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Daniel Madison
Anthology: 2000 - 2010 by Daniel Madison

Anthology is a collection of books written by Daniel Madison through his ten year career in the magic industry between the years 2000 and 2010. The ebook contains 16 books in their original format.

The following books are included in Anthology (all ebooks are also available for individual purchase):

  • The Lecture Collection:
    The acclaimed lecture collection from 2005 - 2009. One, Two, Three and Four host some of Daniel's greatest effects and inspired the work on his DVD Dangerous.

  • Psycho
    Psycho is a bold book of simple and subtle ideas and performance effects based on psychological suggestion and pseudopsychological...
★★★★★ $62
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Cameron Francis
Full: Three self-working full deck effects by Cameron Francis

"Awesome effects and highly recommended!" - Donny Orbit

"(A) really great ebook!" - Raphael Czaja

"Nothing But Trouble is no trouble at all. Lovely trick!" - Paul Hallas

"FULL is right! FULL as in FULL of effects that could easily have been released individually! Awesome stuff - the usual Francis calibre!" - Dave Forrest

Blow your audiences away with almost no effort! Cameron Francis presents Full, an ebook containing three completely self-working full deck effects. All three tricks use completely normal decks and none of them require any skill which makes them perfect for the beginner and pro alike.


★★★★★ $15
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Lewis Ganson
Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic by Lewis Ganson

Originally published by Harry Stanley in three separate parts (1955, 1956, 1958) this ebook is a complete remake of all three parts in one volume with new photos taken by Martin Breese and posed by Paul Gordon. The card magic presented is exceptional. It also explains all the basic moves Cy used to perform the tricks described. This classic trilogy therefore can serve as a wonderful introduction to card magic or be a treasure trove for those who are looking for some beautiful effects. You will find many well structured classics like Ambitious Card or Three Card Monte as well as some unusual effects.

Among Cy's teachers...

★★★★★ $19.90
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Bobby Bernard
Tricks, Memories and Advice by Bobby Bernard

Tricks, memories, advice from this fast-talking genius of magic. The most perfect example of misdirection by John Ramsay is described in detail.

This was the very first Martin Breese Magicassette ever produced. It was among the best selling tapes Martin published over many years. And it is now available as immediate and convenient MP3 download.

Whether you are a relative beginner or consider yourself an experienced performer, Bobby Bernard's critical experience and teaching ability will offer you a great deal. For the absolute beginner in magic this is the perfect recording. It tells...

★★★★★ $12
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Rachel Colombini
Wild about Harry by Rachel Colombini

Magic with a young wizard theme!

Rachel has put together what we believe to be a unique collection containing material featuring the famous character so well known and loved the world over - Harry Potter. You will get a full act and many more ideas to customize standard tricks into this particular kind of show. Suitable for children and adults alike.


  • BAFFLING BOOK: A wonderful book test using Harry’s book!
  • THRU THE WALL: A solid wall is shown. Suddenly a hole appears in the wall!
  • OWL MAIL: The white owls deliver a special greeting!
  • FLOATING FEATHER: A feather magically...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Daniel Madison
Changes by Daniel Madison

Daniel teaches four card changes - so called color changes:

  • The Fan Change
  • The Wheel Change
  • The Swing Change
  • Delusion
For each one you will receive a PDF and a video clip.

The Fan Change
This is what Daniel considers to be a signature color-change and it is one of his favorites. A card is turned face up on top of the deck. The deck is fanned and before the fan closes the face up card has changed to another card.

The fan change is impromptu, it can be performed with any deck of cards and isn't hard to achieve. To stub a misconception...the top card is not being taken away from...

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Daniel Madison
Lethal by Daniel Madison

Here you will learn some of the most 'lethal' and must stunning card flourishes ever invented. XCM (eXtreme Card Manipulation) at its best.

The debut DVD from underground magician Daniel Madison, originally released in 2006 on Halloween to a highly anticipating audience is now also available as video download. Packed with 26 flourishes, Lethal teaches Daniel's concepts for playing card manipulation and cardistry.

Flourishes taught:

  • Symphony
  • Cylinder
  • Dead Revolution
  • Sleeper
  • Bicycle
  • Symphony Run One
  • Symphony Run Two
  • Cylinder Run One
  • Cylinder Run Two
  • Delinquent
  • Diabolique
  • Dropsyble ...
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MP4 (video)

(Benny) Ben Harris
Mach2 by (Benny) Ben Harris

This is the follow-up to Solid Gold Easy Action, and consists of a refined envelope design which allows the chosen card to be loaded with the deck in a fanned state. It also allows for the SWITCHING of cards IN AND OUT of the envelope. This is a vast improvement over the original envelope design, allowing many effects to be created.

1st edition 1987, 20 pages.

