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Ken Muller
Scout Around by Ken Muller

One cup effects using a silicone collapsible drinking cup.

Innovative sleights, moves, and effects created when the Boy Scouts changed to this cup in 2009. Now, many silicone cups are available. These methods work with them all. One can use crochet balls, or nuts, candy, pebbles - most any small objects. No need for the expensive versions from Europe. This came first and is much simpler.

Chop Cup? Yes, several ways to gaff this cup, but you don't have to. Many exciting magic effects without the limitations of the traditional gaff. Move beyond a Chop Cup. Move beyond a solid cup. Always...

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Peter Pellikaan
Dollar Care by Peter Pellikaan

Show four bills of paper money from both sides and change them into four aces, which you again show from both sides, in a flash.

1st edition 2021, length 1 min 49s.

$15 $10
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George Miller Beard
The Involuntary Life by George Miller Beard

The 'involuntary life' would today be described as trance or as a hypnotic state. Beard writes:

Every human being lives two lives, the voluntary, in which he acts more or less under the control of the will, and the involuntary, in which he acts automatically, and over which the will has but a limited power, or none at all. The acts of both the body and the mind, may be involuntary as will as voluntary, and in both body and mind, the two lives are constantly blended.

However, he was a skeptic when it came to the popular practices and explanations of these phenomena by the means of animal...

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Maurice Sardina
The Magic of Rezvani by Maurice Sardina

Translated from French (La Magie du Sorcier) to English by Dariel Fitzkee. It details the tricks, moves, ideas, and improvements of Rezvani, the Persian magician who has been a sensation among the magicians of Paris. Overall it is an excellent work, particularly for those who appreciate the finer points of sleights and how they are deployed in tricks. There is a lot here for card magicians. Also his most famous trick the Tomato trick is explained, but for that routine, I suggest studying The Cushions of the Princess: or the tomato game.

Paul Flemming writes:

Medjid Kan Rezvani, a native of Persia who now resides in Paris, is recognized as one of the most...

★★★★★ $20
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George Ernest Arrowsmith
Royal Progress by George Ernest Arrowsmith

All the court cards are found in a borrowed deck repeatedly and genuinely shuffled by the spectators. The performer first produces the Kings, then the Jacks, and lastly the Queens.

The deck is shuffled by a member of the audience. The cards are inserted in a trouser pocket. One at a time the Kings are produced. The spectator shuffles again the pack of cards. The performer puts it behind his back and produces the four Jacks. Again, the cards are genuinely shuffled by the spectator. After making the spectator check that his pocket is empty, the performer inserts the cards into it. Despite all...

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Ken Muller
Furst Time by Ken Muller

Glimpses into the mind of one of mentalism's pioneers.

"Arnold Furst taught me a thing or two back in '59 that you ought to know - about presence and timing, charity and goodwill, and keeping an audience on its toes. Oh yes, Magic, too."

Six effects and related stories about Arnold and his mentoring of young folks. Some methods are very old with a new approach. Others will be new to the reader. Something of value for every mentalist and entertainer.

JUST A MAGAZINE: An impromptu Mental Effect with a 'found' magazine, anywhere, anytime. Ideal for small groups, sales training or teaching...

★★★★★ $8
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Ken Muller
BaseMental by Ken Muller

A collection of nine mental type effects and methods learned fifty years ago from people - not books. No confederates or gimmicks are used in any of these mental demonstrations. Simple - Profound - Effective. I have never seen these in print in any form. All were learned from older mentors during my teen years and never forgotten.

THREE for ALL: Three spectators freely select cards from a borrowed deck and place them in their pockets. You reveal all three by the "Whisper of a Lady."

ENVELOPED: Several spectators seal written items in envelopes. A second spectator holds these against his...

★★★★★ $6
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Barcoding by Zanetti

A nice little impromptu piece of mind reading you can do when the opportunity arises. Divine the thoughts of your participants without anything written down. The only thing that is required is a shelf of DVDs / Blu Rays / PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch games, books, CDs, or a mixture of them all and you are ready to go.


The participant picks up any DVD / Blu Ray / PlayStation Game / XBox Game or Switch Game from a shelf. For this example, they select a DVD. Because this might not have been a free choice and the participant could have somehow been manipulated to select that DVD,...

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George Miller Beard
Physiology of Mind-Reading by George Miller Beard

The type of 'mind-reading' George Beard means here is what we today call muscle-reading, which is a term that Beard himself coined. Beard describes several experiments he conducted and describes very clearly the physiology of muscle-reading, and that it is an involuntary muscle contraction that has nothing to do with animal magnetism or thought transference.

