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Aldo Colombini
Oh No! E' Tornato! by Aldo Colombini

Eccoti delle piacevoli quanto interessanti note di conferenza di Aldo Colombini. Una bella selezione di effetti tra i suoi preferiti in cui sicuramente ne troverai da inserire nel tuo repertorio ! La ricetta è sempre la stessa : grande effetto e semplicità di esecuzione !!!

Eccoti un anteprima di quello che leggerai:

  • DOPPIO COLPO: Due carte scelte spariscono dal mazzo e appaiono in tasca. Poi l'intero mazzo questa volta sparisce e solo le due carte scelte rimangono in mano. Il mazzo appare nella tasca
  • PIRAMIDE: Una carta scelta è rivelata in una strana maniera alla base di una piramide...
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Unknown Mentalist
Deckology Volume 3: Comic Deck by Unknown Mentalist

This free ebook is my way of saying a big thank you for the tremendous response to my releases, six of which have already made their way onto the Lybrary Hotlist.

After releasing Deckology 1 - Mystic Deck and Deckology 2 - Biologic Deck, I have been receiving requests to release further volumes of Deckology Series. So here is Deckology 3 - Comic Deck for your reading pleasure.

The secrets within a deck of cards uncovered in the first and second volumes of Deckology were more serious, mystical and profound in nature. But in this third volume of Comic Deck, the 'secrets' uncovered are hilarious in nature and allow you to play up the humorous...

★★★ $0
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Michael Jay
Top Hat Volume 2 Issue 12 (Oct 2015) by Michael Jay
  • A Letter from The Editor by Michael Jay
  • Letters to The Editor
  • Houdini Among the Spirits by Barry Cooper
  • The Art of Reading Magic by Gary Scott
  • The Elegant Sorcerer by Joshua Shuh
  • Three (Self-Working) Card Tricks by Werner Miller
  • Thematization by Michael Jay
  • Fee Fi Fo Fum by Dave Wyton
  • Abracadabra; Hocus Pocus; Alakazam by Mark Williams
  • The Best Haunted House I Ever Visited by Tony Spallino
  • Halloween Kids' Show, Part 1 by Jon A. Hand
  • Halloween Kids' Show, Part 2 by Jon A. Hand
  • Zombie Card by Brian Tabor
  • The Magician by Michael Jay
  • Bizarre Bursary
  • Strange Coincidences by Tabitha Truhart
  • I'll...
★★★ $0
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Bruce Carlley
Introduction to Non-Transitive Gambling Bets for Magicians by Bruce Carlley

Bruce Carlley is going to show you a number of games that the magician or gambler plays against a spectator one on one. The spectator gets a free choice of the objects that are used in the gambling game. (Some games use cards, dice, pieces of paper, spinners, etc.) For example, say the spectator has a choice of four dice. Spectator picks one die and the magician picks one die. Each rolls their die, and the high number wins. Whoever wins a best of 12 game match wins the game. Unfortunately for the spectator, the magician will almost always win the match. The probability will ALWAYS be in the...

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Recil Bordner
Abbott Magic Catalog #17 1967 by Recil Bordner

Magic products are being offered in the following categories:

  • Accessories
  • Advertising
  • Ball Section
  • Bird Cages
  • Block Tricks
  • Books
  • Bottle Tricks
  • Candle Tricks
  • Cane Tricks
  • Card Magic
  • Change Bags
  • Cigarette Tricks
  • Close-Up, Pocket and Intimate Magic
  • Coin and Money Magic
  • Comedy Effects
  • Cups and Balls
  • Dice Magic
  • Egg Tricks
  • Escapes
  • Flower Magic
  • Glasses
  • Illusions
  • Kid-Show Magic
  • Light Bulbs
  • Linking Rings
  • Liquid Magic
  • Livestock Tricks
  • Mental Effects
  • Milk Tricks
  • Miscellaneous
  • Paper Magic
  • Production Magic
  • Rice Bowls
  • Rope Tricks
  • Silk Magic
  • Spook Material
  • Tables
  • Thimbles ...
★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
Con-spy-ring by Unknown Mentalist

If you already own In-spy-ring or purchase along with this, you will get this for half price.

Now this second edition includes some clever and innovative additional revelation ideas from Marc Paul. It already includes a brilliant additional revelation idea of Chris Wasshuber.

These are 3 unbelievably dramatic routines which are totally unfathomable by the spectators. Even if they search the internet, they will find the entire patter and facts given by you are absolutely true and genuine which makes these routines all the more baffling and memorable.

Self working and easy to do. No stooges, no pre-show and no sleights....

★★★★ $12
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Mike Kempner
Cemented Thought by Mike Kempner

Have you ever wanted to create the illusion of being able to cement a thought into the mind of your spectator 100% of the time even if she has the ability to freely choose ANY thought...yes, literally any thought? Welcome to Cemented Thought, an underutilized and somewhat lost principle that will enable you to do exactly this.


