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Bob Cassidy
The Art of Mentalism 3 by Bob Cassidy

Twenty years have passed since Bob wrote The Art of Mentalism. He was thirty-four years old at the time. While he is pleased that the book has been well received over the years, much of what he wrote no longer accurately reflects his approach to the art.

In The Art of Mentalism 2 (1995), he focused primarily on the presentation of a complete mental act. In the present volume, Bob gives you effects and essays that focus on the theoretical basis of successful mentalism.

1st edition 2003; 25 pages

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Black Book of Mentalism by Bob Cassidy

Joseph Dunninger has often been credited with saying. "Every time you add a prop to your act your price goes down." His reasoning should be obvious - every additional prop takes the illusion one step away from what "real mind reading" would look like. And, as Bob has noted many times in his previous ebooks, every additional type of mentalism you demonstrate (apparent telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, etc.) also detracts from the overall illusion.

Recently a "mentalist" challenged Bob on this point: "How entertaining is it to demonstrate the same ability over and over again? It is much...

★★★★ $25
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Jim Coles
Morph by Jim Coles

Change a lighter into a box of matches; transform a silver dollar into a watch. Here’s a collection of eight dazzling close up transformations sure to elicit appreciative gasps from any audience. And the best part? They’re all relatively easy to do. Add some visual zip to your next performance and really make them sit up and take notice.

Hot Sqeeze - Your lighter doesn’t work but your solution is simple: Change the lighter into a full box of real matches.

Silver Press - Show a ball of metal, mash it between your hands, and it becomes a silver dollar. A hyper visual feat that’s...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Bob Cassidy
Working It by Bob Cassidy

The companion volume to Staging It, this exclusive ebook for mentalists is devoted to audience handling. Bob has probably worked for the most difficult audiences in the world and this ebook reveals the techniques he has used that have enabled him to be successful in virtually any conceivable venue.

This, Bob believes, is among the ebooks he has written that he considers most important for those looking to succeed in the world of professional psychic entertainment.

1st edition 2004; 25 pages

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Triple Edge by Bob Cassidy

The Corvus Manifesto - a thought provoking essay by Bob.

The Photon Phenomenon - A low cost way to achieve an impressive visual effect. This is typical Cassidy brilliance. Imagine. You are on stage and have just asked the audience to concentrate on their thoughts. The houselights dim and, suddenly, your face is illuminated in an eerie glow. No doubt it is effective showmanship, but you would normally assume that a special lighting effect like this requires, well, special lighting. It doesn’t.

Dark Impressions - Those of you who are familiar with Bob's previous writings are well acquainted...

★★★★★ $25
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Dave Forrest
Fandango Part 1 by Dave Forrest

Part 1 in a series of releases containing all new material designed with the intent of providing real world close up magicians with fresh, practical material.

Six brand new, never before published effects fresh from the mind of Dave Forrest. The material contained within has been carefully selected to be both entertaining and practical. This is not a 'read it once' release. It is filled with effects that you will actually use in the real world for real people. Fandango Part 1 - all killer, no filler!


  • Missing the Aces - An attempt to cut directly to a selected card goes awry...
★★★★★ $3.22
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Dave Forrest
Autobahn by Dave Forrest

An ACAN (Any Card at Any Number) effect specifically designed for the close-up artist.

"An excellent solution to the ACAN plot. It's good to see a method that gets away from memorisation and estimation." - Peter Duffie

What if you could perform the classic ACAN effect while you were strolling or hopping tables and succeed every single time without fail? What if the method was simple, surefire and took up no more pocket space than a single deck of cards? What if this powerhouse effect could be performed with no memory work, no maths and no sleight of hand? What if the spectator could genuinely name...
★★★★ $12.87
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J. G. Thompson Jr. & Ned Rutledge
Between Two Minds by J. G. Thompson Jr. & Ned Rutledge

Thompson and Rutledge are two extraordinary creative mentalists who have created entertaining and incredibly deceptive mental routines. Thompson writes in the preface: "I've enjoyed the joint effort. It tended to point up a number of basic truths that I hadn't thought about for a long time...such as how different two people can be, and how much better an effect can be made if two minds work on it."


  • - Basic Glide Force
  • - Squaring With The Left Hand ...
★★★★ $15
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Rufus Steele
Card Tricks That Are Easy To Learn Easy To Do by Rufus Steele

This is another fantastic compilation of card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand. Rufus Steele writes "The simplicity of a card trick adds much to its mystery!" - I couldn't agree more. In total there are 51 tricks explained.

