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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez

Los 12 números para 2020.

$60 $27
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 12 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Broca a través del brazo
  • Biografía: Shimada
  • El juego de las bebidas
  • Carta en la pompa (impromptu)
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Sequencia de colores
  • Pañuelos con nudos
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • The bold and subtle miracles of Dr. Faust - David Hoy
    • Stevens magic emporium - Charlie Miller
  • Vudú.
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Die Box
  • La pesca mágica
  • Hasta luego...
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 11 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • La aparición del helicóptero
  • Entrevista - Juan Pablo Ibañez
  • Ta-te cuadrado mágico
  • Curiosidades de catálogo: Tambor fantasma
  • Tubo blendo
  • Libros, videos y gente
    • Coin and money magic - Eddie Joseph
    • Behind the courtain - Tom Peterson
  • Cámara de fotos
  • Origenes y anécdotas: El cono y la bola
  • Espiritísmo
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 10 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Multiproducción
  • Biografía: John Gaughan
  • Sospechosos
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Flecha atrapada con la mano
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • Green Northern lights lecture notes - Lennart Green
    • Incredible magic at the bar vol. 1 - Michael Maxwell
  • Baston danzante fluo
  • Origenes y anécdotas: La escritura en el huevo
  • Los trapecistas
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 9 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Escape bajo el agua
  • Entrevista: Jeff McBride
  • Número/Palo stack
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Control del tiempo
  • Libros, videos y gente
    • Techniques of the proffesional pickpocket - Wayne Yeager
    • Modern coin magic vol 1
  • Carta en mechero
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Elmsley Count
  • Volando con pájaros
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 8 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Suspensión sobre guitarras
  • Biografía: Fu-Manchú
  • Transparencia automática
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Burbuja zombie
  • Libros, videos y gente
    • World of supermentalism - Larry Becker
    • Expert impromptu magic - Tom Mullica
  • Cambio del mago por el doble en la ilusión de la desaparición de la moto
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Change Bag
  • Memoria ultra rápida
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 7 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Taburete de Yogano
  • Biografía: Carlos H. Colombi
  • Bola flotante sistema Carlos Colombi
  • Aprovechando las barajas (1)
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • Magia en los acuarios
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • The ten new trick series - Charles Jordan
    • The los works - Bro. John Hamman
  • Origenes y anécdotas: Topsy-Turvy
  • El Caballo de Troya
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Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
Hechizos Vol. 3 No. 6 (2020) by Fernando Keller & Juan Pablo Gómez
  • Suspensión o levitación
  • Biografía: David P. Abbott
  • La predicción en el sobre
  • Curiosidades de catálogo
  • La bomba
  • Libros, videos y gente:
    • The video of secrets vol 1 - John Carney
    • Magic of the scottish conjurers association
  • Origenes y anécdotas: El pañuelo serpiente
  • Paloma en la pompa
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Brick Tilley
Fire Lantern by Brick Tilley

A square-shaped paper chimney is ignited. When it has burned to a cinder the remaining ash floats mysteriously up to the ceiling before descending back to the performer's outstretched hand. Entirely safe and under the performer's control at all times. An excellent effect to be combined with fortune-telling or mentalism. A thing of subtle beauty.

1st edition 2021; PDF 2 pages, video 15 s.

★★★★ $10
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T. Hayes
The Reference Guide to Early Works on Card Cheating by T. Hayes

This ebook presents an analytical review of works on card cheating that are written in English and published before 1900. Given this scope, The Reference Guide to Early Works on Card Cheating takes 151 publications, and documents the card cheating techniques that they describe. Only card techniques discussed in the context of cheating at card games are considered. The 146 defined techniques are used to evaluate the publications based on their breadth and their contribution to the literature. The breadth is indicated by the absolute number of techniques each work describes, and the contribution...

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Peter Wilker
Wilker in Abra by Peter Wilker

This is a compilation of Peter Wilker's contributions to Abra. In 1991 he contributed a Triad Cavalcade to issue #2357. A couple of individual tips and tricks from other issues complete the collection.

  • Introduction
  • The Broken Match Ceremony
  • Third Clue
  • Dating
  • The Devil's End
  • Saltpetre Indices
  • The Missing Prediction

1st edition 1991, PDF 14 pages.

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Peter Pellikaan
Dr. Hole 4 by Peter Pellikaan

You start with three cards one of which has a big hole. Mixing them up a bit and suddenly the card with the hole has two holes. One moment later it has three holes. Another mixing and everything is back to where it started, one card with a hole, the other two regular cards.

1st edition 2021, video 3 min 42 s.

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MP4 (video)

Satish B
Couples CAAN by Satish B

ACAAN (Any card at any number) is regarded as the holy grail of card magic. Every magician out there has a version or two of his own. Couples CAAN is my addition to the plethora of work already existing on the subject. This trick is best done for a couple on any special occasion such as their anniversary or birthday. John chooses a card from the deck and Nancy thinks of a number. The chosen card is shuffled back into the deck and lost. The cards are dealt one by one. John’s chosen card is found at the number Nancy is thinking of. The magician congratulates the couple on being well connected. ...

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Mago Marko
Showstuff by Mago Marko

There are many books published for the card magician, the close-up magician, the mentalist, the illusionist, and even the kid show performer but there are very few books for the general practitioner of club and stage magic.

Showstuff caters to that neglected segment of the magic community. In this ebook, you'll find more than 50 tricks and routines, all of them professionally tested.

