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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 6 by Billy McComb

This is volume 6 of a seven-volume series. The full routine for the Nap Hand effect.

  • The Full Routine for the Nap Hand Effect
    • Side 1 [42:07 long]
      • History of the Nap Hand (Whist) effect [0:00]
        • What is Nap (and Whist)? [2:06]
      • Basis of the effect [2:46]
        • Do tricks the audience likes [6:24]
      • The blindfold [17:00]
      • The set-up [19:41]
      • The routine [20:23]
        • Getting volunteers on stage [21:13]
        • Following suit [35:51]
        • The run of the cards [39:19]
    • Side 2 [33:52 long]
      • The routine continued [0:00]
      • References...
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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 5 by Billy McComb

This is volume 5 of a seven-volume series. The full Ring On Stick routine.

  • The Full Ring on Stick Routine
    • Side 1 [44:01 long]
      • Himber Ring Routine [0:00]
      • Ring on Stick Routine [1:51]
        • About the recording [2:40]
        • Sound & lighting [6:38]
        • Practicing [9:25]
        • The stick [11:18]
      • Recording of performance – part 1 [13:10]
      • Ring on Stick Routine continued [14:48]
        • The jeweler’s loupe [14:48]
        • Rings & ring index [21:08]
      • Recording of performance – part 2 [27:06]
      • Ring on Stick Routine continued [28:08]
      • Recording of performance...
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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 4 by Billy McComb

This is volume 4 of a seven-volume series. Close Up Magic.

  • Close Up Magic & More
    • Side 1 [28:22 long]
      • Close Up Magic Conditions [0:00]
      • Cigarette Through Handkerchief [1:59]
      • Paper Napkin in Hand [7:53]
      • Silk Vanish in Hand [11:55]
      • Close Up Magic Conditions – again [15:57]
      • My Drink [17:25]
      • The Recurring Card [19:17]
      • Magic Auctions [20:41]
      • Punch & Judy Outfit [21:22]
      • Glove Monkey [22:27]
    • Side 2 [27:52 long]
      • Glove Monkey continued [0.00]
      • Selbit Sawing Through a Woman [1:21]
      • Crushing a Woman [5:48]
      • Compeering a show [7:23]
        • Thief Proof Case [9:32]
        • Flash...
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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 3 by Billy McComb

This is volume 3 of a seven-volume series. The Himber Ring Routine and Night Club Magic.

  • The Himber Ring Routine and Night Club Magic
    • Side 1 [36:53 long]
      • Night Club Magic – recording of a performance [0:00]
        • Half Dyed Silk [0:00]
        • Silk to Egg [4:09]
      • Cabaret Magic [8:46}
        • Heckler stoppers [11:46]
          • Coin in Bottle [18:32]
        • Gags and recording your act [23:02]
        • Opening Effects [24:18]
          • Six Card Repeat [25:06]
          • Golf Balls in the Handkerchief [27:37]
          • Torn and Restored Letter [27:47] ...
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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 2 by Billy McComb

This is volume 2 of a seven-volume series. Introduction continued, together with a great deal of information on working cruise ships.

  • Introduction Continued from tape 1
  • Together With a Great Deal of Information on Working Cruise Ships
    • Side 1 [29:50 long]
      • Teaching magic continued from tape 1[0:00]
        • What to wear [0:00]
        • Established acts [10:33]
        • What stagecraft you need for an act [17:05]
        • The business end [17:47]
        • Effects that suit the performer [21:54]
          • Two Linking Rings [24:29]
        • Knowing what pleases an audience [25:36] ...
★★★★ $8
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Billy McComb
The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 1 by Billy McComb

This is volume 1 of a seven-volume series. Get to know Billy. A general introduction to magic.

The Magic of Billy McComb Volume 1

  • A General Introduction to Magic
    • Side 1 [29:38 long]
      • Introduction [0:00]
      • Adding a trick to the act [1:30]
      • Writing patter & structuring a routine [3:34]
      • Selling yourself vs selling the tricks [6:15]
      • Picking effects that have problems & overcoming them [7:36]
        • Rice Bowls [8:39]
      • Bad experience with a rocket trick [16:00]
      • Heckler stoppers [20:16]
      • Arriving at an engagement [23:37]
      • Taking an ordinary trick and dressing it up...
★★★★ $8
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Jon Racherbaumer
Lipstick Traces by Jon Racherbaumer

Racherbaumer thinks that the greatest sleight of the 20th-century is the Double Lift Turnover. If we consider the scores of different ways to lift, turn, toss, propel, flip, rotate, and spin two cards as one—not to mention ways of getting ready, gripping, insuring alignment, and unloading, then this is certainly a pretty valid move to pick as the most important sleight. At the minimum Racherbaumer has me convinced.

In this ebook Jon collects ways to finesse the move and also traces its historical development. I am pretty sure you are using probably several times a double lift turnover somewhere...

