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Aldo Colombini
Strange Pairs by Aldo Colombini

An incredible series of effects of nine pairs of cards (with drawings of animals). Three tricks that you can concatenate together into a long, incredible, magic sequence. Plus an amazing effect performed during the 2007 lecture tour by Aldo Colombini and Rachel Wild.

The effects are:

  • Parallel
  • Paradise
  • Glass Palace
  • Surprise

Complete with card templates and detailed explanations, easy to do.

1st edition 2001, PDF 7 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Le Strane Coppie by Aldo Colombini

Un'incredibile serie di effetti con nove coppie di carte (con disegni di animali). Tre effetti che puoi concatenare insieme in una lunga, incredibile, magica sequenza. Inoltre un effetto sorprendente eseguito durante il tour di conferenze del 2007 da Aldo Colombini e Rachel Wild.

Gli effetti sono:

  • Parallelo
  • Paradiso
  • Palazzo di Vetro
  • Sorpresa
Completo di carte e spiegazioni dettagliate, facile da fare.

1a edizione 2001, PDF 7 pagine.

★★★★★ $10
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 97 (March 2021) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 17, No. 1, March 2021; 60 pages
Cover: The Amazing Johnathan

  1. The Team
  2. Editor's comments
  3. Contents
  4. The Amazing Johnathan - Big Talent, Big Gags, Big Money! - cover article/interview by Graham Hey
  5. Either ... Or? - with Alan Hudson
  6. In The Phonebox with Deborah Francois
  7. Did You Know?
  8. All Day and All of the Night with Ning
  9. Chris Cross - The Great Magician of the North
  10. Reader's Letters
  11. It's a Must Have! - Classic magic from the recent past
  12. Deposits and Withdrawals - How to 'bank' on an audience's approval - Jake Strong
  13. Masterclass
    1. Pocket Mule - Andi Gladwin
    2. 57 Cents And...
★★★★★ $5
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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 17 by Werner Miller

Werner Miller is in particular known for his ESP tricks, to which he has dedicated a lot of thought and effort over the years. For example, the late Aldo Colombini was a big fan of Werner's ESP tricks. This ebook is almost exclusively dedicated to ESP tricks.

  • To Aldo
  • Auto-Psi
  • Drill Formation
  • quini
  • kif-kif 1
  • kif-kif 2
  • kif-kif 3
  • Scorta
  • 2 x 5, Australian Style
  • Invocation
  • V for Five
  • Stripped Down
  • The Nonconformist
  • Milky Way I
  • Milky Way II
  • Nada
  • Metamorphoses 1
  • Metamorphoses 2
  • Parade of the Parrots I
  • Parade of the Parrots II

1st edition 2021, 29 pages.

★★★★ $12
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Werner Miller
Deal, Mix & Spell by Werner Miller

A series of light-weight semi-automatic tricks that appeared 2013 in Rick Carruth's Magic Roadshow Online Magazine.

  1. Royal Fluff
  2. Royal Liar
  3. French Sandwich
  4. Auto-"Mate"
  5. Lonely Stranger
  6. As Often As You Want
  7. Treasure Diver
  8. Circles & Squares
  9. Discard Eight
  10. Color Triplets
  11. Four Black Cards
  12. Undo
  13. Another Color Separation
  14. Red/Black Sandwich
  15. Matriarchy
  16. Any Diamond
  17. Found By the Joker
  18. The Happy Medium
  19. Anyone Seeing His Card?
  20. The Last Card
  21. Not That Diamond
  22. Another Negative Clue
  23. Detour
  24. Hybrid
  25. Misleading
  26. Families
  27. Long Distance Surprise
  28. Sixpack
1st edition 2021, PDF 10 pages....
★★★★ $0
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Jan Bardi
Entropy Dropping Extract by Jan Bardi

This is a free extract of Jan Bardi's excellent Entropy Dropping ebook. The full version thoroughly explores a 100% hands-off "volunteer as psychic" plot and method.

★★★ $0
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Jan Bardi
Entropy Dropping by Jan Bardi

Explorations of a 100% hands-off "volunteer as psychic" plot and method.

"I find 'Entropy Dropping' an amazing piece of work. Jan creates a world of new possibilities and I doubt anyone else could have tackled the topic as thoroughly. Every nuance is addressed. Many applications are covered. Accompanying his explanation are dozens of routines. Being a card man at heart, I was especially attracted to the four card magic chapters. Great inspiration all! I envy Jan's clarity and how painstakingly thorough he is in explaining the material and creating so many effects. I know how difficult that...
★★★★★ $20
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof March 2021 by Brian T. Lees
  • Ghost Writing
  • Articles for Abraca-Poof
  • Market to Market
  • Working for Tips
  • Fumble Advantage
  • Guest Speaker Training
  • Agents
  • Variety Shows
  • Transporting Magic
1st edition 2021, 10 pages.
★★★ $0
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Peter Wilker
Magic From Germany by Peter Wilker

From the introduction:

In English-speaking countries very little is known about magic in Germany, let alone in other countries like Poland, Switzerland or Spain. Unless a magician from one of these countries attends conventions in Britain or America regularly, and unless he speaks English, he will rarely be known. The two German magicians I want to talk about in these Lecture Notes - one from each side of the former Berlin wall - are perhaps the two best known in Germany today. Their names are Joro and Jochen Zmeck - how many of my readers, however, have ever heard of them?

