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Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre
Psychics are Simply Individuals by Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre

A fun, entertaining, and feel good mentalism routine.

I've come to realize that when many of us hear the word "psychic," we imagine a neon-lit storefront, decorated with crystal balls, fog machines, the essence of "smoke and mirrors." From an early age, we're warned by our parents that these services are scams and begin associating psychic gifts as questionable and fraudulent for the most part. The otherworldly events we experience in childhood are mostly discredited, and even as we explore divination practices in adulthood, we are still quick to raise an eyebrow at the word "psychic." ...

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Mark Leveridge
Learning from Experience by Mark Leveridge

Learning From Experience is an ebook in which I look back over my 40 years of full-time professional experience and identify 20 key things about performing commercially for laypeople that I wish I had known when I started.

Organizing these into 20 key facts, I explain the lessons that I have learned in this rich period of experience about performance, marketing, fees, trick selection, dealing with spectators, and more, and set out clear advice and food for thought to help you to short track your way to making good decisions.

Here is a list of the contents

  • Key Fact #1 - The Booker...
★★★★★ $14
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Joseph B.
La Routine Des Rois by Joseph B.

La routine des rois is a mixture of a packet trick and a production of Kings and Aces. You can do it with a normal deck of cards. It is a climax of twists, as you can see from the demo video. You need to know only the Elmsley Count. In any case, I also give you a little tutorial on it. No gaffed cards and no gimmick.

1st edition 2022, video 10:56

★★★★ $9
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
F.C.O.C. (Fairmagic's Card on Ceiling) by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

An interesting evolution of the classic "card to ceiling effect". Two cards are involved.

The first card appears on the ceiling as in the classic card to ceiling effect. A little later, a second card is selected from which a corner is torn off. This card is now suddenly on the ceiling where the first card was before. Alternatively, you could use a wall or a pane of glass.

1st edition 2022, video 38:38.

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MP4 (video)

Hal Saxon
The Ultimate Angle Proof Vanish by Hal Saxon

This can be the most powerfully deceptive steal or vanish in your thumb tip arsenal. No, it is not the Slydini Back Steal or the Vernon Kick Steal.

"This is the best 10 minutes of thumb tip magic ever! Thank you so much Hal." - Kim Fitzpatrick

The Ultimate Angle Proof Vanish video is by far the number one video download I have ever offered on the thumb tip. This is an incredibly deceptive, under your nose steal or vanish for not just a silk, but anything you can possibly fit in a thumb tip. Performed slow and with no wacky hand movements or gestures or crazy sleights; I believe this is the best...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3 (March 2022) by Scott Baird

The Hermit Magazine is a new, independent magic magazine that focuses on creativity, engagement, and inspiration. Edited, compiled, and illustrated by Canadian magician Scott Baird, The Hermit pays homage to the magazines of the past while taking advantage of modern technology to provide a clear, readable experience. Featuring contributions from the likes of Chris Mayhew, Harapan Ong, Michal Kociolek, Curtis Kam, Michael Rubinstein, Bill Citino, Rick Holcombe, John Carey, Caroline Ravn (and many more!), the digital pages of The Hermit are packed with articles, effects, sleights and ideas for magicians of any skill level.

Volume 1,...

★★★★★ $8.50
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Unknown Mentalist
Reunion by Unknown Mentalist

NOTE: The phrase "class of 91" in the cover image has absolutely no bearing on the effects themselves and is only used to create misdirection for online searches.

WHAT IS REUNION: It is a complete system and an entire tool kit. Right from a one-off quick effect you can perform up to an entire act of 15-20 mins. You can read a single mind repeatedly or you can read a group of up to 5 minds at a time. You can do divinations, predictions, mind readings, dictionary tests, etc. Your participants can think of countries, states, presidents, star signs, colors, personality traits, month names,...

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gimmick & PDF

Paul A. Lelekis
Bro. John Hamman Reimagined by Paul A. Lelekis

This e-book is a fun-filled, hilarious 12-15 minute routine, that one can perform with a borrowed deck.

This routine is composed of four monster routines, spliced together into a very funny event, that crescendos into Mr. Hamman's most prized effect, "The Signed Card". But this version has been brought into the 21st century. Now, when someone hands you a deck of cards and says "Do a trick!" you will now be equipped with a 4-part routine that fully engages your spectators and will crescendo into a truly mind-blowing finale - and it's impromptu.

1) The spectator first picks out any four...