1st edition 1877; PDF 10 pages.

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Scott Creasey
Spoonology by Scott Creasey

In this one-hour and twenty-minute video, you'll learn every detail of the spoon bending routine Scott has performed all over Europe for the past twenty years as part of his professional act. A complete psychic spoon bending routine suitable for both cabaret and close-up using just four spoons, with an alternate handling using three spoons and even a Zoom variation, all broken down into simple, easy to learn steps.

Included is a full performance of the routine presented in front of a live audience. No special gaffs or gimmicks required, just the spoons and the techniques taught.

1st edition...

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A Connoisseur
Annals of Gaming by A Connoisseur

The intentionally unassuming grey cover, designed to match the dull-sounding title, suggests a dry emotionless record of events is likely held within. However, this humble exterior belies the valuable secrets hidden within its pages. Annals of Gaming was an article series published over four years, between 1772 and 1775; its sole intention was to expose the sharpers, hustlers, and cheats, by detailing their methods of defrauding the unwary. Now, for the first time, every article in the original series has been retyped in full and published in a single volume of over 200 pages. This work covers over...

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Aldo Colombini
Varietà by Aldo Colombini

In Italia, dal 1988 ad Ottobre 1990, Aldo Colombini, che allora era conosciuto col nome d'arte di Fabian, curò personalmente , insieme al Mago Elliott, una Rivista di Magia e Cabaret che, insieme con Elliott, decisero di chiamare Varietà.

Purtroppo non ebbe allora il successo sperato e dopo soli due anni dovette chiudere per insufficienza di abbonati, trattandosi di una rivista indipendente e pubblicata al di fuori dei Circoli Magici.

Ma il materiale incluso nei rarissimi numeri che siamo riusciti a rintracciare e raccogliere è di assoluto pregio, e presentava, tra gli altri, per...

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Peter Wilker
Aspects of Mentalism by Peter Wilker

Mentalism without playing cards.

From the introduction:

It is undoubtedly true that published material on card tricks, be it books or articles, far exceeds all other magical publications taken together. What is the next most often treated special subject? Is it coins? Silks? Or is it mentalism? Although I cannot prove it, I think it is mentalism. So why another book on mental magic if there are already quite enough of them around and very good ones at that?

The answer is not easy to give. I have chosen aspects, or subjects, which are not easily found anywhere else, some of which are...

★★★★★ $15
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Hereward Carrington
Magic is Fun / Magic for Everyone by Hereward Carrington

From the introduction:

There is no more fascinating study, when once an interest in the subject has been aroused, than conjuring - or, as it is popularly called, "Magic." One of the most delightful of all pastimes is the inventing and performing of new tricks, and watching their effect upon the audience - who do not know the secrets of the various "sleights" performed. We all know how fascinating the professional conjuror's entertainment is, - and how mystifying! So I propose to take my readers, - in the present book, - into the very heart of the mystery - to explain exactly how the important...

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Brick Tilley
Card Rise Through Finger by Brick Tilley

A card is selected, returned to the deck, replaced in the box. The performer holds the box facing outward, his fingers positioned so that they encircle it. There seems no possible way for the selected card to escape. Despite this, the selected card is seen to rise up out of the box, right through the performer's index finger. Once the card protrudes from the box it is removed, spun on the finger, taken off the finger, and exhibited with a hole through the card's center.

(This idea was originally developed by Clayton Rawson in the 1930s and published in the Sphinx. Later Pete Biro unearthed it in...

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Stretching A Rope Plus by Supreme-Magic-Company

An approximately 3 ft. length of rope is shown and pulled between the hands, it's a solid length of rope, - it is not made of elastic, it doesn't stretch and yet suddenly it begins to get longer and longer ... 5ft., 8ft., 10 ft., - yes, it stretches and stretches until it is 30 feet or longer.

A wonderful eye-popping effect that forms a perfect preface to other rope mysteries. In Milbourne Christopher's original effect no special gimmicks are used, just a rope and the special method of preparation and handling.

THE PLUS: In addition to all this, an alternative handling is given which allows the effect...

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Robert A. Nelson
The London Midnight Ghost Show by Robert A. Nelson

Complete show script and described effects as used in Nelson's London Midnight Ghost Show, also known under the title Century Mid-Night Ghost Show, (that originally sold for the equivalent of over $1800.00).