  • Original showy tricks for your club and stage shows.
  • Comedy routines that will get you laughs.
  • New uses for common magic props you own.
  • Strong closing items that will add professional luster to your show...
★★★★★ $15
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Ken Muller
ESPlosion Telempathy by Ken Muller

Take your ESP card effects to a new dimension. This is a complete, multi-phase telempathy routine, that progresses from a simple match card effect to a magazine test, then a book test, then a more profound reveal of complex and detailed information - above and beyond expectations and traditional telepathy routines.

There is a bonus ESP card effect that will leave the audience speechless.

The 'explosion' is the belief in mind-to-mind communication.

This uses 'Once Removed' techniques and requires an ESP deck and book test familiarity.

1st edition 2021, PDF 52 pages.

$30 $25
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Wolfgang Riebe
200 Politically Correct One-Liner Jokes for Magicians by Wolfgang Riebe

The world has changed - radically! Being an entertainer and telling jokes has gone from 'having fun' with the audience to complaints about every possible issue. Political Correctness now rules. Whatever your view on the issue, the new reality is that all entertainers now need to be more aware than ever before not to offend an audience member. Hence the need for one-liner jokes that are non-political, non-religious, non-sexual, and just about non-everything.

As much as is humanly possible, jokes from past books and new ones have been combined in the ebook that will 'hopefully' not offend anyone....

★★★★★ $7.99
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Robert Matthews
Glass Through Hat by Robert Matthews

Here's a great club effect, where you are seen to pass a glass of water (or other liquid) through a handkerchief-covered hat. But wait! You can repeat it, which will blow away lay audiences and magicians alike.

The author's pet trick is revealed here, which uses no expensive dealer apparatus. Plus, he provides two methods, allowing you to repeat the effect, should you be called upon to do so. Sound good so far? What if we told you that this popular mystery can be performed impromptu? Now that would be real magic.

In this well-illustrated booklet, Matthews provides the step-by-step process...

★★★★ $6
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George Miller Beard
A New Theory of Trance and its bearing on Human Testimony by George Miller Beard

Beard distinguished several varieties of trance:

Trance may, for the sake of convenience of description, be divided into four varieties: the spontaneous, the self-induced, the emotional, and the intellectual trance.
He goes on to describe how these various forms of trance can be entered and he explains that the emotions through which trance is most likely to be excited, are fear, reverence, wonder, and expectation. He rejects the notion that trance is created by some force or fluid the operator emits and rather explains it as the brain is only partially awake and active while the other...
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Ali Foroutan
MindCAAN by Ali Foroutan

A hands-off card prediction at any number.

"No other method can achieve what your method achieves." - Dan Harlan

"To be honest, I would have more than one method to achieve the same effect, but - and this is a big BUT - Ali doesn't use any of them! So, it is indeed very clean and very fooling." - Jan Forster

Do we really need another 'Card At Any Number?!' We already have so many! So why would you be interested in this? It is a completely hands-off card at any number.

The deck of cards is in the spectator's hands. At no point do you touch the cards. You ask the spectator to think of any number between...

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MP4 (video)

Unknown Mentalist
Thot Card Xchange by Unknown Mentalist

The effect as seen by the audience: The performer displays a red-backed deck and a blue-backed deck. Two participants each choose a deck freely. Then both participants mentally think of a different playing card each. They need not announce which card they are thinking of. Surprisingly, when each participant deals down their respective deck, they find their thought of card missing from that deck. As a kicker twist, each participant's thought of card is found in the other participant's deck.

Another effect as seen by the audience: The performer displays a red-backed deck and a blue-backed...

★★★ $9
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Bob Solari & Tom Ogden
Nailed by Bob Solari & Tom Ogden

The performer displays two straight large nails held at his fingertips. Slowly the two nails visibly bend to a 45-degree angle. The nails continue to visibly bend to almost a 90-degree angle. The nails remain in view throughout this bending process. The nails continue to bend to almost a horseshoe angle. The spectator can actually hear the nails bending, immediately hand the bent nails out for examination. The nails can even be examined before the bending. Nothing concealed in the hand. Resets in seconds. Nails can be used over and over again. No, you do not need super strength to perform this...

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Brian T. Lees
Audience Connection by Brian T. Lees

The difference between an average and great magician is the audience connection. Audience members text, talk with their neighbors and do other things because they are not tuned in, connected, with the performance. This ebook identifies the connection, points out the importance, and covers a few tools magicians can use to capture and strengthen that connection.

  • The Audience Connection
  • Capturing the Audience
  • Different Connection Tools
  • Working the Connection
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2021; PDF 17 pages.

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David Jonathan
Threesum by David Jonathan

From a borrowed and shuffled deck a spectator finds his own selection by summing three randomly selected cards.

David Jonathan has completely restructured and reworked an old math principle to make it very deceptive. He removed most of the spectator card counting sequences and thus turned a counting and procedure-heavy trick into a stunningly effective and hard-hitting card routine.

"What David has done with THREESUM is nothing short of incredible! Seriously, no smoke blowing here. How he managed to take an old principle in card magic, remove all the procedure and dress the diabolical...
★★★★ $14.95
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MP4 (video)

David Jonathan
Precise Premonition by David Jonathan

A twist on the premonition plot with a multiple kicker finale.

Precise Premonition draws inspiration from Eddie Joseph's staple Premonition effect, but packs in many new magical moments that crescendo with an incredible firework finale. Best of all, it's super practical, very easy to perform, and consistently delivers incredible reactions.

The Effect:

A spectator is given a red deck to hold that contains your prediction. A blue deck is now shuffled and used to create both a playing card and a number. Let's say they settle on the number 10 and the Queen of Hearts. The spectator looks through the deck to retrieve...

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MP4 (video)

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