★★★★★ $10
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Mystic Alexandre
Life and Zen by Mystic Alexandre

What is the real meaning of life and zen? This was a question that seemingly stumped a master in a famous monastery. He said he didn't know. Naturally, this caused a certain amount of concern, how can a master not know the answer to this? But it happened and he announced to his students that they were to go away and come back at the next gathering with their answers. So begins an enlightening, easy, and impromptu any deck any time routine. Storytelling mentalism at its best.

This is one of my favorite presentations with playing cards, and one I'm fairly known for within my circle of influence...

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Edward Bagshawe
Novel Mysteries Part 6: More Miscellaneous Magic by Edward Bagshawe

This is the sixth and final part of the series.

  • The Flyaway Blocks
  • Reel Magic
  • The Cuban Cubes
  • The Crystal-Gazer
  • "About Turn"
  • Discs Of Enchantment
  • The Chinese Cashbox

1st edition 1932; PDF 22 pages.

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Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone 2022 Lecture Notes by Jeff Stone

A brand new lecture for 2022. This set of notes brings the live lecture footage directly to you with nearly 20 video clips and live performances.

  • 140 pages
  • Access to 17 video clips and performance footage
  • Access to a secret website with bonus content.
  • 12 effects
  • 12 rapid-fire ideas / effects
  • A total of 24 items!

Bermuda Box: A fun way to use a Gozinta Box set as something more magical than a mere puzzle.

The Man with the two Dollar Hands: An easy two in the hand, one in the pocket presentation.

Money to Burn: Make a drawing of a chosen coin turn into a real coin with no...

★★★★ $20
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 103 (March 2022) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 18, No. 1, March 2022; 60 pages Cover: Michael Finney

  1. cartoon (advertisement for Magic Dave)
  2. Welcome to Issue #103 - Editor's comments
  3. The Team
  4. What's Inside
  5. In The Phonebox with Rick Moranis
  6. Michael Finney - A Pocketful of Laughs - cover article/interview
  7. Reader's Letters
  8. The Dealer's Booth - Discount Magic
  9. Masterclass
    • The Repeater - Liam Montier
  10. Masterclass Classic
    • Simplex Hopping Halves - Mark Leveridge
  11. Win a Copy of the Reprint of Will Goldston's "Who's Who in Magic"
  12. Going Back with Graham Jolley - 5 Minutes with the Hilarious Master Mentalist
  13. The 7 Deadly Sins of ... Magic...
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Ken Muller
Double Out Linking Rings: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

This is a performance module as a different way of revealing that the double rings are magically linked, plus a bonus of the Four Choice module.

Double Out is an enhancement strategy that works on several levels of perception and memory:

  • supports the observers ‘knowing’ the four rings are separate,
  • changes the rhythm of the standard display approach,
  • everyone sees you hand two separate rings to the volunteer assistant,
  • the volunteer assistant verifies he has two separate rings,
  • the volunteer assistant handles the rings for several minutes,
  • the volunteer assistant links the...
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Basil Horwitz
The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 2 (French) by Basil Horwitz

En 1978, Martin Breeze enregistrait des Magicassettes avec Basil Horwitz, détaillant ses travaux et ses routines. Devant le succès de ses dernières, le tout fut retranscrit et publié sous forme de 5 livrets entre 1981 et 2004.

  • Introduction
  • Challenge Poker Routine
  • Spectator's Clairvoyance & Spirit Test
  • ESP Mindreading Plus Mindcontrol
  • One Hundred and Forty Thousand Six Hundred and Eight to One
  • Challenge Double Prediction
  • Challenge Bank Note Mindreading
  • Basil Horwitz - Challenge Thought Version II
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Basil Horwitz
The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 1 (French) by Basil Horwitz

En 1978, Martin Breeze enregistrait des Magicassettes avec Basil Horwitz, détaillant ses travaux et ses routines. Devant le succès de ses dernières, le tout fut retranscrit et publié sous forme de 5 livrets entre 1981 et 2004.

  • Un mot de Martin Breese
  • Présentation de Basil Horwitz
  • Challenge Book Test
  • Challenge Publicity E.S.P.
  • Challenge Premonition
  • Challenge Mental Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Challenge Design
  • Challenge Psychometry
  • Challenge Thought

Extrait de l'introduction d'Andy Nyman au volume 5:

Lorsque j’ai eu entre les mains le premier livre de Basil, je n’en revenais...

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Hal Saxon
Best Thumb Tip Modifications by Hal Saxon

This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the thirteen absolute best DIY thumb tip modifications for magicians. These modifications will allow you to make your thumb tip a lot more sneakier. You will be able to move your handling to a whole new level.

