed for you.

You will learn 5 simple, self working secrets of the 'Circle of Fate'. You will also learn 11 stunning routines. You also get the 'Circle of Fate' printable prop.

Fully automatic and self working routines. So you can fully focus on your presentation. Very novel presentations are included along with scripting and patter. Easy...

★★★★ $12
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Michael Jay
Top Hat Volume 2 Issue 13 (Dec 2015) by Michael Jay
  • A Letter from the Editor by Michael Jay
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Christmas Memory by Ken Muller
  • The Art of Reading Magic by Gary Scott
  • The Elegant Sorcerer by Joshua Shuh
  • Three (Self-Working) Card Tricks by Werner Miller
  • Baubles, Bangles & Bibelots by Dave Wyton
  • Christmas Cups and Balls by Jon A. Hand
  • Almond Brothers by Ken Muller
  • Christmas Scripts by Ken Muller
  • The Magician by Michael Jay
  • Bizarre Bursary
  • Merry Christmas...Mr. Torrance by Mark Williams
  • The Death Rose by Weepin' Willie
  • Visionary Reflections from the Secret Laboratory of the Nyama Possessor
  • End Page

126 pages...

★★★ $0
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Mystic Alexandre
Cards of the Dead: The Egyptian One-Card Reading by Mystic Alexandre

The Book of the Dead is often translated as the "Book of Emerging Forth Into the Light" which consists of a number of magic spells intended to assist a dead person's journey through the Duat, or underworld, and into the afterlife ... so begins the Cards of the Dead - The Egyptian One-Card Reading.

You present the subject with a pack of cards, preferably one that looks special (there are a couple of options in the manuscript though any deck will do), the subject chooses ten random cards, you study these, pick up an impression (the kicker), note it down, and begin with the simple esoteric procedure...

★★★★ $9
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Unknown Mentalist
Advanced Brain Knewmerology by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of Brain Knewmerology can get this ebook for half price.

A participant mentally chooses a precious stone. Another participant mentally chooses any day of the week. The performer not only divines both these thoughts but also deduces some related thoughts as well.

An absolute reputation maker in the right hands. This is a more advanced mind reading routine when compared to my Brain Knewmerology. It is still more impossible and stunning from the audience point of view.

Nothing is spoken or announced by the participants.

And it possesses the same set of rare qualities.

  • It is absolutely prop less and it can...
★★★★ $9
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Tom Phoenix
Demonic by Tom Phoenix

Be ready for Halloween.

This is a dark, multi-phase routine perfect for anyone who appreciates magic with a more sinister tone.

  • The participant selects and signs a card
  • It is placed in their hands.
  • When they turn the card over, a black pentagram has appeared on the face.
  • You hold the card over a flame, and the pentagram vanishes from the card, and reappears on your palm.
  • You then burn the face of the card, and the numbers "666" appear in white writing in the center of the scorch mark.
You will receive a PDF with instructions, as well as additional ideas for how to use the techniques...
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Roberto Giobbi
Introduction to Card Magic by Roberto Giobbi

In 14 clearly organized lessons you will learn how to handle a deck of cards like a pro. And along the way you will acquire some amazing, yet simple card tricks, which will allow you to successfully perform a little card act for an audience.

  • Lesson 1: Tools and Instruments
  • Lesson 2: Getting Acquainted With Your Instrument
  • Lesson 3: Your First Techniques: Basic Shuffles
  • Lesson 4: Your First Card Trick: "The Mystery of the Triangle"
  • Lesson 5: Ordinary Cuts
  • Lesson 6: A Small Card Miracle: "The Cards Know"
  • Lesson 7: More Auxiliary Sleights and Review
  • Lesson 8: A Few Simple Flourishes ...
★★★★★ $7.95
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Devin Knight
Pseudo Hypnosis by Devin Knight

This PDF teaches you how to combine a clever mental effect with REAL hypnosis to create an effect that can't be done with just regular hypnosis. This effect will help you stand out from the competition and increase your bookings.

Devin's bookings as a hypnotist have almost doubled since including this feat in his shows. This effect can also be used as an emergency effect when nobody goes into hypnosis. You can do this effect and it will appear to be real hypnosis.

Magicians and mentalists can use this as a pseudo hypnotic trick in their shows as it is not necessary to have the person really...

★★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
The Aura Effect by Devin Knight

The Aura Effect revives several ancient ideas from the turn of the century and brings them into the modern day. These are ideas you will use. You can create the illusion that the spectators feel your aura.

Magnetic Fingertips: This has been a staple in Devin Knight's career; it was also a favorite of the late Al Mann. The performer holds his fingers in front of a spectator's palm and the subject definitely feels an icy chill radiate from the performer's fingers. The performer claims this sensation is his aura. Two methods are explained. One method is completely impromptu and can be done on...