  • 1 - Riffle Trick
  • 2 - Frank Lane's Three Pellet Card Trick
  • 3 - Appleton's Fooler
  • 4 - Hull's "Joker" Spelling Trick
  • 5 - Pearce's Triple Card Mystery
  • 6 - The Master Card Location
  • 7 - The Lady and Man Card Prediction
  • 8 - Simple Addition
  • 9 - A Brain Teaser
  • 10 - Mephisto's Message
  • 11 - Improved Guesser
  • 12 - Sequel
  • 13 - A Prediction Effect ...
★★★★ $7
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David Bui
V.I.P. Very Impossible Possibility by David Bui

Another approach to the “Any Card At Any Number” effect.

Effect: Spectator one thinks of a card but he does not say it out loud. Spectator two thinks of a number and then deals to a card at that number. The card which she finds is Spectator one's selection.

[Note: Uses dual reality, and to prepare for this effect you will require a blank deck of cards.]

1st edition 2007; 10 pages.

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Rufus Steele
50 Tricks You Can Do You Will Do Easy To Do by Rufus Steele

This ebook is a compilation of three booklets Rufus Steele released:

  • Card Tricks You Will Do
  • Card Tricks You Can Do
  • Card Tricks Easy to Do
It is a collection of card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand, or what is often called self-working card tricks. (Check out the other Rufus Steele ebooks for a lot more self-working tricks.)

You will encounter contributions from people like Bert Allerton, Arthur Buckley, Paul Rosini, Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Dorny, Harry Blackstone and many more.

  • Introduction
  • Community Do As I Do
  • A "Chic" Trick
  • Colors Will Tell
  • Mix - Cut And Look
  • Location From New Deck
  • Your Number - Your Card
  • This Is Your Card
  • Money...
★★★★★ $7
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Rufus Steele
52 Amazing Card Tricks by Rufus Steele

This ebook is a compilation of self-working card tricks with contributions by legends like Paul Rosini, Eddie Joseph, Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner, Ken Krenzel, Al Baker, Carmen Da Mico, H. Adrian Smith, Sid Lorraine, John Scarne, Dai Vernon, Audley Walsh and of course Rufus Steele.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Psychic Spell
  • "Let's See What You've Done"
  • Mystic Fifteen
  • Hiding The Principle
  • Double Thought
  • Five Nine King
  • A Bridge Trick
  • Under The Table Coincidence
  • Mental Discernment Improved
  • The Reluctant Card
  • Betting On A Sure Thing
  • The Ten Of Diamonds
  • Trick Of The Year
  • Double Deuce
  • A Set Of Surprises
  • Rapid Revelation
  • Two Souls With But A Single Thought
  • The Missing Card
  • A Beginner's...
★★★★ $7
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Rufus Steele
The Last Word on Cards by Rufus Steele

This is certainly not 'the last word on cards'. There never will be a last word on cards. But it is a delightful collection of self-working card effects. Some of the brightest minds contributed: Ed Marlo, Eddie Joseph, Al Leech, Bill Simon, Eddie Fields, Oscar Weigle, Audley Walsh and of course Rufus Steele himself.

You will find the original "Sam and Moe" card story on which Bill Malone's "Sam the Bellhop" is based. I also found a very interesting magic card square routine that I was not aware of.

For anyone who likes clever card tricks which are based on subtleties, math and other clever ruses, this is a must read.

  • Introduction ...
★★★★ $7
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Bob Cassidy
Side Effects by Bob Cassidy

One of the inherent difficulties in presenting effective mentalism is that it generally lacks the element of surprise. The performer states that he will read a thought and proceeds to do so. He says he will predict tomorrow’s headlines and he does. Many would-be mentalists infallibly demonstrate so many different alleged mental powers that the element of believability is lacking as well.

By applying the "Side Effects" principle, the element of surprise is returned to the art and variety is introduced into a performance without sacrificing believability. Bob's good friend Ross Johnson, one...

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Scott F. Guinn
Belgian Blockbusters by Scott F. Guinn

This is an ebook about the magic of Peter Vanspauwen. Peter's name is not well-known in the magic community--yet! This ebook has some great stuff that will get your juices flowing, and like all of Scott's ebooks, is absolutely loaded with photo illustrations. 4 card routines, 3 coin routines, a wonderful rope routine, and two more routines for parlor or platform. 226 photos. Level: Intermediate

1st edition 2003; 100 pages.

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Aaron Chee
Base Planning by Aaron Chee

If you are looking for a detailed and informative plan to fabricate a deceptive base then Base Planning is the right ebook for you. On 25 pages with over 70 detailed diagrams and photos Aaron Chee describes everything clearly. Base Planning is suitable for beginner builders or professional builders. Even if you are not a builder Base Planning will guide you from scratch to the end product. The ebook covers: safety issues, positions and conditions, design and measurement, type of base, construction and finishes.

