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Robert Harbin
Robert Harbin Interview by Robert Harbin

Martin Breese interviewed Robert Harbin on March 26th, 1977, not even one year before Harbin's untimely death. The interview took place at Harbin's home in London, England.

Spend 90 minutes listening to Robert Harbin - one of the world's most creative illusionists and inventors. Here is the full life story of the man who invented Zig Zag and a number of other illusions that will be performed by magicians over the years to come. Since making the recording Robert Harbin became ill and died. The words spoken on this tape were used as the basis for The Robert Harbin Book published by Martin Breese....

★★★ $14
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John Scarne
Scarne on Card Tricks by John Scarne

Scarne describes 155 easy to do tricks with cards. No sleight of hand skill whatsoever is required in these tricks. But don't assume that this makes them weak effects.

For this book Scarne obtained from Dunninger, Cardini, Dai Vernon, Francis Carlyle, Cliff Green, Russel Swan, Nate Leipzig, Thurston, Houdini and other famous magicians and card experts the secrets of some of their most notable tricks and effects. Together with these he has included many entirely new creations of his own. The demonstrations and explanations of the tricks are accompanied by illustrations. In addition, Scarne has included full instructions on...

★★★★ $8
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Lorin Wiener
Mental Miracle by Lorin Wiener

Read minds in just minutes. Know the image someone has drawn on screen and is merely thinking of using your Palm Pilot™. The spectator draws any number, image, or symbol on the Palm Pilot™ and then visualizes it in their mind. The magician then reads the spectators mind as he sketches the image they are thinking of right in front of their eyes!

The results are different every time, it's immediately repeatable, and it's easy to do! Spectator can examine everything without being able to figure out how it's done.

Effect: The spectator is shown a drawing program on the Palm. You draw a...

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Lorin Wiener
Topsy Turvy by Lorin Wiener

This is a very clever card trick for PalmOS devices (PDAs, cell phones), so good that it can be performed several times with little worry that the secret will be revealed.

Read minds and know the spectator chosen card without you seeing, touching, or hearing your Palm Pilot™! You can even do it over the phone!

The trick uses no sequences, no calculations, no audio cues, no timed events, no secret buttons or patterns, no beaming, no stooges, no guessing, and it is immediately repeatable. No Reset!

Let them try it over and over. The results are different every time! The spectator can...

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Lorin Wiener
Spirit Writer by Lorin Wiener

This is one of the strongest magic tricks you can do with a Palm Pilot or other PalmOS devices (cellphones, PDAs). It is basically a nail writer without the difficulties of learning to use a nail writer.

Effect: The spectator is shown a drawing program on the Palm. You draw a tree or some other doodle to demonstrate it and then erase the picture which you drew...

Explain that you are going to make a prediction about an event that is going to take place in the future and that this event will involve a unique three-digit number, which may or may not have significance in the spectators' life. ...

★★★★★ $19.95
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Lorin Wiener
How to Bend Keys with your Mind by Lorin Wiener

This ebook teaches you a key bending method that uses no chemicals, heat, key switching, gadgets, or other devices. Just 3 ordinary borrowed keys and a little bit of mind power.

Very well illustrated with 14 photos and clearly described.

Presentation: Ask the audience if someone has a key you can use which they will no longer need. If they do not have a key they want to part with, you can provide the key. Start off with three keys. Have the first key inspected by an audience member and ask them to verify that it is a real key with no marks or bends in it. Retrieve that key and hand out...

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Bob Cassidy
The Pendulum of Fate by Bob Cassidy

Everything you need to know about pendulums:

  • The Principle of Ideomotor Movement
  • Dowsing with Pendulums
  • Using the Pendulum in Mentalism
  • The Horizontal Pendulum
  • Mikame Blue
  • Flipchips
  • A Rat in the Desert
1st edition 2004, 20 pages

[For beautiful pendulums and other resources for the mentalist visit Magic Pendulums.]

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Laboratory Conditions by Bob Cassidy

History - "Laboratory Conditions" - Bob's first commercial effect - was originally released in 1976 by Frank Pazel. Supplied with the effect were two pieces of plexiglas, rubber bands, some aluminum foil and a specially gimmicked pen. Except for the foil, none of the other items were necessary to accomplish the effect, but Frank felt that the effect wouldn't sell unless it came with props.