★★★★★ $5
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Jon Racherbaumer
Dreamwork by Jon Racherbaumer

Several decades ago Bob Hummer invented a new principle which caused a short-lived stir among cardicians. The effect was called "The Mindreader's Dream". It sounds too good to be true: A spectator merely thinks of a card and performs a few, unseen dealing procedures with a deck of cards. The magician briefly scans the cards, consults a "dream book," and then names the mentally selected card.

Racherbaumer collects in this ebook several improvements and variations on this basic principle, including the original Hummer method. The contributors are an eclectic group of specialists including Justin Higham,...

★★★★ $5
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Jim Sisti
The Restaurant Magic Reader by Jim Sisti

Essays and thoughts on the performance of restaurant magic.

"This is real world experience from a top pro who has spent his professional life learning what works, what is important and, most importantly, what is universal." - Richard Osterlind (from the foreword)

The Restaurant Magic Reader collects the many articles and essays that Jim Sisti has written over the last 20 years on the subject of restaurant magic. Between these covers, you will find thoughts and ideas on such important topics as choosing material, selecting a performing character, getting and keeping a restaurant magic...

★★★★★ $15
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Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer
Back To The Future Classic by Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer

Edward Marlo and Jon Racherbaumer study three similar effects:

  • Everywhere and Nowhere
  • The General Card
  • The Universal Card

2nd edition 2002, 50 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Afterword
  2. A Future Classic
  3. Streamlined Classic
  4. Comedy Classic
  5. Quick Three-Way
  6. In Lieu of the Hindoo Shuffle
  7. Mini-Classic I
  8. Mini-Classic II
  9. A Sixy Effect
  10. Early Marlo: Everywhere and Nowhere
  11. No Deck: Everywhere and Nowhere
  12. Spade Book: Everywhere and Nowhere
  13. Marlo's Hofzinser
  14. Additional Climax
  15. Future Classic Double-Cross
  16. Four Eightses Classic
  17. 'Tis Rough On Hofzinser
★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Standing Room Only (download DVD) by Aldo Colombini

Magic for stand-up and walk-around performers with effects that do not require a table. Fifteen routines with cards, coins, rubber bands, sponge balls, rope, finger rings, bills, jumbo cards and even a carpenter’s ruler!

[Note that these routines are also taught in the ebook: Standing Room Only.


  • CHINESE PURSE: A Chinese coin appears on a rope between two knots.
  • INTERCHANGE: A stunning in-the-hand four-card transposition.
  • IMAGINARY JOURNEY: Four Kings assemble in one packet revealing, at the same time, two selected cards.
  • RING UP: A borrowed ring is knotted onto a rope. Magically, the ring becomes free, leaving the knot on the rope.
  • RING THRU:...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)
ESP Cards with Bicycle Back Marked by

You will receive four sets of 5 ESP cards (circle, cross, three wavy lines, square, star), a total of 20 cards. Two sets have a red Bicycle back and the other two sets have a blue Bicycle back. These cards were manufactured by USPCC on their standard air-cushion cardboard.

All cards are marked on the back in an easy-to-read way. A short glimpse is all you need to know which symbol it is. The Bicycle back design wonderfully camouflages the markings if you do not know where to look. These cards match regular Bicycle cards allowing combinations of effects with ESP symbols and standard card symbols. ...

★★★★★ $8.50
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Alain Nu
Animalogic by Alain Nu


A spectator is asked to think of an animal of virtually any kind. After concentrating on both its name and its image, the thought-of animal can be immediately revealed.

  • easy to do
  • no set-up
  • no difficult moves

What you get with the PDF only version

You receive an instructional PDF that explains the secret, performance, tips and the history of the concept. You will also receive the design files in SVG (vector graphic format) and PDF to print out the necessary cards yourself. Please note that you will not receive any cards in the mail. You will have to print and cut the...

★★★★ $5
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PDF & softcover

Aldo Colombini
Self-Working Packet Tricks by Aldo Colombini

Easy packet tricks performed with regular cards and with virtually no sleight-of-hand.

  • MERELY THOUGHT-OF CARD MIRACLE (Paul Gordon): A card is mixed in a packet of eight cards, yet you reveal it.
  • BUBBLE SORT (Werner Miller): Three face cards capture two selected cards.
  • WEDLUCK (Peter Duffie): Cupid (a Jack) couples the Queens and the Kings.
  • CHANGE IN MIND (Howard Adams): A great routine using cards torn in half and three coins.
  • CHILD’S PLAY (Karl Fulves): Two selected cards appear together while two packets are dealt at the same time.
  • COURTING (Aldo Colombini): Two strong climaxes using the face cards.
  • TRIPLE HUMDINGER (Peter Duffie): Three...
★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Scott Xavier
PK Sense by Scott Xavier

The ability to read a thought from the mind of a spectator is just the beginning. Imagine being able to transmit a thought from one spectator to another. Not only a thought, but also the thought of all five senses. Taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing can all be transmitted by the mentalist/magician using psychokinesis, hypnosis, or what ever presentation you see fit! This is a collaborative work from mentalist Scott Xavier and magician Mark Bond.

