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Jean Hugard & Milbourne Christopher
Hugard's Magic Monthly (for resale) by Jean Hugard & Milbourne Christopher

Hugard's Magic Monthly consists of almost 2500 pages in 21 volumes and is packed with contributions from the finest artists and thinkers magic has to offer. People like Victor Farelli, Ted Annemann, Martin Gardner, Harry Lorayne, Milbourne Christopher, Ross Bertram, George Kaplan, Cliff Green, Fred Braue and Hugard himself. The subtitle says it all 'Devoted solely to the interests of magic and magicians'.

Jean Hugard and Fred Braue wrote some of the most read magic books in magic history, such as The Royal Road to Card Magic and Expert Card Technique. A good part of Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic Tricks can be found in Hugard's Magic Monthly. It featured book reviews by John J. Crimmins Jr., and the famous Frank Joglar...

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Liam Montier
Cardio by Liam Montier

"Liam Montier's 'Cardio' is an absolute must buy. Very clever card routining with a fresh innovative approach. Magic with intellect and a darn good read." - George McBride

Cardio is Liam's first full-out collection of regular card material, and it features seven pieces that fully represent his approach to card magic. This is practical, easy and astonishing material, performable in most (if not all) situations and bound to knock your spectators reeling.

Contents include…

The Other Thing - A sudden and unexpected production of all four Kings, inspired by Richard Sanders and Cameron Francis that will leave your...

★★★★★ $15
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Harry Baron
Card Tricks for Beginners by Harry Baron

Learn how to entertain and Mystify with baffling card tricks!

This ebook will teach you to baffle your friends with card tricks that you can learn quickly and easily. You will be taken into the mysterious and secret world of Magicdom and everything you need to know is contained within these pages. You will start with the simplest of tricks and slowly work your way forward with the more complex routines that require you to learn some simple sleights and subterfuges. But don't worry because everything is carefully explained and clearly illustrated. If you learn just a few of the magic tricks...

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Harry Baron
Magic for Beginners by Harry Baron

Harry Baron performed magic for over sixty years and was a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with the coveted Gold Star. His books have sold around the world and have been translated into many languages. Apart from writing Magic for Beginners he produced instructions for hundreds of other tricks. He owned his own magic studio and manufactured apparatus for amateurs and professionals. As a result of managing the conjuring department of the famous Gamages store for nearly thirty years, he met most of the world's leading magicians. He lectured and taught conjuring to professional groups, as well...

★★★★★ $7
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Harry Baron
Magic: How to Entertain and Baffle Your Friends with Magic by Harry Baron

Right before your very eyes, this ebook shows you all the secret trick and sleight-of-hand effects you need to perform mystifying feats of magic. These are under-your-nose, how-did-you-do-that tricks that will entertain your audience and confound your friends - from an arm's length away!

These tricks are simplicity itself, they use items found in your pocket or around the house. Even better, you can perform many of the tricks without any preparation. No matter what your skill level, with this ebook you can master telepathic and mind-reading magic, spectacular illusions and other baffling...

★★★★★ $7
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Michael Paul
Simply Devastating by Michael Paul

Simply Devastating is over thirty pages of hard hitting magic, complete with embedded video to make learning easier. Also included is a special bonus chapter on the Invisible Deck, and a jam session with the one and only Simon Lovell! Want more? We also include a teaser video shot at real life, paid gigs. This is magic that works. When you want to brutally destroy an audience... you'll want to use the tricks from Simply Devastating.

Here's a quick overview:

No Toss:
A stage mentalist's dream. Four people mentally select cards, and you point to each person and name their card. This is a course in...

★★★★★ $30
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Aldo Colombini
A Few Good Cards by Aldo Colombini

Packet tricks performed with regular cards! Packet Tricks are always popular. Using only a few cards you can perform very strong, baffling, visual magic. Here you have ten packet tricks from the world's top 'packet trick' experts.


  • JAPANESE ACES (Shigeo Futagawa): A real fooler where you and the spectator mix the Aces three times (the last one face up and face down) but the Aces always separate!
  • POOR MAN'S MONTE (Richard Vollmer): A fun-to-watch-fun-to-do Monte type routine using only four regular cards!
  • AN AMBITIOUS CLASSIC (Larry Jennings): The A, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Clubs perform an ambitious routine...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Michael Paul
Ultimate Card Under Drink by Michael Paul

Not just a "one trick wonder", Ultimate Card Under Drink will take you through nine jaw dropping phases including an entire deck under spectators drink, and card in ice cube! You'll learn not only the sleights, but also the timing, theory, and real world tips that make this complete routine an absolute killer.

The highlight of this release however just might be the "Challenge Card Under Drink". You'll be able to tell the spectator exactly what's going to happen (that you're going to take their chosen card out of the pack and slide it under your drink), exactly when it will happen (and demonstrate...