You tell your spectator that she is to think of any word only in her mind. She will not write this down, as it is completely mental...and there is no process at all. She simply thinks of any force at all. You tell her, "the thought is now cemented...

★★★★ $5
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Terri Rogers
The Master Key: book test by Terri Rogers

This is probably the finest book test using special books that has ever been released.

This is a remarkable set of three books which allow you to do four different book tests:

And if that is not enough The Master Key is so cleverly constructed that you can immediately repeat it for the same audience. It took Terri Rogers several years to create this book test.

The Master Key book test runs like this: A spectator has a completely free choice of any of the three different books. Then they can also...

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Jerry Andrus
Sleightly Miraculous by Jerry Andrus

A treatise on the Panoramic Shift.

The Panoramic Shift grew out of Jerry's Delayed Center Steal and Up The Sleeve described in Andrus Deals You In.

  • The Panoramic Shift
  • The Side Delivery Palm
  • The Side Delivery Turn-Over
  • Side Delivery Palm from the Top

1st edition 1961; 1st digital edition 2015, 12 pages.

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Unknown Mentalist
The Unknown Silence by Unknown Mentalist

A powerfully mysterious mentalism routine with a long lasting impact.

Now this second edition includes a clever additional idea by Mark Piazza.

You give a piece of paper with a mystic message to an utter stranger. Later, when she is alone in her candle-lit room at 10 pm, the actual magic happens in her own hands. Your accurate prediction of her date of birth, month of birth and her chosen symbol appears right in front of her eyes on the piece of paper.

The impact is so stunning that you are bound to get a call from the participant. Then you are either booked for a gig or she wants to meet you...

★★★ $12
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Julien Losa
Silly Surgery by Julien Losa

The mindreader invites four women to join him on stage. Together, they will create the man of their dreams, while picking up elements on Plastic Surgery Center's flyers... At the end, the mindreader shows in a funny way that he knew about the price they would come up with!

Yep, this routine is a "menu trick-like" with a good bunch of ideas, subtleties, and it is an entertaining moment in your show with a strong funny potential. It finishes on a "wow!", and yes, you will instantly love it and have your imagination working on other themes.

1st edition 2015, 10 pages.

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A. K. Dutt
Some Total 2.0: Simplified by A. K. Dutt

AK Dutt is a magician and mentalist with creations in both fields. He also works with existing effects and strives to customize and personalize them until, often, the variations make them appear new in his hands.

He has developed two easier methods to memorize the posting of numbers in the grids in his new version Some Total 2.0. This is further improvement of Some Total - Redefined. Therefore, all those who have bought the earlier version can download this ebook along with Templates in pdf format for free.

  1. No need to use the services of your assistant like in the original effect. Therefore,...
★★★★★ $10
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Scott Xavier
Almost Hyp by Scott Xavier

This ebook is a collection of 10 years of performing hypnosis in some of the worst bars and backyard parties through out the midwest. These are hypnosis seeming effects that you can do anywhere to create the illusion that you CAN control minds for real! These are the ideal pseudo hypnotic effects that can put almost any audience deeper into REAL hypnosis as well by allowing audiences to go deeper with these convincing effects. In fact no hypnosis is necessary to perform any of these magic and mentalism effects.

This is a collection of effects that will allow you to add 20-30 minutes of pseudo-hypnosis...

★★★★ $20
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Solyl Kundu
The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 4, Issue 6 (Jun - Aug 2015) by Solyl Kundu

Hi! Back again with another great issue of TGM - India's Pioneer and Premier Magic related e-zine. Well, the sixth - last issue of the volume Four with lots of goodies to cater the connoisseurs of conjuring - excellent effects from the minds and authentic articles from the pen of the artistes who understands their art. Just read the contents:

  • Editorial: 'Solyl Says' are simply chats. However, here he talks of Confidence (?!)
  • Articles:
    • Past Glory of India - Mrinaal Roy - the Yogi Jadugar by An Admirer....
★★★★★ $2
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B. W. McCarron
The Krahma System of Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by B. W. McCarron

Unlike most other fortune telling systems with playing cards, readings using this system are quick and snappy. The card layout is streamlined, yet the subject will be satisfied she received her money's worth since the outcome of the reading is dependent on her feelings and conscience. The reader will like it, too, since six to ten readings can be performed per hour. This system also provides an opportunity to recycle playing cards when they're no longer useful in the magic act. With the Krahma System, the more care-worn the deck, the better it will be accepted by the Subject as an instrument...

★★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Square Skills by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can get Square Thrills for a special price.

Many powerful secrets. Hidden deep inside a code grid. The code which is many centuries old. Finally revealed. For your performance pleasure.

You will learn 11 secret principles. Along with 18 amazing and baffling routines. Some interesting variations and many valuable tips. One M.A.D (Map of Active Destiny) Printable Prop.