"The base planning ebook by Aaron Chee is one of the finest ebooks on illusion...

★★★★ $15
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Ricky Kinosa
The Circle Fan by Ricky Kinosa

Most every card man can do a pressure fan and many can do one-handed fans but can you do a circular fan, one that goes around 360 degrees and closes on itself? There are a few methods in circulation. Ricky explains the one developed by Toyozane Sanada. Sanada is a very creative Japanese magician who invented among other things the Sanada gimmick which is very effective for sponge ball work. However, there is no good explanation of how to do the Sanada fan in print. You can find it demonstrated on a number of videos but there is no good explanation that teaches the technique at least not in English. ...

★★★★★ $10
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Peter Duffie
Miraculous Minds by Peter Duffie

Scotland goes mental! (If you want the English version of this theme see Mind Blasters.)

Roy Walton
Guardian Ghost: A dead Pharaoh summons a frightening object to deter tomb raiders from robbing his tomb. In this case it is a ghost; the ghost of the Pharaoh himself!

George McBride
Streamlined Who Knows the Card: A card mentally chosen by one spectator is found by another spectator. Clever stuff!
Mirakill: Predict the colors of cards that have been freely mixed by a spectator.

Jim Cuthbert
Have a Drink on Me: A multiple prediction of hotels and drinks freely chosen by members of your audience.
Book Test: Jim's rendition...

★★★★★ $19.95
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Stan Kramien
The Illusion Show Business by Stan Kramien

Stan Kramien has toured one of the countries largest and most successful Illusion Shows for many years. Magicapades, Magicazam, the Mad World of Magic, and now Shazam! After playing thousands of dates he has written a primer of success in the Illusion Show Business.

Stan's ebook takes you through his life story where he sets the stage for his life as an illusionist. For the first time anywhere Stan divulges patter for many of the illusions.

Kramien's patter for the levitation alone is worth more than the cost of the ebook.

He tells you how to start and routine a full evening show....

★★★★ $37.50
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John Scarne
The Amazing World of John Scarne by John Scarne

The Amazing World of John Scarne holds revelations and experiences in gambling, magic, carnival and show business; together with startling disclosures about hypnotism, extra-sensory perception and other mental effects.

The once world's number one expert on gambling tells in this no-punches-pulled, startlingly frank book the whole inside story of gambling, and reveals all the dodges, gimmicks and tricks used by cheaters at dice, cards, roulette and other games of chance. His sensational revelations extend also to magic and escape tricks, to the chicaneries of carnivals and even to the blasting...

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Bob Cassidy
Staging It by Bob Cassidy

There is no argument about the dilemma faced by many newcomers to mentalism. Are mental effects best presented as natural phenomena of the mind, or as examples of rare paranormal or supernatural abilities?

Most of today's mentalists use the "mental skill" as opposed to the "psychic gift" approach, but only rarely are they particularly consistent about it. Even Joseph Dunninger, the pre-eminent mentalist of the twentieth century, sometimes made conflicting claims. While he stated that his thought reading skills were "scientific" and not those of a fortune-teller or psychic, his promotional materials often...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Swami Tech by Bob Cassidy

The "Swami Gimmick", aka "Nail Writer", "Thumb Writer", "Ghost Writer", "Medium's Secret Device", et al, has often been referred to as one of the most useful secret devices in mentalism. And it is - provided, of course, that no one knows the mentalist is using one.

While the existence of the Swami may be widely known, very few performers actually use one on a regular basis and even fewer have truly mastered the device. Used properly, even those who have heard of a nail writer (or "that little piece of lead under the thumbnail"), will have no idea that the mentalist is using one.

In Swami...

★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Psychic Secrets by Bob Cassidy

You will learn the following effects:

  • The Zener Effect
  • The Black Book of Light & Dr. Crow’s Post Box Prediction
  • The Medium’s “Office Switch”
  • The Juice
  • Dr. Crow’s Billet Routine
1st edition 2002; 34 pages.
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Bob Cassidy
The Hanussen Proof by Bob Cassidy

The premise of Hanussen's Proof, and Bob's search for an effective method, were inspired by an event that took place in the spring of 1930. The mentalist/psychic Erik Jan Hanussen was indicted and tried on charges of criminal fraud arising from a public demonstration of alleged "clairvoyance". As the trial neared its conclusion and the evidence against Hanussen grew, he concluded that his only chance of acquittal would be to demonstrate his ability to the court. His offer of proof was accepted, and, under the watchful eyes of the judge and prosecutor, the demonstration proceeded.

Hanussen asked his inquisitors...

★★★★ $25
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