★★★★★ $25
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Michael Paul
Attacking ACAAN by Michael Paul

Attacking ACAAN is a write up on not one, but four wonderfully practical “Any Card at Any Number” presentations, straight out of the working set of Michael Paul. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Required tools and skills
  • Psychometry Card: a new and different twist on ACAAN that is logical, thematic, and entertaining!
  • T minus 1: A no sleight of hand version for close up or stage. You never have to touch the cards, and there are no gimmicks!
  • ACAAN OCD: Think outside the box as you learn new ways of routining ACAAN into your set. This comedy presentation might just become your new favorite...
★★★ $15
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Michael Paul
First Impression(s) by Michael Paul

This is the piece that Kenton Knepper called "Brilliant". Alain Nu and Luke Jermay both gave this the thumbs up. Craig Browning flipped over it. But what exactly is it?

This is not a magic trick. This is real mind control. Yes, seriously.

First Impression(s) was written for anyone that uses business cards to promote their magic or mentalism business. First Impression(s) will teach you a special way of designing your card that will influence others to show it to every one they know. This is not a "Magic trick" as you would typically think of it.

This is the business card layout, powerful cold/warm reading script, and influence...

★★★ $20
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Roberto Giobbi
Card College Lightest by Roberto Giobbi

Card College Lightest is the final volume of Roberto Giobbi's acclaimed 'Light' trilogy. In it are taught 18 thoroughly astonishing tricks of professional quality, complete with performing psychology, presentations, valuable tips and insights, all of which contribute to making these sleightless effects into near miracles.

The tricks Giobbi has selected this time range from time-tested classics to little-known wonders by masters of the craft, including Larry Becker, Henry Christ, Aldo Colombini, Paul Curry, Alex Elmsley, Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner, Stewart James, Howard Adams, Richard Vollmer and more.

Also explained are simple methods for achieving false shuffles,...

★★★★ $26
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Marcus Gordon
Suit Up! by Marcus Gordon

Marcus Gordon hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is the grandson of Ron Gordon; a true Wizard of the North! This is Marcus's first publication and contains an eclectic collection of 12 card effects using both, sleight of hand and sleight-free principles. While not for the beginner, the intermediate to advanced card handler should find much to enjoy and think about in this ebook.


  • Triumphant Return: An in-the-hands Triumph for walk-a-bout
  • The Hoff: A direct approach to the Hofzinser Ace Problem
  • The Clockwork Shift: Learn a Pass that won't break your knuckles!
  • Complex Colours:...
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Wesley James
Remarkable Ruses & Ramblings by Wesley James

From the man whom Dai Vernon called: "One of the best!!!" and Frank Garcia: "One who can hold his own with the best" and Peter Pit in 1991: "Easily the best close-up performer of the year." comes this ebook with wonderful routines and thought provoking essays.

“Damn! This guy’s good, very good!” - Ken Simmons, April 1999

“A modern creator and performer who has repeatedly shown his ability to make important and lasting contributions”Stephen Minch, Dec. 2003

“One of the great minds and two of the great hands in magic” - Matt Field, Feb. 1998

Wesley James has been universally highly praised...
★★★★★ $25
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Martin Adams
Use Your Thumper by Martin Adams

In this manuscript you will find a solution how you can achieve effects that use a thumper without a thumper. You don’t have to buy expensive mentalism devices to make it possible. There are two handlings and four effects in this manuscript. Thought of card routine, Which Hand and Kurutsuke type of effects are all possible and included in the PDF. You don’t need to buy anything because you probably already own the gimmick. This ebook will give you the power that a hundreds of dollars device can give you.

Routines included:

Thought of Card:
The performer asks the spectator to think...

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Stefan Olschewski
Lost Luggage by Stefan Olschewski

Imagine you are booked to do a 30 minute mentalism show and all your luggage gets lost on the plane. It is Sunday and all shops are closed. What would you do without your props, without special wallets, magnets, glue, scissors, thumb tips or nail writers – literally without anything?

"Wow, what inspired thinking. One is tempted to deliberately lose his luggage just to give these routines a spin. Highly recommended!" - Ben Harris

Necessity is the mother of invention. Stefan once had to cope with such a situation and this is what he came up with. A complete act of high impact mentalism that is...

★★★★ $25
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Peter Duffie
Utterly Wild by Peter Duffie

The ultimate ungaffed wild card - use any deck.

The original version of this routine was called Born to be Wild (from Inspirations). Peter has enjoyed performing the original over the years, for lay people AND magicians, but the fact that he couldn't show the last card always bothered him. You were left with a face-to-face double that had to be dropped onto the deck and a triple lift executed to finish. Going back to the deck for a finish is never good! But this has now changed ...

This new version changes that. You are now left with a single court card for a clean and powerful finish. There is also...