Some of the modifications will allow you to handle liquids. Some modifications will allow you to handle granules like pepper, sand, or salt. And yes, some modifications will allow you to do both within one modified tip.

You will discover modifications that will allow you to handle the thumb tip in incredibly...

★★★★★ $12
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Fred Roner
You Too Are A Card Magician by Fred Roner

A collection of really nice card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand. Additionally, you will get an informative biographical sketch of Fred Roner written by Richard Hatch.

  • Fred Roner: Card Conjurer, Stage Pickpocket, Painter
  • You have bought this book!
  • The Press and I
  • Guessing of Cards
  • No Title?
  • With dice and matches
  • The three righteous
  • Which card is missing?
  • I knew it!
  • Vanished?

1st German edition 1929, 1st English translation 2022; PDF 20 pages.

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Reinhold Woda
Kartenkunst für Kenner by Reinhold Woda

Aus dem Vorwort:

Die Vorführung der Kunststücke ist an die Beherrschung der wichtigsten Kunstgriffe gebunden, doch habe ich bei Bearbeitung des zur Verfügung stehenden Materials darauf geachtet, alle überflüssigen Kunstgriffe und Schwierigkeiten zu vermeiden und die ganze Vorführung so einfach und logisch als möglich zu machen. Die Beschreibung der einzelnen Experimente wurde absichtlich sehr ausführlich gehalten um sicher zu sein, daß die Leser jede einzelne Phase vollkommen verstehen und in der Lage sind, jedes Kunststück in der wirkungsvollsten Weise vorzuführen. Wo die schriftliche...

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Joseph B.
+++ACAAN by Joseph B.

This is an incredible ACAAN with two completely normal decks of cards. Really powerful and semi-automatic, so easy to do. A very important point is that it only takes 5 seconds to reset.

The spectator has the choice of one of two decks. She thinks of any card (totally free choice). This card is taken out of the deck, signed, returned, and the deck is cut several times. Then the second deck is shuffled and cut. The spectator cuts this deck into four piles which are arranged around the other deck of cards. The spectator has a free choice to either turn face-up two packs, and for the other...

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MP4 (video)

Hal Saxon
22 Thumb Tip Handling Positions by Hal Saxon

Can we move beyond the basic silk vanish? Can we do anything more magical than the old bill change? Can you improve on the basic salt vanish? The answer is, "Yes!". It all starts with your handling of the thumb tip.

I have almost 200 very magical effects that I perform with the basic thumb tip and people never see or even suspect a thumb tip. The secret to skyrocketing your thumb tip skills is to learn how to handle the thumb tip.

Not a day goes by that I don't get asked about how to match a thumb tip color to an individual skin tone. Everyone is concerned about someone seeing it. My...

★★★★★ $17.50
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Edward Bagshawe
Novel Mysteries Part 5: Miscellaneous Magic by Edward Bagshawe
  • "Curious Crayons"
  • The "Bes-Tof-Al" Sympathetic Blocks
  • Cigarette Transposition
  • "The Gold Block"
  • "The Mandarin's Fan"
  • Groom's Rope Miracle

1st edition 1930; PDF 21 pages.

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Percy Abbott
Abbott Magic Catalog #6 1940 by Percy Abbott

If you have never looked through one of these big magic catalogs this one is a good example. Even though WWII had already started Abbott's was offering almost 2000 magic items for sale. They had pretty much everything one can think of.

1st edition 1940, 544 pages.

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Lewis Ganson
Aces in Deception or "How Right You Are" by Lewis Ganson

An easy and effective multiphase routine with a Svengali deck. A spectator is correct continually in finding a previously selected card which the performer underlines with the punch line "How Right You Are."

From the introduction:

Here is one of those card routines in which the happenings are inexplicable to the uninitiated. The handling of the cards is so natural and each move is performed so deliberately, that trickery appears out of the question, yet a series of effects take place which really are uncanny.

To begin with, I will confess that a Svengali pack is used throughout and...

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Sultan Orazaly
Cybercup by Sultan Orazaly

Cybercup is a fast attention grabber with nothing but a pen that sits in your pocket. Based on a well-known handling, this effect will fool your spectators.

Do it for yourself in front of a mirror. You'll fool yourself, so strong is the illusion.

Cybercup is a fast, visual, and interactive effect. Whether you are a miracle worker, salesperson, event host, or public speaker, this will help you break the ice and engage people in an instant.

The effect has been created to be remarkably visual on camera - whether that's using Zoom, FaceTime, Instagram Live, YouTube, or Skype. Your (digital)...

★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

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