The late Ed Mishell gave the effect a very favorable review in Genii magazine - but, then again, Ed gave favorable reviews to just about everything. That, together with the fact that nobody in the magic world...

★★★★★ $15
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Bob Cassidy
The Hidden Mysteries of Doctor Crow by Bob Cassidy

You will learn five things:

  • The Circle of Synchronicity
  • The Vision
  • The Third Method
  • Doctor Crow’s Deck Switch
  • Doctor Crow’s Complete Reading System
1st edition 2004; 27 pages
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Martin Gardner
After the Dessert by Martin Gardner

You will find tricks with bills, cigarettes, coins, matches, silverware, napkins and salt shakers, all things which are readily available at any restaurant or dinner table.

This ebook was written for the performer, professional or amateur, who is seeking good, well-tested effects which do not require elaborate practice, preparation, or skill.

Martin has chosen only tricks which make use of objects found at any dinner table. All are performed while seated, with spectators on both right and left. A few of the effects are original, but most of them have been picked up from friends who picked...

★★★★★ $7
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Martin Gardner
Match IC by Martin Gardner

A collection of impromptu tricks and stunts involving matches. To save space and to avoid trivial details, the descriptions have been made as brief as possible and all finer points of presentation and patter have been left to the ingenuity of the reader.

The main categories are wooden matches, paper matches, tricks & jokes & catches, and puzzles.

    1. Magnetized Matches
    2. Escapo
    3. Striking En Passant
    4. Match Box Monte
    5. Match And Handkerchief
    6. Another Method
    7. Still Another Method
    8. And Still Another
    9. Electric Match
    10. Invisible Hair
    11. Blowing Through The Sleeves
    12. Vanishing Penny ...
★★★★★ $5
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Bob Gill
Magic As A Performing Art by Bob Gill

Bob Gill has succeeded in producing a practical guide to the literature of magic for performers, students and librarians. This was, and still is, the only bibliography of performing magic in the English language to contain fully annotated entries evaluating the literature. It includes many rare and difficult to find publications, excluding material only of doubtful merit. It lists and describes over 1000 books and pamphlets on conjuring published up to 1975. Each book listed contains a description of contents and an assessment of value to performers, as well as bibliographical details.


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Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle
Do That Again! by Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle

Includes four sections, one on mental magic, card magic, silk magic and rope and lace magic respectively. All effects are easy to perform and do not require any exotic requisites.

    1. Wrong Number
    2. A Prediction to End Predictions
    3. The Payoff Prediction
    4. . . . Things to Come
    5. The "Direct" Divination
    6. The Phantom President
    7. Picture Projection
    8. Transposed Minds
    9. Comedy Color-Changing Slate
    10. Two Routines
    1. Thought on the Line
    2. "Picture This"
    3. Name Your Favorite
    4. Remote Re verso
    5. Synchronism
    6. Dual Impulsion
    7. Duo Prediction
    8. The Triple Enigma
    9. Nu-Locato
    10. Simplex...
★★★★★ $3.60
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Bob Cassidy
The Psychic Tarot by Bob Cassidy

In Appendix One of The Real Work of Cold Reading Bob included a cursory overview of a numerological system that could also be applied to the tarot or to regular playing cards. In The Psychic Tarot he has expanded on that and provided a detailed system of interpretation that will be accepted by those who have a general familiarity with the cards. As suggested in The Real Work of Cold Reading, the interpretations of the individual cards are derived - with the exception of the Major Arcana - by combining the general meanings assigned to the cards' suits with the numerological meanings assigned to their values. This is not only simpler and more practical...

★★★★★ $25
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R. Shane
The Classic Cider Swindle by R. Shane

From the preface of the ebook:

So there we were, we being the usual collection of magical maffickers, that is to say Robert Neale, Larry White, Ed Solomon, Ron Dayton and your humble narrator, in one of our usual email exchanges but which was quite unusual.

You see, Larry had just sent a video of a really neat card rise to all of us. It looked great and we were all commenting about it and speculating on it. This was most unusual since Larry hates card tricks the way most of us hate mustard on chocolate ice cream with pickle topping. Actually, he hates cards tricks more than that and would probably...

★★★★★ $6
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Chuck Romano
House of Cards by Chuck Romano

This is a unique and beautiful ebook that chronicles the fascinating life of Paul Rosini and explains much of the exceptional magic he performed during his career.