Joro's real name is Bruno...

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Eric Hawkesworth
Puppet Shows to Make by Eric Hawkesworth

In this ebook Eric Hawkesworth deals with the whole art of entertaining with puppets. He gives detailed instructions on how to make many different kinds of puppets, and the stages for them to perform on - everything from a Punch and Judy booth to a model theatre. Construction methods are simple and clearly illustrated by the author's diagrams, and the materials are inexpensive. Each section of the ebook describes a complete act using a particular form of puppet - glove, 'living' marionette (in which the performer's head appears as the head of the miniature puppet), finger, shadow, rod, and string....

★★★★★ $10
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Will Blyth
Money Magic by Will Blyth

Entertaining tricks and amusements with coins.

From the introduction:

This volume has been subdivided into three parts. The first part, comprising tricks necessitating special coins or apparatus, will involve a little outlay. This outlay, however, is not a big item, and a few shillings spent at one of the conjuring depots, whose addresses are to be found among the advertising matter in this book, will place the reader in possession of some really effective tricks. That is, provided the performer carefully follows the detailed workings given in the book; he should then be able to amuse...

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Brick Tilley
The Chess Knight's Tour by Brick Tilley

The Knight's Tour has been a feature of many renowned performers. Ricky Jay and Reveen made it a masterful demonstration of mental agility. Various methods have been developed to create this illusion. We offer a foolproof device to ensure your success in presenting this fascinating feat of uncanny skill.

This gimmick builds on an idea by Robert Sherman from the 1950s.

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages.

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Mackenzie Gant & B. W. McCarron
I'm Not Afraid by Mackenzie Gant & B. W. McCarron

If you suffer from any kind of performance anxiety (and Kellar, Thurston, Houdini, and many prominent present-day performers have had to deal with it, too), this could be the best purchase you'll ever make.

There's nothing like the healthy satisfaction or "natural high" that comes from giving a great performance. Yet if you suffer from performance anxiety (commonly known as stage fright), then you're missing out on one of the best feelings that entertainers can experience. When you're ready to rid yourself of these demons, this manuscript contains 40 proven ideas that have helped others like you to put aside...

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Biagio Fasano
Gli Insoliti ... Sospetti by Biagio Fasano

Un effetto di Mentalismo, possibile a distanza (in una video chat o anche solo al telefono), la cui storia si ispira molto liberamente al film "I soliti Sospetti" ed in cui lo spettatore è chiamato a scegliere 5 carte dal mazzo che rappresenteranno gli indiziati per un grosso colpo in banca. Uno solo sarà il vero colpevole, ma nonostante la libera disposizione delle carte ed i vari miscugli di facce contro dorsi, al termine il mentalista riuscirà sempre, nello stupore generale e nonostante non abbia mai visto le carte, ad indovinare:

  • in quale posizione si trovi la carta del colpevole, ...
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Peter Wilker
Miraculous Numbers by Peter Wilker

A university professor of mathematics takes on tricks based on math.

From the preface:

As mathematics is (or was) my profession and magic my hobby, I was always interested in tricks that combined both, notably tricks with pure numbers. ... Unfortunately, I soon noticed that in most of the so-called mathemagical tricks there was very little mathematics and even less magic! What people use to call "mathematics" are mostly extremely simple arithmetical facts, and if you plodded through the tricks with numbers they proved to be excessively boring.

I do not know if I have succeeded to get...

★★★ $12
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Aldo Colombini
Triple Decker by Aldo Colombini

20 routines with two (or three) decks of cards.

From the Introduction:

Don't be misled by the title of the book; these are not routines using three decks of cards, but the title refers to the third book in this series.

Included in this ebook are 20 more routines using two (or three) decks of cards. The ebook follows the previous two called Double Decker and Double Decker Two (twenty routines each) and I feel confident that I gave you in these three efforts the largest collection of routines ever using more than one deck. Let me say, that I am very proud of my research and I am greatly thankful to all the contributors...

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Senor Mardo
Applause by Senor Mardo

Sixteen beautiful routines, moves, and effects that, like the title says, will earn you plenty of audience applause. Most of the audience-pleasing routines use props that you likely already own, such as a Vanishing Cane, Comedy Funnel, Liquid Appear, silks, rope, magic wand, and other standard items.