After learning these secret principles and routines you will be able to create many more of your own routines. Easy self working mystic mentalism.

Once you learn these automatic secret principles, you can...

★★★★ $18
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Nique Tan
Epique by Nique Tan

Note: The intent of this ebook is to teach Nique's handling of using index cards to perform Mental Epic. You will require a verbal force of a playing card to perform the routine exactly as described in this ebook. This is not taught, but sources are cited. You can use any force as a substitute; if you already perform a version of Mental Epic, you can even use what you are currently presenting, but using this method as an alternative.

Epique is Nique Tan's take on the classic Mental Epic effect. This handling uses only three 4x6 index cards and a China marker, but it will play for a parlour...

★★★★ $15
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Scott Xavier
Frique Technique by Scott Xavier

Learn the skills of the side show performer...

Within this 40 plus minute video, you will learn the skills to make a living as a side show magician and freak show performer.

  • You'll learn the human block head routine, where you'll be able to hammer a nail into your head.
  • Learn to gaff glass to make glass walking infinitely safer.
  • Learn super human strength technique to tear an Apple into two pieces.
  • A complete expose on making side show fire torches in a pinch, a flame fuel that is a solid and non-petroleum based and infinitely safer, you'll also see how a real freak show artist performs...

MP4 (video)

Julia E. Garrett
Mediums Unmasked by Julia E. Garrett

This is the true story of a former Spiritualist Medium who decided to come clean and spill the real work. What is most interesting is that most of the demonstrations use chutzpah, not necessarily repurposed magic gimmicks, to make them work. While doing research, McCarron also found some very entertaining information from old news stories that he has sprinkled here and there, as well as a scathing editorial of Mrs. Garrett's book from a Spiritualistic newspaper.

Whether it's consumed for the story aspect, or for those who want to assemble their own séance routines, we believe this belongs...

★★★★★ $8
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Devin Knight
Unarmed by Devin Knight

Important: These are not plans for making this yourself. These are the directions that came with this illusion when it was on the market for $1950.00. This PDF is designed for collectors who may have the prop, but no directions, magic historians, and those simply curious as to how this trick was done. The trick still shows up on eBay, magic flea markets and auctions. If you need the directions, then here they are.

This was one of the best illusions ever released by Illusion Concepts. It was an improved version of cutting an arm in thirds, based on the original Okito Sawing A Woman Into Thirds....

★★★★★ $2
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Devin Knight
Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse by Devin Knight

Professor Backwards made a name for himself doing these feats on all the talk shows including Ed Sullivan in 50s to 70s. You can do many of the same things and learn how to do them in less than one day. This is due to the special techniques and easy to learn mnemonics I have developed. No more forced memory. The techniques in this PDF will teach you how to do these feats in less than one day. Looks difficult to do, but is easy if you use my secret techniques. This is NOT the old Russian warrior technique, but something much easier and faster to learn. Magicians have been doing these feats since...

★★★★ $5
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Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith
Flap Slate Wrinkles by Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith

Do you have a pair of old "flap slates" in your equipment? Well. It is time to dust off and use them! How? With the aid of a little manuscript by U.F. Grant and H. Adrian Smith. This wonderful little manuscript is full of original and practical ideas with slates that you can use immediately. It sounds strange, but you can perform the tricks detailed in the manuscript exactly as Grant and Smith explains even though the book was written in 1931! (This is magical itself... ).

From the preface:

"In launching our little manuscript upon the world of criticism, we have one aim alone - that of...

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Julien Losa
Silly Surgery (French) by Julien Losa

Effet : Le mentaliste invite quatre femmes à monter sur scène. Ensemble, elles vont créer l’homme de leurs rêves en choisissant des éléments sur des flyers d’un centre de chirurgie esthétique. A la fin, le mentaliste aura prévu le coût de l’homme de leurs rêves d’une manière rigolote !

Cette routine est une respiration très sympathique au milieu d’un set complet de close-up ou de scène. Il s’agit d’une routine à FORT potentiel divertissant, qui finit sur un WOW et sur un rire… C’est une routine ultra modulable, reposant sur un principe classique de la magie...

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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Strizzacervelli by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Sensazionale questo ebook che descrive 4 stupendi effetti di mentalismo del famoso U.F. Grant.


I trucchi sono davvero eccezionali e inusuali

  1. Indovinate l'orario fino al secondo, di tre orologi disposti da tre spettatori in tre scatole sigillate. Gli spettatori puntano gli orologi all'orario di loro scelta. Nessuna forzatura.
  2. Riuscite a indovinare dieci carte dopo che queste sono state liberamente scelte in un mazzo sigillato, mescolato, scelto tra dieci altri liberamente, dopo che sono state sigillate in una busta e inchiodate tra due tavolette di legno!!!
  3. Uno spettatore...
★★★★★ $4
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