★★★★ $5
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Fraser Parker
Sync by Fraser Parker

Sync is the perfect method for guessing a name completely prop-less.

I recently went back to my notebooks to an older idea I had for guessing a name without the spectator ever having to say a word and after a few days of playing with scripting all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place.

It is now possible to guess any name or word thought of by the spectator without them ever having to name letters or words associated with letters from the name - in fact, they can stay completely silent throughout the entire process.

The method itself is pure simplicity and is possibly...

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Ken de Courcy
Pinpoints by Ken de Courcy

From the introduction:

Safety-pins are familiar things; they're inexpensive and can be bought almost everywhere both here and abroad. In other words, they're ideal props with which to perform magic. As a bonus, they are extremely portable and shine under lights.

Over the years the Supreme Magic Company has stocked a number of tricks with safety-pins but, probably because they were sold at low prices, people read the ads. and ignored them ... "because they can't be much good at that price'."

On the contrary, some of them had a startling effect, so Edwin has agreed they should be collected...

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Aldo Colombini
Falli Ridere by Aldo Colombini

La più grande ed estesa raccolta di battute, gags, insulti comici, monologhi, battute salva spettacolo del noto comico-prestigiatore 2 volte "mago dell'anno" al Magic Castle di Hollywood. Materiale adatto a tutti gli intrattenitori in genere,ai prestigiatori in particolare e a chiunque voglia passare una piacevole e divertente setata in famiglia o con gli amici !

Ma lasciamo la parola allo stesso Aldo per la presentazione:

"Ci troviamo ancora una volta con un libro di battute, monologhi e altro materiale per 1' artista che pensa seriamente alla...comicità (frase strana ma vera). Questa...

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Devin Knight
How Psychics Locate Missing People by Devin Knight

This is an exposure of a psychic scam being worked today that is almost foolproof. The unusual thing about this scam is that the sucker in most cases never realizes he was conned. Therefore he never reports the psychic to the authorities and the psychic can operate in the same area for years with immunity!

Millions of people go missing each year and many unscrupulous psychics and mediums claim they can find these people for a FEE.

This is an exposure of a scam that was worked on the author in his younger years. It shows step-by-step how the psychic makes it appear that he has found the...

★★★★ $10
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Frank Herman
Necktie Magic by Frank Herman

A magician's textbook on the great comedy trick of the cut and restored necktie!

Suitable for any kind of show, close-up, banquets, sales meetings, hospitality suites, floor shows, stage. An ideal number for any audience. Sixteen laugh getting routines by a pro who made a reputation with it. Add this easy to do material to your own repertoire. Illustrated ebook.

  • Introduction
  • The Principal Character ... Mr. "C" (Cravat) Tie
  • Preparing the Spectator
  • Master Cut Necktie Presentation
  • Trial by Fire
  • A (Very) Flashy Tie
  • A Bag and a Bird
  • All That's Fit to Press
  • Ask Playboy
  • Commercial Conjuring ...
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Jerry Andrus
Andrus Deals Again by Jerry Andrus

Two great tricks for the connoisseur of fine magic with 45 illustrations.

  • Hide-away-card
  • Fold-away-card

1st edition 1957, PDF 9 pages.

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Eddie Joseph
The Invisible Influence: the no touch card act by Eddie Joseph

This ebook contains an incredible 6 phase card routine where you do not touch the cards. If you are looking to show something that has not been seen in years, take a look at this incredible routine. Eddie works everything out for you and the instructions are very detailed.

1st edition 1951, PDF 17 pages

★★★★ $4
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Windy Douton & Thomas Blacke
Balloons: Basics to Business by Windy Douton & Thomas Blacke

Balloons: Basics to Business not only teaches the basics of making balloon animals, but includes business advice that will make you a better entertainer with balloons and help increase your revenue from performing.

Authors Windy Douton and Thomas Blacke have almost 100 years combined experience as professional magicians and balloon artists. Windy was one of the first balloons makers in the early 1950's and pioneered many balloon techniques that are used by entertainers all over the world. Windy also was the first person to hold a world record in balloon animal making. Thomas Blacke has over...

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Gerard Zitta
Newspaper'z by Gerard Zitta

This ebook explores for the first time, the principles inherent to probably any newspaper, magazine, or publication, in the world. Everybody reads them, every day, but nobody notices the rules and logic in the innocent sheets they hold in their own hands. These properties are good to know as they allow some pretty neat impromptu or improvised effects, or design your own routines, once you know their 'secrets'.

It is more a piece of knowledge every magician or mentalist should know. Most 'recipes' are simple, and there is no difficult memorization or calculation involved.

All the effects...