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MP4 (video)

Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice 4 by Cameron Francis
"Cameron has done it again! His Moment's Notice series just goes from strength to strength. All six routines in this latest (fourth) instalment are carefully structured and each one packs a punch." - Peter Duffie

"With all of the material in the Moment's Notice series I can launch a full on magic assault that is guaranteed to obliterate the senses. Thanks for keeping me prepared to maim at a moment's notice." - Donny Orbit

Six more totally amazing, totally impromptu, easy to do card effects from the mind of Cameron Francis!
  • Ace Thang - A completely impromptu variation of Richard Sanders' amazing "King...
★★★★★ $12
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Mr. Rees
Trixy Magazine by Mr. Rees

The Digital Trixy. 24 magazines for junior magicians published in the 1940s and a comprehensive index of tricks by Michael Colley together with the full magic catalogue from the Boy Magicians Service in Prestatyn Wales.

Back in the 1940s a lot of young magical enthusiasts joined the Boy Magicians' Club in Prestatyn, North Wales. The club was run by a Mr. Rees who was not only a magician but also performed a marionette show. Mr. Rees produced the Trixy - a wonderful little magic magazine - and from this magazine many young enthusiasts learnt the basics of magic. Eddie Burke was a member and...

★★★★★ $19.50
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La Création Magique by Pavel

La Création Magique ou "COMMENT INVENTER UN TOUR"

La philosophie de l'auteur à l'égard de la création de la Magie originale. Cet ouvrage se divise en trois parties distinctes:

  • La théorie magique
    La première partie donne les grandes lignes de la théorie magique. Il s'agit d'un passage en revue des effets de base et des principes généraux utilisés à ces fins. L'auteur a également inclus une vue d'ensemble des principaux accessoires utilisés en magie.
  • Historique des inventions magiques
    La deuxième partie est un panorama de l'histoire de la création magique. L'auteur cite...
★★★★★ $15
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Kreative Magie by Pavel

Kreative Magie oder "Wie erfinde ich einen Trick?"

Die Philosophie des Autors zur Kreation originärer Magie. Das Büchlein besteht aus drei Teilen:

  • Magische Theorie
    Teil EINS: gibt einen kurzen Überblick über Magische Theorie. Die meisten Grundeffekte, die wichstigsten Prinzipien und Mittel werden dargestellt. Ergänzt wird das Ganze durch eine Zusammenstellung der grundlegenden Hilfsmittel.
  • Geschichte magischer Erfindungen
    Teil ZWEI: widmet sich der Geschichte der magischen Erfindungen und gibt einen kurzen Überblick über einige der brillantesten Erfinder und herausragendsten...
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Magical Creation by Pavel

Magical Creation or "How to invent a new trick"

The work consists of three distinctive parts

  • Part ONE renders a brief outline of magical theory. The review details most of the basic effects, major principles and means, complemented by a summary, of elementary props.
  • Part TWO relates to generalities of the history of magical creation, including a survey of some of the most distinguished inventors and outstanding magical feats of the last century.
  • Part THREE deals with the author's approach to magical creation, illustrating practical examples of effects and their solutions.
You will...
★★★★★ $15
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Al Koran & Jack Lamonte
Mastered Amazement by Al Koran & Jack Lamonte

Classic routines with coins, bank notes, cigarettes, thimbles, and cards by the amazing Al Koran & and the ingenious Jack Lamonte.

Including Koran's amazing Miracle Card Stab.

1st edition 1947; reprinted 1987; digital edition 2010; original 66 pages; PDF 44 pages.

Table of Contents

  3. Amazement with Money
  7. Cigarette Sorcery
  11. Thimble Amazement
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Dale A. Hildebrandt
Heavily Haunted: Second Edition by Dale A. Hildebrandt

NOTE: The Second Edition IS NOT a limited edition!

What People Are Saying About The Second Edition:

"Your book is fascinating and the premise is great. I would recommend your material to anyone who really wants to add strong presentation to their arsenal. This is what I have always thought of as thinking man's magic. Excellent!! Bravo!!" - Ed Solomon

"What Docc Hilford did for the Ball & Tube Dale Hildebrandt & Co. have done to the Haunted Key. This is a MUST HAVE guide for anyone that enjoys this classic PK routine." - Craig Browning

What People Said About The First Edition:
"This is one...
★★★★ $20
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Dale A. Hildebrandt
Skin Type by Dale A. Hildebrandt

A Multi-Phase Routine of Sensing with Your Fingertips With Multiple Typos and No Photographs!

Please Note: This routine utilizes dual reality and pre-show. If you don’t like those tools, then this manuscript is probably not for you. If you do enjoy these types of techniques, then you will enjoy this ebook.

What People are Saying:

"Cute!"Craig Browning

"Dale Hildebrandt's Skin Type is one of "those" routines. By that, I mean it's the one and only routine you need to perform when you find the right moment to do so. This routine represents a sentient crescendo made up of several methods that...

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