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(Benny) Ben Harris
Through the Universe - Backwards by (Benny) Ben Harris

One of the most eye-popping color-changing decks you will ever see.

"The presentation is rich in content, and the effect is as clear and clean as can be. This is one of the best cc deck routines I have seen." - Peter Duffie

"Brilliant. Beautiful. Straight into my set." - Kyle MacNeill


The performer reaches into his pocket and removes an envelope. From within he removes a single BLUE-BACKED card. (The deck in use has RED BACKS.) The blue-backed card is placed to one side. It's identity is unknown at this point.

The performer explains...

"This single card, odd in its appearance, has a purely...

★★★★★ $10
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Wesley James
Make Me Care by Wesley James

From Wesley James' 1st new lecture in more than 10 Years

Not everyone will immediately recognize the name Wesley James. However, those in the know will. For many years Dr. James has been an underground secret. During his many years as a professional he refused to lecture for magicians or publish the effects he used in his professional performances. Now, Mr. James has largely retired from performing and has begun to lecture for magicians. Make Me Care are the lecture notes from his 2nd lecture series, focused purely on presentation.

Larry Jennings, Ken Krenzel, Jim Patton and Gordon Bruce would agree....

★★★★ $25
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Simon J. Lea
POSTgraphology by Simon J. Lea

POSTgraphology is a graphology based mentalism effect utilizing those sticky yellow memo notes we are all familiar with.

A pack is opened in front of the audience and the whole block is given to one of the spectators. He or she is asked to rip off a chunk of notes for you to use for demonstration purposes and then to give one note to each of the spectators taking part - 5 is the best number of spectators but can be more or less. As this is performed as a demonstration of graphology and not magic you don't point out that there is now no way you could know which spectator would get which note...

★★★★★ $12
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Scott F. Guinn
The World's Worst Card Player by Scott F. Guinn

This is the 10-card poker deal that is getting raves from the magic community. This routine is lots of fun, has a strong presentation, and it takes the "sting" out of things for the audience participant.

Scott's full professional script is included. This is a very funny, entertaining routine that will endear you to the audience and make the participant look like a hero. EVERYBODY wins! 15 pages of Scott's now famous crystal clear instruction, complete with the thinking behind the routine.

Yep, this is definitely a real winner!

Level: EASY!

Dear Scott, Thank you very much for your...

★★★★★ $10
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Scott F. Guinn
U.N. Coin Box Routines by Scott F. Guinn


Two powerful and commercial routines using Okito-type coin boxes (Boston Box and a Slot Box) and international coins with gaffs.

You will need a range of gaffs:

For Routine # 1:

  1. Two copper/silver coins (C/S), one side showing a US half dollar, the other an English Penny.
  2. One each of the regular matching coins--an English Penny and a US half dollar.
  3. An English penny expanded shell (EXP).
For Routine # 2:
  1. Three Chinese coins that are the size of a half dollar
  2. An expanded shell Chinese coin (CES) to match
  3. An expanded shell half dollar (EXP) ...
★★★★★ $15
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Scott F. Guinn
Two Sides of the Same Coin by Scott F. Guinn

Three powerful coin magic routines with "tricky coins"--professionally routined, complete with patter! Easy of execution, but strong and commercial!

Scott has held nothing back: the routines are masterfully explained, profusely photo-illustrated, and include all the subtleties and nuances, along with complete, professional performance scripts! The three effects can be performed one right after the other to form an entire coin set--in fact, that's exactly how Scott performs them. There is good variety between the routines, and audiences absolutely love all three.

Kung-Fooled - a twisted...

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Scott F. Guinn
Twilight Passage by Scott F. Guinn

This is the first installment of Scott's "Sit-Down Coin Magic" Series. Combining two classic plots of coin magic ("Twilight" and "Coins through Table"), Scott has come up with a powerhouse of coin magic that Guy Camirand called "A beautiful routine!"

A large silver dollar is dumped from an elegant box, and the box set aside. A mirror is held up to the coin. The coin's reflection is pulled out of the mirror--there are now two coins! The two coins are placed in front of the mirror. One at a time, each coin and its reflection are pulled away, leaving you with FOUR coins! The coins magically...

★★★★★ $10
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Michael Daniels
Equirock by Michael Daniels

This is a conceptual breakthrough for improving the old and trusted magician's choice or equivoque.

Equirock is a simple technique to force one of three items. As a direct, ONE STEP force, it is almost impossible for the spectator to backtrack and thereby discover the method. Equirock is immensely versatile and can be used to force any kind of object or other item – a word, number, person, card, coin, book … in fact anything at all!

The method can also be easily extended to allow for a force from any number of items, not just three. The only props needed are your hands, a pen...