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Mark Elsdon
Fooling with Freud by Mark Elsdon

Over the last few years of devising conversational mentalism material Mark has developed several routines that are so powerful that they each demand a separate release. The first of this new Private Release series is titled Fooling With Freud and is a 100% practical piece of cutting-edge mentalism.

As per the Conversation As Mentalism ethos you don't need to carry any props; this is a pure three-phase routine of direct mindreading - it doesn't use playing cards, iPhones, peek devices, stooges, guessing or the law of averages.

What is the effect? In increasingly arbitrary ways, the participant...

★★★★★ $45
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Mark Elsdon
Conversation as Mentalism 3 by Mark Elsdon

Would you like to have in your repertoire some killer effects that you can perform anytime, anyplace and without any props?

Then rejoice! Mark Elsdon's new Conversation As Mentalism Volume 3 is just what you're looking for.

You will learn a brand new mind-game using a single borrowed key, a killer card trick with no cards, an impossible coincidence in time, the best impromptu coin prediction, an utterly incredible memory stunt and much more.

All in all, nine brand new effects that have been designed with one outcome in mind - to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any...

★★★★★ $25
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Aldo Colombini
Contact Colors (Italian) by Aldo Colombini

Una routine dal triplice effetto con un finale "killer"! Il mazzo viene realmente mescolato e tagliato. Si posiziona una carta a faccia in su nel mezzo. Uno spettatore sceglie liberamente una carta. Si mescola di nuovo di nuovo il mazzo e poi si taglia in due. Si prendono ora contemporaneamente carte dalle 2 pile. PRIMO EFFETTO: la carta dello spettatore appare allo stesso tempo in cui giri la tua. SECONDO EFFETTO: Quindi si gira la prima carta di ogni mazzetto per produrre i quattro assi e, TERZO EFFETTO: infine, si termina la routine con una separazione dei colori devastante. Si utilizza...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Ulysses Frederick Grant
Segreti by Ulysses Frederick Grant

"Segreti" è senza dubbio una delle più interessanti opere di quel genio di U.F. Grant. Abbiamo così una stupenda ( è davvero il caso di dirlo) raccolta di circa 30 giochi ideati dallo stesso Grant e da alcune dalle menti più fertili della prestigiazione . Le routines sono tutte pratiche e di ottimo effetto. Alcune sono dei veri capolavori.

Molti effetti sono arricchiti da note esplicative e aggiunte del traduttore che rendono maggiormente pratici o fruibili questi giochi dall'artista moderno.

In questa stessa pagina trovate una breve descrizione degli effetti contenuti in questa...

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Harlan Tarbell
Corso Originale Tarbell Volume 2 by Harlan Tarbell

Non crediamo ci sia bisogno di lunghe presentazioni: finalmente disponibile in italiano anche il secondo volume del Corso Originale Tarbell . Tradotto con cura, completamente riformattato e indicizzato. 233 pagine con le lezioni da 11 a 20. Il Corso Original Tarbell, spazia organicamente e gradualmente dai giochi di carte ai giochi di corde, monete, sigarette, foulards, ditali etc. fino al mentalismo e alle grandi illusioni. Si può considerare uno dei più completi al mondo. Questo corso che ha formato generazioni e generazioni di prestigiatori. Tarbell non affronta solo il mero effetto e la...

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Harlan Tarbell
Corso Originale Tarbell Volume 1 by Harlan Tarbell

Non crediamo ci sia bisogno di lunghe presentazioni: finalmente disponibile in italiano il primo volume del Corso Original Tarbell con le prime dieci lezioni. Tradotto con cura, completamente riformattato e indicizzato. 218 pagine con le lezioni da 1 a 10. Il Corso Original Tarbell, spazia organicamente e gradualmente dai giochi di carte ai giochi di corde, monete, sigarette, foulards, ditali etc. fino al mentalismo e alle grandi illusioni. Si può considerare uno dei più completi al mondo. Questo corso che ha formato generazioni e generazioni di prestigiatori. Tarbell non affronta solo il...

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George Johnson
A Few Jardine Ellis' Secrets by George Johnson

From the Foreword:

The late Jardine Ellis was a master of what is known to Conjurers as "close quarter work." The majority of his effects were designed to puzzle the single onlooker, and in this particular class of Magical deception he was a past master.

  • Foreword
  • Thimble And Wine Glass
  • A Juggling Feat
  • The Rod And Ring
  • A Humorous Card Item
  • The Jardine Ellis Slate Mystery
  • An Experiment In Telepathy
  • Card Divination
  • The Holder Of The Egg
  • The Measured, Cut, And Restored String
  • Coin Levitation
  • The Magnetised Knife
  • The Floating Wand

1st edition 1925, 32 pages; 1st digital edition...

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