1st edition 2011; 17 pages

★★★★ $11.95
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George Schindler
Listen and Learn Ventriloquism by George Schindler

A 12 lesson course to introduce the beginner to the art of ventriloquism. George Schindler teaches all sounds to create the entire alphabet in 12 lessons. Listen to hear how the sounds are made. Includes a comedy script. Suitable for young people and adults.

In addition to the 12 lessons in MP3 format you also get a PDF where each lesson is described in words.

runtime: half hour

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(Benny) Ben Harris
PSI-Poker by (Benny) Ben Harris

PSI-POKER is the latest creation from Ben Harris (co-creator of 2010’s hit X-RAY).

This new effect is totally self-working, requiring no skill or gaffs. (Unless you are calling 'peeking the bottom card' a move.) The secret is ancient, but it’s never been used in this manner before. Magic’s leading historians and card experts have confirmed this claim. (To be precise, it is a new property of an old principle. Very clever indeed.)

So, what is PSI-POKER?

The effect is a multiple prediction of how a game of “Texas Hold ‘em” will play out from a shuffled deck. You hand a prediction...

★★★★ $20
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Tommaso Guglielmi
Dark Thief and Entanglement by Tommaso Guglielmi

Dark Thief

Two spectators think of a number between 1 and 10. With their numbers, a card is mentally selected. With the first spectator, the magician performs a mind reading effect guessing his thought of card. With the two spectators together, the magician introduces a deck of playing cards and explains that he wants to try an ACAAN effect. In order to do this, the magician asks the first spectator to think of his card and to the second one to create a random number between 1 and 52. (This number is created using the two spectator's numbers: The second spectator tells his number to the first...

★★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
Roped In by Aldo Colombini

Aldo's favorite 10 rope routines.

  • Rope Puzzle: Two different sized ropes become equal and then visibly change into one rope.
  • Missing Link: Two different colored ropes are linked and they unlink in the hand of a spectator.
  • Silk Sensation: You tie a silk around a rope and then it jumps free in the air!
  • Knotty Knot: A knot slides back and forth along a white rope and then changes color to red. The red knot slides along the rope and then, when untied, it is seen that it is part of the rope.
  • Rope In: A novel handling for the Professor’s Nightmare routine. Three different size ropes become...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Mark Lewis
Confessions of a Cold Reader by Mark Lewis

This recording includes a radio interview with Mark Lewis where he demonstrates his palm and cold-reading methods. After that Mark describes how he got into cold reading, the most important resources he used, and his opinions on various questions related to cold reading, such as giving advice, moral and ethical issues. Mark extensively credits and recommends Richard Webster's work.

runtime 1h 11min

★★★★★ $12
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Ted Annemann
Annemann's $50 Manuscript: Exclusive Secrets of Annemann's Conception by Ted Annemann

[Note: In Jinx #103, page 624, fourth paragraph, Annemann states that he never published this manuscript. He calls it a fakeroo.

Annemann’s Stop Trick
Performer removes pack from case and shuffles cards. The spectator is asked to cut the pack in half and keep either part. A card is chosen from one of the piles, and the spectator replaces it in the same pile. The performer deals from the other pile, asking the spectator to stop the deal whenever he chooses and to turn over the card at which he stops the performer. Assuming the stop card is a six, the cards immediately before and after the six are shown...

★★★★★ $5
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Doug Canning
Canning's Card Capers by Doug Canning

Twelve wonderful card routines and one non-card memory feat bonus effect: Mental Shopper.

Almost all the sleights employed herein are basic, therefore easy to do. The exception is the Faro shuffle, which is used in two effects. There is little mention of patter included, as the effects do not require set patter. It is left to the reader to use patter that fits his particular personality.

Some of these effects have previously appeared in Apocalypse, The Linking Ring, and The Minotaur. The balance are appearing here for the first time. Doug's two personal favorites are: Midnight Speller, and The Cardician...

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Aldo Colombini
Rope Confection by Aldo Colombini

After Aldo's success with his first DVD on rope, Roped In, by popular demand here’s another DVD with ten new rope routines. All of them use regular rope (no gimmicks, no magnets, etc).

  • CUTTING A ROPE IN THREE (Marconick): A piece of rope is cut into three pieces and it is immediately restored. Clever method.
  • RING FROM ROPE (Allan Lambie): You tie a ring in the middle of a rope. You pull on the ring and it becomes free but it leaves the knot on the rope.
  • THE COMPUTERISED ROPES (Ronald Dayton): The routine is a rope presentation of the famous three and a half gag with cards. The effect...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Packet Trick Treasures by Aldo Colombini

Here's another collection of packet tricks. Using only a few cards you can perform very strong, baffling, visual magic. The main feature is: TOTALLY IMPROMPTU EFFECTS AND NO SET-UPS!


  • COURTSHIP (Nick Trost): You show two separate packets of cards, four Queens and four Kings. Magically they assemble by colors and suits!
  • NINE FOREVER (Aldo Colombini): A two-phase routine using just eight cards including a card revelation and a prediction!
  • GORDON'S ACES (Paul Gordon): Eight cards are removed and you try to find a card of each suit. You do, but at the same time, you also find the four Aces!
  • DECA...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

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