The Nelson Enterprises framed many spook shows for others after they launched their own, which was one of the biggest and finest ghost shows ever to take to the road. This show, in three acts, contains demonstrations of apparent spiritism, including a full-light seance, sealed message reading, clairvoyance, a slate test, thought transference, table levitation, Alla Rageh's spine-chilling...

★★★★★ $15
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Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)
mNumbers: As Easy As Pi by Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)

mNumbers: Easy as Pi is the latest comprehensive work by world-renowned mnemonist Sarah Ella Phant. In this remarkable ebook, you'll learn two sure-fire methods to memorize numbers. It's an astounding feat that's so much easier than you may suspect.

"Sarah Ella Phant is the most entertaining Mnemonist the world has ever seen. This download gives you insight into how she became the leading performer in memory arts. Best of all, it's so easy, anyone can memorize pi ... it's what you do with it that sets you apart from all the others." - Dan Harlan

"With Sarah Ella Phant's guidance, you will not only...

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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 18 by Werner Miller

Small packet tricks, ESP tricks, spelling tricks, magic squares, and more ...

  • Déjà-vu
  • 4 times 4 for 4
  • Bingo!
  • Trinity
  • Converging Point
  • Spellinary I
  • Spellinary II
  • Penta rhei
  • Semana
  • Where's Gandalf?
  • Pick Me!
  • Attracting Butterflies I
  • Attracting Butterflies II
  • Clairvoyance Test
  • Ro-Ma Spiral 1
  • Ro-Ma Spiral 2
  • Tessera
  • Instant 4x4 Magic Square
  • Instant 5x5 Magic Square
  • Instant 7x7 Magic Square

1st edition 2021, 33 pages.

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Ghost Riser by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A selected playing card rises out of a packet that is inside a bottle. The rising takes about 8 seconds. The rising card can be handed out as a souvenir. The bottle can be inspected before the rising takes place.

1st edition 2021, video 40 min.

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Peter Pellikaan
Colour by Peter Pellikaan

You start with four cards that are blank on both sides. A magic gesture and they have suddenly backs and faces.

1st edition 2021, video length 3:12s.

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MP4 (video)

Werner Miller
Another Sampler: Werner Miller by Werner Miller

This is the second free compilation of tricks which require no sleight-of-hand created by Werner Miller.

  • AA37
  • Swimming With Frederica
  • Paradox Candles
  • Cupidity
  • Piercing
  • Angelina Knows
  • Nothing
  • 3x3 Magic Square
  • Multiplicative Magic Squares
  • 4x4 Magic Square
  • Follow the Star!
  • Off-Form Psychic
  • ESPadrilles
  • Fusion
  • Invocation
  • Penta rhei
  • As Often As You Want
  • Trick #12
  • Trick #29

1st edition 2021, 21 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Wolfgang Riebe
Commercial Card Magic by Wolfgang Riebe

A teach-in video for card magicians who are searching for reputation-building commercial tricks that are fast, visual, and mind-blowing for a lay audience, yet will also blow away fellow magicians. Full performance video followed by a detailed explanation of every trick. 8 tricks in total of which 5 can be performed with a borrowed deck.

ALL BACKS: Ideally performed with a borrowed bicycle 'seconds' deck, but any deck can be used. All cards change to double backs, except for the chosen card.

OUT OF THIS WORLD - OUTDONE! The ultimate impromptu version of this classic using a borrowed deck,...

$34.95 $25
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MP4 (video)

Burling Hull
Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Part 2 by Burling Hull
  • Settings
  • Chapter Eight More Original Hull Effects
    • Rainbow Spheres
    • Novel Method Of Obtaining Balls
    • Ball Through Handkerchief
    • Finish For Ball And Hkf.
    • B. H. Latest Color Change
  • Chapter Nine Special Balls
    • The Excelsior Ball Trick
    • Chameleon Ball
    • Multiplying Balls
    • Rouge Et Noir
    • Hkf. And Ball
    • Polychromatic Ball
    • Ball And Goblet
    • Ball And Hkf. Change
    • "Top Vest Servante"
    • Attachments
    • Ball - Holders
    • Ball Pull
    • Clutch Pull
    • Vanishing Ball
    • Henry Hardins Auto Vanishing Ball
    • The Sucker
    • Ball Spider
    • Other Apparatus
  • Chapter Ten Special Balls Designed By Author
    • The "Poufe" Ball ...
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