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Ian Baxter
Ten-Four by Ian Baxter

Australian card man Ian Baxter has nailed it once again! Here is a straightforward, anytime, anywhere mystery that will leave audiences scratching their heads.

No fakes, gaffs or stranger cards are employed. An ordinary deck, borrowed or supplied by you, is the sole requirement. Ten-Four, a radio call sign, means "everything is okay" but in this case, it also spells out what is involved. The four tens end up cavorting from the deck to the table and back again, with a jaw-dropping finish. And there is room for a spot of humour as well.

Acknowledgment must be made to Tom Ogden of Hollywood, California,...

★★★★★ $4
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Biagio Fasano
Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #5 by Biagio Fasano

This fifth part of my card project (each volume is, in any case, totally independent of the others) includes 3 new original A.C.A.A.N. effects requiring no sleight of hands:

  • Multiverse ACAAN (Parallel Universes in a deck of cards!)
  • Royal AKAAN (the King of "Card at Number"!)
  • IMPROMPTU Lucky ACAAN (Card at Lucky Number, with a borrowed and shuffled deck!)

It's a new series of hands-off self-working card magic effects, that will all happen in your viewer's hands. No particular skill is required, just the ability to instruct and pay attention to what the viewer is doing... In this third...

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Biagio Fasano
Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #5 (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Questa quinta parte del mio ultimo progetto cartomagico (ogni volume é, in ogni caso, totalmente indipendente dagli altri) include 3 nuovi effetti A.C.A.A.N. originali che non richiedono alcuna manipolazione:

  • Multiverse ACAAN (Universi Paralleli in un mazzo di carte!)
  • Royal AKAAN (il Re delle Carte al Numero!)
  • IMPROMPTU Lucky ACAAN (Carta al Numero Fortunato, con mazzo preso a prestito e mescolato dallo spettatore!)
Si tratta di una nuova serie di effetti di Cartomagia Automatica che avverranno nelle mani dello spettatore! Non è richiesta alcuna abilità particolare, solo la capacità...
★★★★★ $15
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Ken Muller
Witness Projection Program by Ken Muller

A collection of mentalism-type demonstrations based on the framing of the treatment of witnesses in a courtroom setting, and the premises of influence, empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Any similarity to actual practices and techniques of practicing attorneys at law or assistants is coincidental and grounded in mirth. These effects and scripts are for the legal system of the USA and may need modifications for congruency (or sanity) for the systems of other nations.

Truth Test

A defense attorney sometimes has too many witnesses willing to testify. Their eagerness to help often clouds...

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Recil Bordner
Abbott Magic Catalog #15 by Recil Bordner

This catalog #15 was the first catalog issued after Percy Abbott's death. The exact date is not clear but most likely it appeared in 1962.

~1962, 488 pages.

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Edward Bagshawe
Novel Mysteries Part 4: Original Spiritualistic Effects by Edward Bagshawe
  • The Double-Message Slate
  • "The Egyptian Gong"
  • A Novel Message Switch
  • "The Invisible Artist"
  • Roping The Ring
  • "The Emerald From Luxor"
  • A New "Living And Dead" Test
  • The Mystery Screen

1st edition 1928; PDF 22 pages.

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Jeff Stone
Two Birds One Stone by Jeff Stone

Bird One - Kingside Castling

Simply put, a spectator's signed king from a packet of four kings vanishes from underneath her hand. As a kicker, the other 3 kings in the packet become blank even though she just saw all four of the kings. There are no switches.

Bird Two - Brainwave: Card 8

This is a variation of Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave that does the effect in reverse.

From a packet of 8 cards with 8 different colored backs, the spectator freely (no force) chooses one of them without knowing the values of any of the cards. Yet, the one she freely chose is found to be the only...

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Unknown Mentalist
Trinity Force by Unknown Mentalist

A mathematical range force with routine and application ideas.

The Trinity Force is an easy yet powerful force but very little known in the field of magic or mentalism. As with any force, here too the applications of the force are limited only by your imagination. A few interesting routine ideas are shared here. But you can surely come up with many of your own routines using this beautiful force.

The actual process to force is very fast and direct. Maybe, depending on your presentation, it may take all of fifteen seconds to perform the force. Or you can stretch it for as long as you want....

★★★★ $12
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Joseph B.
Mathematical Fooler by Joseph B.

Mathematical Fooler is in fact an impossible location effect. It really is a fooler. The principle appears as already known but will succeed in deceiving even fellow magicians.

First of all, it is possible to proceed with a borrowed deck, a real selling point. The magician borrows a deck. He looks through the deck with faces up and inquires if it is a full deck. Then he asks the spectator to cut a third of the deck and count how many cards he has in his hand. It will certainly have a two-digit number. The spectator adds the two digits together and looks at the card that corresponds to that...