Illustrated with rare photographs and beautiful illustrations, this entertaining book relates Rosini's rise to fame in American nightclubs in the 1930's until his untimely death in 1948. Rosini was a master magician and had no equal. His brilliant magic coupled with his sparkling sense of humor, and compelling personality, made him one of conjuring's highest paid entertainers!

In addition to Rosini's life story, detailed explanations...

★★★★★ $19
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Rufus Steele
Paul Rosini's Magical Gems by Rufus Steele

After Rosini's death, Frederick Braue wrote in the February, 1949 issue of Hugard's Magic Monthly, "What a book Rosini could have written - and now his knowledge of audiences is lost. Others, take note." Unfortunately, Rosini never did get the chance to write a book detailing his own methods. He planned on writing one, but his dream was never realized during his lifetime.

In 1947 Paul approached his longtime friend and fellow magician Rufus Steele to aid him in writing a book of his tricks. Steele was a mysterious character whose background was questionable to say the least. An electrical engineer by trade, Rufus was also a gambler and...

★★★★ $7
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Visions 2005 by various

This is the complete archive of Visions, The Online Journal of the Art of Magic, for the year 2005. Everything is searchable. Visions is currently the top online magic magazine. Convince yourself and check out the current issue. You will find great articles, product reviews, biographies of legends, reader submissions, and a whole lot more.

Get the other years as well: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

329 pages

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Tony Chapparo
Unmarked by Tony Chapparo

Would you like the ability to go through a deck of cards, any deck of cards, and know the suit and value of each card just by dealing them without seeing the face? Such ability allows you to perform all kind of miracles.

Tony Chapparo describes how to build a gimmick which allows you to do that. This type of gimmick is not new but the particular construction and use is unique and very practical.

1st edition 2007; 6 pages

★★★★ $5
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Simon J. Lea
Totem Tear by Simon J. Lea

The Totem Tear is a billet technique with a difference. This ebook comes with 10 strong effects. The first chapter deals with the billet technique with 17 large photographs detailing every move step-by-step. The Totem Tear captures an incredible amount of information, quickly and easily.

  • No torn center
  • No switches
  • No peeks
  • Spectator destroys the billet
  • Natural reason for writing down information
  • Easy to learn & Easy to perform
  • All natural moves
The classic center-tear move is well-known throughout the mentalist world. And surprisingly well-known in the non-mentalism world as well....
★★★★★ $35
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Bob Cassidy
The Moldavian Switch by Bob Cassidy

Secrets of the billet king as told to the author.

Most modern mentalists were first introduced to billet technique in the pages of Theodore Annemann's Practical Mental Effects, which describes a single-handed switch, a two-handed version, and variations with a thumb tip. The techniques are very effective, but require a good deal of practice and careful handling to perform undetectably.

The Moldavian Switch is a technique that effectively removes the "difficulty factor" from billet work. With its several variations it can be used to present any of the many billet routines and effects published during the last hundred years. You...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Universe by Bob Cassidy

The Universe focuses upon one primary method, indexing, and several of its applications. While the effects all appear to be different from an audience’s perspective, they are, in fact, all variations upon the same methodological theme.

1st edition 2005; 27 pages

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Boris Wild
Card Remix by Boris Wild

These are the lecture notes to Boris' new lecture which hold more than 90 photos for 15 techniques, routines and points of theory.


  • Kill Count
  • Gravity Shuffle
  • Revelation Pass
  • Blind Discovery
  • Double Personality 2
  • Mindbuster Video
  • Signed Assembly
  • Miracolor
How to increase the impact of your performances?
  • You are Magician
  • The "Ideal Effect" Theory
  • The Audience Interest
  • Method to Build an Original Act
The 50 reasons which let you know you are a magician.

1st edition 2006; 46 pages

★★★★★ $15
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Henry Hay
The Amateur Magician's Handbook by Henry Hay

For more than a generation The Amateur Magician's Handbook has been the acknowledged classic text for conjurers, both beginners and advanced. Even David Copperfield recommended it during one of his TV specials. Literally thousands of magicians found their love for magic through this book. Several of these magicians are today recognized performers. This fourth edition, expanded as well as thoroughly revised, and introduced by Milbourne Christopher, includes a section where the Amazing Randi contributes his experience using video for self-coaching.

This new edition teaches, briskly yet carefully,...

★★★★★ $25
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