★★★★ $10
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 34 (Sep 2010) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 6, No. 4, September 2010; 68 pages.

Cover: Rafael, Belgium's king of cool. The feature article showcases the many acts (from Comedy Dove to Vampire) of Belgian stage magician Rafael.

  1. Welcome
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. George Luck's interview of Finnish cardician Miika Pelkonen
  5. Impossible Bottles (deck of cards in bottle) discussion with master craftsman Phil Evans
  6. Grumpy Old Magician whinges
  7. A guided tour of the Magic Circle library
  8. Brian Caswell talks about magic trick descriptions
  9. An introduction to Dove Magic: Advice from experts Lance Burton, Tony Clark, Scott Penrose, and Brian Sefton ...
★★★★★ $5
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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Manipulationsideen (gebraucht) by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Dieses Exemplar ist gut erhalten.

Karo kombiniert hier seine Kreativitaet mit seiner Fingerfertigkeit. Dieses Werk ist mitlerweile ein Klassiker und behandelt Seile, Tuecher, Muenzen, Baelle, Feuer and wie sie Blitz und Nebel erzeugen koennen.

Erstausgabe 1979.


  1. Inhalt
  2. Vorwort
  3. SEILE
  4. Faerbe Knoten
  5. Knoten Test
  7. Halter
  8. Falten
  9. Tuch Sprudel
  10. Penetration
  11. Smooky
  13. Halter
  14. Gone
  15. Nice 1&2
  16. Gigant coin
  17. BAELLE
  18. Halter
  19. Da - Wo?
  20. Ohne Titel 1 & 2
  21. Fooler
  22. Colour
  23. Gag
  24. Silver
  25. Smarter Krims Krams
  26. Exklusiv
  27. Elegant
  28. FEUER
  29. Feurio
  30. Super candle
  31. Perfekt ...
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Frank Lane & Ulysses Frederick Grant
They're Off (second hand) by Frank Lane & Ulysses Frederick Grant

This booklet is in very good condition. A nice collector item as well as reading copy. For details on contents see the digital edition.

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Dee Christopher
Machine by Dee Christopher

The effect is simple. One spectator is asked to think of a word. A second spectator writes the word. Neither have any clue how it could possibly have happened. Spirit writing? Synchronicity? It's up to YOU to decide how you'd like to explain the incredible experience your participants will have just waltzed through.

Machine will teach you how to construct a simple, yet ingenious gimmick to make this effect clean and direct in method so that you can use the included presentation or put your all into your own.

The MACHINE gimmick could be used on stage, at a table, on the street or anywhere...

★★★★★ $18
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Daniel Madison
The Score: playing card marking system by Daniel Madison

The Score is an ebook that teaches a special playing card marking system inspired by a concept probably as old as playing cards. The system has been re-thought and re-mastered by Daniel Madison with help from sleight of hand junkie Randall Freeman and a retired card cheat who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Score markings system teaches you how to mark any deck of cards that has a white border, such as standard Bicycle Rider backs, Mandolines and Bee Stingers - we'd list all of those decks here but there are far too many to mention!

The Score is a minimalistic system; two simple tiny marks...

★★★★★ $15
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Daniel Madison
The Advocate: the ultimate playing card index by Daniel Madison

The best and most practical card index ever created.

The Advocate is by far Daniel's most favorite discovery and deceptive tool and was for many years his best kept secret, and it has been a monster of a reputation maker for him. This is his 4th edition of this book; where the predecessors were written with the magician and the effects in mind, this edition keeps due focus on the device itself for deceptive use. Although 'tricks' have not been removed from this edition they have been simplified and reduced to suggestions as opposed to focal points of the book. Much deserved extra attention...

★★★★ $15
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Daniel Madison
Psycho by Daniel Madison

Psycho is an ebook of simple and subtle ideas and performance effects based on psychological suggestion and pseudo-psychological magic, written in 2007 and released in 2010. These notes offer a way of thinking and a refreshing approach to the art of using psychological suggestion as both a tool and an illusion within itself.

Psychological Forces
An insight into the idea of psychological forcing and 'pseudo-psychological suggestion'.

Playing Card Psychological Forces

  • Four of Clubs
  • Jack of Spades
  • Jack of Hearts
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Four of Diamonds

An expose on psychological...

★★★★★ $15
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Daniel Madison
Four by Daniel Madison

A shuffled deck of cards is cut in half. The performer and participant each select a half and shuffle. The performer tells the participant a number between 1 and 26 and invites them to count to that card in their half. The participant is invited to do the same; to name a number for the performer to count to. This is repeated until both the performer and participant have three cards each. One by one the cards are turned over to reveal three perfect matching pairs.

The performer and participant each have a different colored deck. Each deal four cards face down randomly from...

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