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MP4 (video)

Peter Pellikaan
Water and Oil 2016 by Peter Pellikaan

You clearly show four red cards and four black cards from both sides. Then you interleave them one red, one black, one red, one black, a.s.o. and they magically separate into red and black cards. (You will need four double-faced cards to perform this routine.)

1st edition 2022, video 3:29

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MP4 (video)

Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1963 - 64 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Albert Goshman
  • Card & Bill Idea
  • Impromptu Eye Surgery
  • A Rose By Any Other Name---
  • Mystery Magazine Book Test
  • The Golf Balls & Hat
  • Liquid Production
  • Magic With Trading Stamps
  • Safety Magic
  • The Four Fours
  • Yeager's New Ones
  • Sucker Knife Finale
  • Faro: The Game With A Past
  • Our Profile: Bob Arno
  • The Zombie By John
  • "Other Magicians..."
  • Preface
  • The Anna Eva Fay Act
  • Kirk Stiles' Magic Coloring Book
  • New Wrinkles For Torn Cards
  • Miki's Methods
  • The Fun Bottle
  • Our Cover
1st edition 1965, 80 pages; PDF 92 pages.
★★★★★ $15
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Ken Muller
Nido Shift: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

A linking rings enhancement module as a substitute for the traditional false count of four rings. (Odin Count)

NIDO = (Neat-Oh) as Odin spelled backwards. A very visual and casual series of actions that verifies that the four rings are separate. It was primarily designed for smaller ring sets, not a 12-inch sized set. Its advantages include:

  • it uses place rather than a take action,
  • it is a transfer of rings to the other hand, not a count,
  • it is done in a horizontal plane rather than vertical,
  • it uses the WebRing subtlety,
  • it does not require weird finger positioning,
  • the sleight...
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Ken Muller
Why Magic? Why Me? F.U.N. Presentation Series by Ken Muller

Mostly conjuring applications. Magic theory.

This is a collection of experience thoughts about performance magic. What is magic? What role does it play in our culture? What does impossible mean today? The theme is being "more than able" in live as well as pretending at the impossible on stage. Each section and page is meant to inspire reflective musing on one's abilities and limitations. Together they provide a mirror in which each magician can view self and chosen magical effects in a different light or perspective. They are not a formula for self-improvement.

Part of this is the notion...

★★★★ $0
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NEMCA: New England Magic Collectors Association
NEMCA Newsletter Volume 1 Number 1 (January - March 2022) by NEMCA: New England Magic Collectors Association

The NEMCA Newsletter aims to entertain and inform those in the magic collecting/history community by way of articles, advice, resources and current news directly from the organization, its members and colleagues.

  • Upcoming Events
  • In Defense of Collecting by Rick Heath
  • The 2021 Virtual Yankee Gathering Recap
  • Yankee Magic Collector #20 Call for Contributors
  • Member Spotlight
  • Online Resources
  • Classified Ads

1st edition 2022, PDF 21 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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Jon Racherbaumer
Monte-Mazements by Jon Racherbaumer

Offbeat alternatives of the Three-Card Motif

This compilation makes a distinction between the well-known Three-Card Monte wagering game, and motifs using three principal cards in different ways. All of the motifs challenge a spectator's ability to follow the actions to keep track of certain principal cards as they are physically moved around.

In some of the motifs, the principal cards are moved by the spectator while the performer's back is turned. Then, sight unseen, the performer is able to ascertain the location of a card previously designated as the "money card."

In other motifs...

★★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
React by Aldo Colombini

cards, coins, ropes, balloons, thimbles

Aldo likes simple easy-to-do magic that is direct and to-the-point. This is a great collection of forty routines with cards, coins, ropes and rings, balloons, thimbles, something for everyone. Many of the routines are close-up oriented, but you will find unique gems for stage or parlor, too.

  • Introduction
  • On The "Professor's Nightmare"
  • Rope Just Chance
  • Vice-Versa
  • Up Your Sleeve!
  • The One In The Middle
  • Bubbles
  • That Professor Is A Nightmare!
  • Blowing In The Wind
  • Gong
  • Computer Prediction
  • Catching The Wind
  • Stabbed Revelation
  • Get Off My Spread ...
★★★★★ $29.50
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Billy Benbo
Billy Benbo's Best by Billy Benbo

For children entertainers. A selection of routines, tricks, wheezes, dodges, gags and games from "The Billy Benbo All in One Show."