Plus, Mardo tips a trio of coin effects that use standard coins and a modicum of sleights to accomplish the magic. And a swell card flourish that was later featured in the movie "The Sting," starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This little book is a sequel to Routined Magic, by...

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Leonard H. Miller
Thrilling Magic by Leonard H. Miller

From author's note:

The feats of miracle workers - fire eaters, sword swallowers, barehand spike drivers, etc. - have been proclaimed far and wide, but little has been written in explanation of their feats or otherwise detailing the secrets of performance. These secrets have been jealously guarded by the practitioners of these miracles and they have seen fit to pass them on to only a limited few.

Please note that these stunts are dangerous and involve toxic and otherwise harmful substances. We are offering this ebook for historical and informational purposes. Anybody who experiments with...

★★★★★ $10
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Percy Naldrett
More Collected Magic: Collected Magic Series Volume 2 by Percy Naldrett

This is volume 2 of the 8-volume Collected Magic Series.

  • Compilers Preamble
  • "Jack Sheppard" A Mysterious Release
  • The Enchanted Fan
  • "Shades & Shapes" A Pretty Effect with Silks
  • "The Zodizignz" An Ancient Oracle
  • The "Debur" Afghan Bands
  • "The Red Hand!" A Perpetration
  • An Ingenious Hat Load
  • "A Means to an End"
  • The Elusive Stop
  • Another Ingenious Hat Load
  • The Diving Ball
  • The "Regimental" Effect
  • "Woolly Wizardry''
  • On Card Levitations
  • An Easy Hat Production
  • "Dissolving Silk"
  • The Bretma "Glasgow" Tray
1st edition 1921, 91 pages; PDF 59 pages.
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Vincent Wilson
Digital Perception by Vincent Wilson

For years Vince has been perfecting facial and muscle reading techniques and has pioneered new ways of performing in the digital age. Now, after months of practice and nearly a 100% success rate after dozens of demonstrations, he is ready to share his newest feat of mentalism. Digital Perception allows you to make a startling mind-reading prediction over live streaming video.

1st edition 2021, length 20 min.

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MP4 (video)

Heritage Films
Presto Magic and Mystery by Heritage Films

Under the title Presto Magic & Mystery, Heritage Films released a series of fifteen 8mm films (these are silent films) with magic performances during the 1950s/60s. This compilation includes eight of the fifteen films. They are:

  • Ken Brooke performing the floating pencil and a sponge ball routine (original #10).
  • Fred Lowe performs a safety pin routine, a burnt and restored handkerchief, and a cigarette and liquid-filled glass production.
  • Ken Brooke, channeling Tony Slydini, performs the paper balls and hat routine and finishes with a four paper ball assembly using two hats.
  • Fred Lowe performs a four ace production,...
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MP4 (video)

Wolfgang Riebe
15 Animated Video Logos by Wolfgang Riebe

With social media, YouTube, and mobile magic videos becoming increasingly popular, opening animated video logos for magicians are a great way to add that 'professional' touch. Here are 15 different video logos supplied in both MP4 and MOV formats complete with a 'User Licence' to include these videos in any, and all of your video productions and use on all social media platforms.

As these are high-quality custom-made logos, they would easily sell for over $20 each and thus cost in the region of $300 and more, especially with an end-user licence included. This is a limited special offer on...

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MP4 (video)

Geoffrey Buckhurst
Conjuror's Party by Geoffrey Buckhurst

This is a silent film of a magic show for children performed by Geoffrey Buckhurst probably from the early 1950s. Among the tricks he performs is the Zombie, Egg bag, Torn and Restored Rope, Diminishing Cards, and many other bits and pieces to entertain the kids.

This is performance only, no explanations of the tricks are provided. An interesting window into magic for children during the 1950s.

1st edition ~1950s; video length 11 min 42 s.

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MP4 (video)

Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster
Magische Rundschau by Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster

Die Magische Rundschau war die Vereinszeitung der Vereinigung Maja. Sie bringt eine Mischung von Sitzungsberichten, Nachrichten, Tricks und Tips.

1. Jahrgang 1925

Heft 1 und 2 (Januar/Februar)

  • An alle Mitglieder der Vereinigung "Maja"!
  • Mein Zitronentrick / Hans Trunk
  • Die zersäte Karte / I. Schmidt
  • Die Kritik
  • Rund um die magische Welt
  • Briefkasten

Heft 3 (März)

  • Einladung zur 1. Hauptversammlung der Vereinigung "Maja", Sitz Berlin
  • Die zersägte Karte (Fortsetzung) / I. Schmidt
  • Rund um die magische Welt

Heft 4 und 5 (April/Mai)

  • Zur gefälligen Beachtung!
  • Das Zerschneiden...
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