  • The Benbo Treasure Chest
  • The Chinese Wedding
  • The Haunted Cottage
  • Postscript To Supreme's Magic Gardener
  • Robby The Mindreading Rabbit
  • Roy Johnson's 'On The Slate' Routined For Children
  • Prelude To Supreme's Percy Postman
  • Streamlined 'Elusive Rabbits'
  • The Benbo Washing Machine
  • Supreme's Whirl-Away Wand Gag
  • What's In A Name?
  • The Games Master Revisited
  • The Magic 'Silk' Shaker

1st edition 1981, 28 pages; PDF 40 pages.

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Unknown Mentalist
Standout by Unknown Mentalist


  1. Performer shows 4 playing cards with pictures of 4 well-known persons.
  2. A participant is asked to merely think of any one of the persons in her mind. There is absolutely no force at all and it is a completely free choice.
  3. Performer apparently reads her mind and writes down what he reads.
  4. Performer then shows what he wrote to the participant and even explains it.
  5. Participant is then asked to reveal what she had in mind and she does.
  6. Performer then shows her how what she thought matches exactly with what he had written and proves in multiple ways how he was all along influencing...
★★★★★ $18
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gimmick & PDF

Graham Hey
The Gravity Deck: a self-working killer effect by Graham Hey

A spectator signs a freely selected card (no force). The card is replaced into the deck which is shuffled and thrown loose into a McDonald's paper bag (or any other bag, or container, which can be borrowed and is completely ungimmicked). The bag is shaken by various spectators - the cards are genuinely mixed-up. The magician then reaches into the bag whilst looking away - and brings out a single card. It is the signed card! This is so easy, self-working, and perfect for close-up or on stage.

You can find the only blue card in a red deck - whilst properly blindfolded. Includes a fantastic,...

★★★★★ $10
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Money Making Secrets for Magicians by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Revised and expanded collection of valuable information for magicians and other variety acts, revealing how to get more money from your existing act.

The person who's fortunate enough to actually enjoy the work they do is indeed a lucky individual. And that's what you can do, too, with this updated guide that teaches you:

  • How to play summer and winter resort hotels. What to do, how much others average, etc.
  • How to play on cruises to Bermuda, etc., with all expenses and a profit. Makes an idea paid vacation.
  • How a doctor turned free show requests into paying propositions. This info...
★★★★★ $8
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Peter Pellikaan
TC Collectors by Peter Pellikaan

Have three cards selected (they can be signed), return them individually into the deck, shuffle, and miraculously the four kings turn face up, and between the kings the three selected and signed cards are found.

This effect is possible due to a simple gimmick you can quickly make at home. (No gimmick is included with this download.) There are many more ways to use this gimmick. Peter explains a variety of effects and ways to use it.

1st edition 2022, video 28:21.

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MP4 (video)

Edward Bagshawe
Novel Mysteries Part 3: Original Pocket Effects by Edward Bagshawe
  • "Travelling Balls"
  • A "Sense Of Touch" Deception
  • "Mephisto's Matches"
  • The Ring And The Cord
  • Simplified Fishing
  • A Coin Surprise
  • "Threading The Disc"
  • The "Turnover" Card
  • A Triple Matchbox Mystery

1st edition 1928; PDF 23 pages.

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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1962 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Par Avion Via Air Mail
  • World's Unique Magic Bartender
  • Thimbles Unanimous
  • Visible 20th Century Silks
  • Bouquet Production
  • Silk-N-Cups
  • Twin Pipe Trick
  • "Poor Man's" Roll-On Table
  • Thoughts On Ranch Bird
  • New Routines For Your Shelved Magic
  • On Misdirection
  • Two Ideas
  • Kid Trick With A Rope
  • Gung Ho Box Routine
  • Impromptu Atomic Routine
  • Knot Routine
  • Magic Helper
  • Written In Blood
  • Loads Of Fun
  • Cat's Eyes
  • Hocus Pocus With Chop Cup
  • Every Magician Has One!
  • Comedy Sawing Ending
  • A Smart Opening
  • You, Too, Can Tie A Turban
  • Technicolor Prediction
  • Three By Jack Avis
  • Red And Black
  • Double...
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Aldo Colombini
Impact by Aldo Colombini

Cards, coins, ropes, and rings.

From Lothar Malmberg's introduction:

Between the covers of this book, you will find effects which are both quick and fun to perform, as well as items which play longer and are more involved. I think that you will especially enjoy the effects using ropes because Aldo introduces some clever new twists, which, if put together with your own Cut and Restored or Professor's Nightmare routines, will make a winning combination!

  • Introduction
  • Turn Over Revelation: Two selected cards are revealed in a spectacular way!
  • Boom-Boomer!
  • Twice Cato: Two cards are...
★★★★★ $29.50
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